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Remember how you saved my life?

You saved my life too.

Ya’ll know that part in season 4 where they go to the Mexican club and then the old hunter lady is like;

“Not smart to come alone”



And the old lady is like ‘You brought a wolf into my home?!’ and then Stiles looks up at her oncE MORE AND GOES “We brought an alpha’



(WOOOO another one lost in my drafts! Isaac baby I MISS you)

  • Isaac’s had a crush on you for years, but he’s very shy and he can never really build up the courage to do much more than stare at you from across the library
  • He shows up at the little coffee shop you work at every saturday morning just to see you, but he always leaves before you build up the courage to go start a conversation with the curly haired boy
  • He catches himself doodling your name with his last name, and groans while he buries his face in his hands as he realizes how screwed he is
  • You catch him looking at you one day, and send him a small smile that makes him drop the stack of books he’d been holding
  • You literally run into him in the hall one day, sending both of your books flying everywhere
  • “We really have to stop meeting like this, Lahey.”
  • “You know my name?” He stutters out in disbelief as he hands you your science textbook
  • “Of course I do. Your name is Isaac Lahey, and you come to the coffee shop I work at every saturday, and you also sit behind me in history and make cheesy jokes under your breath when you think no one is listening.” You grin at him, blushing a little
  • He’s stunned and a little dazed that you’re actually speaking to him, but brushes off his shock to send you a heartbreaking smile
  • “And you’re Y/N, and you sit in front of me in history and laugh at my cheesy jokes when you think no one can hear you.”
  • “Do you want to go get coffee or something?” You ask him as the bell rings, not quite wanting to stop talking to the cute and surprisingly funny curly haired boy
  • “I’m taking that as a yes.” You grab his arm as his jaw drops in shock, leading him out towards your car
  • The car ride to the little cafe down the street is filled with you singing along mindlessly to Isaac’s favorite song as he soaks in the fact that holy shit, the girl I’ve been crushing on since first grade is going out to get coffee with me
  • That’s the moment when Isaac knows he’s really fallen for you, and hard
  • After ordering, he asks why a girl like you wants to be seen around a guy like him, and you have to stifle a laugh
  • “Because any girl would kill to be seen around a guy like you. Those assholes back at school don’t know what they’re talking about.”
  • He’s too shy to ask for your number, but when driving him home, you slip a sticky note with your number on it into his hand with a smirk as he gets out of your car 
  • You guys become really great friends after that, and even though he’s still kinda shy and reserved you have no problem breaking down those barriers
  • You guys continue leave each other sticky notes plastered everywhere, with reminders and little notes that make each other smile (a tradition that never really fades)
  • Screw butterflies, you give him the whole goddamn zoo
  • Everything from shared smiles from across the library to accidental brushing of hands sends Isaac’s heartbeat off the charts
  • You’ve noted that he has a habit of running his hands through his hair when he’s nervous, and can’t help but wonder what makes him so nervous every time he’s around you
  • You can instantly tell when he’s lying about getting those bruises from falling down the stairs, but you don’t demand answers or push
  • He confesses about his father’s abuse to you at your house when studying, and you spend the rest of the night consoling him.
  • “Any time you need a safe place to stay, I’m just down the street. Okay? I’m always just a phone call and a few miles away.”
  • After he gets the bite, you’re the first person he comes to
  • He’s crying as he tells you everything because he’s afraid you’ll hate him for becoming a monster, and he doesn’t want to lose the one thing that he actually cares about 
  • Hey, you’ll never lose me, okay? I’m here through thick and thin.”
  • You pulling him in to a hug, his arms wrapped around you in his signature bone crushing hug that never fails to make you feel like everything is going to be alright
  • The bite gives him a whole new outlook on life, and you can’t help but smile at his newfound attitude
  • Isaac’s new confidence is definitely a turn on..
  • He shows up at school in a black leather jacket, wearing a smirk that makes your knees go weak, and it takes all your might not to kiss him senseless right then and there
  • “Well, hello beautiful.”
  • You roll your eyes with a laugh as he leans lazily against the locker next to yours, not noticing him looking at you with something akin to awe in his eyes
  • So, you know how now that I got the bite, and I’m going to be living with Derek and everything now… Well, I wanted to thank you- well, I wanted to tell you… That, I-” Isaac stutters out, his nervousness showing through his collected exterior
  • “Isaac, are you okay?” You ask in concern, gently closing your locker and facing him so that your face is only inches away from his own
  • “I wanted to tell you something important.” He chokes out, sighing lightly as he takes your hand in his. “And if I don’t get this out now, I’ll never tell you. Y/N, the truth is that I’ve had a crush on you since the first grade, and I-”
  • Then your lips are on his and your hands tugging him closer by his leather jacket, unable to help yourself from kissing the incredibly sweet boy who had stolen your heart
  • Isaac tenses a little in surprise before melting into the kiss, gripping your waist firmly as he pulls you closer to him
  • “We should have down that a lot sooner.” He whispers breathlessly as he rests his forehead against yours after pulling away, and the grin on his face is something that you’ll never forget
  • “A lot sooner, Lahey.”
  • That leather jacket and self assured smirk drives you insane all throughout the following periods, and you’re confident that he knows exactly what he’s doing
  • Isaac is actually relatively clueless as to the affect he has on you, so he’s more than a little surprised and confused by the text you send him requesting that he meet you in the hall
  • Needless to say, you can be found third period in coach’s empty office, with you on top of the desk and hands in his hair in a heated make out session
  • “Did I ever tell you that you have a really great ass? Because I’m totally getting a new level of appreciation for it right now, beautiful.”
  • “Are you going to kiss me, or keep talking about my ass?”
  • “Both options sound pretty good.” He teases, leaning down and trailing butterfly kisses up your neck
  • “I hate you, Lahey.” You manage to choke out through your heavy breathing, and you can feel him smirk against your neck
  • “You heartbeat would state otherwise, beautiful.”
  • His nickname for you is “beautiful” because in his eyes, you’re the most goddamn gorgeous thing he’s ever seen
  • takes pictures of you whenever you’re not looking
  • After his dad dies and the cops all believe he’s the murderer, he’s afraid that you believe so as well
  • He’s shocked when you storm into the sheriff’s office in a fit of rage, demanding what the hell are you doing with my boyfriend he’s innocent you pieces of absolute shi-
  • Scott, a good friend of yours, covers your mouth with his hand as you continue to thrash about, and Stiles is explaining to his dad no really she’s the sweetest girl ever just really protective of her friends-
  • “Sweetest girl ever, huh?”
  • “Look, even if you are a fugitive, you’re my fugitive.”
  • “I’m not sure thats making me feel better, beautiful.”
  • After his name is cleared, you buy celebratory cupcakes, and Derek won’t admit it, but the fact that you bought him a dinosaur cupcake because “it just felt right” sort of endears you to him
  • Him taking you to meet the rest of his pack, who are all very surprised by how accepting and supportive you are of it 
  • You and Erica become wonderful friends… and Isaac isn’t the only one whose scared of that combination
  • They are all super overprotective of you, because you’re the first person that they have met who has genuinely cared about them from the start without needing special reasons to do so
  • Derek is totally that older brother figure, and you’re the only one allowed to pick on him (he knows its you that keeps leaving those how to decorate a house for dummies books and he’s going to catch you if its the last thing he does dammit)
  • Isaac likes how when he puts his head in your lap, your hands instinctually run through his curls and gently massage his scalp
  • “If this was Twilight and you were the hot werewolf, I would totally pick you over any vampire.”
  • Its sort of your thing to tell each other “I’m just a phone call and a few miles away” when the other is sad, hurt, or missing the other
  • “I am so in love with you” he mutters for the first time, smiling softly at you as you buy six boxes of pop tarts in the self checkout lane
  • You literally drop all the boxes you’re holding in surprise because?? literally just buying poptarts man was not expecting that
  • “… just because you love me does not mean you are getting a poptart, buddy.”
  • His favorite thing to do is to wrap his arms around your waist from behind and kiss the top of your head, before resting his chin on your shoulder
  • Isaac is a big softie when it comes to you, and is very protective
  • He literally always blushes when you kiss his cheek, something that doesn’t change even years into the relationship
  • Isaac kisses your temple whenever you sit down next to him or have a headache
  • will tackle hug u. always be prepared.
  • He always kinda smells like the air after it rains
  • Needless to say, you are almost constantly in his clothes because of this (not that he’s complaining, and he is adamant that you pull off his leather jacket far better than he does)
  • “You look better in it than I do anyway, beautiful.”
  • He’s a little bit in love with the way you look in his clothes, and can never seem to stop staring at you in them
  • “Are you drooling?”
  • Shut up, Erica.”
  • You obviously know about the supernatural, but you play more of a behind the scenes role in everything (Isaac worries about you enough as is anyway, and you don’t want to add to that)
  • He loves surprising you with flowers (and it becomes a tradition later on for him to bring you flowers every monday on his way home from work when you’re married)
  • Isaac is such a sucker for long standing traditions with you because it makes you feel so permanent to him
  • Singing along to every song on the radio together
  • During the rave, where Isaac and Erica dance with Jackson, you can’t help but snort into your drink at the sight
  • Afterwards, he’s worried that you’re hurt or scared and tucks you into a bone crushing hug, and for the first time you realize damn I love this boy
  • “I’m mildly suspicious that my boyfriend has a thing for Jackson, but otherwise I’m fine”
  • He chuckles into your hair, thinking for the millionth time that day about how in love with you he is
  • Perfect combination of hopeless romantic and slam-you-against-the-wall-makeout-sessions roughness
  • suggestive eyebrow wiggles whenever anything with even the slightest possible sexual meaning is mentioned
  • “I am dating a middle school boy”
  • The number 24 soon overtakes your wardrobe as you buy literally any sportswear the Beacon Hills lacrosse team sells (There’s the occasional McCall or Stilinski tee thrown in there as well)
  • “I don’t think I’ve seen the name Lahey printed anywhere more in my life.”
  • “You obviously haven’t seen the wedding invitations yet, which I expect to be mailed out by the summer.” 
  • “I don’t quite remember asking you to plan my wedding, Lyds?”
  • “I have an alphabetized binder, if you must know. It’s been ready since freshman year.”
  • Isaac thinks your collection of Lahey gear is incredibly adorable, and he always makes sure to dedicate any goals he scores to you
  • Its tradition to exchange a good luck kiss before any and all games
  • Although Isaac is usually guilty of turning it into a makeout session, earning himself Coach’s half-hearted threats
  • Isaac is intensely proud of the fact that you intimidate a majority of Beacon Hills’ male population 
  • “So does he sleep with the scarf on?”
  • “Stiles, kindly stop heckling my girlfriend about my wardrobe choices.”
  • You’re an adventurous couple, and he loves taking you kayaking, hiking, and exploring
  • He breathes so much easier in wide open places, and nothing makes you happier than seeing Isaac so carefree
  • serenades you with throwbacks like buy you a drank and ignition remix (real old fashioned romantic as you can see)
  • inside jokes
  • sometimes just whispering literally nothing to each other and laughing to really piss Stiles off
  • y’all really don’t argue over much, you’re both very open with each other and pride your trust in each other more than anything
  • Isaac being insecure but you doing EVERYTHING in your power to remind him of how wonderful he is
  • Seriously, whenever he says anything even slightly self-depreciating you literally just screech over him
  • “I really don’t deserve you-”
  • “Listen I mean it-”
  • “… are u done”
  • so much sweetness. he looks as if he’s seeing the stars for the very first time, every time
  • He totally overhears you tell Lydia about his “panty-dropper smile” and you absolutely never live that down. ever. nope.
  • dm each other the stupidest memes you can find
  • Isaac made you a mixtape once, mans had to buy a whole cassette player and everything for you to listen to it but he saw you like it on twitter and hey, why not?
  • you cried hysterically, scaring the literal SHIT out of Isaac
  • everyone’s relationship goals
  • “Isaac pls stop we’ve been dating for two years now”
  • You make a mediocre attempt at baking with each other before it ends with flour in places it should never be, eggs in Isaac’s hair, and chocolate chips shoved down your bra
  • “Want me to get those out for you, beautiful?”
  • *Isaac hit with flour to the face*
  • seriously you just shamelessly admire your boyfriend at every opportunity
  • your first time is definitely somewhere super inconvenient like the locker room or some shit, and Isaac had initially wanted to make it super special, but he couldn’t really find it in himself to say no when you practically jumped him after he won the championship game
  • PDA all the time. Isaac is a handsy lil shit
  • special appreciation for The Booty
  • will spend some mornings lazily kissing every stretch mark, his fingertips gently grazing every blemish as he tells you how beautiful you are to him
  • “I can’t wait to grow old with you”
  • Absolutely only has eyes for you
  • sends you horny text messages in the middle of class because Isaac Lahey, y’all
  • likes to pamper you in little ways. will draw baths for you, tries (and usually fails) to cook you dinner, and Back Massage Professional
  • “Stop moaning! I am trying to professionally massage your back and this is NOT professional behavior.” 
  • Totally pops the big question right after graduation
  • Doesn’t think its too soon at all, that boy has been waiting his whole life to marry you- and why wait when it feels so right?
  • “There is nothing in this world or the next that I have ever wanted more than to spend my life with you. I don’t just want the bigs things with you, like a big wedding and kids. I want to wake up next to your bedhead, to come home to your horrible dancing, to go grocery shopping with you, to argue over what brand of detergent to buy. I want to share the most mundane, ordinary moments with you. Because every moment I spend with you is anything but ordinary.”
  • “Lydia… we might actually need those wedding invitations”

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Let them envy, we say

We are doomed and flawed and broken

But we’re going to be okay


See that’s the problem, you don’t care if you get hurt. But you know how I’ll feel? I’ll be devastated. And if you die I will literally go out of my freaking mind.


And still I can’t let you be

Most nights I hardly sleep

Don’t take what you don’t need from me


if there’s a future we want it now


“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”

-Bob Marley


My team good, we don’t really need a mascot


Song is When We Were Young by Adele. Premise of this is that Elizabeth Black is the daughter of Sirius Black and Violet Argent (Chris and Kate Argent’s younger sister), and the cousin of Allison Argent, as well as a skilled seer and healer. Her mother died when she was very young and her father was wrongfully imprisoned (later dying at the ministry as she watched), so she was raised by the Weasley family and attended Hogwarts alongside Hermione, Harry, and Ron (although she was technically a little more than a year younger than them, but was extremely advanced for her age and so graduated early just after the war) and is quite close with the golden trio. She’s a brilliant witch who remained at Hogwarts while the trio searched for horcruxes in order to protect the students there, and fought valiantly in the war. After the war, Lizzie was left emotionally unstable, and desperate to leave Britain, decided to attend Allison’s new school in Beacon Hills with her to make the move easier (although she still kept in close touch with her friends back home, and continued her work as a skilled healer in America, working alongside Scott and Deaton). There she met Scott McCall, and aided him with the shift and the many adventures following that, proving to be a vital part of the pack. In this, Scott has NO romantic relationship with Allison OR Kira, and his anchor is Lizzie (even though she doesn’t know it). Shortly after Allison’s death, Lizzie left Beacon Hills to recover, upset at having lost even more family and her seer abilities out of control. She remains in touch with all of them, mainly Lydia, and misses Scott McCall almost as much as he misses her…

Everybody loves the things you do

From the way you talk

To the way you move

Everybody here is watching you

Cause you feel like home

You're like a dream come true

But if by chance you’re here alone

Can I have a moment

Before I go?

Cause I’ve been by myself all night long

Hoping you’re someone I used to know

Scott had heard before that people could still hear things for a few minutes after they died, but he was never altogether sure he had believed it. After all, how could anyone possibly know what it was like to be dead and gone?

But now that he was surely dead, that unbearable cold and unfamiliar sensation settling over his heart, he realized that they had all been wrong.

(Perhaps he was not dead at all though, and this was just some terrible, twisted dream- one that he so desperately wanted to wake up from.)

There were voices all around him, ones that he knew for a fact could not be there. Ones that he knew for a fact were thousands of miles away from here. He could feel his mother’s warm hands on his chest, too, ones that had woken him from many nightmares before this one.

I’m sorry mom, he thought as he realized this was not the nightmare he was hoping it had been, I am so sorry.

Then icy cold hands replaced those of his mother’s, and Scott was sure it was death himself coming to claim him. But as he forced his eyes open, he discovered that death was not a he at all.

In fact, Death was an achingly familiar she, with a face that would put all the stars and angels in heaven to shame.

Perhaps it would not be so bad to die, Scott mused, if death was as beautiful as this.

No, you are not leaving me like this Scott!” Death yelled, deep chocolate eyes burning with anger and sadness. Please don’t be sad, he wanted to tell Death as glistening tears streamed down her tanned skin, please don’t cry.

Death’s icy fingers then reached where Scott knew his heart to be, and he took one last look at Death’s perfect face before closing his eyes for what he thought to be forever.

As death washed over him, Scott couldn’t help but wonder why Death looked so much damn like Elizabeth Black.

You look like a movie

You sound like a song

My God, this reminds me

Of when we were young

A faint smile tugged at the corners of Elizabeth’s lips as she traced the outline of his strong jawline, his features so different yet so painfully familiar.

Scott had grown up since she’d left Beacon Hills, and she was amazed by the changes that had taken place in a face she once knew like the back of her hand in a mere few months. It seemed that in her absence, even the smallest of things had changed.

A bright young witch and skilled seer, Elizabeth had graduated early from Hogwarts and left for America, drawn there by fate and Allison’s pleading to attend her new school with her. In Beacon Hills, she’d met Scott McCall and many of those who she would one day call her greatest friends. She had recognized the signs of lycanthropy in the McCall boy immediately (having a vast expanse of prior knowledge on the subject due to her godfather, Remus Lupin), and had helped him along with Stiles Stilinski to learn to control his shift.

And then she’d fallen in love, and fallen hard. Knee deep in supernatural secrets and paranormal puzzles, she’d been unable to help herself from falling for the brown eyed boy with a heart kinder than any she had met before. While Allison was busy with her own internal conflicts and her severe crush on the Lahey boy, Scott had unwittingly stolen Elizabeth Black’s heart, with no intention of ever returning it to her.

Meanwhile, Scott McCall had fallen just as hard, if not harder, for the young witch with a wit that rivaled even that of Stiles’s and a smile that never failed to take his breath away (he’d blame it on asthma whenever Allison teased him about it, but they all knew better. How could they not, when he looked at her as if she had hung the very stars in the sky?).

But fate was rarely on their side, and any attempts to make the other see how they felt about each other were thwarted by anything and everything the supernatural world had to throw at them. They had been through so much together, but despite pushing from Lydia, Stiles, Allison, and even Derek, neither had mustered up the courage to confess.

Scott almost did, and would have if not for the tragedy that had transpired the very night he had planned to divulge every last thought and secret to Lizzie. (An almost, Scott had often mused. I almost told her. We were almost together. She almost loved me back.)

Elizabeth Black left shortly after Allison’s death, the loss of her cousin and dearest friend too much for the young girl to bear. Knowing the losses the girl had sustained through stories she’d shared of the wizarding war back home, the pack had understood her desire to leave. Desperate for any sort of relief from the pain, she packed up and moved to the British countryside to spend some time with her old friend Hermione Granger.

She had never dreamed that they would be reunited under such terrible and terrifying circumstances, but fate had a decidedly horrid habit of toying with her. She’d experienced a very unclear vision that had left her deeply frightened, and after her impulsive nature not unlike that of her father Sirius’s won out, Lizzie boarded the first flight from Bristol to Beacon Hills.

And now here she was, patiently waiting for him to properly wake up (he’d briefly opened his eyes as his mother had checked his vitals after Elizabeth had revived him, but had collapsed shortly afterward, muttering something about death and brown eyes).

Oh, she had missed him.Elizabeth had once thought of England as home, but whenever the word came to mind since she’d met Scott, the only thing that she could possibly picture was his name and that blushing smile reserved specifically for her.

Something warm closed around the hand she had been resting on his chest, and as those familiar chocolate brown eyes opened to meet her own, she nearly burst into tears.

Lizzie?” His voice, raspy and dry but still enough to make her knees go weak, asked. “Is that you?”

She nodded, entwining her fingers with his as her free thumb caressed his cheek gently. “It’s me. Oh, thank god you’re alright.”

Lizzie.” He sighed contentedly, allowing his eyes to flutter shut as a dreamy smile overtook his face. “My Lizzie.”

Let me photograph you in this light

In case it is the last time

That we might be exactly like we were

Before we realized

We were sad of getting old

It made us restless

It was just like a movie

It was just like a song

There. I’ve done all I can, but unless we know exactly what he’s been poisoned with, I can do little more to help. There’s a slight chance his body will force it out on its own, but I’ll run more tests tomorrow when he’s feeling better.” Elizabeth sighed, sounding tired and drained in a way Melissa McCall had rarely seen the typically vibrant girl. Elizabeth had been attempting all sorts of forms of magic on the recently attacked sheriff, but despite his condition, she’d at least been able to stabilize him for the time being. She’d even managed to force Stiles to get some rest while she worked, after sending him one of her signature reassuring smiles that eased some of the boy’s worries.

“Go get some rest, alright? You’ve had a rough day.” Melissa smiled at her, tucking her into a warm, motherly hug that reminded her of better days, when their worries were as simple as whatever scheme Peter managed to cook up.

Elizabeth placed her hand on Stiles’s shoulder as Melissa checked the Sheriff’s vitals, shaking him from his slumber. He smiled sleepily up at her as she helped him up from the chair he’d been occupying, and she wrapped him in a warm hug. “He’s gonna be okay, Stiles. I promise I’m going to do everything I can to make sure of that.”

Stiles murmured his thanks to her, tucking her into a fierce hug that conveyed not only his gratitude towards her, but how much he had missed her in the previous months. She smiled into his chest, understanding immediately.

The dinging of the elevator doors from outside the intensive care unit caught their attention, and whatever Stiles saw through the window made him rush out the doors angrily. Elizabeth exchanged a worried glance with Melissa before the duo followed after him, a loud crash startling the both of them.

Melissa pulled Stiles off of Scott as a saddened sigh fell from Lizzie’s lips, having already heard the full story from Stiles early on in the night. After a quick conversation that Elizabeth tuned out completely, Stiles rushed out of the hall as Melissa returned back to the Sheriff’s bedside.

She realized that she was alone with Scott, and was suddenly very nervous and anxious. She shied away from his lingering gaze, instead staring down intently at the ground.

“You were there when I woke up,” Scott began softly after a few moments, the gentle tone of his voice causing Elizabeth to glance up and meet his eyes. “But then you were gone.”

“Your mother called about the Sheriff, and I had to run.” She apologized with a slight smile, cursing herself for the mumbling mess he reduced her to as her gaze flickered back to the tile floor.

“I missed you.” He told her honestly, gently raising her chin with his hand so that she could see the sincerity in his eyes.

Elizabeth threw her arms around him then, all of her earlier shyness fading away as he held her in his strong, familiar arms.

“I missed you too.” She murmured into his chest as he pressed a gentle kiss to the top of her head. “I’m so sorry.”

“What for?” He chuckled lightly, genuine confusion in his tone as he tucked her even further into his embrace, praying helplessly that he would never have to let her go.

“For leaving.” Elizabeth whispered, and Scott realized that she was not merely speaking of leaving earlier on in the night. He pulled back slightly and gently caressed her cheek with one hand as her eyes, darkened with the slightest hint of sadness, met his.

“You’re here now.” Scott smiled down at her, amazement and happiness coloring his tone. “That’s more than I could ever ask for.”

I was so scared to face my fears

Cause nobody told me that you’d be here

And I swear you moved overseas

That’s what you said, when you left me

Elizabeth ran her fingers through Lydia’s loose curls, tucking them gently behind the girl’s ear. A sad, knowing smile slipped onto her face as her dark brown eyes scanned her dearest friend’s face, understanding exactly what was happening.

“Oh Lydia,” She whispered lowly, pressing a soft kiss to her cheek. “If only I had gotten here sooner.”

“She missed you a lot, you know.” A deep voice spoke from the doorway of Lydia’s room in the hospital, breaking Lizzie out of her trance. “She was planning on flying out to Britain after everything was over with the Dread Doctors.”

Elizabeth turned to find Scott leaning against the doorframe, his warm eyes trained on her intently. “I missed her too. After Allison died… it was just the two of us. I didn’t just lose my cousin that day, Scott, I lost one of my best friends, and so did Lydia. I wanted so badly to stay here and help her, but it was too dangerous. We talked on the phone every night, and I knew something was off. Her banshee powers… she doesn’t know the full extent of them. Not yet. This catatonic state is self induced, and she won’t wake up until she understands.”

“Is she going to be okay?” Scott asked, a vulnerable light in his eyes that Elizabeth understood all too well. We’ve lost too many already.

“This is Lydia Martin we’re talking about here,” Elizabeth whispered lowly, squeezing the hand holding Lydia’s the slightest bit tighter. “She’s going to be just fine, I can feel it.”

Scott took a seat beside her, quiet for a few moments as he attempted to string together his thoughts. “I still can’t believe that you’re here. I feel like if I look away for too long, you’ll disappear again.”

Lizzie peered up at him through dark lashes, the hint of a smile on her face. “I’m not going anywhere. Do you remember the day I left?”

He nodded, fearing that if he spoke, he’d tell her of how that day had haunted his nightmares and every waking moment for months, how it left him sleepless and breathless far too often.

“I told you that I’d be back, because this is my home, Scott. The pack is my home.” She murmured, tracing patterns on Lydia’s hand as she spoke.

“I’m afraid we’re not much of a pack anymore.” Scott sighed, burying his face in his hands.

“You’ll get them back. You know how I know?” Elizabeth placed her free hand on Scott’s shoulder, leaning in closer to him. “I know because I know you like the back of my hand, Scott McCall. You’re a wonderful alpha, truly, but you’re also loyal to a fault. You’ve built a family out of all of us. Families fight all the time, but they always come back to each other. You just have to be there when they do.”

“Thank you.” He mumbled to her, leaning into her intoxicating touch. Elizabeth had a grounding affect on him, always able to bring him back down to earth and keep him anchored where all else had failed.

My anchor.

“Elizabeth.” Mrs. Martin interrupted her, a soft smile on her face and an affectionate twinkle in her eyes that had been reserved for Lydia, Elizabeth and Allison.

You two are my daughters now too, she’d told Lizzie and Ally after she’d learned that both of the girls had lost their mothers, Elizabeth years ago and Allison just days before, and I’m going to take care of you.

Mrs. Martin only had two daughters now, and she wasn’t about to lose either of them.

“The doctors need to run a few more tests on her, but you can visit whenever you like.” Mrs. Martin told her, tucking the brown eyed girl into a warm hug as she dodged around Scott to get to her.

“Oh, I missed you.” She mumbled into the hug, pressing a motherly kiss to the top of her head. “It’s wonderful to have you back, Lizzie.”

“I missed you too, Mrs. Martin.” Elizabeth smiled at her as she pulled away, chancing a glance back at Lydia. “She’s going to be okay, I know it. Call me if there are any changes?”

“You’ll be the first to know.” Mrs. Martin reassured her, pulling her into one more hug before sending Lizzie and Scott into the hall so that the doctors could check on Lydia.

A sigh fell from Elizabeth’s lips as she peered at the doctors entering Lydia’s room, knowing there was nothing they or anyone could do.

“We’ll see her again soon.” Scott mumbled to her, sounding more like he was promising her something rather than attempting to reassure her. Lizzie had always loved that about Scott, his determination to keep those around him safe.

Gods, I hope so.”

You still look like a movie

You still sound like a song

My God, this reminds me

Of when we were young

“Stiles, I just got a call from-” Elizabeth halted mid sentence, surprised to see that Stiles had not been alone. She had been staying with the Stilinski family ever since her arrival in Beacon Hills, and had only just returned home from visiting the Sheriff.

Lizzie!” Stiles rapidly jumped up, attempting to block her from the boy behind him’s view. “I didn’t know you were going to be home!”

“I left the hospital early today.” She answered, curious as to who this visitor was and the slightest hint of suspicion in her earth colored eyes. “I came in through the back.”

“Why don’t you-” Stiles began, looking desperate and alarmed before he was cut off by the dark haired stranger behind him.

“I’m Theo Raeken. It’s a pleasure to meet you” The handsome stranger introduced himself, pushing past Stiles as he extended a hand out for her to shake with a self satisfied smirk on his face.

“Elizabeth Black. I’m afraid your reputation precedes you, Theo, and I can assure you it is certainly not a pleasure to meet you.” She smiled sarcastically at him, ignoring his outstretched hand due to the grocery bags in her arms and blatant dislike of the boy.

“Let me help you.” He grinned cheekily at her, taking the bags from her arms before she could protest and walking off towards the kitchen. Lizzie exchanged a curious glance with Stiles, who merely shrugged in response.

She followed after the chimera alongside Stiles, watching as he placed the bags on the counter carefully and met her eyes. Her breath caught in her throat as he observed her, his eyes scanning over her body hungrily before they met her own once more. He smirked at her, leaning against the counter casually.

“I believe your reputation precedes you as well, Elizabeth. Are you sure you’re up for another war?” Theo asked her, enjoying the way her body tensed at the mention of further brutality.

“You know nothing of war, what I’ve seen.” She hissed, aching to hex the boy but restraining herself from grabbing her wand from her boot. “You think you understand what you’re getting yourself into? I assure you, the games you play are nothing compared to a full blown war. Your Dread Doctors are nothing more than glorified dementors, feeding off death and destruction. They actually think they can control the beast they’ve created.” She laughed darkly, no humor in her tone. “They are sorely mistaken.”

And then Elizabeth was gone, stampeding through the kitchen and up the staircase towards the guest room she’d been occupying before throwing herself on the bed.

“Rough day?” A voice asked, and she groaned in response.

“Whoever it is, get out. I am not in the bloody mood.” Elizabeth huffed, burying her face in her pillows.

“I think I’ll stay.” The voice teased before plopping down beside her on the bed, and Lizzie rolled over to find Scott peering down at her, resting on his elbow. She visibly relaxed as her eyes took in his familiar smile, her heart aching slightly more so than usual at its warmth.

Damn him and that smile.

Only because it’s you.” Lizzie relented, a smile of her own tugging at her lips. She examined his face, committing every last detail to memory as if it was the last time she would ever see him. He was even more handsome than she remembered.

“Do I have something on my face?” He asked curiously, making her laugh. She reached one hand out to rest on his jaw, her nimble fingers ghosting across his stubble.

“No.” She answered, giggling as he nuzzled her palm and his stubble tickled her. “You just look so different since I was here last.”

“A good kind or bad kind of different?” Scott asked her, a teasing glint in his eyes, but something about his smile told her that he was nervous as to what her answer would be.

“Good kind.” She grinned at him. “You still have the puppyish grin though.” He groaned dramatically then, closing his eyes at the puppy reference. “It’s cute.” She promised him, laughing lightly.

Scott’s eyes shot open then, the smile on his face bright enough to nearly blind her. “You think I’m cute?”

“I did not say that!” Lizzie protested, looking somewhat flustered. Scott laughed at her embarrassment, his heart rate increasing as he noted the faint blush on her cheeks and the distinct erratic thudding of her heartbeat.

“It’s okay, everyone thinks it. I’m the hot girl.” He told her, making her laugh as well. Scott grinned affectionately down at her, caressing her cheek with his surprisingly soft hands.

“You look different too. A good kind of different. You, Elizabeth Black, are heartbreakingly beautiful, even more so than the first time we met.” He told her honestly, enjoying the way her cheeks flared a brilliant shade of scarlet.

But beautiful didn’t even begin to describe Elizabeth Black, in Scott’s opinion…

Let me photograph you in this light

In case it is the last time

That we might be exactly like we were

Before we realized

We were sad of getting old

It made us restless

It was just like a movie

It was just like a song

When we were young

Elizabeth plopped down on the plastic hospital chair, exhausted from hours spent performing tedious surgery on the sheriff ever since Stiles and Scott had informed them of what he’d been poisoned with.

“Long day?” Someone asked, taking a seat beside her. She peered over at the owner of the voice, rolling her eyes at the man before her.

“You don’t know the half of it, Raeken.” She mumbled, raising an eyebrow at him suspiciously as he extended a cup of coffee towards her.

“A peace offering.” He smiled at her. “I swear its not poisoned or anything. I just want to talk.”

She accepted the coffee cup reluctantly, curiosity in her deep brown eyes at the gesture. “Thank you, I guess. What is it that you wanted to talk about?”

“I wanted to apologize.” Theo began, making her scoff loudly in disbelief. “But not for what you think. I won’t apologize for killing Scott, because I cut a deal with the Doctors that if only he died, no one else in your pack would. I won’t apologize for attempting to stay alive, but I will apologize for what I said the other day. I didn’t mean to make you so upset, bringing up your past like that.”

Elizabeth arched one perfect eyebrow at him, confused and rather alarmed by the genuine look in his eyes as he spoke, as if he was truly saddened by the thought of having upset her. “You’re an odd one, Theo Raeken. I’ll give you that.” Lizzie laughed lightly, taking a sip from her steaming cup of coffee. 

“I suppose I am.” He mused thoughtfully, not taking his eyes off her. God, she’s beautiful, Theo thought to himself, fighting back the urge to run his hands through her messy curls and caress her flawless, makeup-less face, she’s putty in Scott’s hands and he doesn’t even have a clue.

The door to the waiting room flew open then, and Theo rushed to his feet in a flash as Scott stormed into the room.

“Is everything alright?” Elizabeth questioned worriedly, her exhaustion nearly overtaking her as she jumped to her feet as well. When was the last time she ate? When was the last time she even drank anything?

Get away from her.” Scott growled lowly at Theo, pulling Elizabeth behind him protectively as his eyes flashed a glaring shade of crimson.

“Why should I?” Theo smirked at him, not looking bothered in the slightest. In fact, he looked almost amused. Elizabeth nearly groaned in frustration at the occurrence, knowing that Scott merely wished to protect her from Theo but annoyed at the same time because she was certainly capable of handling the situation herself. And bloody hell, why did her head hurt so badly?

“If you lay one hand on her, I’ll rip your throat out myself.” Scott told him, curling his arm around Elizabeth’s waist as she made to stand beside him. She would have blushed had the circumstances not been so dire.

“Is that a threat, McCall?” Theo mocked, his gaze flickering from the alpha before him’s face to Lizzie’s nervous and somewhat frustrated one.

“It’s a promise.” Scott warned, and the look in Scott’s eyes as he said it, a flicker of danger and untamed fury that Theo had not once associated with Scott McCall, was enough to silence the chimera.

Theo retreated then, hands up in mock surrender as he made his way towards the elevator doors. He chanced one last smirk back at Elizabeth, not missing the snarl Scott aimed at him, and then was gone.

Scott deflated then, all of the anger draining out of him. “Lizzie, I’m sorry, I know you had it handled but-”

Scott stopped his apologies short as Lizzie let out a pained gasp, clutching her sides and stomach as nausea overtook her. Her head would have collided with the tiled floor as she doubled over in pain if not for Scott’s quick reflexes and strong arms around her, and Scott immediately picked her up bridal style.

Lizzie!” He panicked, unsure as to what was going on. “Lizzie, are you alright?” Elizabeth collapsed in his arms then, and Scott, desperate and frightened by what was happening, sprinted as fast as he could towards his mother.


It’s hard to admit that

Everything just takes me back

To when you were there

To when you were there

And a part of me keeps holding on

Just in case it hasn’t gone

I guess I still care

Do you still care?

“Severe case of dehydration, sweetheart. You have to take better care of yourself.” Melissa chided Lizzie, a motherly look in her eyes. The Sheriff, recovered and rested thanks to Elizabeth, hovered beside her bed, a worried glint in his eyes matching that of Mrs. Martin’s.

Was there anyone that didn’t love Elizabeth Black? Scott mused to himself.

Lizzie groaned loudly, her head sinking into the pillow. “I swear I’m fine now! I just forgot-”

“Elizabeth Andromeda Black, you collapsed in the waiting room and have been unconscious for several hours! You are not fine.” The Sheriff scolded, and Elizabeth winced at the use of her middle name. Luckily, her father had despised the star tradition enough to settle on only using a star as her middle name rather than her first.

She pouted childishly as the adults around her discussed how long she was to remain in the hospital, and Scott held back a laugh. He had been so relieved to find out that she was alright, but had remained by her bedside ever since he’d set her down there.

“You look like you’re enjoying this far too much.” Lizzie glared playfully at him, crossing her arms over her chest as she angled her body so that she was facing where he was sitting.

“Admittedly, it’s pretty amusing to watch the great Elizabeth Black get scolded for once.” Scott teased, taking her hand in his own as she had done just a mere few days ago, when he’d been lying in a hospital bed in her place.

“Listen, about back there,” Scott softened, suddenly nervous to discuss the events occurring prior to her collapse. “I know you had it handled, believe me, I know, but I… I couldn’t help but be worried.”

Lizzie smiled gently at him, tracing constellations on his hand with her thumb. “There’s nothing to apologize for. Thank you for wanting to protect me. Why were you so worried though?” She questioned curiously, uncertainty in her deep brown eyes.

“Because I care about you,” Scott breathed out, gripping her hand the slightest bit tighter as he leaned closer to whisper to her. “I care about you so much that it hurts sometimes. Makes my chest ache and lungs contract. You mean a lot to me, Lizzie.”

“I care about you too, puppy.” Elizabeth smiled sleepily at him, yawning lightly as she felt the medication Melissa had given her kick in. Scott McCall cared about her, she thought to herself with a grin, Scott McCall worried about her.

“Will you be here when I wake up?” She asked through her sleepy haze, feeling her grip on his hand slacken as his tightened.

“If you want me to be.” He told her honestly, chuckling at her dazed expression.

“I want you to be here.” She mumbled as she dozed off, leaving Scott McCall with a wide, brilliant smile on his face as he continued to observe Elizabeth Black in all her beauty.

The conversation had not gone unnoticed by the three adults present, and all of whom bore similar affectionate smile on their faces.

Will you two just admit it already?

It was just like a movie

It was just like a song

My God, this reminds me

Of when we were young

When we were young

Lizzie groaned, rubbing her temples furiously in frustration. “Nothing. The beast is too unpredictable. Its not planning anything, its running off instinct alone.”

Scott took her hands on his own comfortingly, thanking her anyway for attempting to discern what the beast had in store for the future. “Don’t over exert yourself, Black. Mom would kill me if she found out I even asked you to try.”

She glared pointedly at him, her dark brown eyes alight with annoyance. “I’m fine, Scott.”

He laughed lightly, nudging her gently with his knee as Lizzie felt all of her annoyance melt away at the carefree sound. “I know that, but you know how my mom is. She worries about you.”

Lizzie peered up at Scott, sitting with his legs criss crossed across from her, her position mirroring his own. They were perched on Scott’s roof, Elizabeth having grown tired of being cooped up inside but not permitted by Melissa to leave until she was fully recovered. 

Scott observed her, his eyes roving the dark bags underneath her eyes and the unnaturally pale tint of her skin. Sleep deprivation and dehydration will do that to a person, you prat, she’d told Stiles exasperatedly earlier on when he’d tactlessly alerted her to the fact that she looked like hell.

Scott had merely shrugged, amazed that she still managed to take his breath away even when she’d barely slept in days. 

“I missed this.” Elizabeth breathed out, playing with Scott’s fingers, a light blush dusting her cheeks. “Being here. Being with you.”

Scott leaned closer to her, pressing a slow kiss to her cheek and pulling back just enough to rest his forehead on hers. “I missed everything about you, Liz. You’re the only thing keeping me going these days.”

“Sometimes I still see you as that adorable sophomore trying to convince me that lacrosse was so much better than quidditch.” She laughed breathlessly, sadness pooling in her eyes as her laughter faded. “I wish things were as simple as they were then.”

“I miss when the only thing trying to kill us was Jackson.” Scott chuckled, the pleasant vibrations sending a shiver down Elizabeth’s spine. “It was an easier time.”

“It was.” Lizzie agreed, pulling back from him in order to collect her thoughts and fighting back a groan at the loss of warmth. She threw her head back to look up at the stars, the night sky so different from back in England. It was so peaceful there on the roof, as if the entire world had paused around them. Perhaps it had.

Scott’s breath caught in his throat as he observed her, her loose blonde curls swaying gently in the breeze and the moon giving her an unnaturally beautiful glow. His eyes trailed down her neck and past her shoulders, halting abruptly at her bare arms.

“It’s new.” Elizabeth laughed, figuring from his sharp intake of breath that he’d noticed the inky black tattoo in the shape of two thick lines encircling her left bicep. “Matches yours.”

A rush of emotion ran through Scott, a brilliant smile overtaking his face at her words. Elizabeth had a small tattoo for each of her loved ones scattered across her body, as a means of honoring and remembering them. paw prints for Sirius, antlers for James, a lightning bolt for Harry, a stack of books for Mione, a put-outer for Ron, two W’s for the Weasley twins, a moon for Remus, a pair of Quibbler glasses for Luna, a constellation for the Black family, a bird for Tonks, a broom for Ginny, a sword for Neville, an arrow for Allison, a bouquet of violets for her mother, a knit maroon sweater for Mrs. Weasley, red string for Stiles, a seashell for Lydia, a scarf for Isaac, a triskelion for Derek, a star for Cora, a sunflower for Danny, a key for Jackson, crimson lips for Erica, a set of wings for Boyd, butterflies for Melissa and Natalie, a gun for Chris, a scotch glass for the Sheriff…

I like having them on me, she’d told Scott once, a blinding smile on her lips, reminds me that I have people who love me. People I have to protect.

They were wizard tattoos, enchanted to move, shift, flutter, and bloom like they were real. Each had been picked by the person for which they were made in honor of or based off of their lives, and Scott loved each and every one of them. 

And this one was his.

“I got it a few months back. I was waiting to show it to you in person, but then…” Elizabeth trailed off, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips at the look of pure elation on the young alpha’s face.

“You got one for me.” He declared, still in shock. She nodded at him, holding back her laughter at his expression. He jumped up then, picking her up and spinning her around in a hug. “You got one for me!

And as Scott held her in his arms, the both of them laughing, Elizabeth decided there was no place she would rather be.

Let me photograph you in this light

In case it is the last time

That we might be exactly like we were

Before we realized

We were sad of getting old

It made us restless

I’m so mad I’m getting old

It makes me reckless

It was just like a movie

It was just like a song

When we were young

“It looks like… like a clump of stars?” Scott observed helpfully, making Elizabeth’s entire body shake with laughter.

That is the big dipper.” She whispered as she calmed down, taking his hand and moving it with hers to point to the constellation she was referring to. He smiled, looking over at her as he forgot about the night sky entirely.

It was nothing in comparison to her, anyway.

They were laying out on the roof, hands entwined between them as Elizabeth attempted to point out the constellations to him. Astronomy had always been one of her favorite classes, but Scott couldn’t bring himself to look at the night sky when something so much more mind blowing and beautiful was laying right beside him.

“What are you staring at?” She grinned at him, turning her head so that their noses were pressed against each other.

You.” Scott answered honestly, his answer shocking the both of them. Elizabeth’s heart rate picked up, and Scott held onto the surge of confidence that ran through him for dear life.

“You’re really beautiful, you know that?” Scott whispered to her, caressing her heartbreakingly gorgeous face gently with his rough hand. “I must think that a million times every day.”

Elizabeth sat up quickly then, a blush staining her cheeks a brilliant shade of scarlet as she stammered her thanks and tried to steady her erratic heartbeat. Scott smiled softly at her, sitting up and taking her face in his hands once more.

“Why are you so nervous?” He asked gently, his thumbs tracing patterns on her crimson cheeks. Elizabeth sucked in a deep breath, closing her dark eyes as she collected her thoughts.

You make me nervous.” Lizzie admitted lowly, her eyes peeking up at him through long black lashes.

“Why do I make you nervous?” Scott questioned her, a certain sense of vulnerability in his tone that let Elizabeth know that he really was not sure of what her answer would be.

“Are you really that daft?” Lizzie asked incredulously, pure shock coloring her tone. “I’ve only been in love with you since bloody sophomore year you-”

Elizabeth’s rant was cut off as Scott’s lips pressed against hers, a surprised little gasp falling from her lips before she melted into the kiss. Her fingers tangled themselves in his messy hair as one of his arms dropped down to encircle her waist, pulling her even further into him. He tasted vaguely of chocolate and mint, a strange combination that suited Scott perfectly, while Scott inhaled her intoxicating sea breeze scent and signature berry chapstick.

He pulled away after a few moments, both of them breathing heavily as he rested his forehead against her own. “You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that.” He whispered breathlessly, something akin to pure bliss in his eyes as Elizabeth peered into them. “Promise you’ll stay?”

Lizzie’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“Promise you’ll never leave like that again.” He exhaled, sounding desperate. “At least not without me. Because I can’t handle you leaving again, especially not after that because I’m so goddamn in love with you-”

This time it was Elizabeth who cut off Scott, her lips pressing gently to his own in a lingering kiss that left them both the slightest bit breathless and a hell of a lot in love.

“I promise.”

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Stiles, you’re  a l w a y s  the one who figures it out

nicowantsthediangelo  asked:

What do you guys think about the Theo and Malia being siblings theory? Their so called 'connection' being through the desert wolf and not romantic.

Wow, that would be a cool idea! Hadn’t thought of that one yet. It would be really interesting to hear more about the Desert Wolf, and maybe her influence is the reason Theo is the way he is. We’d still prefer that he stay away from Scott and Kira with those questionable motives though. *narrows eyes*

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