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People, quite understandably, don’t realise how full-on automatic Google is.

If they fuck something up like this, it’s not because they hate anything. It’s because someone got a variable wrong, or because the AI has made a mistake.

Shouting into the wind on this site, but it annoyed me that people were claiming complete conjecture as “provably true”.

Always remember Hanlon’s Razor, folks. “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

Donald Trump Jnr’s comments on the Westminster Attacks are disgraceful. What an odious, insensitive man. Not only did he choose to make a political statement out of an unfolding tragedy, he chose to pull up comments the Mayor of London had made a year ago about terrorist attacks (taken completely out of context) and presented them as if the Mayor had said them in response to yesterday’s attacks. If that isn’t malice, I don’t know what is. Disgusting. We (London residents) are livid with him.

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Wait, I feel like I'm getting a lot of different and conflicting information here, or I just don't understand. Did the CIA really spy on Trump and that new bunch of information just confirmed it or is he still talking out of his ass? Or perhaps, was he talking out of his ass and then suddenly a bunch of info leaked out so he could say fukkin confirmed?

OK so this leak comprises information from TWO years ago. So, predating the election. Information within shows (alleges) he was monitored regardless of russia. It’s unlikely they have stopped (because cmon, this is the US intelligence community here lol).

It’s not broadly confirmed (media and analysts are still treating it as allegations rather than fact), but it is appealing for an investigation based on this information as a pretext.

Trump was talking out of his ass, and likely out of personal malice toward obama, but aT THE VERY LEAST, was coincidentally correct on being wiretapped. so yea, at the very least, so he and others can be like “fukken confirmed, trump is right”

The interesting thing is that the russian communication leaks to the WaPo and other CIA sourced allegations were alot of extremely caustic, almost incriminating smoke.


Where’s the fire?

Since the CIA and other agencies who have agents who are DMEONSTRABLY HOSTILE TO TRUMP IF THE RECENT FEW MONTHS ARE ANY INDICATION havent yet found the smoking gun from which this smoke comes from, it should be pretty clear that there is no evidence that trump collaborated with russia/putin the way there is no evidence obama ordered a wiretapping. at most, obama may have been ignorant or indifferent to it as much as trump was ignorant to or indifferent to russian agent action.

Theres been plenty of media reporting like MICHAEL FLYNN SECRETLY SPOKE TO RUSSIAN OFFICIAL ACCORDING TO NEW LEAK!!! but with the body of the article admitting “its not unsual for politicians and incoming administration figures to speak to other officials of foreign states,” I can’t help but furb face.

With the obvious amount of surveillance and monitoring being conducted, ESPECIALY SINCE US INTELLIGENCE ALWAYS MONITORS RUSSIAN STATE COMMUNICATION and the fact that the CIA leaked a transcript of michael flynns conversation with Kislyak to the WaPo, by now IF IT EXISTS there shouldve been a definitive leak SHOWING in black and white evidence of like, i dunno, trump talking to the russian state going YES PUTIN, YESSS I DO YOUR BIDDING in private the way they caught and recorded flynn having a conversation with kislyak.

consider it this way:

if you agree with me that trump routinely says and does complete head ass things and runs his mouth all the time like a big orange dumbfuck 4th grader vocabulary moron, there fucking would be evidence of him collaborating with putin out in the open already if it did happen. Bar none. Why would he frequently do clumsy things, make and say moronic things int he open yet be discrete and dodge the surveillance drag net in private? Either it didnt happen or Trump is a secret, elusive psyop genius. You can’t have the two. Which is more likely?

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what intro did you write?

oh!! It’s not for a fanfic or anything it’s for a story assignment in my writing class uhhhh it’s not complete obviously it’s just an intro idk it’s this?

Smoke curled between his lips, lazy tendrils of vaporized malice that poisoned his tongue and blackened his teeth. With an exhale he condemned himself, hands submerged in a sink of tap water he called salvation. The cigarette dangled; threatened to fall. His hands worked furiously back and forth, back and forth, till the water tinged red with the memory of his sins and his palms stung pleasantly with purity. He watched the water drain away and lifted his eyes to meet his gaze in the mirror. Sunlit green, the boy who stared back was a stranger—he always was—a ghost of youth and careless grins he could barely remember. He snarled just for the satisfaction of watching that innocence drop away. No use for lies when the truth lie dead in a back alley, stabbed in the neck and left to drown in its own blood.