Gregory Despair Show - Finale

Well, here we are!

How many years has it been? 3? 4? But we’re finally at the end!!

I’ll have to give all my thanks to @Veneesla for this chapter.  While I lost steam, she kept on going, and she wrote the majority of this chapter.  It’s absolutely AMAZING, and I hope all of you enjoy it as much as I do.

We have a LOT of contributors for the artwork this time around. @shortlifelongart, @classycloudcuckoolanderclasso, @disgustiphage, @mrgenericmcprotag, and a collaborative piece by @ask-offgame, @koro-tyan, and @professoroakward!

I hope you all enjoy this. Thank you for sticking with us for so long.

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Mbti tumblr be like, the types as potatoes:
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>ISTJ:</b> hard working potato<p/><b>ISTP:</b> a potato that likes fixing things<p/><b>ESTP:</b> reckless potato<p/><b>ESTJ:</b> the potato that is your boss<p/><b>ISFJ:</b> motherly potato<p/><b>ISFP:</b> a potato that's good at art<p/><b>ESFP:</b> party potato<p/><b>ESFJ:</b> the most popular potato in school<p/><b>INFJ:</b> a really mystical and magical potato! I wish I had this potato in my life...<p/><b>INFP:</b> a crying potato that doesn't like conflict<p/><b>ENFP:</b> manic pixie dream potato<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> the mom of the potato friend group<p/><b>INTJ:</b> evil genius potato<p/><b>INTP:</b> awkward potato<p/><b>ENTP:</b> a potato that has debates with other potatoes<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> I am afraid of this potato<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Aksys Games has announced four new otome titles to release for the PS Vita in 2017!

The games are:

Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~

The fandisc for Code: Realize not yet released in Japan. It will continue the stories of all the love interests from the previous games, as well as add routes for Herlock Sholmes and Finis.

Period Cube

“With the help of your childhood friend, Hiroya, you decide to play the online RPG game "Arcadia” in order to look for clues as to the whereabouts of your missing older brother.

You are suddenly engulfed by a blinding light and lose conscious. When you wake up, you find that the scenery has changed into that of a video game fantasy world. As you are overwhelmed by the sudden twist of events, you learn a terrible truth: to escape this deadly world, you must clear the game.“

Bad Apple Wars

"The heroine, who was caught in an accident on the first day that she was to enter high school, suddenly found herself on the premises of an unknown school. This was NEVAEH Academy, a school for those whose souls were left behind after death.

In this school if you were a good student who followed the rules then, upon GRADUATION, you would be able to return and RESUME YOUR LIFE.” (Source: Otome Jikan)

Collar x Malice

“Due to the occurrences of serial brutal crimes, Shinjuku has become a dangerous town to live in. The protagonist works as a police officer and works hard everyday to keep the town safe.

However, one night, someone attacks her and places a collar around her neck with poison inside of it. Amidst the chaos and right before the protagonist’s eyes are men with suspicious backgrounds. They’re all part of an organization composed of former police officers and have taken it upon themselves to investigate the brutal cases.

Without knowing whether she should trust these men or not, she suddenly came to hold the key to the massive case. In order to remove the collar that places her at the edge of death and to liberate Shinjuku from the malice that binds it, she cooperates and begins to investigate the incidents with the men.”


— Malice Mizer ヴェル・エール ~空白の瞬間の中で~ de l'image

The movie was released on VHS on September 3, 1997 and was also later made available on DVD form on July 16th, 2006 as part of the La Collection des Singles, which I am sure any fan would be thrilled to find under their tree.