i am led to understand that the backstory behind trump’s trans military ban is this: 

so congress is hashing out their military spending bill, and there was a divide between conservative/moderate republicans over whether the pentagon should fund trans surgeries. in an effort to render the issue moot and help the bill along, house republicans asked trump to simply issue an executive order on the topic. the idea being, if there’s an EO about funding trans surgeries, then congress doesn’t need to bother debating or writing it into the bill one way or the other and they can finally move on to other matters

but trump fucked up; instead of putting an order restricting the military funding of trans surgeries, he declared he was completely banning trans people from service. this is not what congress asked for and it has turned the whole situation into a boondoggle. one republican aide has likened it to trump being asked to light a candle and setting the table on fire instead. this move may in fact endanger the military budget bill, and mire it in further debate on whether to overturn trump’s overreaching EO. add in the fact that trump does not like being told he fucked up, and will certainly dig his heels in, raising tensions between him and congress

so while it’s absolutely a malicious move that will endanger trans service members and will certainly further poison public discourse about trans people in general, there’s at least the silver lining that the order has been administered so incompetently that it’s going to throw a wrench into the republican agenda


I dunno what I’m doing anymore-

Okay, so technically, its a circus AU where Black Hat gets money by entertaining both people and villains. His circus act is consisting dark themes but also amusement. They perform live and on tv.

Black Hat, as always, is the leader of the group. He also performs tricks but majority, he uses his demonic ability to perform. His act is mostly consisting decapitation, stabbing someone, swallowing swords, etc. It can sometimes end badly but thats what makes it fun for him. He loves to choose a random citizen in the crowd to volunteer in his act. He loves traumatizing people.

Flug, in the other hand, is a performer but also the one cleaning and arranging the circus tent. His act is majority science experiments but with a few tweaks, he made it look like magic is happening. He has major stage frights and anxiety but the simple order from Black Hat got him out to the stage. In free time, he invents new things for his act and, if not needed, he sells them…because Black Hat wants more money. Flug is mostly the one target to some threatening acts if no one volunteers. Black Hat likes seeing anyone suffer.

Dementia and 5.0.5. Is working in progress…

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here comes M-O 

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he doesnt get paid enough for the things he has to deal with. and by not enough I mean not at all. somebody bring him to somewhere he can slack off a bit