malicious bigotry

1. make up a word

2. use the word as an insult, apply liberally to lesbians

3. insist that all manner of non-lesbians are actually lesbians

4. insist that actual lesbians are just a subset of lesbians who are choosing to be homosexual out of maliciousness/bigotry

I’m basically 100% sure at this point that the idea that malicious views (bigotry, weaponised schadenfreude of various kinds, etc.) are taught to the working class by the insidious Them to distract them from class struggle and will just naturally go away with capitalism is a self-serving lie perpetrated by absolute scum who don’t give a shit about the actual consequences.

Working class comes up with unbridled hatred for targets undeserving of it on their own just fine, and while porkies don’t like to see sit-ins, they don’t like to see pogroms either, at all.

My point is that it’s extremely important to instill tolerance, yearning for truth and justice, and progressive values, real ones, not bullshit, not corporate diversity checklists, in the common man, and it’s important to do so right now, or your people’s revolution turns into super genocide funtime arcade complex.