It was fairly quiet in the magical kingdom. If you could call it a kingdom in the forest made of spiraling thorns that outlined the lush green and blue forest. It was more like another realm entirely, a space in which the creatures of the unique design lived their life’s. Nymph’s and pixies called it home. Often using their magic to bloom flowers and make the water drinkable. Dragon like flying reptilian’s flew in the air with wings similar in design to a butterfly’s. These were simply a few of the inhabitants of the forests.

But among them all was one race that was more human in design. Horn’s spiraled from the top of their heads as well as large feathered wings from their shoulder’s near the shoulder blades. They were known as faeries in this land. The queen and ruler was also of these winged breed. Their feathers smooth and soft like pillows but the muscles strong and reliable.

This just so happened to be the species of the one currently gliding with ease near the thorns outlining the safe haven of their home. White feathered wings ruffled in the breeze as did soft silver hair brushed agents the white horns on his head. Liquid silver colored eyes scanned the world below him as he glided with ease and grace. The feeling of flight was such a wonderful free feeling. Away from humans while had always been vicious to their kind. Proof was in the scar that was adorn on the left side of the creature’s pale face. 

As he continued to glide, something caught his eyes, it was small but bigger then a good amount of the species he knew resided in the forest. On top of that it was near the outskirts of the thorns. Slowly the male glided down from the skies and skillfully landed on the ground and began to approach the strange object.

I’m starting to notice a huge trend with magic in recent disney movies… DONT GET ME WRONG. I am well aware of magic used in older disney movies such as sleeping beauty, little mermaid, pretty much in every movie . But I’m talking more having the power in the hands of the princesses (or queens) instead of the villains such as malicifant and Ursula. Just something I noticed with tangled, frozen, and some other recent films. What do you think? Just a coincidence or maybe something more? :)