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jim gaffigan did not start stand up until he was my age

if i could get as good and as successful as gaffigan (minus the gaggle of children) I could eventually buy Johnny Carson’s property on paradise cove in malibu by the time I’m 65

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Hiiiii. Do you have a fic or fic rec where william or emily or both are alive and with mulder and scully and theyre happy together

well, first of all, i have my long emily au piece, the unspeakable fear of things, and the sequel-y christmas ficlets i did. also there’s these fluffy au pieces that i did forever ago. and i don’t think this totally qualifies, but this one is a fic about emily and william looking for a family that i wrote around christmas. this one doesn’t really qualify either, but it’s a william and scully piece and mulder is in it… (also the stranger things crossover features emily and william i’m trash for them i’m sorry.)

besides that, here’s some i’ve enjoyed by others (most of these feature emily but a couple feature only william):

(i’m total trash for anything regarding this au i swear)
Graduate Internship Program (Getty Foundation)
Graduate internships at the J. Paul Getty Trust for students who intend to pursue careers in fields related to the visual arts.

Call for Applications: Graduate Interns for 2017/18


Internships are open to students of all nationalities. Applicants must be:

Students currently enrolled in a graduate program leading to an advanced degree in a field relevant to the internship(s) for which they are applying, or
Individuals who have completed a relevant graduate degree on or after January 1, 2014, with postgraduate activities in their field, paid or unpaid.


Internships are located at the Getty Center in Los Angeles or the Getty Villa in Malibu, full-time beginning September 11, 2017. Most internships are for eight months, ending May 18, 2018. Conservation internships are twelve months, ending September 7, 2018. 

Grant amounts are $20,000 for eight months and $30,000 for twelve months. Support for research travel is available for up to $2,500. Graduate Interns are eligible to enroll in the Getty’s health care plan. The grant includes $1,000 towards relocation expenses but housing is not provided. Please note that grant funds may be subject to federal and state taxes and deductions. Additional information about the terms of these grants is available here

How To Apply

Applicants are required to complete and submit the online Graduate Internship application form (which includes uploading a supplemental application form; Personal Statement; Curriculum Vitae; Transcript(s); and Letters of Recommendation) by 5:00p.m. Pacific Standard Time on December 1, 2016

For more information on how to apply, check out our website.

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Hi LHT, Super and responsive blog urs! I want to know why did Jen bring up Liam's family and also that she stays most of the time in Malibu at Liam's house hanging out. Is it to cover up her stay at CM house or she is papped at Malibu most of the time? If everything is so cool, and the three hang out, why did she not say they hang out at josh house? So confused by Jen's words. Its very complicated to figure out! Thank you!

she’s papped in malibu because her team calls the paps.  they don’t just sit in malibu, exactly where jen is and just happen to catch her doing something.  when she’s at josh’s, she’s obviously not calling the paps to take her picture and advertise where she is.  but we recently got this picture:

this places her at josh’s house, so we know she’s there, we just don’t know about it unless they want us to know about.