@yesung1106Mailbu Beach ~ 🐬 갈매기를 무서워하는 멤버들 … 💧 #Mailbu #말리부 #LA #USA #시차적응실패 #갈매기
Trans: Mailbu Beach ~ 🐬  Seagulls who scared the members … 💧 #Mailbu #Malibu #LA #USA #TimeDifferenceAdaptionFailure #Seagull

Trans: Me who’s worse with the time difference than hyung…. I slept so deeply and just woke up now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (cr: 13elieveSG)

World of Color by Joshua Gunther
Via Flickr:
My brother, wife, and I went to Disneyland on Monday to celebrate the completion of the Triathlon this last weekend! One of the treats of the trip was seeing the “World of Color” spectacular! Its is truly amazing and every time I get to see it I’m just blown away. This shot is pretty much straight out of the camera except for a little tweek to the contrast and black levels! So awesome!

“You bet, Yaaahow” hoots Swayze, clapping his hands and yelping like a wolf. I love his enthusiasm. He makes Tom Cruise look lobotomized
-Rob Lowe via Stories I Only Tell My Friends.


“The song’s about living in a trailer in Malibu with my first boyfriend, Jeff. I was 16. And It’s kind of about Kurt, too. It’s an empathy song: Come to me, I’ll save you. I wanted the boy in the song to drive away from Hollywood and the drugs. When I was pregnant, Kurt and I always had this thing about getting out of the basement apartment we lived in with dealers next door and going to live in Malibu. It’s a very healing place.”