malian art


Abdoulaye Konaté

Country: Mali

Style: Modern

Medium: Textiles

Fun Fact: His questioning of the political, social and economic scenes in contemporary Mali is evident in how AIDS, wars, ecological issues, human rights, globalisation affects all aspects of life and individuals within society. Much of his large scale work is textile-based, a medium which is more readily available than paints.



1. Untitled


3. Untitled

4. Symphonie Bleue (Symphony in blue)

5. Perdrix

6.“Le dos à l’Âme (Soul Denial)

I haven’t drawn Malian Mortalsbane in like, a bundred years, so I decided to doodle her tonight! Wow!

For those of you at home just tuning in, this vision of undead success is the infamous Malian Mortalsbane, Lich Queen of the Undying Horde, Scourge of the Sixth Age, CEO of Mortalsbane Coffee, Ltd.

Sometime near the end of the Sixth Age of Mankind, Malian, who had ruled nearly a tenth of the earth for a century via the crushing numbers of her undead horde, was vanquished by the Church of the Shield Goddess. The Church, undergoing a period of reform, sought to show incredible mercy and rehabilitate Malian rather than simply locating and destroying her phylactery once and for all. Using the power of divine magic, they forcibly brought the enemy of all Mankind to her knees, and delivered her an ultimatum: seek the Light, or be torn asunder by the wrath of the Shield Goddess.

Malian is a very good actor, and so for the past two Ages, she’s managed to keep her nose clean and eventually established a small business in a tiny New England town, now the famous Mortalsbane Coffee chain.

With the Church becoming more modernized and falling into the trap of apathetic bureaucracy, the observation of Malian Mortalsbane has gradually gone from a daily visit by a squadron of armor-plated Paladins to a simply phone call every month from an uninterested Church volunteer.

As a result, with nobody keeping a close enough eye on her, it’s not clear whether or not Malian is planning to raise a new army of the dead.

(She totally is.)

However, necromancy takes time, and the materials cost money - so Malian runs her legitimate coffee business from the head office in the town of Shady Oak, MA.

anyway this is really rough because my brain and my tablet don’t wanna interface today but I’m about two years overdue for drawing her again


Tamsir Dia

Country: Mali

Style: neo Expressionist/ Abstract

Medium: Oil on cavas

Fun Fact: Tamsir Dia is also an explorer of signs. Born in 1952, he is an art teacher. He had noticed that when a man without pretensions to art, repainted his house, he did not scour the walls, but simply spread the new layer over the old one. Tamsir Dia learned from this experience. His paintings are the parable of the progressive and soft tension inside the wall. Like seismic trays that move and push each other, the surfaces of his works suggest traces of life, memories of time. The general ochre tonality of his paintings indicates the lateritic atmosphere of sub-Saharan roads and landscapes.



1. Le regard des murs,

2. Untitled



5. Untitled