Yellow Strings (a Stiles Stilinski AU)

Here is the preface, please tell me what you think!!! This is just the teaser there is a lot to come if everyone likes it!!

Her eyes opened and she looked around the familiar setting of her room, but it looked so strange to her. Everything was more clear, the colors more vibrant. Down the stairs the nightmare from the night before was proven to be true, and there were her parents laid on the living-room floor their hearts not beating. She looked away from the scene in front of her, heart stinging in pain in a way that she had never felt before, and she let out a scream. There outside the window she saw him the man that ruined everything, the one who she watched take the lives of her family, and change who she was forever. He stood there smiling looking at her, his shoulders broad, his blonde hair slicked back exactly how she remembered. His eyes glowed a bright red that proved he was someone to fear. She thought back to last night as the man walked over to where she was cuddled in the corner, her hand shook as her grabbed her arm and put his fangs into her wrist. That was it, her life changed forever. Her instincts took over, her fangs protruded before she turned and ran. She ran from the man who changed her, and made her something she considered a monster… she was a vampire.


Scott McCall is no longer a teen wolf he is now an adult. So i present to you, jeff davis’ last fuck you to the teen wolf fandom, Adult Wolf… a teen wolf spin off starring the same exact characters. except now they’re too old to be called teens so we had to upgrade. See you next season fucks.

teen wolf as types of moms

scott mccall

  • soccer mom af
  • helps his kids with their projects and assignments
  • somehow manages kids, spouse, and work all at once
  • shows up at every one of his kid’s recitals or games or whatever
  • always has a full container of brownies or cookies in the car
  • prepared for everything
  • organized af
  • claps a little too loudly at his kid’s dance recital
  • shows off his kids to his coworkers all the time
  • all the other moms are jealous of him

stiles stilinski

  • helicopter mom
  • he’d just be so worried about his kids after all he’s been through in his life
  • no sunscreen under spf 70
  • super nosy
  • thinks of worst-case scenarios first
  • “i told you so"
  • attends every teacher-parent interview
  • can turn a playful conversation into a lecture in under 2 seconds
  • his kids sometimes feel like he doesn’t give them enough space
  • but they know that he means well for them

malia hale

  • hot mess mom
  • forgets she has kids sometimes
  • forgets important events
  • “i thought your hockey game was next week?”
  • “mom, you said that last week.”
  • accidentally gave her children dog treats instead of crackers to school
  • always running late
  • coffee in her hand 24/7
  • ready-made dinners
  • forgets to make cupcakes for bakesales so she brings storebought ones and says that their her own

lydia martin

  • cool mom
  • hot mom
  • is v laidback
  • “kids will always be kids”
  • does hot yoga
  • she guides her kids, not control them
  • a tough discipliner
  • doesn’t approve of disrespect
  • all her kids’ friends want her as their mom
  • dresses her kids in only hermes, YSL, lacoste, burberry, prada, gucci, chanel, and/or armani

<b>Points at the counsellor </b>

<I>Fuck you </I>

<b>Points at Gerard </b>

<I>Fuck you </>

<b>Points at anyone hunting the supernatural </b>

<I>Fuck you, you fucking fucks </I>

* gif credit to @wolfiehunters *

what the trailer gave us #6b
  • Stiles wearing that FBI tee
  • ethan!!!!!!
  • did I mention DEREK HALE IS BACK??
  • Also, stiLES STILINSKI
  • damn they messed up big this time
  • theo?? gimme more???
  • scalia too tho i’m cool i saw it coming
  • STYDIA STYDIA STYDIA maybe not many stills but i’m self assured
  • D E R E K

Teen Wolf pt.3 🐺🌙

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