Teen Wolf || Your Death [Part 2] || 11# Imagine

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They knew something was wrong when Lydia Banshee screamed. When her eyes watered and she muttered your name. They didn’t wanted to believe it. You’ve been kidnapped by The Darach and they were trying to find you, but it was too late.

Stiles was the first one to fall on his knees in front of your body and cry out your name, cursing life and its unfairness.

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Scott, whoever, was the first one to take your body and lay you with them, being careful to don’t hurt you anymore.

“Oh, no. Sis, stay with us. Please,don’t close your eyes. You’re gonna be fine.” Stiles tried, but you weren’t buying it.

“No, no. I’m dying.” You said weakly. You tried to reach your bloody hand to touch his cheek and smiled slightly to the rest of the pack. “Don’t cry. I’m going back home.

“No! Your home is with us!” Liam cried. “You have to stay.”

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“Please. Please don’t leave us.” Malia was crying - something they thought they’d never see - and freezed. She wouldn’t move from the place she was in, but when she tried, she fell on her knees and sobbed. “Please. Please!”

“No, no. You’re okay! You’re gonna be okay!” Isaac screamed, not bothering holding his tears back.

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The pack was so affected by you. You’ve made such a huge impact in everyone around you — The McCall pack mainly — so seeing you so vulnerable made them all question life.

“I just found you. I can’t lose you again.” Stiles sobbed, holding your upper body and sobbing on your chest. You’ve died on the birth. Somehow you managed to push Stiles out, but you’ve stayed and died on Claudia’s stomach. Since then you’ve been protecting Stiles and his friends.

“I’m sorry.” You stuttered in a whisper. “I love you guys.” And with one last breath, your body fell limp on Stiles’s arms.

“No, no, no, no! Y/N! Please, no! C'mon, look at me, please! Come back to us!” Stiles screamed. “Please. I need you. I love you.” He whispered the last part. Your eyes looked up, probably looking for the hero that never came. Looking for your heroes, that failed to be there. Your friends. Your pack. Your family.

Stiles closed your eyes with his fingers and cried more, holding your body tightly against him, hoping this would fill the whole left on his chest. Hoping this would fill the part of his being that died with you.

“No. No. Stop joking, Y/N. Open your eyes.” Liam tried. “Open your eyes.” He tried again, in hope he could see your beautiful eyes again. He needed your warm gaze to assure him that everything would work out, that everything would be okay, that he was going to be okay. But you couldn’t be there for him anymore.

Just like you couldn’t hold Malia and let her cry in your arms. You couldn’t be there to listen and care for her. You wouldn’t be there to be the only person that understood and cared about her. She couldn’t just be with you in complete silence and understand what you were feeling because you weren’t feeling anymore. You were dead and that’s the painful and undeniable truth.

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Lydia cried out your name again, not in a Banshee mode, letting herself fall on the cold hard ground, that seemed much more hard when you weren’t there to hold her when she fell. You weren’t there to tease her about Stiles and ‘Stydia’, as you loved to call. You wouldn’t listen to her ramble and care for it. You wouldn’t give your amazing advices and you certainly wouldn’t be like her sister.

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But you wouldn’t be Isaac’s fake little sister. The girl he cared the most in a non romantic way. The girl who understood him, that supported him, that was there no matter what for him. His protector.

Scott would miss his best friend too. The girl he always went to and the girl who always had open arms and a smile on her face, ready to tell you that it’d would be okay, and make you believe that everything would be okay. He felt like he had to be strong for everyone but you, because you were strong enough by yourself. You were his anchor.

To be honest, you were everyone’s anchor.

And when you died, you left everyone to wonder; what would they do without their anchor?

Unfortunately, this is a still unanswered question.

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Right now I’m kind of sick of everyone who said that Lydia was selfish because she gave all the credit to Stiles. For me is obvious that she knows that her entire pack helped, but in one way or another was Stiles the first person that she sees after the blackout. It’s awful that everybody make a war because she said “Stiles saved me”; personally I enjoy every single moment of the episode (both of them), but speaking on the last one, I really like when Parrish in Hellhound mode protect her in the pipes, I enjoy when Liam knocks out three security guards (one of them a big one), Meredith contribution was awesome for the rest of the season, the Malia-Josh-Corey-Kira scene and obviously I enjoy when Stiles protect her with his own body in the clinic…So it doesnt matter if was a Stydia, Marrish, Sciles, Sciam, Layden or an other moment, I’m not a fan of a single couple, I’m fan of the ENTIRE show, so if you don´t, please stop creating stupid no sense battles between the real Teen Wolf lovers!!



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