Powerful Magic

So I picked what the reader was and only put it at the end so most of the imagine is the pack trying to figure it out, I hope you like it!!
Request-Do you take pack requests?? I was wondering if you could write one where the reader too is a supernatural creature but no one seems to be able to figure out what and all they know is that she’s drawn to dead but isn’t a banshee or hellhound. Ty.
*Scott’s Point Of View*
I sighed looking at Stiles as we looked at the deadpool from the first cipher key, Allison being the password, with my name and a 25m next to it, Lydia’s name with a 20m next to it along with a few other people but the last name on the list confused the hell out of the both us, shaking us to the core.
“Why is (Y/N) on this list?” I Stiles making him look back at me with a shrug, he must not know either. (Y/N) wasn’t supernatural, in fact she hated that most of us were, she always said how much she wanted to be normal, for us to be normal.
“And why is she worth just as much as our true alpha?” Stiles asked causing me to become worried. (Y/N) was one of us, we told her all of our secrets, why wouldn’t see tell us her secret? Right then and there we both decided that we needed to figure this out, before we asked her about it, wanting to know what our friend was. We called Lydia, Malia and Kira over, wanting to actually figure this out, once we got them all up to speed, they looked just as confused as we did.
“Any Ideas?” Kira asked and we all looked at one another, hoping one of us had an idea as to what (Y/N) could be.
“Maybe she is more than one thing, her number is really high. She is either more than one thing or beyond powerful.” Malia said making us all agree. We all sat around on our laptops and phones, trying to think of anything weird or out of the ordinary thing that (Y/N) has done to give us a clue as to what she was.
“Guys, what if she doesn’t know what she is?” Lydia said, making us rethink what we had been doing for the past few hours. What if she was right, what if (Y/N)’s powers didn’t kick it yet, what if most of the people on the list, some of them didn’t know. We were already having this much trouble with the first part of the list, I could only imagine what else we were going to have trouble with.
“No, (Y/N) would know if she had powers, she is probably just not telling us to protect us.” Stiles said, the detective of the group, I hate to say it but most of the time he was right about these things.
“I remember there was this one time when we were studying late one night, She said something about my grandma, my grandma that had been dead for years. I just thought nothing of it because it was late and we had been talking about our families.” She confessed making us all sigh. Talking about the dead was never a good sign, especially in Beacon Hills.
“Could she be a banshee, maybe a higher level one that can not only sense death but can see the dead?” Kira questions and we all looked at Lydia, knowing that she looked deep into the banshee history after finding out what she was. Lydia thought for a second before shaking her head back and forth with a pout.
“I never remember reading about banshees seeing the dead, I remember reading about Banshees having flashbacks of the dead but never seeing them in real time.” She said making us all look around at each other, this was going to be a long night.
About four hours into theories and dark websites Malia piped up, clearing her throat she we all hadn’t talked in close to an hour.
“What about a hellhound?” She asked turning her phone to us, so we could all she the website that she was talking about. A hellhound was a human who could sense death or the dead and could transform into a dog from hell to fight the death. I looked at Malia with furrowed eyebrows.
“I think we have been looking at our screens for too long.” I said making us all nod, knowing that there was no way that (Y/N) was a hell hound but anything was possible and Malia was trying. This was harder than I thought it was going to be, there wasn’t a lot of supernatural being that death with death and if there was, it certainly was the best kept secret.
*Your Point Of View*
As I left Lydia’s house in confusion I couldn’t help but sigh. She wasn’t home, she told me that she was going to be and I should come over super early in the morning so we could go shopping, knowing the best deals were in the morning. It was strange that she wasn’t home, I decided to call Kira, maybe she knew were Lydia was. When Kira didn’t pick up and it went to her voicemail, I knew something was up. As I began driving to Scott’s house, knowing the alpha would know if something was up, I could feel my guilt weighing me down. The pack was trying to figure out the deadpool cipher key and I knew that once they did they would know i was supernatural, there was only one person other than me and my parents who saw me use my powers and that was Peter Hale and it certainly wasn’t capable of telling anyone. I was shocked to see all my friend’s cars in Scott’s driveway, were they meeting without me? I used my spare key to Scott’s house to walk inside, only to see everyone passed out around the living room. Papers and books everywhere, Scott’s still laptop still bright, he was probably the last one to fall asleep. I looked over his shoulder to see the Deadpool was unlocked and open, my name on it. I sighed and walked around the group to see what they were all looking at, they had so many things open, as my foot crunched on one of the papers, Scott shot up, wide awake and blowing my cover.
“Wake up, guys. She’s here.” He said as the group woke up around me and I sighed as they all looked up at me. They all looked exhausted, and beyond worried about me, seeing my number so high.
“You guys trying to figure out what I am?” I asked, sitting on the couch next to Lydia. They all nodded and Lydia showed me her laptop with a bunch of tabs open, each one with a different supernatural creature, none of them fitting me. With a sigh I put my hand in the middle of group, palm face up and I closed my eyes. A small bean come out of my hand, sparks coming off like fireworks. I opened my eyes to see everyone looking at me with wide eyes, Malia smiling at the light show from my hand. I closed my fist and the light stopped. With a sigh I smiled at all my friends.
“Im the anchor to the other side. Each person that dies, passes though me, it doesn’t hurt much but everyone that passes thought I share something with. Everyone that has ever passes through the anchor, generation after generation, I can see and talk to, passed over or not. When a supernatural passes though me, I get a bit of their power, there are a lot of dead witches in Beacon Hills.” I confessed, taking them all by surprise. They were shocked beyond belief.
“So you are a witch from gaining the powers from the ghosts that past though you to go into the light, and even after they pass over they can visit and talk, through you?” Stiles asked with air quotes around go into the light and I nodded and looked at everyone.
“Basically. I didn’t tell you guys because I wanted to protect you, there have been so many times I wanted to tell you all. I see people we know, I see grandparents, I see little kids, I see everything.” I said and Lydia draped an arm around me in comfort. They knew now, and that meant I didn’t have to hide it anymore which really meant that I could talk to them and the spirits, the same amount, something I never thought I would be able to do.

Teen Wolf has some pretty great friendships and romantic relationships but it also has some amazing familial and pack relationships. Stiles and Papa Stiles have an amazing relationship, with snark and trust, and so much heartbreak during the Wild Hunt arc. Like seriously, I spent the end of the Wild Hunt arc crying like a baby. The Claudia drama, Papa Stiles being so against the idea he had a son then slowly remembering Stiles, it just killed me. Then you have Melissa and Scott, who again have a very strong relationship, and seeing her heartbreak when Scott dies is terrible. But Melissa and Stiles, and Papa Stiles and Scott, also have strong bonds which I love. Chris and Allison had a good relationship as well, and his reaction to her death killed me. Even Peter and Malia grow to have some semblance of a relationship, and him constantly trying to protect her made me like him again. But at the same time, there’s some great bonding between the parents and the other kids. They become like the pack parents and look out for their little supernatural babies and protect them at any cost.

Then you have the great friendships. Part of what I liked is that there are great female friendships along with the male friendships. Lydia and Allison were great together, and Malia and Lydia ended up being close too. Scott and Stiles are obviously amazing, pretty much brothers instead of just friends. Stiles and Derek have a great dynamic together, and I love their banter. I ended up really loving Theo and Liam’s team-up, which I wasn’t expecting at all. Liam and Mason were also adorable together. But there were also some good male/female friendships. Scott and Lydia had some good moments, as do Stiles and Allison. And part of what I liked about Stiles and Lydia is that they had a chance to develop a friendship together, learn to know each other, and create a strong basis for when they transitioned into a romantic relationship.

The pack relationships, especially those between Alpha and Betas, are also pretty great. Derek tries really hard with his Betas. He wanted to help them, which is why he bit them, but he’s also not really prepared for what being an Alpha means or how to connect with them. He tries to protect them, and it tears him up when he doesn’t or can’t. Scott’s a little better with Liam. I mean, Scott kidnaps Liam in the beginning so that’s not the best start but it gets better. They find a way to connect, and though they have rough patches (like Theo making them try to kill each other), they do have a strong bond. Scott is also good with the rest of his pack, with those who are pack but aren’t wolves. He grows to be a good leader. And even when Derek is a Beta again and is part of the pack, they have a good relationship and have learned to get along and work together. 

Stiles and Lydia are definitely OTP. Again, the way their relationship grew and changed over the series was perfect. I liked Stiles and Malia together, I think they both helped each other in ways they really needed, Malia needing someone to help her learn to be human again and Stiles needing to have a real relationship instead of pining after Lydia forever. I loved Scott and Allison together and her death was tragic. I was kind of enjoying Allison and Issac so I’m sad they didn’t have more of a chance together. I liked Kira and Scott, but I felt like Kira had too much she needed to focus on for herself before having a relationship. And I like the potential of Malia and Scott, and where it could go.

Something that surprised me is that when people point out representation in TV shows and movies, I’ve never seen Teen Wolf mentioned. Which is odd because from the very beginning there were casual mentions of characters being gay and it was never a problem, not with the other kids and not with any adults or parents. There’s a few different characters and relationships throughout the show, and none of them even end tragically. Danny, Mason, Corey, Ethan, and even Jackson are all characters whose sexuality isn’t their defining characteristic, just something that adds to who they are. 

There’s a variety of different relationships throughout the show, great friendships and romances and familial bonds, and some of my all time favorite relationships have come out of the show. 

Spring Break (Scott McCall prompt ft Pack)

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Request: Could you please do prompts 126 and 127 with Scott??

126) “more kissing and less talking”
127) “its rude to stare” “I’m not staring, I’m admiring”

Warning(s): bad words (like usual) and fluff, i think thats it??

The bell rang and the students cheered as the weekend had started which also meant spring break started. (Y/N) and Scott walked out of their class and headed outside to meet the others by Stiles’ jeep.

They arrived just in time to see everyone discussing plans. “Don’t tell us you started going over the plans already?” Scott joked and Stiles turned around, “Nope, but you’re just in time”.

“Who’s ready for spring break?” Scott asked and the whole pack cheered. “Alright, I’m going to go over our plans before we head on out to Lydia’s beach house later” Stiles informed and everyone nodded.

“Okay, so we are all to go home and pack our things and make sure to bring swim suits, we are going to the beach after all for the whole week. Obviously not all of us are going to fit in my jeep, so we are splitting it into two groups. Half will be with me and the other half will be with Theo” Stiles explained.

“Who’s going with who?” Liam questioned and Stiles smiled, “Easy, my jeep can fit five people. So, it would be me, Lydia, Scott, (Y/N), and Malia”.

“Which means it would be me, Mason, and Corey” Liam finished the rest, “Exactly!” Stiles exclaimed. 

It was now three o’clock on the dot and (Y/N) looked out her window to see Stiles waiting outside in his jeep. She grabbed her bag and jogged down the stairs telling her parent goodbye.

She walked outside and locked the door behind her and went to the jeep. She looked to see Scott in the passenger side while Lydia and Malia were in the back. 

“Hey gorgeous” Scott greeted and (Y/N) kissed him before opening the back door and getting in next to Lydia. Stiles started backing out of the driveway while they all cheered “Road trip!”.

“Liam and the others already left so they said they’ll be there a few minutes before us” Stiles informed. “How long does it take to get there?” Malia questioned, “About two hours” Lydia answered.

“Since Theo is driving they’ll be there in like an hour tops” Scott joked and everyone agreed.

At five, they finally reached Lydia’s beach house and got out the jeep to see Theo and the others pulling in. 

“Alright, time for a tour!” Lydia exclaimed as she led the way to the beach house. 

She unlocked the door and took the alarm off and let everyone inside. “Alright, this is the living room area and the kitchen is right there. Down this hall there are   three bedrooms and each have their own bathroom. Down the hall over there are two more bedrooms plus a guest room with their own bathrooms as well”.

“Alright, everyone pick out your rooms and settle in and in about an hour we can start making dinner” She added.

Scott grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and lead the way down the hall that was closest to them and picked out the room they’d be sharing. The two set their things down and decided to lay down on the bed. 

“I’m so glad Lydia’s mom let us come here” (Y/N) spoke, “Me too, mainly because I get to spend more time with you” Scott agreed and pecked (Y/N) on the cheek.

“Kinda feel bad for Malia in all honesty, she’s literally surrounded by three couples plus Theo and Liam” (Y/N) added and her and Scott both snorted, “Might as well call Theo and Liam the fourth couple, they act like an old married couple sometimes” Scott pointed out.

A soft knock was made on the door and the two looked up to see Stiles and Lydia, “Ready to start dinner?” they questioned, which caused Scott and (Y/N) to get up.

“I was so comfy” (Y/N) pouted, “Come on, I’ll give you a piggy back ride” Scott offered, which (Y/N) was quick to jump at the offer. Scott bent down a little and (Y/N) got onto his back and wrapped he arms loosely around his neck and tightly wrapped her legs around his hips.

“To the kitchen!” (Y/N) exclaimed as she pecked Scott’s cheek. Scott walked out the door and to the kitchen to find everyone already in there helping cook. “What are we making?” (Y/N) asked as she held onto Scott.

“Stiles and Theo are grilling outside, they might need your help Scott. Liam, Malia, and I are making baked mac and cheese and Mason and Corey need help baking something” Lydia answered.

“I’ll help bake” (Y/N) smiled and Mason and Corey thanked her, “Thank god, you are the best at baking out of us two” Mason spoke. Scott let (Y/N) off his back, “I’ll be outside with Stiles and Theo” and with that he kissed her and left.

The pack laughed and enjoyed their time at the table eating their dinner and it was now time to relax. “What do you guys want to do?” Stiles asked and almost immediately everyone answered, “Swimming”.

It was only seven and it was very hot outside so everyone went to their rooms and changed into their swim suits. They all met up again in the living room and slid the sliding door open to head outside.

(Y/N) smiled at the feeling of sand between her toes and forgot about how much she missed the beach. She grabbed her towel and laid it down flat on the sand and watched as everyone ran to the water. 

She felt hands around her waist and screamed in surprise when she was thrown in the cold water. She came back up and looked to see Scott next to her, “Scott” she glared at him.

“What? Thought it would be funny and it was” He laughed, (Y/N) splashed water at him, “The water is freezing cold”. (Y/N) turned to see Stiles and Lydia playing around while Mason and Corey were still on shore. 

Malia was getting Theo and Liam back for pouring a bucket of water on her while she was relaxing with her eyes closed on shore. (Y/N) laughed as Theo and Liam swam towards shore and run while Malia chased them.

She turned back around to see Scott staring at her, “It’s rude to stare” she informed, “I’m not staring, I’m admiring” Scott corrected her.

(Y/N) went to say something but Scott continued talking, “I’m admiring how beautiful you look. I can’t help but admire you all the time, you’re always smiling and you make everyone around you smile. You’re an amazing girlfriend and I just want to tell you that I love you”.

(Y/N) smiled at those words, “More kissing and less talking” she teased and Scott kissed her. The two pulled away and (Y/N) looked at him, “I love you too Scott” and she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. 


First post!!!!

So I wanted to draw these dudes in a poster style, but I couldn’t find a pre-existing one, so I went through some images and made a really bad looking one. I then drew it ( not very well :/ ) and then drew it again digitally. It was actually very fun.

Anyway, finished piece will be up later, but I suck at colouring, so….

Most likely to with Malia Tate

1.   Most likely to notice the other person first?

Malia was the one to notice you first. You really caught her eye… Especially when you bumped right into her at school. That might end up being the best embarrassing and most useful moment ever.

2.   Most likely to make the first move?

You did. You noticed how incredibly talented Malia was at shamelessly staring at you and obviously checking out every inch of your body every time you were there so one day you just headed over to her and asked her out, that simple.  

3.   Most likely to be the clingiest?

Malia is the clingiest. You and Malia just have such a strong connection, you really are each other’s best friends and share everything together. She loves your scent and wants to make sure she can smell it 24/7.

4.   Most likely to say ‘I love you’ first?

Since relationships and dating were still very new to Malia you took things easy. However, you soon realized how hard you fell for her and you didn’t want to wait with your first ‘I love you’ so you said it first.

5.   Most likely to forget your anniversary?

Malia, she really doesn’t give a shit about the date you got together, she only cares about the fact that you are together and you’re happy with her, every day of her life. That’s all Malia cares for. She’s with you every day.

6.   Most likely to spend an hour in the bathroom?

Malia spends the most time in the bathroom. She loves taking long warm showers, preferably with you there too ;)

7.   Most likely to send a dirty text to the wrong person?

You would… You wanted to surprise Malia with a cheeky and fun text to make her math class a bit more… manageable. But let’s just say, Malia’s class was still horrible and you’re never texting like that ever again.

8.   Most likely to be possessive?

Malia, she can be very… territorial… I guess we could call it that.

9.   Most likely to post couple goals pictures on Instagram?

You are. Malia still has no clue what Instagram is all about, you’ve tried to explain it to her so many times but for some reason she still didn’t catch on. Fine by you because now you get to pick the cute couple photos you post, which are a lot.

10.Most likely to want to cuddle all day?

Malia is most likely to cuddle all day. She especially loves to cuddle and hold you. It’s the scent thing again. As long as she smells your scent and you’re covered in her scent she’s happy.

11.Most likely to prank the other?

To your biggest irritation, Malia always pranks you. It’s never horrible, they’re always quite innocent and childish pranks but it just aggravated you when she did it. It always cost you extra time to clean up the mess.

12.Most likely to come up with a silly nickname?

Malia would always come up with weird and silly nicknames, they really never made any sense. Sometimes you’d just hang out on the couch together and chat about little things, including weird nicknames.

13.Most likely to be competitive about something stupid?

You are. You loved to challenge Malia because that always got her in a playful and fun mood, sometimes even cheeky. Those were you’re favorite sides to Malia. So every chance to a competition you got, you used.

14.Most likely to apologize after a fight?

You usually apologize. Malia doesn’t quite always understand when you are actually fighting and when it’s playful so when things get too heated you usually apologize before things get out of hand.

15.Most likely to try and impress the other?

Malia, she really tried everything to get you to notice her, even though you already did… But you just enjoyed seeing what she came up with next. She’d even use her werewolf skills to try and impress you, it was so cute.

16.Most likely to be the big spoon?  

Malia for sure, I mean, I don’t really even have to explain this…

17.Most likely to cry over a sad movie?

You do. Malia isn’t a very fun person to watch movies with because the things she says none stop is ‘it’s all fake anyways, why should we care?’

18.Most likely to be the cheekiest?

Malia is very cheeky and flirty and the best part of this is that you know exactly how to get her in those moods. You always use it to your advantage, it’s not like she minds.

19.Most likely to be jealous?

You are but I mean, can’t blame you. Mal is a gorgeous and fun girl, guys love her, girls love her. You’ve got quite a lot of competition. Luckily Malia only has eyes for you and she loves you.

20.Most likely to talk marriage first?

You’re the one to talk marriage first. While Malia was keeping herself entertained with the silly nicknames you were thinking about your future with Malia and that’s the first time you brought up getting married.

21.Most likely to love fights?

Malia loves play-fights, a lot. She loves a good challenge and this is no exception. You’re always careful with it because sometimes you guys easily cross the line when it comes to this.

22.Most likely to wake up first?

You wake up first. You’re quite the morning person, well… only when you can wake up next to Malia. You love waking up with her arms wrapped around you tightly and her face buried into the crook of your neck, it’s the best way to wake up.

23.Most likely to take it to the bedroom?

I mean Malia is a fun girl, who likes to have fun… so usually she takes initiative and control… but she’s good at that so you can’t complain.

24.Most likely to be a drama queen?

Malia knows that being the right amount of drama queen works with you so whenever she doesn’t get what she wants, she goes all drama queen. It’s kind of your weakness to see her like that, it’s so cute. So you always give her what she wants.

25.Most likely to want kids first?

You are. Malia really never thought about having kids and when you brought it up first you learned that she’s quite scared to have kids in the future. There are a lot of things to worry about with her and kids even though she’d be the cool mom for sure.

26.Most likely to take care of the other when they’re sick/hurt?

You always take care of Malia. She’s not the most careful person in the world so she actually gets hurt more than you’d think. You’re always there to take care of her so she really can’t complain about it. Sometimes she’ll even slow down the healing process so you can keep caring for her.

27.Most likely to bring a pet home without telling the other?

You did, a few times. Malia had no clue how to deal with pets and often… fought I guess we can call it… with other animals because she didn’t understand the purpose of it. You bringing home several animals changed her mind completely.

28.Most likely to take all the blankets?

Malia takes all the blankets but for a really cute reason. Since she loves you being in her arms and since she is the big spoon she’ll take all the blankets and wrap them tightly around the both of you. She’ll keep you warm and keep herself warm in the process too.

29.Most likely to give the other the silent treatment when they’re mad?

You do. After you guys had an actual fight you always take a moment for yourself and you know Malia hates it when you don’t talk to her. Those are moments she’ll become very clingy so you always enjoyed that.

30.Most likely to set up a romantic date?

Malia likes to try. You both don’t really care for cute dates since hanging out is enough for the both of you but sometimes Malia likes to show you how special you are for her and since she’s not good with words, she’ll go for romantic dates.

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{Imagine finding out about the supernatural through your twin brother, Stiles.}
{not my gifs}

“A banshee?” You question your brother as you glanced at your best friend, Lydia. Your hyperactive brother nodded quickly as he pointed to everyone around you.

“Yes Y/N. Malia is a werecoyote, Scott is the alpha, Kira is a kitsune, Liam is a werewolf-the beta-. And Theo is a chimera.”
You raised your eyebrow at Stiles. “Chimera?” “It’s a thing made by the dread doctors Y/N - LOOK! We’re getting off topic here.”

You glared at all your friends. “So you mean to tell me that this has been going on since freshman year, and no one once thought to mention to me that ‘hey, everyone you know is a supernatural being!?”

Mason cleared his throat behind you. “Actually, not everyone. I’m still normal.” He pointed out, earning himself an eye roll from both Liam and Theo. You took a deep breath in before pinching the bridge of your nose and sighing loudly.

“Well, this is better than what I thought you were going to tell me. I was worried yous were going to say that you started a band..”

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Cancer: Yuanfen- Chinese // a relationship by fate or destiny for Teen Wolf Polypack?

Sorry for the delayed response! I started off with steam and then sorta fizzled out, but I found it again! I went a bit smaller scale so this wouldn’t get too out of hand – consider it my take on a soulmate au. Hope you enjoy!

Allison Argent is never allowed to speak of the two inset rings, one thick, the other thin, that blacken the skin at centre of her sternum. Her wardrobe is carefully scrutinized, down to the bodysuits she wears in gymnastics and the swimwear she dons at the pool.

“What’s a Wolf Mark?” Allison asks, six years old, bright-eyed and fearlessly curious. Her father pales, a spark of something extinguishing in his eyes, while her mother snaps, vicious and rabid, for her to never speak those words again.

Like anything Allison hears adults say and is scolded for repeating – swear words and sex words and prejudicial words too thinly veiled – she holds them tight to her chest, dangles them on the tip of her tongue, and internalizes them without ever really understanding.

Not until she sees the same mark reflected back at her by a boy with sharp teeth and amber eyes that glow in the pale light of a waxing moon.

Stiles Stilinski has two bands, one thick, the other thin, curled around the bony circle of ankle like a cuff. His father regards them warily, a realist through and through, while his mother tells him old Polish fairy tales about magic and destiny and true love. He reveres the bands as a gift – until his mother dies – then reviles them like a curse.

“I have one, too, see?” says a little boy in the sandbox on Stiles’ first day of school. His eyes are warm and brown, and something in them feels familiar in a sharp kind of way just beneath Stiles’ ribs. “Maybe that means we’re supposed to be friends.”

He memorizes the shape of his mark on another boy’s arm with curious fingers that will one day do the same for another partner, then another, then another, then another. None will be be the same as the first, but all will feel like coming home.

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well, it’s been a while since it was requested, but I finally wrote it! thanks for keeping the stalia fire alive, dear anon!

also available on AO3

under the weather

The strangest thing about waking up on a bed that is not yours after you were almost certain you’ve been fighting vampires in Boston just a second ago was not trying to figure out where you were, but how long have you been there.

Malia hadn’t opened her eyes yet, but she was a coyote and her instinct told her that she was in an unfamiliar place. Her fingers felt the soft sheets of the hard bed and she breathed in a little deeper just to get started. A good breath could help her solve most of the mystery and gather all the information she needed before bolting up and getting to the action.

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