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I loved loved LOVED the relationship rebuilding we had this episode. I loved the dynamic of piecing back togther the Stiles portion of everyone’s lives. It was so wonderful to see who Stiles was to Lydia and Scott and Malia and how much he meant by which memories they remembered and which were the strongest. It was heartbreaking and beautiful and everything I want Teen Wolf to be. The memories were so well done, and I loved how we got Lydia’s perspective especially. We got answers. We got requited love. We finally got to hear Lydia confess to what we all knew but could only label as speculation without proof. Then we got to see how much Scott understands about who Stiles and Lydia are to each other and what they share. It was also nice to see Liam and Theo butt heads and kind of work together. Amazing job tonight, Teen Wolf. That was the perfect way to bring Stiles back.

headcanon; scott and malia talk a lot. or sometimes they don’t talk at all. but when they do, it’s over late nights, they attempt to do homework but sometimes both of them don’t understand what they’re supposed to be learning, and it frustrates them. they’re smart people- that’s what scott tells malia, they just learn differently. when doubts fill malia’s head she knows she can talk to scott because he listens and understands and malia feels like she can trust him, because for both of them it’s not easy letting people in, but they have a bond. a silent emotional support to hold on to. 

Requested Brett Imagine:

Your head rested in your hands as you gazed down at Brett.

“I wouldn’t go there if I were you"Lydia nudged you out of your own thoughts.

"And why not?"you folded your arms.

"Because he’s not a good guy"Allison added as she handed you a bottle of water.

"But you guys don’t know that"you protested.

"Liam does though"Scott said sitting down behind you.

"I don’t like him at all"Stiles glared at the field.

You stood up and frowned at your friends.

"I reckon she should go for it"Malia announced.
You sent her a small smile, but everyone else had a different reaction.

"Do you know what, I might just go for it"you smiled.

"Great, thanks Malia"Isaac glared at her.

"Yeah, good one Malia"Liam shook his head in disappointment.

"It’s her life let her choose who she dates"Malia shot back.

Brett walked over a greeted you with a kiss on the cheek.

"You guys look extremely happy to see me"he smirked.
He had a genuine smile on his face when he saw you though. It’s like he was different around you.

"I have a surprise for you though gorgeous"he grabbed your hand gently and led you into the school.

Before you were both out of sight he spun around and sent your group of friends a cheeky wink, which only
made them angrier.

Lydia: I don’t have claws, or glowing eyes, or super senses. I just have voices in my head
—  Teenwolfquotes: Lydia Martin to Malia Hale
Saudade. Part Four - Smut

Author: mystic-biscuit
Rating: NSFW 18+
Words: 6500 give er take

Notes: A big sucker of a part, more than half I would say is some kind of smut in one way or another. I went a little cray. Again thank you for all the love. I really appreciate it. You all deserve a cookie.

And anytime I get to use these gifs its a good day

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Don’t Forget Me (Part Eight)

Don’t  Forget Me Master List

“Guys over here!” Malia yelled as she broke through the concrete wall of the Vault.


“Is that Derek?” Liam grunted as he helped make the hole bigger so they could fit through.


“Urm guys we have a problem.” Kira muttered as she inspected the inside of the door. “I think we may have messed up really bad.”


“Why what is … are those druid runes?” Malia snapped her head to look at Kira.


“It looks like it and it would make sense, you got any idea how Stiles could stay alive all this time if it wasn’t for magic?” Kira sighed.


“There a tunnel, it looks like some of the walls are caving in.” Liam’s voice echoed through the building and the women watched him vanish into the tunnels before hurrying after him, leaving Derek unconscious, rushing to find the rest of you.


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You are my sunshine - Stalia

Okay….when I said send me happy prompts…this was not what I meant.

Malia Tate was laid on her front of Stiles Stilinski’s bed; her boyfriend was sat by his desk writing down his business homework. She bit her bottom lip, trying to keep away a laugh; Stiles had his face leaned onto one of his hands, as he wrote, his head kept slipping down his arm as he grew sleepy.

An evil smirk grew on her face; she stood up, reaching for the spare chair and pulling it up by his side, she removed the pen from his hand and stroked his hair with her fingers, “No…Mal…I need to finish.” He spoke sleepily.

“It’s due in three days, you have time,” she told him.

“Not with our lives, three days in an hour in supernatural terms,” he giggled.

Malia watched as his head drooped down onto the table; she stretched his arm out onto his desk, lying her head down, looking at him as he fell to sleep. Malia beamed at him, her heart skipping a beat at the sight of him; it was like that moment was so small, but at the same thing, made her love him even more, she softly started to hum, a tune she hadn’t thought about in a long time, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.” She sang, Stiles eyes cracked up as she came to an end, he turned his head to the side, his brown eyes finding hers, he grinned at her, “What?”

“I just remembered why I fell in love with you…” he muttered, “You’re always surprising me with new things.”

“I can’t sing.” Malia stated.

“Liar,” he closed his eyes, “Carry on, I was enjoying it, love the song.”

“My Mum used to sing it to me, all the time,” Malia told him.

“Mine too,” Stiles laid into his arm, Malia kept tickling her fingers throw his hair, “Keep singing Mal.”

“Okay…” Malia shrugged, I’ll always love you and make you happy. If you will only say the same.
But if you leave me and love another. You’ll regret it all someday.”
She started to close her own eyes as she became sleepy, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my —-” she stopped as she began to close her eye, leaving her hands linked with Stiles’s hair as she fell to sleep.


Stiles Stilinski regretted a lot in his life, but the biggest thing would be not properly listening to the words Malia had once sung to him when they were together, because one day, he never knew how important it would be to them.

As he darted through the forest, to the location given to him by Theo, tears ran down his cheeks and he breathed out heavily. His eyes located Malia, her arms tied up over a tree and a piece of cloth tied around her mouth, like Erica and Boyd had once been in Gerald’s basement. “Malia!” He screamed.

As soon as she noticed him, she shook her head, screaming; Theo hands wrapped around his mouth and pushed him to the ground, “Don’t….” Theo said, standing on Stiles’s leg, “I need to make sure you came alone,” he smelt the air, “knew you would.”

“Let her go,” he ordered, “look you have me! Let her go!” He wailed, “I knew you’d do this…I knew you would.”

“I’m a bad guy…it’s what we do.” He walked off, “Stay or I’ll kill her.” Stiles nodded, remaining seated on the forest ground, “This gun…” Theo smirked, taking out a gun from the back of his pocket, “can kill anything, supernatural or human, I stole it from the Calaveras…they only got in recently.” He hovered it over Stiles, Malia freaked out, pulling at her chains.

Stiles turned around, ignoring the gun being pointed near his forehead, “It’s fine Malia, I’m okay.” She shook her head, shouting out Theo’s name, which came out like a mumble.

“You came, she can go, but I’m taking one of you or this won’t work.”

Malia breathed out, biting down the cloth, ripping it with her teeth, spiting it down, falling down her face; she then closed her eyes, her life with Stiles flashing before her eyes, she couldn’t let him die. She pulled on the chain it tore from the tree and she fell to the ground, she looked up to see Theo roll is his eyes as he began walking to her.

“Malia!” Stiles shouted, “Leave her.” He clambered up, but Theo hit him back to the ground, “just let her go!”

Malia broke free from the chains stuck to her; she charged over with her eyes glowing and her teeth showing, she kicked into Theo’s ribs, winding him. They were neck and neck, Stiles pushed up, going to run; his heart sank when he heard the gun fire.

He looked up to see Malia bending over, her mouth open agape, as she held her stomach. “No!” Stiles screamed, Theo backed up, knowing Malia hadn’t been his attended target, he charged over, running away from them, into the depths of the forest.

Stiles charged forward, digging his heels into the mud as Malia fell backward, she crumbled down into his arms, “Stiles—stil—” she sobbed, Stiles pushed his hair back, “Stiles!” She wailed, “It hurts…ahhh.”

“Mal…I came to save you…Why—why would you do that?” Stiles asked, his throat breaking as he cried.

“I—love you…why wouldn’t I?” Malia nestled her face into his chest, holding onto his arm, “I can’t do it….she looked down at the wound, black blood was dripping out, she coughed deeply, “Stiles…please.”

Stiles pondered on a thought for a while, he placed his hand on her cheek; wobbling her back and forth, “I’ll always love you and make you happy, If you will only say the same. But if you leave me and love another,
You’ll regret it all someday.”
He sang, his voice shaking, Malia smiled sadly as she curled into his embrace, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you—-,” he looked down on her as her eyes started to close, he kept brushing her hair, “Please don’t take my—-” His voice cracked as she limped in his arms, “sunshine away.”

Should we discuss how “innocent and pure” stydias is? (longpost of anger)

You hear all of that screaming then someone use a stydia song in marrish or stalia video? Almost any stydias’ post about stalia/marrish become a battlefield full of condemnation and insults

I’m not saying all of marrish/stalia shippers’re good and all of stydia shippers just bad. Relationship of Stiles and Lydia are great. But it’s not romantic relationship

Proof? Easy

I found this by accident (I will skip part with manips with “First Time” to save time)

Look at that first image with this worried, gentle expression of Stiles face…

…when he looks at Malia. Yep. It’s fact

Ok. Next

Seems cosily?

Yeah. He’s really comfortable sleeping with his head on Malia’s knees


Nice work actually but

It was Malia because of whom Stiles couldn’t sleep alone. Not Lydia

Ok. Let’s see another picture

Pooof! Maaaagic!

Reality is tought

Is something wrong?

Probably face of real Stiles’ girlfriend

One more thing

All of funny, playful Lydia’s facial expression was adressed to Aidan, ok? And Stiles’ head seems really wanna sleep

So then I will saw some pain in the ass who’ll try to convince me STYDIA IS EVERYTHING AND YOUR STALIA/MARRISH’S JUST SHIT I will poke him with that image in the face
With all of that images there stydia manips made of caps marrish and stalia moments

And bonus

Reality one

Reality two

I think deep down you know romantic stydia don’t really exist and that’s the reason of that amount of “stolen” others moments in stydia manips. They’re just don’t have their own

“ you know the most common fear among the population is death ? ” malia tilts her head to the side, chocolate hues flickering upward as she hums in thought; presumably contemplating her next words. MORBID, huh ? ” she captures her lesser lip between pearled ivories before proceeding. “ or rather is it where we’re going a f t e r the fact ? in that case, i’m sure i’ll be seeing you in hell. we’ll enjoy the view of eternal flames together – remind me to bring some marshmallows. anyway, have you seen my new spring collection ? i hate it. ” 

12 Foot Fence

“Stiles be careful!” I call after him after I hear a loud thump.

“I can’t believe we’re actually doing this” Lydia mumbles rubbing her arms trying to keep warm.

“Come on Lydia I’ll help you up.” I see Malia’s head appear with a smile on her face “give me your hand.”

Lydia reaches out her hand and when she gets over the fence she lets out a yelp followed by “These shoes were brand new!” I look to see she landed in a small muddy puddle.

“Alright Y/n your turn.” Scott tells me as I realize I’m the last one to climb the 12 feet tall fence.

As I start to climb I feel nerves attack my stomach the higher I go up. When I get to the top I look down to see everyone looking right back at me. I start to get light headed.

“I can’t, I can’t do it.” I hold on tighter to the fence.

“You can do it Y/n! Just move your leg.” Liam calls up to me.

“Scott what if she falls?” Kira asks eyes wide and when I give her a look and she starts shaking her head “Sorry not helping.”

“Y/n look at me.” I turn my head to see Brett.

“I’m gonna count down to 3 then your going to jump off and I’m going to catch you.” I see Brett open his arms.

“Are you crazy Talbot?”

“Y/n just think of it like your flying.” Mason replies.


This is crazy.


He’s crazy.


I’m crazy.

I jump trusting that his arms will catch me. “Y/n, your fine open your eyes.”

I open my eyes to see him no more then a few inches away from me.

We have carefully crafted a society that gives us the option of not feeling. When that overwhelming unknowing starts to loom over us, we shoo it away. We text, we vent via social media, we eat, drink, fuck, anything we can not to let it take hold. But in doing so we are sidestepping the root of the problem. We are human, and we all have this eternal emptiness inside of us, ever since we were taken away from the mothers womb. It’s like we are walking through the dark with a flickering flashlight, giving us just enough artificial light to get by. But if you can resist the temptation to mask it when it comes, let the sadness take over and just cry… You will see how profound it is feel. Your body will respond to this pain, and almost like antibodies, happiness will rush up to meet the misery, and you will see that it’s not so bad. Your entire world will light up again, and everything will be clear. Throw away the broken torch, embrace your feelings and head for the sun
—  Oliver Sykes