It’s really embarassing that some of the fandom is rude to each other because of the ship.I mean this is just a tv show!I know i love tw so much too but it’s getting annoying when stydia fans are rude to shelley/ryan and stalia/marrish shipers.And of course when stalia/marrish shippers are doing the same thing to holland and stydia shippers.I JUST WANNA TO SAY THAT WE ALL SHOULD BE RESPECTFUL OR JUST DON’T POST ANYTHING BAD ON THE INTERNET AND KEEP IT TO OURSELVES. sorry for my mistakes i’m from poland and my english is so bad XD but i’m working on it

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Character Aesthetics

Allison Argent  “We protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

Lydia Martin “Not all monsters do monstrous things.” 

Kira Yukimura “Okay, I may have slightly mommed you.” 

Malia Tate “I’m a werecoyote that murdered her own family, I won’t judge.”

Females of Scott’s Pack | Teen Wolf


warning: swearing

Stile’s P.O.V

Lydia’s scream echoed in your head while Isaac’s words haunted you. “There’s been an accident”, he shouted through the phone. Your phone was no longer in your hand, as it fell to the floor as soon as you heard those words. You knew what happened and you were scared to death. Derek, Peter, Malia and Aria went for a drive to talk things out as a family and to try and figure out who or what was after them and it’s motives but now you’ve quickly realized that letting them go like that was exactly what they wanted. Two of the four people you loved the most could be gone – Derek and Aria. Although you also care a lot about Malia. You tried not panicking because it would only make things worse but you were struggling a lot. Scott, Liam and Kira were gone by now, to figure out what happened while Lydia and Mason were with you. And for the first time ever you had no idea where to look for them or how to help. You couldn’t even think without having Aria’s smile pop into your head or Derek’s grumpy face. You could only imagine them hurt or yelling for help, making it even worse.

“Stiles, look at me.” Mason appeared in front of you, holding you tightly. “We’re going to find them. Alive. Isaac called Argent, he’s on his way with some hunter friends. I’ve called your dad, he’s on his way too. Melissa is trying to help while distracting Aria’s mom.”

You were listening to what Mason was telling you and trying to soak it in.

“But Lydia screamed. We know what that means.” You let out, in pain.

“It means that something is wrong and that we have to act fast, not necessarily death. C’mon we have to keep it together for them, they need us.” Mason was right. You took a deep breath and called Scott for details while you were headed to the library.

“Hello?” Hearing Scott’s voice made you feel even worse, you could feel the anger and frustration.

“What happened? I need details.” You asked as the hole in your stomach grew bigger.

Stiles I don’t think you really want to know.”

“Yes, I do.” You answered firmly.

“They’re all gone. All four of them. Derek’s car is wrecked. There’s blood everywhere. Peter’s phone and little shreds of his t-shirt are here.. -“

“Did you say phone? Is Aria’s phone there? Or Malia’s, or Derek’s?” You asked, hoping that could mean anything.

“No, they’re not. Only Peter’s. But Stiles I don’t think there’s anything here that could give us any clue.” Scott let out in frustration.

“Wait for my dad and Argent, they have tons of experience, they can help.”

You got out the car and suddenly something pinned you against it.

“What happened? Where is she?” Theo asked furiously but you hated him too much to remain still. You pushed him back with all of your strength, throwing him to the floor.

“LEAVE HER ALONE!” You shouted. “You piece of shit, stay away from her!”

Theo jumped back up and got his claws out. But you weren’t afraid of him. Mason and Lydia jumped in to keep you separated.

“Stop it! Can’t we just join forces for a better cause?” Lydia cried out. “They need us, stop it please!”

“Are you kidding me? This fucking asshole can’t be trusted! Haven’t you seen everything he’s done?!” You shouted, trying to free yourself.

“This fucking asshole actually saved Aria’s life before! What have you done? Lied to her? You are a huge disappointment to her!”

You couldn’t believe what you just heard and you immediately reacted by punching Theo. Lydia pulled you back and held you against her to prevent more damage while Mason yelled at both of you and held Theo back.

“STOP IT, BOTH OF YOU.” Sherriff Stilinski, your dad, appeard with Parish behind you. “Control yourself otherwise we’ll get nowhere!” He said as he turned back to you, putting his hand on your chest which actually helped you calm down a little bit. “Do you know anything? Any supernatural thing that has been secretly happening?”

“This is Beacon Hills, there’s always supernatural shit happening.” Mason let out, surprising you all with his choice of words since he’s not the one to curse, ever.

“Aria’s been attacked before. Twice actually and one of those times Malia was also attacked too. But you know that since the first time she was hospitalized and the second time he had to take her to Deaton’s office.” Lydia spoke up.

“Do you know anything else?” Parrish asked looking at each and everyone of you. No one spoke and that silence was so unconfortable that it was so loud for you.

“We think it might have something to do with her father. Because whoever it is keeps attacking them as in the Hales. Aria, Malia.. Peter mentioned something to Derek about being followed. But we know nothing about her father.” Mason let out, breaking the horrible silence.

“Adonis Hale. That’s all I know.” Lydia whispered. Parrish nodded and looked back to your father waiting for orders.

“Parrish call the station and ask them to try to find everything they can on the Hale family. I’ll call Deaton for help too. Let’s get them back.” He spoke clearly and Parrish followed. Before he turned his back to leave, you ran up to him and grabbed him. He turned around to face you and see how wrecked you were.

“We’re all in this together. We’ll get them back. I’ll do everything I can.”

“Promise? Please.” Your voice was unstable, your hands were shaking and you shed a tear.

“I promise.” He answered you firmly. You stood there watching him move away to start the hunt for them and so it began. 

Okay but have we considered

the Teen Wolf writers could use this season to bring back literally everyone that just kind of disappeared and be like “You thought we forgot? Nah, the pack forgot. They were taken by the hunt!”
Give me Jackson and Danny and Ethan and Peter and Cora and Isaac and, by God, GIVE ME DEREK.

Give me a pack developed on the other side where Derek is the alpha he was meant to be. Where Isaac and Peter bicker in a way that they’ve developed a weird sense of brotherhood and it’s one of the few things that brings Derek any sort of comfort in this trash universe. Give me Jackson saying “I love you” for the first time since he found he was adopted to Danny because friendships are the best ships, and he doesn’t want to die without telling someone the truth. Give me a pack where Danny is the expert on the hunt and only got taken because he knew too much - where we finally hear what all he knows. Give me a pack who has all the answers but needs a person who knows they haven’t lost everything.

Give me Stiles who knows he has Scott and Lydia and Malia and Melissa and his dad that WILL REMEMBER HIM. Give me Stiles who sees Derek and says, “I never forgot you. I could never forget you” when he remembers staring at “D.H.” with a familiarity he didn’t understand on senior scribe night. Give me Stiles who inspires Jackson to call to Lydia. Isaac to Chris. Peter to Malia. Give me Derek who inspires Stiles to call to Scott. Give me Derek who is as self-sacrificing as he’s always been and who builds on Stiles’ spirit by giving this dysfunctional family unit - HIS pack hope because that’s what an alpha does.

Give me a beautifully restored McHale pack where Scott fully trusts Derek and they lead as brothers. Give me Stydia. Give me Malisaac. Give me Cora and Malia sparring because Hale girls don’t braid each other’s hair. Give me Stiles and Danny training as emissaries under Deaton and balancing each other in the advice they give their alphas. Give me Chris giving Isaac back his favorite scarf that he’d never thrown out without knowing why.

Give me a Teen Wolf finale with the most amazing reunion they could muster.


Teen wolf season finale 😣😱

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I fight like a girl. I fight like a girl who refuses to be a victim. I fight like a girl who’s tired of being ignored, humored, beaten or raped. I fight like a girl who’s sick of not being taken seriously. I fight like a girl who’s been pushed too far. I fight like a girl who offers and demands respect. I fight like a girl who has a lifetime of anger, strength, and pride pent up in her girly body. I fight like a girl who fights back. (insp.)