malia my queen

malia said ‘it didn’t matter to me’ not because she does not care if stiles is running around killing people .. she meant that no matter what he does,she will always be by his side and help and support him .. and the fact that she respected his descision to not tell her and never said a word about it is what makes malia so loyal and perfect so if you hate on her after tonight,i will go void on you


“All women speak two languages. The language of men and the language of silent suffering.” (insp)

Okay but the relationship between Kira, Lydia, and Malia is so warm, loving, and healthy. Kira saved Lydia in this episode. Lydia drove Malia to school and is there to keep encouraging her. Lydia saved Malia when she woke up out of her catatonic state. Malia and Kira helped rescue Lydia from Eichen House. Malia kept Kira alive in Eichen House. It’s just a beautiful circle of them helping each other, loving each other, and keeping each other alive and happy. They should honestly be dating at this point.