malia inspired


Slytherins look out for their own group and see themselves as unified. They have a powerful sense of self-preservation and they use any means to achieve their end. Interventionists and risk-oriented, cunnings and confrontationals. Blunt and straightforward. They don’t care so much for people, particularly people they don’t know. Something that’s dark and mysterious appeals to them greatly, even if it seems dangerous. A relationship with a Slytherin is a bit like a forest fire, hard to control and even harder to extinguish.

i like the way you taste
in the morning,
after you’ve slipped off
to the bathroom
and brushed your teeth.
i like my nose, cold
against your neck,
the way you shiver
in my arms and roll me
onto my back.
i like us like this, here:
the bedside table
stacked high with priorities
to worry about later–
when the world encompasses
more than the space between
the bed sheets and the comforter,
when your kisses
taste more like coffee
than crest toothpaste,
and when you’ve promised
to love me again
like this, tomorrow.
—  8:07 AM - S.M.

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