mali i zi


Montenegro Mali i Zi

  • Ulcinj Ulqin

plazha vogel (small beach) and a mosque in Ulcinj.

Ulcinj is a small city, you will have no problem getting around by foot. Go for a walk after sunset when the main street fills with people promenading and taking some fresh air. You found some of the most beautiful girls in the Balkans. Boys maybe also i dont know.

There are minibuses that take you from the market on Skenderbeu Ave in Ulcinj to Velika Plaza and even to Ada Bojana (if there are at least 3 people going there).

Nice town, nice people, nice holiday!

  • Montenegro: Hello, my name is Crna Gora
  • America: Hello Montenegro!
  • Montenegro: What? No!
  • Albania: Then it's Mali i Zi
  • Montenegro: What the fu-
  • Russia: Chernogoriya, da?
  • Montenegro: That's close enough, I guess *goes back to sleeping*