i’m honestly cracking up imagining malfurion’s reaction to illidan and his horde of children

there’s illidari fussing over illidan and telling him to sit down as soon as he gets resurrected

there’s illidari excitedly telling illidan all about their adventures with the alliance/the horde

there’s illidari introducing illidan to the felsabers they adopted from the broken isles

there’s illidan being a supportive dad™ as the illidari talk about their trouble acclimating to their respective factions

and there’s malfurion, watching his brother actually succeed at taking care of other people with a mixture of horror and morbid curiosity

i’m so sorry for this atrocity


hey guys check out my sick fantasy cast for the eventual warcraft 3 movie

think i made some tough calls

Things apparently not too silly for Warcraft

  • cow people that can turn into cats
  • british werewolves that can turn into cats
  • kalecgos fucked the sunwell
  • the night elves blowing up kalimdor because their queen was horny and wanted to fuck a demon
  • blue russian hooved davy jones baras from outer space
  • magic space mummies
  • gnomes
  • goblins
  • egyptian cat centaurs
  • elune fucked a deer
  • varian wrynn split into two people and did the super saiyan fusion dance to become whole again
  • alexstrasza’s outfit
  • illidan’s outfit
  • have you seen what malfurion stormrage looks like

Things apparently too silly for Warcraft

  • pandas