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Illidan gets back and is like "Bruh, you got Ysera killed?" and Malfurion is like "No, Xavius killed Ysera. It was unavoidable." Illidan retorts with "Ya, I guess you running off having a tantrum that's destructive to everyone around you would be unavoidable, you petulant manchild."

Malfurion stammers as he tries to think up a retort but comes up empty. He begins to cry, and runs off into the wilderness for another tantrum. No one bothers to look for him this time. 

tag what you're majoring in/intend to major in
  • Thrall: Respecting Women
  • Illidan: bat man
  • Anduin: minecraft
  • Velen: in the tags guys
  • Mekkatorque: youtube
  • Sylvanas: Criminal justice and psychology
  • Malfurion: fuckin weed
  • Vol'jin: W
  • Lor'themar: i'm terrified that i'll lock myself into an interest that i'll no longer be passionate about in a few years like all the other areas of study i've pursued over my life!
  • Garrosh: Minecraft
  • Nazgrim: minecraft as well