charmrc  asked:

hey, do you know any good fred/hermione fanfics?! :D


Those really are a must. The first one is a collection of fremione one-shots. The second and third one are chaptered fan fics that I’ve finished that are truly worth the read (’=

I’m reading this one and so far, it’s pretty adorable. And it made me laugh a lot.

If you go on the fremione tag here on tumblr, there is just so much quality fan fics there that you can’t find (or at least I don’t think) on

Err, there are a lot of really great ones that I’ve read, but aren’t finished yet (whether the author reached a writer’s block or they’re just really busy or it’s just simply on the steady road to being finished) but the ones I listed are all completed (= 

If you go on my profile “MariTheNinja”, then all of my favorites so far are Fred/Hermione and yes (’= Feel free to browse through!