Hey there! It is now officially Christmas here! And this is my first Christmas on tumblr! Although I have only been here for 2 months, I want to thank all of you for making my tumblr experience most wonderful and magical. To my followers who have stayed with me, thank you so so much. I truly enjoyed my time here with you guys this year and I hope I’ll get to know all of you even better in 2012. The following are the most perfect blogs and lovable people of all time. Merry Christmas! <3

A: azkabanqueen

B: bloodydifficultblainelikesmasturbating

C: carlesjocolincreeveyscamera

D: draco-indecember

F: fucking-lestrange

L: lordweasleylovepotiontotomfeltonlegilimens-on-dracolittlelupin

M: malfoysexualmaraudersmagicmidnightsnitchmyheartbelongstoeddy

N: narglesbutterbeerandbroomsticksniallschristmaspotatonot-my-christmas-present-bitch

P: potterishchristmas

R: reductohexia

S: supergrintspewsocksslytherintomsbedslytherintome

T: tonksismetamorphmagusthepottermalfoyestatethe-jitterbugthebunnywatsonthemalfoymissus

U: unicorn-felicis

I hope I didn’t miss anyone out! 

With love, Vanessa (malfoyqueen)

People who guessed correctly:

The correct answer was either Nutella/Chocolate. BAHAHA. So I don’t know what you guys want as a prize but just tell me and I’ll try and do my best. Don’t ask me for something ridiculous like a panda or something, cause that isn’t going to happen~ :D

PLEASE READ THIS! I really really really seriously need your help!

Hey there everyone! In the time that I have been on tumblr, I came to know that all of you are really really nice people who can basically make anything happen at all. We’re like one whole big happy family. And what’s more? WE’VE GOT

So here’s the thing. I need to get 500 likes on this photo by this Saturday, 11/2/12. And here’s what I need you to do.

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