malfoy's a bully

I can’t believe I realised this just now, but Neville’s bravery was already there from year one. I mean, besides standing up against his friend, he brawled with Malfoy during the Gryffindor-Hufflepuff match. With Malfoy! Who not only enjoyed bullying him, but was also the nephew of the woman who took part in torturing of his parents insane. My utmost respect, Mr Longbottom.


summary: in which no matter what, you refuse to love anyone else other than draco malfoy.

a/n: this has been in my drafts for ages and only now do i finally have the guts to post it! hope you enjoy it :-)

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When the whole school learned that the two of you were dating, saying that they were surprised by the news was an understatement. Well, who would expect that someone like him would fall for someone like you? Him, who was practically considered as the Slytherin Prince, while you, who was a fierce yet sweet Y/H.

Yep, you were a Y/H. Not to mention that you were a half-blood too.

Honestly, some people would still look at the two of you like you were aliens. They gawked and weren’t even hiding the fact that they did — it sometimes drove you nuts. Draco, on the other hand, would smile smugly and place an arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to his side while his eyes lingered on those boys who would look at you differently.

Some first years who had crushes on your boyfriend would either sigh or squel whenever you walked passed them with Draco beside you, his hands holding your books for you even though you already told him not to. The said students would wish that they were in your position, while some rooted for the two of you.

You see, you and Draco had a lot of differences. One of them was the obvious; having two different houses. He was considered as the bad boy, you were considered as the good girl; he came from a rich and well known family, you came from muggles who weren’t rich nor poor; he had these gray eyes, you had y/e/c; and he was mostly hated, you were mostly loved.

That’s why when the news spread, Hermione had to make you repeat your sentence over and over again just to be sure she was hearing it right.

“Wait, so you’re dating the Draco Malfoy?” she exclaimed with wide eyes.

You simply nodded and carried on eating. It wasn’t a big deal anyway, right? What was wrong about dating him? You, out of all the people, of course did know what they thought of Draco Malfoy — the rich snob, the bully, the jerk, the son of Lucius Malfoy who was once a follower of Voldemort, and the Slytherin who hated Harry Potter.

You weren’t oblivious to those facts, but the people didn’t know how loving and caring Draco was. You fell in love with him because one time when you were running late to class and accidentally knocked him down, he was the one who apologized and picked up your books. When he saw you crying one time alone at the top of the cliff, he offered his ears to you and listened as you poured your heart out. And when he saw you inside the library, studying a lesson that you couldn’t understand, Draco sat by your side, teaching you even though you didn’t ask for help.

So when he suddenly asked you if you wanted to come with him at Hogsmeade the next weekend, you didn’t hesitate to say yes. He was more than pleased by your answer, of course, and even said that: “You won’t regret it, Y/N.”, in which you replied with a roll of your eyes.

But what entertained most of the student body about your relationship is that you are both players for your houses’ Quidditch team. Draco Malfoy was the Slytherin Seeker, while you were one of the Y/N Chasers. They found it entertaining whenever you were already on the field and Draco purposely annoys you by suddenly flying past your way in incredible speed. Sometimes you would get revenge by throwing the Quaffle in his direction when a teammate was behind him.

Your teammates were more than annoyed whenever Y/H was going up against Slytherin because of this.

“Y/L/N!” the captain of your team would yell in a high pitched voice as you crossed the three hoops. “Focus, will you? And stop messing with Malfoy!”

But you would just laugh and fly away from him, in deep pursuit for the quaffle once again.

Though just like any other relationships, you and Draco had your downfalls. The thing you two most fought about is how he always insults muggles and muggleborn students, calling them mudblood or calling the pure bloods who liked the said students blood traitors. You would always hit him in the stomach or arm whenever he sneers at Harry Potter or throw an unpleasant remark towards Hermione and Ron. Draco would just look at you then, rolling his eyes and muttering several curses under his breath that drove you to be even angrier than before.

“You know, if I didn’t know better, I would have thought that you preferred to be with Potter than your boyfriend!” he once yelled in an argument, his tone full of jealousy.

With that line, you just closed your eyes and sighed.

You always knew Draco had some deep insecurities about Harry Potter, and if you say something that might sound like you do prefer him over Draco, you knew you would regret it afterwards.

So to cause no more drama, you would suddenly pull him in a tight hug, in which he would always bury his head on your shoulder, stroking his blonde hair as you both murmur a bunch of “sorry’s” to each other.

And that’s why you loved each other dearly. No matter how much of a jerk Draco Malfoy might be, if you could have any person to love over and over again, you would definitely, no doubt in your mind, pick him.

For the Anon who requested Harry approaching Draco like he would a Hippogriff?

Just like a Hippogriff

Harry clearly remembered the time he first encountered a Hippogriff. His third year in Hagrid’s first ‘Care of Magical Creatures’ class. The same one where Malfoy, whom Harry had been calling Draco in his head ever since he came back to Hogwarts, had gotten scratched on his arm and nearly had Buckbeak executed. He remembered having to make steady, unblinking eye contact with Buckbeak before bowing and waiting for the Hippogriff to bow back. Now the reason he was thinking of this was: Draco.

Professor Macgonagal had opened Hogwarts to the students who had missed most of their seventh year during the war. And Harry hadn’t been sure if he wanted to return but Hermione had convinced him to. Well, it wasn’t that hard but Harry had sort of thought of Hogwarts as his home for at least six out of the seven years he’d been there. More like six out of six since he didn’t even go the seventh year anyway. Coming back to Hogwarts for school again made Harry miss it. Miss his lessons, miss Quidditch even if was;t playing anymore, miss the wonderful meals in the Great hall, miss Draco Malfoy and his snark.

How does one even begin to explain Draco Malfoy? Harry mused, staring out the window as as his quill dripped ink onto his blank parchment. Draco Malfoy was a big bully, but not anymore. Draco Malfoy was clever, indeed he was always coming second to Hermione’s top grades. Draco Malfoy was … handsome, Harry found that his stormy grey eyes often reflected the feeling in his chest. He’d tried to make peace with Malfoy but when he’d finally managed to corner Draco in the library one night, the blond had been so spooked he’d rejected Harry’s hand. Just like Harry ad rejected his in First year. He rather thought he understood Draco’s bitterness even if five years made quite a long grudge. He’d try again. Gryffindors were nothing if not determined.

Draco Malfoy reminded him of a Hippogriff. Beautiful in a rather unconventional way but still beautiful nonetheless, proud and a little sensitive, and cautious of those who approached. Harry didn’t care what Ron said, the war was over and it was high time they all started acting like it. What better way then to make a friend out of Malfoy? His first attempt was a failure. He thought maybe he should approach Malfoy like he would a Hippogriff. But Malfoy wasn’t truly a Hippogriff so his approach had to be slightly altered. But not too much. Malfoy was kind of like a Hippogriff after all.  

Step 1: Make unwavering eye contact with the  Hippogriff  Malfoy.
Whenever Harry saw Malfoy, he stared. Oh how blatantly he stared. First, Hermione and Ron rolled their eyes at his “obsession”. Then, Dean and Seamus teased him about his crush. Luna smiled serenely as she always did and Neville tried to give him advise about making the first move in asking Malfoy out. And Malfoy always looked away. Until he too started to give Harry strange looks and finally, finally he stared back. Harry was quite proud of his persistence. It was not creepy, whatever Ron said about it.

Step 2: Bow to the  Hippogriff  Malfoy as a sign of respect.
Now every time Harry and Draco had a staring contest, Harry would nod at Malfoy. He couldn’t give a proper bow, that was just ridiculous. And anyway, Draco wasn’t really a Hippogriff. So he nodded whenever he saw Draco and soon enough, Draco nodded back. Harry wondered, if he kissed Draco enough times, would Draco kiss him back? Not that he wanted to, you know. It was just a scientific thought.

Step 3: You may pet the  Hippogriff  Malfoy if it bows back. Step back if it does not.
Well, that was a bit hard wasn’t it? Harry couldn’t go about petting Malfoy if he saw him, no matter how soft and silky his gleaming blond hair was. Perhaps it was time for a bit of improvisation there. No problem, he had had lots of practice. Harry thought that switching from nodding to a friendly wave was probably the best idea.

“Malfoy’s looking at you, mate,” Ron informed Harry, before gulping down his pumpkin juice.

Harry turned. Malfoy nodded. Harry smiled and waved. Malfoy turned away. Harry turned back, still grinning. “What?”

“You look deranged.”

Harry shrugged and tucked back into his meal. He managed to wave again at Malfoy just as the blond left the Great Hall. Harry ignored Ron’s “You are obsessed, mate.” and Hermione’s exasperated sigh, waving to Malfoy as they entered the Transfiguration classroom. Malfoy had chosen a seat at the corner and was alone, Blaise sitting with Pansy. Harry eagerly went to take the space beside, ignoring the stiffening of Malfoy’s back as he approached.


Malfoy nodded tightly at him.

Today’s lesson was on Transfiguring a beetle into a spider. Very advanced Transfiguration that required changing all the the internal organs inside. Malfoy was much better than Harry was at this, which disappointed him at first when he thought he couldn’t offer Malfoy help. But then he realised how Malfoy would feel if he offered and decided to ask for help instead.

“Malfoy,” Harry whispered.

Malfoy pretended not to hear.

“Malfoy,” a little louder this time.

Malfoy’s grip on his wand tightened but Harry was still being ignored.


“Mr Potter, is there something you would like to say?”

“No, Professor. Sorry, Professor.”

“Malfoy, stop ignoring me.” This was whispered out of the corners of his mouth. Harry saw Malfoy visible exhale through his nose.


“I need help.”

“I’ll recommend you some good mind healers.”

“Not that kind of help, you git. I mean with Transfiguration.”

“Ask Macgonagal.”

“Malfoy, just help me!” Harry whisper-shouted.

“Hold your wand like this. And flick it like I’m doing now.”

Harry tried it. “Thanks, Malfoy.” He aimed a smile at Malfoy.

Harry tried to talk to Malfoy again after class, but Malfoy disappeared down the corridor too quickly for Harry to follow so he bit back his disappointment and went for lunch. Malfoy wasn’t at lunch. He wasn’t at dinner either. Harry wondered if Draco didn’t need that much food, although it would explain his slightly unhealthy looking state. Time to bring out The Marauders Map. And the Invisibility Cloak.


Harry watched as Draco’s footsteps appeared on his map, going in the direction of the library. What a coincidence! Harry had some homework he had to do too! And what better place to study than the library? Hermione swore by it and she was top student. Harry gathered up his parchments and books and quills and map. Humming lightly as he went to the library to  see Malfoy  STUDY! He was going to study.

He smiled when he saw Draco sitting a lone and tried not to look to much like a kicked puppy when Draco glared at his approaching figure.

“Hi, Malfoy!” Too excited. Malfoy glared.

“What do you want?”

“You looked lonely so I thought I should come sit here with you.” Harry smiled encouragingly.

Malfoy’s nostrils flared. “You thought wrong.” He picked up his wand. “Now go away.”

“Can’t I sit here with you?” Harry’s eyes widened. Malfoy huffed, exasperated.

“Fine. I’ll go.”

“No! No. I’ll go. I didn’t mean to disturb or anything. Sorry. I’ll go now.” Harry got up.

“Potter.” Harry turned back expectantly. “What do you really want? From me, I mean.”

Harry looked at Draco. How his eyes managed to change colour every time never ceased to amaze Harry. They were the stormy grey that Harry liked right now. “To be your friend.”

Harry couldn’t read the look in Malfoy’s eyes. But the colour had lightened a little, like the sky after storm clouds were gone. He extended a hand. Malfoy stared at him, stared at his hand like he was contemplating the pros and cons of taking it.

Malfoy took his hand and Harry squeezed it lightly, heartened when Draco squeezed back. He smiled.


“Go out with me?”

“Why? You need something from Hogsmeade and need my honest opinion?”

“No. Date me.”

“Ask me nicely, Potter.”

“Draco, will you do me the honour of spending your weekend with me at Hogsmeade?”

“I said ask. Not propose.”

“Draco, will you PLEASE go out with me?”

“Wow, not even one date and you’re begging already.”


“Alright fine. But you’re paying.”


The Cursed Child?
  • JK Rowling: Draco Malfoy is not redeemable, he's not a good chracter and you should feel bad for liking him.
  • Also JK Rowling: Alright, for my newest book it focus around Harry's son Albus and his best friend Scorpius Malfoy. Albus is an angsty piece of shit for no apparent reason. Scorpius Malfoy is a kind person who just wants everyone to be like him. Harry potter is now an even bigger ass hole than before and tells his son he doesn't want him and forces him to switch houses and stop talking to his only friend. Draco Malfoy is a single father trying his fucking best with his socially awkward son. He doesn't even care that his so is bffs with Harry's son because he's just happy his geeky ass kid found a friend.
  • And JK Rowling: But Draco Malfoy is unredeemable, he bullied harry in school and people can't learn from their past and better themselves and you should all feel bad :)
Worth It

Title: Worth It

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x female!Reader

Word Count: ~4.1k (how did this happen?)

Warnings: angst, h/c

Request: Hello! Could I request a reader x Draco? Like where Draco has had an accident and the reader finds him unconscious on the road during a storm so she takes him to her place to patch him up. He has temporarily lost his memory and they fall in love while she cares for him but when he gets his memory back, she is scared that he’ll leave her behind. Thank you so much

(A/n: I don’t even know how this got so long. Anyway please enjoy. It has been really interesting to try and understand post-war Malfoy and how he feels about his past now. || not my gif)

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

“Malfoy? Draco Malfoy?” You asked the stranger who looked at you in confusion, the young man looked nothing like the arrogant always well-dressed boy you remembered from your days in Hogwarts. The man in front of you was pale and wary, lost and confused. Yet he still had the eyes that had haunted your dreams for years, both nightmares and daydream fantasies – the young Malfoy had always been something else.

“Who are you?” His voice wary as he looked you up and down, not trusting you. Good on him, you would never trust him either. Although he seemed more than vulnerable with his haunted eyes and confusion written all over his handsome features.

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Notes (Part 1)

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Warnings: Hints of 6th year Draco??? idk

Word Count: 1379

Summary: Draco Malfoy has been acting out of character, and the reader is determined to find out why.

A/N: Ok this is pretty much my first fic and i have no clue what i’m doing, but hang in there bc i think it’s a little decent (my apologies if there’s any mistakes). I’m always open to requests, currently Harry Potter only bc it’s my whole entire life and i literally don’t do anything else. But i can always start a new book, tv show, etc. if anyone wants me to write about something else… don’t be afraid to ask!! No one’s gonna want to read about Harry Potter forever (except me of course). Thanks for reading & i hope you enjoy!! Also, i’m most likely making a part 2 (with lots more dialogue). I feel like the story would be incomplete without another part, so yeah look out for that.

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E/C = Eye color

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Draco Malfoy. What a git.

Ever since first year, he’s despised you. To be fair, you’ve never been quite kind to him either, but that’s only because he provokes you much too often. He’ll stop you in the corridors to poke fun at your appearance, your blood status, or anything else he can discover that doesn’t fit his extremely high standards. His friends will often blindly do his bidding, adding their own touch of slight physical violence. Slytherin would refer to this deceitful manner as “cunning,” but you prefer to call it cowardice. Maybe he acts this way because you were born to muggle parents, or because you’re best friends with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. But most of the time, you can’t seem to find a justifiable explanation for his extraordinary rudeness.

However, today is different.

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  • Harry Potter gang being placed in different houses (while of course still being the most lovely of friends) 
  • Like Harry can still be Gryffindor, but Hermione be in Ravenclaw, and Ron take his rightful place as the ULTIMATE HUFFLEPUFF. 
  • And dunno maybe Draco is dissuaded from his awful upbringing (and self serving drarry reasons) and joins the group as their Slytherin because he needs love and affection (and drarry) and to be shown he is cared for by peOPLE. 
  • Main motivation for all this is transparency of houses like the Hogwarts layout would be opened up to showcase the inner workings of all houses functioning/shenanigans? 
  • Everyone coming up with ridiculous call signs to summon each other after infiltrating their common rooms (with poor stealth skills of course)
  • Harry Ron and Draco up at night sneaking around trying to get into Ravenclaw so she can be a part of the (put title adventure here) but they can’t figure out the stupid riddle so Ron and Harry are just whisper-screaming gibberish/the names of candy at the eagle because hey that usually works at Hogwarts while Draco just punches the door repeatedly until Hermione whose already outside calls out the answer from behind them because she totally figured out the mystery five minuets ago but there’re bound to be more cause this school is trying to kill them
  • Ron and Harry aggressively (but playfully) being all competitive over Quidditch matches chanting at each other in full house attire
  • Ron purposefully teaching everyone the wrong knock for Hufflepuff’s room so they’re doused by vinegar. 
  • Draco literally hissing at being exposed to the overwhelming amount of yellow and brightness and overall pEPPY HUFFLEPUFF INTENSITY until Ron hands over some sunglasses that everyone in Hufflepuff just happens to have on standby saying “you get used to it after a few years,,,sometimes.”
  • Draco acting as a double agent acting to continue his mission in Half-Blood prince but is aided by Harry because “VOLEDEMORT IS IN MY HOME HARRY WHAT THE FUCK AM I SPOSE TO DO WITH THAT” so he helps a disguised Harry sneak into Slytherin to investigate and spy on which classmates Draco knows are interested in becoming Death Eaters to try and find a link, but Harry of course is all Gryffindor and keeps screwing with everything in the common room much to Draco’s dismay because first and foremost he’s “still a Slytherin bruh could you like not. C’mon I’m breaking a seven centuries “No Outsider Has Ever Been In Here” rule—be nice to the squid don’t taunt the squid the squid did nothing to you we live in a dungeon don’t make this any worse—OH MY MERLIN NO DON’T CHANGE THE LIGHTS FROM GREEN TO YELLOW HARRY IT’S LIKE A SUN (dissolves into hissing fit) we aRE tryING TO Be DiSCreT”
  • Draco being harassed by some of the Death Eater Slytherins and despite his housemate friends trying to defend him it’s still a lot to deal with especially exposed during sleep so Harry Hermione and Ron all work together to hide him in their house rooms on alternating nights (using magic okay just some magic) until someone discovers him in the Gryffindor common room and get like super Gryffindor vs. Slytherin antagonistic about him being there but before they can kick him out Harry’s ‘nah-uh’ and stands in front of Draco protectively explaining how he’s helping Hogwarts as a whole and honestly “why should we be so uptight about house entrances? Let’s not separate alliances by where we’re from we’re all fighting for the same reasons here” and the Gryffindor’s agree to let Draco stay with them due to the circumstances 
  • but after all that the house communities become more free flowing as the war approaches with people of differing houses being allowed into common rooms to discuss plans and precautions, more people being comfortable sitting at any table in the great hall, rivalries being more like friendly competition than angry battles about which house is the most important 
  • the first time the sorting hat calls out “SLYTHERPUFF” 
  • everyone genuinely applauding whoever wins the house cup 
  • all houses getting love
  • Mixed house slumber parties
  • all houses being friends
  • all houses
  • just

Top 10 longest fics posted on AO3 this month

1. The Man Who Lived by sebastianL (felix_atticus) [E, 253.8k]

Draco breaks a cup, and one thing leads to another.
A story of redemption, tattoos, dreams, mistakes, green eyes, long conversations, and copious amounts of coffee. Set in New York twelve years after the war.

2. What We Pretend We Can’t See by @gyzym [M, 131k]

Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought. 

3. One Touch by @fleetofshippyships [M, 129.1k]

[…] Harry commits an act of great violence, but doesn’t remember why. Malfoy urges him to run, and takes the blame instead. The most obvious explanation makes no sense, and it only gets more complicated from there. What follows is their struggle to trust and open up to one another while dealing with dangerous and invasive magic; when stepping wrong and losing control, even if only for a few moments, could have severe consequences for them both.

4. Pieces of What by Jadwiga [M, 124.8k]

Draco’s good at playing the part that’s expected of him. Death Eater. Malfoy Heir. Bully. It’s all the same. He’s good at pretending; knows exactly what to say. But when his mask begins to slip, it’s green eyes that notice. 

5. The Dragon’s Courtship by Madriddler [E, 107.7k]

Draco Malfoy wakes up on his seventeenth birthday to intense pain. Finding out that he has a Creature inheritance of an old and powerful species of Dragon, Draco must use his new powers to protect his mate Harry from dangerous enemies. But first, he must prove to Harry that he can be a Dragon worthy to call Harry Potter his. Meanwhile, Ron and Neville deal with the troubles that come with being Blaise’s mates. Is Hogwarts ready for the two creatures? Or will the students of Hogwarts betray the boys to darker forces? 

6. The Rising of the Stones by Lomonaaeren [M, 105.5k]

Draco Malfoy has become the Ministry’s best Auror. He executes all kinds of unusual assignments, including one to go after the unexpectedly fugitive Harry Potter. But as he chases Potter down, Draco learns a lot more about what the Ministry has been hiding from the wizarding world than he ever wanted to know—secrets that may impact more than just his ability to arrest Potter. Updated every Monday. 

7. Prophecies and Potions by Angylsmuse & Rina9294 [E, 95.7k]

It’s another Draco becomes a spy for the Order story with a slight twist and lots of hot sex. 

8. Breathe Again by kcstories [E, 64.2k]

After the war, a very different Draco returns to Hogwarts. Harry is determined to be his friend. 

9. Our Kid by Lilytat [T, 60.9k]

Harry wasn’t ready. He just wasn’t. Only three years after the war, he had just gotten an acceptable apartment with Ginny and they had just settled into their new lives. […]
Draco Malfoy wasn’t ready, either. He’d spent the last two years competing with Potter. Being put on trial as a suspected Death Eater hadn’t helped him much either, seeing as he hadn’t been able to go back and finish his last year at Hogwarts, unlike Potter. […] Potter, who was already better than him. And now, Potter was the bloody fool Draco had to raise a kid with. Well, if Draco was going to do something better than Potter, it might as well be parenting.

10. “Apparently I’m moving to Islington.” by wordsphoenix [?, 46k]

Harry and Draco have to work together to stop some criminal. And then Harry realizes Draco could really be of help on a different case. And Draco runs into Harry and figures he might as well ask about the problem that’s got Experimental Charms and Misuse of Muggle Artifacts completely confused. And then Draco decides maybe they should be friends so he asks Harry to dinner for this purpose. Except, two or three or ten dinners later… 

  • draco malfoy: *is a racist bully and calls hermione mudblood 10+ times and tries to kill a girl*
  • everyone: wow draco precious baby
  • snape: *called his best friend a mudblood once and joined the death eaters but then spent his entire life literally fighting them and putting his life on the line for his ex best friend's son*
  • everyone: the worst the most horrible of them all an evil child abusing nazi
The thing about Slytherins

So I know there’s a massive stigma with Slytherin! We’re evil and mean spirited, and selfish. But can I ask you guys to think about something?
I’m Slytherin, totally and completely but when I was 7 years old and reading the HP books I always thought I would be ravenclaw because I loved reading so much and my grades were perfect or gryffindor because I wanted to be brave and I liked doing things like climbing the biggest trees or jumping off the swing when it was as high as it could go!
But things changed. That was about the same time I started getting bullied in school. I was a nerd because I was always walking around with a book. I was annoying because I was brave enough to speak my mind or I played loudly or dumb because I approached an big stray dog on the playground. By the time I was in high school I had changed because of the way people treated me. Instead of being the sweet little kid that got perfect grades and took chances I was the antisocial teen that was particularly talented at tricking others into doing what I wanted. I was the girl that, when taunted or made fun of, struck back with as much force as I could muster because at some point something inside had broken and I could no longer stand being bullied. I BECAME the bully in order to try to protect myself.
When I took the Pottermore quiz and got Slytherin I was genuinely confused at first. What was left over from when I was little expected Gryffindor or Ravenclaw but when I stopped to think about it I realized that the bullying I constantly endured turned me from a sweet little kid who wanted to read books and have fun into an adult who watched everyone like they posed a threat, the kind of person who no longer took the abuse, the kind of person who is motivated by ambition to prove to the kids that made fun of me that they aren’t any better than me.
A question I often wonder is did the bullying make me gain traits that I never had? Ambition? Cleverness? Resourcefulness? Or did it bring those traits to the forefront in order to keep myself safe?
Imagine being an eleven year old kid and being made fun of for being chosen for a house that people think is evil. Being made fun for something that you really can’t help. Imagine that the sorting hat saw those qualities hidden deep down and choosing Slytherin for that kid. Then the constant bullying from the rest of the school brought out those qualities that may not have ever really surfaced? What if the sorting hat yelling “Slytherin!” is some massive self fulfilling prophecy and that the reason that many (not all. There are family influences too– See Draco) Slytherins become the way the way they are is because they constantly hear people saying bad things about them so that they eventually harden up to protect themselves or even BELIEVE what other people say about themselves because “if ¾ths of the school believes I’m evil how can I not be?”
Something my Shakespeare teacher said really sticks with me when I think about this. “What is reputation? Do you create your reputation through your actions? Or does your reputation influence the way you act instead? If you constantly hear that you’re a bad person will you eventually become one because ‘why not be what they all say I am anyway?’” Kind of like Sirius trying to kill Peter. Why not be guilty of what I’ve been punished for years for?
Think about what kind of person is more likely to be mean, someone who is told from age 11 that they are a) brave, courageous, great b) smart, intelligent, clever c) kind, humble or d) evil, bad, in the same place that all bad people come from (because no one ever compliments slytherin a for being ambitious or cunning even though those aren’t terrible traits depending on how you use them)
Imagine being sorted into a house that 75 percent of people think is evil. Wouldn’t that make an eleven year old kid think that maybe they’re evil or bad? (Not the case for everyone. Umbridge and voldy were straight up evil)
And here’s the thing, I’m not evil but I AM mischievous, I’m not bad but I DO have a temper, I’m not a particularly selfish person but I’ve learned to put myself first then to focus on the problems of others because how can I help if I can’t focus? (Helping animals comes before me though, the fluffers AND the scaly ones)
At this point in my life I’m cunning, ambitious, and resourceful but I’m not evil or a horrible person (unless you mess with my bff who’s a hufflepuff because then I’ll end you) and I hate when people see my Slytherin shirt and go “oh those are the bad guys!” Yeah? Well so was Peter and Andromeda was a Slytherin and she gave birth to Tonks so sod off!
I guess what I’m trying to say is that as horrible as everyone seems to think Slytherins are, think about the fact that someone out there made them that way.

Slytherin Outcast - Draco x Reader

I honestly didn’t mean for this to be so long and I’m sorry that it is! But I hope you enjoy :) Let me know what y’all think!

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Request- anon: can i request a reader insert wherein the reader is a very kind and sweet slytherin (and it’s a shock that she’s even in slytherin) that’s dating draco and people start making fun of her/taunting her because they think that she doesn’t deserve draco (because he’s too good for her, way better than her and because he’s so different from her) and draco comforts the ready and it’s just fluffy n cute ? thank you so much!!!!

Warnings - bullying, mean-ish Draco, mean Pansy, crying, let me know if there are more

First Year

“Slytherin!” the hat on top of the small girl’s head shouted.

She grinned and skipped over to the table. Her parents would be so proud of her! She sat next to a platinum haired boy. He was small, but still looked to be a bit taller than her. He turned his head towards her and his blue eyes met her E/C ones. He smirked. His right hand reached out towards her and amid the cheering of her school mates, she heard him speak.

“My name’s Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.”

“I’m Y/L/N, Y/F/N Y//L/N.” she grinned and shook his hand.

“I think we’re going to be great friends, Y/LN. Don’t you think?” She nodded and focused her attention back on the rest of the students being sorted.

Third Year

As Y/N and Draco grew older and matured, they’d realized they were complete opposites. She had no prejudices towards anyone, whereas Draco came up with something to hate about everyone - everyone except her. Nevertheless, the two still managed to stay friends. Draco would never admit it to anyone but himself, but he thought he had liked her as more than a friend.

Today was the day they all finally got to go to Hogsmeade. As they approached the front of the school after breakfast, they saw the three people Draco hated more than anyone - Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley.

Growing up, she’d been told that the Weasley’s were not traditional purebloods; as in, they didn’t care about blood status. Malfoy was told the same thing, except he took it more seriously than she did.

“Mudblood, Weasley, Potter.” Draco spat as Y/N tried to pull him past the trio.

“Oh, Draco! Don’t say that word, please. Let’s just go. Leave them alone for one day!” she tried to reason with him. He pulled his arm out of her grasp and stood in front of the group.

“Ignore him, Harry. We’ll bring you something back from Hogsmeade, alright?” Hermione said, turning her back towards Draco. She hugged Harry and her and Ron headed off in the direction of the big group in front of them. Draco raised an eyebrow.

“Not going, Potter? Couldn’t get your dear mummy to sign your paper? Oh, that’s right. How could she sign something from the grave?” he teased. Y/N gasped. She’d known that Draco was cruel, but she’d never heard him be so inconsiderate. She put a hand on his shoulder from behind and pulled. He stumbled and his eyes met hers.

Stop, Draco. Leave him alone. Go ahead, I’ll catch up you.” she said and pushed him in the general direction of the group. With one last dirty look thrown at Harry, he grudgingly headed off with the group towards Hogsmeade. She looked at Harry as he stood there, seething from the interaction.

“I’m sorry he’s such a git. If you need someone to vent to about him, I’m always available. I know he can be annoying.” she offered. He nodded and she hesitantly made her way to follow the group to Hogsmeade.

As she caught up to them, she saw Pansy Parkinson walking shoulder to shoulder with Draco.

“I saw you talking to Potter, Y/N. Making him feel better about himself, I presume?” Pansy glanced at the girl walking on the other side of Draco. She nodded and Pansy laughed loudly.

“I’m not sure how you ended up in Slytherin. I’m really not sure how you became friends with Draco.” Draco laughed and Y/N frowned. What about that sentence was funny to him? Pansy continued her snide remarks through their trip to Hogsmeade.

Fourth Year

The taunting and snide remarks continued. They weren’t just coming from Pansy, now they were coming from everyone in the Slytherin house. She tried to ignore it at first, considering Draco was still talking to her and had continued to be her friend. It was getting continuously hard to ignore though. No matter where she went, someone would make a remark about her being a “blood traitor” or a “disgrace to the entire Slytherin house.”

She started to become closer to Draco. She wouldn’t leave his side and he started to become close to her as well. Things started to change. His hand would rest on her lower back as they walked through a crowded hallway. Their knees would touch as they sat next to each other in class. By the time of the Yule Ball, everyone was convinced they were dating. Much to Draco’s disappointment, they were not. The teasing hadn’t stopped, but Y/N tried her best to not go anywhere without Draco.

Fifth Year

Draco had finally stepped up and asked Y/N to be his girlfriend. She’d said yes. She thought being Draco Malfoy’s girlfriend would stop the teasing, but it didn’t. Today was no different than any other; except she couldn’t be constantly by Draco’s side because he had said he had things to do.

She was walking down the hallway towards the Transfiguration classroom. She’d almost made it when Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle stepped in front of her.

“Hey, little mudblood lover!” Pansy laughed.

“Please move, Pansy. You hate me and I get it. I’m sorry you don’t see why it’s important to be kind to people, but you don’t have to torture me because I do.” Y/N fired back, stepping to the side. She wasn’t going to take it today. Pansy stepped in front of her.

“I don’t think so. I heard you and Draco started dating. Congratulations on being a charity case!” Crabbe and Goyle laughed at her comment.

Y/N frowned.

“It’s not like that. Draco loves me. Please move.”

“No. You know, I don’t think you deserve Draco. He’s too good for you. You shouldn’t even be allowed to be in Slytherin. You’re worthless, like gum on the bottom of my shoe.”

“If you have gum on the bottom of your shoe, you should probably remove it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to be late to Transfiguration; as are you.” There was a crowd now, and Y/N noticed people staring.

“So Y/N,” Pansy said loudly, noticing the large crowd as well. “What do Draco’s parents think of you?”

She honestly had no idea what Draco’s parents thought of her. It was no secret that she was nice to everyone - no matter blood status or other factors. They acted like they liked her while she was around, but was that just because of Draco? Y/N crossed her arms defiantly.

“I just want to let you know that they love me. His mother told me so. She said she wished he would be with me instead of you. His father agreed with her. Want to know why? Because you’re a blood traitor, Y/N. Everyone knows it. It’s also no secret that Draco is with you because he feels bad for you. He’s going to break up with you and he’s going to humiliate you in front of everyone. I can’t wait to watch.” Pansy smirked.

Tears sprung to the front of Y/N’s eyes. There was no way that was true. She looked at the circle that had formed around them. Her breathing came quicker and she tried to back away from everyone. Someone pushed her from behind and she fell to her knees. Her books fell out of her bag. The tears started coming down her cheeks rapidly and she cursed. She didn’t want to cry in front of anyone - especially these people.

“Are you crying?” Pansy laughed from somewhere in front of her.

Y/N swallowed. She was starting to feel sick to her stomach and she could hear her heart beat. Her hands started to shake and she stood up. Pushing her way through the crowd, she ran towards the front of the school. She didn’t care that she was going to miss class or that she had left all her books on the floor.

She needed fresh air. She needed to breathe and feel something she knew was real.  Her vision was blurry because of the tears still making their way down her face and she could barely see where she was going. She made her way down a staircase and then down another. She raced down a hallway.

Y/N turned a corner and bumped into someone. Their arms came out to steady her so she wouldn’t fall. She looked at the person in front of her. Her hands came up to her face and she started sobbing uncontrollably. Draco pulled the girl into his arms and started rubbing her back. He’d never seen his girlfriend like this before. He’d never even seen her cry before and he was concerned.

“Shh. Baby, what happened? Are you okay?” he asked and held her at arms length. He pulled her hands away from her face to check for bruises or scratches. His eyebrows came together in confusion as he checked her over. There was nothing. So what was the deal?

“I need you to calm down.” he said as she started to hyperventilate. “Look at me. Breathe with me. Focus on me, okay? I’m right here.” He took a deep breath in and slowly let it out. She tried to, but she just ended up coughing. He rubbed his hands up and down her arms. He took a deep breath in and let it out again; trying not only calm her down, but himself as well. She was scaring him. She followed his breathing and soon hers was back to normal. Her tears had slowed and the shaking had stopped.

“Can you tell me what happened?” he asked as he wiped at a few tears on her cheeks. She swallowed and opened her mouth to speak.

“I-I-I can’t do this a-anymore, Draco.” His jaw dropped as he stared at the beautiful girl in front of him.

“You can’t do what anymore?” he asked.

“Th-They all hate me. They hate me for dating you. They hate me for being a n-nice girl in Slytherin. I don’t know what I did to deserve it. Maybe I d-do deserve it, I don’t kn-know.”

Her breathing was becoming strange again and the tears were picking up speed. Draco pulled her into his arms and held her tight.

“No, no, no. No one hates you, no one thinks that you don’t deserve to be in Slytherin. What are you talking about? Who’s they?” he asked.

“Pansy and everyone else in our house . They’ve been saying it since third year! She started it on our first trip to Hogsmeade. You laughed when she said she didn’t understand how we were friends. Do you remember that?” Her arms came around his waist and held on tight.

“I remember, but I thought she was joking. Yes, you and I are total opposites, but if anyone in this relationship doesn’t deserve the other, it’s me. I don’t deserve you. Your heart is made of gold and mine is as black as night.”

She looked up at him. She didn’t think his heart was black at all. He was kind and he was smart. He cared about her more than she thought he should. His heart wasn’t totally black.

“You and I both know that’s not true.” she whispered. He smiled.

“Aren’t I the one who’s supposed to be making you feel better?”

She laughed and wiped her tears one last time. Draco’s hand intertwined with hers and he pulled her in the direction she just came from.

“As far as Pansy goes, I can talk to her about it. Maybe I’ll give her a taste of her own medicine.” he suggested. She shook her head.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll deal with it.” Y/N answered.

Draco untangled his hand from hers. He slung an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him. He kissed the top of her head.

He was definitely going to give Pansy a taste of her own medicine.

Letters II

for the first chapter- read here

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It all starts when she first sees him alone. No friends. No enemies. Just him, a sketchbook, and two birds in a nest. Its the loneliness that strikes her, not like lightning, but a match. She doesn’t swoon, or fawn, or even crack a grin. Its a tiny flame of interest permeating in her thoughts. When she sees him shove a first year in the halls, or snicker idly with bad influences, her thoughts will flash to the simple boy on the edge of the forest, humming Chopin and drawing the trees.
Her friends all know she’s taken a liking to him. Specifically, Luna. Her ‘inner eye’ can sense the romance brewing. Or, perhaps, she simply spoke with Theo. Its no lie that Theodore fancies Lovegood. If you look closely, you’ll see them wade in the lake just past midnight.
Its a Friday night when Blaise and Draco finally manage to decode their notes. They trudge into the dormitory, moods covered in molasses. He has a faint smile of relief, knowing the weekend will be no trouble at all, until something odd catches his eye. It isn’t a mess. There isn’t anything. His desk is empty.
A bubbling feeling of lava boils inside his gut, threatening to regurgitate his morning tea all over the new sheets. He spins around, platinum eyes trained onto Theo’s sleeping back.
‘YOU RAT!’ With the strength of a magnet, he hurls Theodore out of his sleep, tossing him onto the messy, boy’s dormitory carpet. ‘Draco, what-’ ‘MY LETTERS, NOTT!’ Blaise looks over, unamused. ‘Look, I-I don’t, I, we-your, Macbeth, he-’
Cool. Calm. Collected.
That’s all he has to be right now. He crouched down, back straight, expression solid. There’s nothing more terrifying than peace before the storm.
‘Theodore-’ He lifts a hand, brushing away the fallen tendril of charcoal. ‘What did you do?’ ‘I was just sitting, doing my work, and then your bird, Macbeth, the Malfoy owl, the one that you trained, that’s been serving your family since your father came to Hogwarts, Macbeth, he just flew in, and then, since I had a rat’s tail, from Potions, the class we’ve been in together since year one, I gave it to him and he really liked it, so then I pet his head, and he was delivering a package, that I might have eaten a bit of, and then I told Macbeth about your letters, and how you’d never get the courage to send them, and then he just flew off.’ Silence. Draco lowered his gaze, collecting his rage, meeting his gaze, leaning in until their noses brushed. ‘That was a bad decision, Nott.’ A gulp added to the tension. ‘By tomorrow morning, Loony won’t even be able to look at you.’ Theo was finally a dead man.
When she hears a rapping at her window, she knows someone is terribly wrong.  Its like an omen at the beginning of a horror film, or the waves pulling back before the tsunami. Hesitantly, she flicks her wand towards the knobs, letting an unknown owl enter the room. It spins its head towards her, giant golden eyes peering into hers’, as if judging whether or not she deserved its message. Apparently she did, since Macbeth left without a hoot or stack of letters. Y/n swallowed an uneasy lump in her throat, her mind arguing with her judgement. Judgement lost.
Her nimble fingers flicked to a letter with the earliest date. The wind blew into her lungs, as she opened the first of a series of stories.

Dearest Y/n,

It seems as though my days are monotonous. Every hour, every minute, and every second I’m swallowed into a world of grey and black. I feel trapped in an earth with no colour or love or meaning. I felt that way, at least. That was until I first saw you. I was out by my thinking tree, completely barren of idea or wonder, when I noticed a young girl weeping. Suddenly, the grey turned into pastel blue, and the black, a willowing taupe. It was muted, but it was colour. I picked up my charcoal and began sketching. My hands were moving all on their own, since I couldn’t take my eyes off you. Your hair was wild and your robes were wrinkled. Every bit of you screamed out to me, and I wanted nothing more than to pull you into my arms and sing you to sleep. But fate is not kind. Your tears diminished and your sobs stopped reaching my ears. You left the field and left my sketchbook, a half drawn girl still crying in my pages.


Draco L. Malfoy

She couldn’t know what to think. Draco Malfoy. The boy in her potions class. He’s mean, and arrogant, and an artist. He’s a gory film you want to look away from yet won’t find the strength, because your gut is disgusted but your eyes are astonished, and you can’t seem to pull away.
She opens the next letter.

Dearest Y/n,

I won the quidditch game today! Slytherin verses Gryffindor, and I caught the snitch! I couldn’t help but look into the stands to see if you were there, and guess what? I found you! You don’t know how much it meant, seeing you cheer for me. I felt like puking up glitter and sinking into a pool of chocolate syrup. I wanted to fly loop-de-loops and scream until my lungs ached. Instead, I smiled at you, and hoped you’d notice.
I want to take you flying one day. I’d be a bastard, too, and make sure to take deep dives and sharp turns, just to feel your hands clench around me. God, what I would give to feel you hold me. I’d cut off my hand if it meant getting to hold yours for eternity. If I lost my voice, I’d want to tell you I love you just one time before becoming mute for the rest of my days. Yet, the only words I’ve ever said to you were ‘thank you,’ after you passed me a lacewing fly.
I don’t think I’ll ever be brave enough to speak to you a full sentence, or ever be brave enough to love you, but years from now, when we’re both divorced, I hope to run into you at Diagon Alley, and maybe say three words instead of two.

Truly and Unconditionally Yours,

Draco L. Malfoy

Lowering the letter, her lungs began to contract.
Love- a word more powerful than any spell.
She could hear her heart beating out of her ears as she began tearing the envelopes apart.









Words began popping out of the pages, letters of longing and praying and lusting and wanting surrounding her conscious like flies to a meal. As she dissected a half written letter dated on February 14th, an alarming knock shook her out of thought.
‘Y/n? There’s someone here to see you. Says he’s got a wrong to make right.’
She didn’t have to guess who it was.
The second she opened the door, her eyes met an anxious boy, lips red with bight marks and brows furrowed in fear.
He can’t help but feel honored that she knows his name. At the same time, its met with paralleled trepidation.
‘Have you-er-gottten, or um, received-’
‘I’ve read your letters.’
It’s a breath of release and a choked gag of horror. She knows. Is it a horrible fate that she realizes his affections, or a blessing in disguise?
‘You have.’ She lifts her gaze to him, digesting his disheveled appearance. He looks like he walked through a hurricane to make it to her door. His hair is a nest from pulling too hard on his locks, and his tie hangs limp after having tightened and loosened far too many times. For a moment, he doesn’t look like Malfoy: the bully, the bad guy, the hopeless, but instead, looks like the boy she watched sketch in the evening, with the gentle soul and kind smile.
‘Go to your tree next Friday at five, after class. I’ll have something waiting for you.’ With a soft click, her door closes, and he’s met with every horrible and remarkable emotion, flooding his ribcage all at once.
He can’t know what to feel. All day, his right leg has been racing, jumping up and down in anticipation for what’s to come. When Trelawney bids the class a happy weekend, he flies out the door, legs tumbling down the castle and towards the forest. He’s surprised to find she isn’t there. No Y/n. No sign of her presence. Instead, as he makes his way to the towering oak, he finds sixty two letters, nailed to the bark. He rips them off, finding each page with different messages. His heart stops as he unfolds the first.

Dear Draco,

I read your first letter today. I could feel my lungs decompress every ounce of air once I realized your deepest desires. I can’t help but feel the same. You’re a magical human being, and the world would be dull without you. It would simply be..monotonous. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to go through your sketchbook sometime. Say, right now?
If you want to draw a girl smiling and kissing a handsome artist, go to the Room of Requirement.
Just wish for me.

Always Yours,

Y/n L/n