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Happy Birthday Draco Malfoy!

Born on June 5th, 1980, Draco Malfoy grew up as an only child at Malfoy Manor, the magnificent mansion in Wiltshire which had been in his family’s possession for many centuries. Only son to Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy (née Black), from the time when he could talk, it was made clear to him that he was triply special: firstly as a wizard, secondly as a pure-blood, and thirdly as a member of the Malfoy family.

Against All Else / part I (Draco)

- the first part of the Against All Else series

Requested- could you please do a draco oneshot where turns against the death eaters in his 7th year the moment they threaten his s/o?
A/n- just want to thank you for starting this incredible journey of writing a series with me xx ily all ~word count: 1762 words

tag list: @tomthestuntmanfelton , @fluff-fluff, @ly–canthrope, @cleohalestilinski, @ninja-boss-barbie, @emelythompson

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Being with the Draco Malfoy romantically is something you never thought you’d be doing one day since the two of you practically grew up together. Of course, with the issues of Voldemort going around these days, everyone is scared for their own lives as people go missing every single day. Yet for you, the thing you are most scared of is losing someone you love so much that it hurts. 

Draco is slowly changing, and that scares you. There are times that you find him unfocused even when it comes to the Quidditch that he once adored. It’s almost like he has something to hide from you. You forget to knock as you enter his dorm room while looking for him. 

So when you see the Dark Mark on his forearm, you drop all the books in your hands to the ground while taking in what you have just witnessed.

The white-blond haired boy looks up sharply at the noise you make and freezes. “Y/n. What are you—” He is in the middle of finishing buttoning his uniform shirt, then he realises what made you react this way as he looks back down to his arm. You run out, leaving the books behind before he can explain.

No, no, no, no—he couldn’t have. He wouldn’t want to hurt people, no, not the Draco Malfoy I know. Endless thoughts run through your mind as you try to figure everything out. You find yourself strutting through the hallways without an actual destination.

- at the Malfoy Mansion - 

“—Cissy, he can do it! The Dark Lord chose him, don’t you understand?” A high pitched voice hisses. It is as though the temperature surrounding has decreased several degrees in the dimly lit room.

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Leaving It All // Draco Malfoy

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Author’s Note: I started this back in December, and just finished it. The ending is a little rough, but I wanted it out of my drafts so here it is :)

It was autumn when it happened; a crisp, cloudy afternoon on a Sunday. There was butterbeer on your upper lip and wind whipping through your hair as you walked through Hogsmeade, numb fingers wrapped around the handle of a mug. A  pretty green woolen scarf wrapped around your neck and knee length brown leather boots on your feet. You could remember the worst day of your life as if it were yesterday. You could remember Astoria Greengrass’ grand, pearly smile, perfect chestnut curls, and rocking heels on the tiled floor of Madam Puddifoot’s. You could remember Lucius Malfoy’s smirk, and how he shook the congratulating hands of wizards and witches whose brothers and sisters he’d murdered only months before. You could remember Narcissa Malfoy’s eyes bearing into yours through crystalline glass windows, silently begging you not to interrupt; to allow him what happiness the bouncing brunette could give. But above all of these miserable memories, the youngest Malfoy’s performance was what haunted you.

Because he got down on one knee and winced at the collision. He took her perfectly manicured hands in his own shaking ones and pitched a speech about her sparkling eyes and soulmates. Suspenseful bystanders on the edge of their chairs watching as Draco’s hand fumbled in his coat and he stared at the floor with blue eyes faded to a stormy grey. Watching as nimble fingers curled around a ruby red velvet box containing Draco’s grandmothers ring. Because he bit down on his bottom lip as he opened the box, not looking at Astoria, but the wall behind her with a frown on his face; asking her to marry him with a cracking voice and sad eyes. Tears building in your eyes as he slides the diamond covered band onto her finger with a forced smile. Astoria throws herself into his arms and tells him how much she loves him and your world ends.

You could feel your heart breaking, falling apart because this isn’t how it was supposed to go. It wasn’t supposed to be here. It would happen on an unexpected day in the garden behind the manor. There would be no enthralling bystanders struggling to hear a proclamation of undying love. There would be no sad eyes, cracking voices, or frowns. There would be no hesitation, no shaking hands. It would be you. It would be Draco. It would be rosy cheeks, dazzling smiles, and happy tears. It would be eyes full of adoration and a mouth rambling about love. It would be a goblin made Malfoy heirloom on your finger and Draco whispering sweet nothings in your ear as he held you. It would be the best day of your life, not the worst.  

But it wasn’t.

It had been a couple months now, since it happened. Draco had called, probably more than an engaged man should. There was an invitation for an engagement party on your kitchen table, signed with love from Astoria Greengrass, soon to be Malfoy. A letter from Draco sat beside it, staring up at you, waiting for an answer. You hadn’t done much since the tragedy, mostly wallowed in your own sadness and self loathing. Because it wasn’t like you didn’t ask for this. It wasn’t like you hadn’t walked away from the ink on his arm or the prison sentence hanging over his head, because you had. You’d left those things, and somehow lost him in the process. You’d lost your Malfoy heirloom, your Malfoy owned mansion, your Malfoy garden wedding, your Malfoy-grand proposal, but most importantly, you’d lost your Malfoy. He was gone, and as happy as a boy with holes stolen from a war in his heart could be with a girl who saw nothing in him but a pretty face, pureblood status, and full vault at Gringotts.

Today was the day of the engagement party and you weren’t sure if you should go, but temptation followed you nipping at your heels all day. So, now you stood in front of a mirror staring at your reflection. You cocked your head to the side. You’d never been to an engagement party, but you’d been to Malfoy Manor. That was no place to dress any less than formal. Smoothing down your dress, you bit down on your lip, almost tempted to take it all off; to lay in bed and sulk for yet another day. That urge left as quickly as it came, and before you knew it, you were stepping into your fireplace. 

You coughed a little, stepping out of the Malfoys’ hearth. You looked around. You were in Draco’s room. You almost scoffed. Of course you’d come out in this particular fireplace. Your mother always had said that magic always took the heart’s desire into consideration. Looking around, you walked further into the room. It was almost exactly how you remembered it. Almost. 

Draco’s king size antique mahogany bed still stood, now covered in a light lavender colored frilly duvet rather than his normal Slytherin green silky covers. The windows were open, casting a soft afternoon glow through the room. Draco’s room was a bit messier than it used to stay. Clutter always used to drive him crazy. Expensive, frothy lingerie littered the floor. A royal blue pair of lacy panties hung on the bed post. Necklaces and bracelets hung on everything; drawer knobs, candle sticks, the grandfather clock. Draco’s things remained the same, though. Kept, and clean. 

The door opened on the other side of the room. Draco stepped in, quickly locking the door and running his fingers through his hair frantically. He was frustrated; you could tell. Draco was raised in ballrooms and boisterous gardens surrounded by people who thought they were better than everyone around them. He was used to the pureblood state of mind. Hell, he once harbored it himself. But, that didn’t make these stupid parties any less nerve wracking. 

He looked up, noticing you. He didn’t say anything for a second as his eyes raked over every inch of you. When he reached your eyes, he let out a quiet, “You came.” 

“I shouldn’t have,” you said picking at your nails. 

He agreed. “You shouldn’t have.” 

There was an unnerving silence for a while, but Draco spoke eventually. “I’m glad you did.” 

You didn’t know what to say now. Draco plopped down on his bed, pushing two or three dresses into the floor. “It’s a travesty isn’t it?” 

“What?” you asked, picking the paint off of your manicured fingernails. 

“Us,” he answered. “Two kids caught in the crossfires of something way bigger than them - love and war.” 

“I think…” you trailed off a little, looking at Draco. “I think love is war.” 

He cocked his head to the side, blue eyes bearing right into your soul. He blinked finally, and spoke. “Why are you here? Truthfully?” 

You sighed. At this point you were tired of dancing around your truth. You were tired of taking everyone else into consideration. It was time to think about what you needed, and that was Draco. You were falling apart without him. It was time to be honest, and there was no getting around it. “I can’t stay away from you.” 

“Why not?” This was the Draco Malfoy you knew. The straight forward, game playing blond haired child. He wanted to hear you say it. 

“I’m in love with you.” You told him, giving him exactly what he wanted, “I don’t think I ever stopped being in love with you. I hate myself for leaving you in the time you needed me most. I should’ve stayed. I should’ve followed my heart, not my head.” 

Draco looked up at you from the floor, “You know, it’s not supposed to be this easy.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“It shouldn’t be this easy for me to leave her,” Draco said. “A few sentences shouldn’t be able to convince me to leave this behind.” 

“You’re leaving her?” 

He stood up, pulling a leather bag from underneath the bed. With a couple flicks of his wand, all his possessions were crammed into the bag. You looked around the room. Everything was gone - the paintings of Draco as a child, the robes from the closet, the sheets from the bed, the jewelry from all the drawers. Draco extended his hand out to you, “I’m leaving it all.” 

You took it and the electricity that ran through your body was like a breath of fresh air. “For me?” 

“For us.” 

He lead you to the fireplace. In front of it sat a stand holding a bowl of floo powder. He threw a handful into the fire, simply announcing the word ‘home.’ You had no clue where you’d exit, but stepped into the fire with Draco, a smile of your face as he laughed a laugh you hadn’t heard since your third year in Hogwarts. A carefree, relieved laugh. Your heart fluttered in your chest as the heat from the flames engulfed you. 

You finally had your happy ending. 

You’re Safe {Draco Malfoy x Reader}

Requests are open!

Prompt: Anonymous: Draco x reader where he watches her sleep

A/N: Sorry this is so short

Warnings: none

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You woke up in a panic, your chest was heaving. In your dream, your nightmare, everyone laid dead around you, because of you. You tried to lay down and go back to sleep but the same image played in the mind.

You stood and peeled the blankets off your body and swung your legs over the side of the bed. You rose and walked over to the door and into the hall. Your bare feet padded through the empty halls of Malfoy Mansion. Snow was falling outside as you shivered from the cold. 

You stopped at the end of the hall. You knocked on the door of your boyfriend’s room when there was no answer you just opened the door. The door creaked and you saw Draco sit up quickly, he gripped his wand tightly as his eyes adjusted to the dark. He raised his wand and prepared to defend himself. You opened the door totally to reveal the light in the hallway.

“It’s me. It’s (Y/N)!” you whispered loud enough for him to hear. 

“Oh. I’m sorry. What do you need?” He switched the side light on and leaned against the headboard. He rubbed his eyes and tried to flatten his hair. Blond tufts of hair shot up in every direction. You smiled and slowly crept further into the room. 

You answered his question quietly, embarrassed at the reasoning, “I had a- um a nightmare.” You stared at the ground, your cheeks were burning. You looked up slowly, he patted the spot next to his on the bed. You walked over and crawled under the heavy duvet. You leaned your head against the headboard and let out a deep breath. 

“So, what happened?” Draco asked as his fingers tangled with yours. You stared at your lap. 

“I was at school but it was completely destroyed. I was running through a sea of people but the crowd never broke. Everyone in the crowd was shouting spells and fighting but it was silent. Suddenly the crowd began to close on me and I couldn’t move. Then it was like my ears popped, there was screaming and crying and the mob surrounded me. I fell to the ground. When I fell the hall went silent again and I stood. Alone. Everyone laid at my feet, dead because of me.” 

Draco’s hands came up and cupped your face. His thumbs wiped away the tears you hadn’t realized were sliding down your cheeks. He released his hand and then he wrapped an arm around your waist. The other hand gently stroked your hair. You smiled as he pulled you closer to his body.

“It was just a bad dream. Go back to sleep, you’re safe,” Draco mumbled into your hair. 

Soon, you were able to close your eyes and drift off. Draco, on the other hand, couldn’t bring himself to fall asleep. His mind was reeling with worry for the future. There was a war on the horizon and the last thin he wanted was for you to have to worry about him. Draco had yet to tell you about his dark mark, about whose side he was really on.

He watched your chest slowly rise and fall, your eyelids flutter occasionally, and a smile perched on your lips. He smiled at your sleeping form. There was a serene aura around you as you fell into a deep sleep. You pulled the duvet under your chin and rolled over under Draco’s arm. Your head was buried in his chest. Draco kissed the top of your head and wrapped his other arm around you protectively. 

“You’ll be safe. I won’t let them hurt you. I promise,” he whispered before falling into a restless sleep.


Prompt: Your first meeting with the death eaters. You were scared, but you needed to protect your boyfriend, Draco, whom recently became a death eater. Although, you might end up getting attention from the last person you wanted: the dark lord himself.

Genre: Drama

Warnings: Sexual harassment, blood.

“Are you sure about this?”

Draco opened the colossal door of the Malfoy mansion to let you in. It was an usual meeting, except for the fact you knew the dark lord was there. Even though you were part of the order, you still loved Malfoy and would do anything to protect him, so you’d have to be careful and hide everything from the order from the one that mustn’t be named.

Your boyfriend escorted you inside, all dressed in a black suit, to the ballroom that had a giant table in the center. The difference today it was everything was darker and colder, like a dementor was breathing on your neck all the time. There was no comeback now, everyone noticed you arrived, even him.

“So, is this your lady, Draco?”
“Yes, my lord.”
“Bring her closer. Let’s have a good look at her.”

He held you back, but you approached the ophidian figure, standing in front of him. The blonde boy stood right behind you. All the eyes in the room were on you.

“She is quite beautiful, Malfoy. Oh, yes, she is. Why don’t you undress for us, beautiful? It would be quite a show.”

You froze. You though you knew what you were getting into, but you didn’t expect to be something like this. You swallowed loud, looking to Draco, whom lowered his head. His face was red and he was trying to control himself he most he could, so you wouldn’t face the consequences of the dark lord’s wrath. In the other hand, the guests seemed quite excited, with the exception of the Malfoys, Snape and Bellatrix Black, now Lestrange, who seemed quite jealous by the way. You had to say something, but you couldn’t, you just stood there thinking ‘please don’t hurt him, please don’t hurt him…’, focused on protecting your boyfriend.

“So make the honours, young Malfoy.”

And he followed the orders, unbuttoning the back of your black dress. This situation was beyond humiliating, but it was for a greater good, to protect Draco. His fingers shook as he struggled with his task, trying to stay calm and calm you down.

“Pretend there is only you and me in the room.”

He whispered in your ear and everything was okay again. You closed your eyes, waiting for the dress to fall on your feet. You had no underwear, it was impossible to wear any with this dress, therefore you stood there, shaking with your bare skin exposed to all the presents.

“Yes, yes… turn around, let’s see that body…”

You had no choice but to obey, so you span around, still with your eyes closed to keep the tears locked. If you were feeling bad, Draco was a million times worse. He avoided to look at the scene, trying not to cry in anger, hate and guilty. He was despair to see you like this, exposed and humiliated in front of everyone, specially his parents.

“Come a little closer.”

You obeyed again, standing right in front of the dark lord. He smelt like rotten seaweed and his eyes looked like a snake’s, but the worse was the smile, with those pointed teeth, staring at you like you were a piece of meat. His hand ran from your boob to crotch. His touch was cold and nails were also sharp, scratching the skin of your belly, bleeding a little.

‘Its going to heal, as long as he doesn’t hurt him…’

You tried to think positive, but now his index was on your slit, checking your entrance. When you were about to cry, he removed it and licked.

“Yes, yes… she is wet and tight. Maybe she might be useful to breed some Voldies?”

For your surprise, the one who protested was Bellatrix. She was rather insulted, like the dark lord himself slapped her face. Everyone was open mouthed with his declaration, while he laughed in joy of the embarrassment atmosphere.

“I believe I was the one chosen for breed your babies!”
“Yes, I know, Bella. But see, you’re married and your age…”
“Rodolphus has no problem with that, do you? And I’m still strong and fertile, my lord!”

She turned to her husband, whom nod fiercely. He seemed a bit retarded to be honest, but still consented to her wife’s acts. ‘As long as he doesn’t hurt Draco…“

“You may dress now, my dear.”

You nod, your boyfriend running to you so he could help to dress yourself. You were still shaking due the occur, Draco’s touch calming you again. “It’s okay, I’m with you.” he whispered. When you were about to relax, the snake man inquired you:

“You really love him, don’t you?”
“Yes, my lord.”

He smirked at you. It would be now, you probably thought he would hurt Draco, so you held your wand over the dress close, just in case. You knew the dangers you could be killed but still… ‘Please don’t hurt him, please don’t hurt him…“

“I was just playing. I might be evil, but I’m no pimp. This snake no longer works. Anyway the chosen one was Bella…”

Wow, what an honour. She clapped cheerfully, celebrating the fact she’d have sex with the dark lord. You breath relieved, trying to desguise it, so did Draco. You knew he was heartbroken for involving you in a situation like this, but it was worth for him, anything was worth for him.

“And don’t worry, I won’t hurt your precious boyfriend. At least you’re not a coward like him. You got nerve, I like that. You two may go now.”

Draco took your hand and led you outside the room, both still shaking for what just happened. When you finally reached outside, the air had came back to your lungs, so you could finally speak to each other.

“Love, I’m so, so sorry for that, I didn’t mean to…”
“Shh, it’s okay…”

You hugged him, both finding comfort each other’s arms. The heat of his body, his embrace, his scent… Everything made sense again. You had something worth fighting for, and it had a name: Draco Lucius Malfoy.

This is Where I Lose You~One-shot (Draco Malfoy)

A/N: Draco Malfoy is one of my fucking favourite characters of all time and I’m trying to figure out why I haven’t written for him before ‘cause seriously I love him so much 

Request: @tayrae515:  Hi love, Could you do one where you and Draco had a thing but you sided with Harry and when he gets picked up and taken to the Malfoy mansion like in deathly hollows part one it’s you who gets mudblood written in your skin instead of Hermonie and Draco puts a stop to it and saves all of you because he loves you? Bad description lol but I hope you get my idea! :) thank you! ♥️♥️

Pairing: Draco x reader

Word Count: 2934

Warnings: TORTURE SCENE, BLOOD, Bellatrix being the awful human being she is, STABBING, CUTTING, SCREAMING, MORE BLOOD, sadness, swearing


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Once upon a time, I had been the girlfriend of a one Draco Malfoy. We had been happy. Really happy. Of course, deep down I knew that it wouldn’t last. We were teenagers in the middle of world approaching a war and we were clearly on different sides. We never acknowledged it, but we both knew it. I wasn’t oblivious to Draco’s family history. He was related to people that were known death eaters and his father probably was one. He knew I didn’t share his opinions on muggle born witches and wizards, he knew I was close friends with Harry Potter and a number of other Gryffindors that he didn’t approve of, but we ignored all of it. A voice in the back of my mind told me that the heartbreak would only be worse the longer we stayed together.

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pardon me but you really hurt my feelings

D R A C O • M A L F O Y

based on TRW// first pov

it was my fifth year at Hogwarts; school of witchcraft and wizardry. i’ve learned to accept my house, ravenclaw, throughout these few years. growing up with a house full of slytherins, i suppose i just assumed i would be one too. but it all makes sense now, how my older brothers would push me around and my mother scolding me every day since i was young. the only person i truly felt myself around was Draco. i know, complete nonsense, how this cold hearted being was the one shoulder i’d lean upon. but it’s the truth. i remember the days my family would visit the Malfoy Mansion and we would scurry across the gardens and hide behind the trees. i remember how the grass would turn into dirt by the footsteps of our tiny shoes and his mother would yell at us, playfully, to get away from the flowers. a memory that soon turned to dust by the time we were eleven.

our first year at Hogwarts, Draco kept me by his side. he introduced me to Crabbe and Goyle, held my hand during the boat ride, and gave me hug before he was sorted into slytherin. i ran up, excited to join my best friend at the slytherin table, that i almost missed the loud cry of ravenclaw ringing throughout the room. i kept glancing back at a disgusted looking malfoy as i sat with the other ravenclaws. a boy with wide rimmed glasses and shaggy jet black hair smiled at me as i sadly accepted where i stood. apart from the only friend i had.

draco ignored me afterwards. with every chance he would get, he would pick on me and my new companions, malicus and juliet. but more focusing on me, calling me a blood traitor and a filthy animal. he ended up despising the mention of my name, and our childhood was soon vanished. the grass were soon green and full of weed.

one day, fourth year, he went up to me after potions.
“hey, l/n,” he says sharply, “no entourage today, eh?”

“not that it’s any of your business,” i say, “but they have their own classes to worry about.”

“of course,” he scoffs, “lover boy and the mudblood.”

i try to ignore his remarks, picking up the speed my tired feet could carry. he senses my anger and pulls my strings even more.

“what, l/n?” he barks at me from behind, “can’t take a little insult against your pesky friends?”

i look down, covering my tears from his view. he knows how easily i cry. “got somethin’ to say to me, blood traitor?!”

i slow my pace, coming to a stop in the middle of the hallway. students pass by, bumping my shoulder every now and then as i waited to face draco. i see his newly cleaned shoes and his green and black robes flowing in front of me.

looking up, i see his signature smirk as he stares at my gloomy yearned eyes.


he scoffs once again, “why?”

i shrug, “why are you doing this? what changed?”

he leans down to my level, his silver like eyes staring right back at me. “everything changed the moment you sat down next to that git, lover boy of yours. when you accepted being nothing more than an ignorant ravenclaw.”

“i can’t change who i am! ravenclaw is part of me, why can’t you accept that?!”

he shakes his head vigorously, a dark frown upon his face. “no, y/n. i can’t. you’re nothing more than another useless fake,” he spits out, “just like your muggle father.”

i gasp slightly at his hurtful words. he knows the story of my parents. how my father couldn’t bare the wizarding world and his memories erased. how i couldn’t bare having all this weight on my mother and how she blamed it on me. Draco was my only source of comfort during those years of non-ending tears. when he would force me to tell me what was wrong everytime i would have a frown on my face. i would express my feelings with simple sentences like “i feel at pain when you ignore me” or “i do not like how i am treated when you are near”

and i never thought i would say one after those years of distance again, but with a tired soul and watery eyes, i shakily say to him,

“pardon me, but you really hurt my feelings”


A Very Merry Malfoy Christmas

Scorpius: Me
Albus: CC (@huffledoge / @w-a-d-a)
Astoria : EG (@egdramaqueen)
Draco: Arin (@space-marauder)
Narcissa : also me
Lucius: A (@youvegotenoughnerve)
Andromeda: Katie (@girlswillbeboys11)
Teddy: AK (@asktheslytherpuff / @ak-is-an-alien)
Harry: Jules (@hogwarts-tower)

((I sincerely apologize for the 79 gifs that are about to take up your entire dash. I didn’t add the extras just for this reason, and also, my arm is dead. Merry Christmas, AND A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO COLLABORATED ON THIS THREAD!!!! IT WAS SO FUN AND I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!))

Scorpius rings the doorbell

Astoria answers the door

She kisses Albus on the cheek, then greet her son

Albus grins smugly at Scorpius

They walk inside and into the dining room

Scorpius freezes

Scorpius sits next to Lucius, cowering

Lucius looks majestic af, sipping from his goblet

Draco’s eyes are narrowed as he looks across the table at Albus

Astoria kicks Draco under the table

Albus tries to make conversation

Andromeda reaches for Lucius’s goblet

Andromeda, Narcissa, and Astoria all share knowing glances

Long, awkward pause

Scorpius interjects

Astoria: “You talk about Albus as much as your father did about Harry when he was your age.”

Lucius sighs in defeat


Harry and teddy arrive at the Malfoy Manor

They enter the mansion


anonymous asked:

hi! I requested that imagine about Draco and the reader living with him for the summer and I would love it so much if you could write another part. if you aren't feeling it don't worry, but i really like what you wrote, thank you so so much!!

With pleasure! I am so glad you liked it)) I am thinking of making series, I like the idea so much)))) Hope you don’t mind.

Name: Plans for the summer Part 2. Hogwarts-Express
Part 1

“Ready?” Malfoy appears next to you, as you are standing with the Golden Trio, saying the last ‘bye’ before leaving. Everyone stops talking, turning to you. Then to Malfoy, as if he was a poisonous snake. Or three.

“Malfoy? What did you forget here?” finally asks Ron, his face purple from the hatred that he just can’t control, no matter what happens.

“Y/N is spending the summer with me, Weasley,” calmly explain Draco, bored from the fact that he is talking to the Weasley. “Are you coming?”

“She is not!”

“Ron, I am,” you murmur. “He offered me to…”

“Y/N, you are drunk,” Ron offers the solution. “He must have drugged you. It is Malfoy!”

“I know. That’s why she is spending the summer with me, not with you,” giggles Draco, taking your elbow and pulling you away from the group. “We have to go,” you nod and follow him under the contemptuous glances of the entire school. You would stay and explain to them that you really don’t want to go home, but then you recall that not even one of your ‘friends’ thought of recalling that you hate being home. No one offered any help.

“That was… Why did you do it? Why not just meet in London?” you ask quietly. “Now everyone will know that you are spending the summer with me.”

“And you are afraid of it?” you shrug your shoulders. “Don’t be. It was a political move,” Draco notices that you frown, so he starts laughing, amused by the fact that you trusted it. “I am joking. It would be a deadly move, killing my reputation. And yours. And then mine again. You see… I am the bad guy, nothing will fix this reputation. Becoming friends with Potter’s friends… It will be frowned upon, seen as betrayal from the both sides.”

“Then why are you doing it?” he stops smiling, closing the compartment, so that no one else would join you.

“Because I just want to, Y/N,” you see that he is lying, but let it go - you still have two months of spending time together, he will at some point let it out.

“So…” you break the silence, as the train starts moving, leaving Hogwarts behind. “Does the summer plan include people? Either your people or mine?”

“No,” he smiles at you, then sees that you still want to know more. “It’s ok. I have no plan. It’s just spending the summer together. Peace, comfort, nice company. I do not want to pull you into the circle of Death Eaters, if that is what you are afraid of,” Draco takes out a book and pays all his attention to it, totally neglecting you. For the following four hours, you sit together in the compartment, both quite confused about how you are supposed to act, even though you both just read your books and are quite comfortable this way. Every once in a while, one of you looks at another one, but you never know.

“Fine,” Draco suddenly puts the book away and turns to you. “Tell me.”


“Whatever it is you are thinking about. As long as it is not connected to the Gryffindor,” you put the legs on the seat and sigh.

“I was thinking about how stupid our world is,” he grins, running his fingers through his hair. “I mean… people try to be logical, at the same time they never are. Humans are just annoying. Why are you smiling?”

“You sound like someone who’s lost hope… What, you broke up with someone?” you roll your eyes. “I’m kidding. I would know. You just sound desperate.”

“So do you,” you murmur, and Malfoy frowns. “Come on, another way you wouldn’t invite a Gryffindor spend summer with you.”

“True… Maybe,” he smiles, as if he knows something that you don’t know. “You’ll never know, will you?”

“Merlin, Malfoy! How many secrets are you hiding?”

“Just a few,” he answers calmly, as the Trolley Witch passes by, offering you sweets. You simply ignore her. “The question is… why did you come with me? You could ask Weasley or Granger, or anyone from your own House to take you in… Yet you agreed to the offer of the Malfoy.”

“Then why did you offer?” you ask him back.

“Touché,” he smiles. “I will know why, Y/N.”

“So will I,” you promise, but the atmosphere doesn’t get tensed or nervous at all, as it would if Potter was here - you feel more like you should be joking around, annoying each other a little. “Where are we going at least?”

“Oh, the Malfoy mansion… Not the manor, I hate that place. We have a house next to a small lake in the forest, one of my ancestors built it for his wife. It is beautiful, given that there is a spell to push away the mosquitos,” the last sentence he adds quieter. “It was hateful before.”

“So… we are spending the summer in the lake house?” you smile.

“Yes, yes… I was supposed to ‘bring some friends’, but you may know that I am not a fan of either one of the school groups.”

“What, Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin Prince, is not fond of his House?” you mock him, then get serious. “Why?”

“I love my House, Y/N. Just that they are a little… overwhelmed. And acting on emotions. And that is a shame.”

“Being emotional is a shame?” you get interested. “Not that I am arguing, but what about good emotions? Or you all just block everything?”

“Oh, no! No, Y/N, please… Slytherin is the ambitious and extremely smart House, but in no way are we not loyal. We are, just it’s not our most famous quality,” Draco unbuttons his robe and pushes it inside his bag, really not as neat as you would expect him to be. “Slytherin is cunning. But also loyal. But we have to be, as all other Houses hate us so much, they hardly consider the option of befriending a first-year from Slytherin. How do you think the kids feel when they get sorted in Slytherin, and the whole school reacts with this face of Dumbledore when he has to give points to Slytherin?”

“I never thought about it,” you murmur.

“I know,” he acts like nothing is happening, when you suddenly reach out for him and carefully stroke his clenched fist.

“I am sorry. Looks like by we are not such a great school as Dumbledore says we are.”

“Right,” Draco laughs, but doesn’t take the hand away, as you keep stroking the cold skin with your fingertips. “You’d better take the robe off. We do not apparate.”

“We don’t?”

“No. We take another train, the muggle one, and make it to the closest town,” you don’t really trust your ears. “Y/N, the fact that I am a pureblood does not mean that I do not understand some advantages of the muggle transport. I am not my father, so obsessed with the blood.”

“I’ve noticed. I just never expected to hear you plan taking muggle train.”

“Did you expect me to even be here with you?” you both smile, understanding how absurd all of it is. “Just accept it. You don’t know me.”

“So true… So true,” you whisper, staring at him, trying to understand who the hell this person is. Malfoy smiles, as you take the robe off and put it in the beg. You really want to know why he offered you to spend the summer with him, why he is nice, and why you are here at all, but you know that he will avoid the answer again. So you give up for now.

“Wake up,” Draco stands up. “We are here. Let me show you how well the Malfoy you don’t know acts in the muggle world,” he offers you his hand, obviously acting it, so well-mannered, with a huge grin on his face. “May I lead, my lady?”

“Why, yes, noble sir,” you grin back, taking his hand and standing up. “I will be happy to follow you.”

I started watching a show called Escape to the Country which is basically an English house hunting show (I’m really bored and kinda sick ok). I was thinking hey maybe this will give me fanfic ideas! Sure enough the first episode is centered in the county of Wiltshire (home of the Malfoy Mansion if you didn’t know ) and I’m just cracking up because they are talking about a pastry shop that makes “lardy cakes” and all these quirky things about this town. I’m just imaging Harry and Malfoy house hunting in Wiltshire and it’s amusing.

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Requested by  29nelia <3

Prompt(s):  4. “Did you ever love me?” 7. “You betrayed me!” 8. “We used to be so close, what happened?”

The small version of you giggled, stumbling in your dress as you dashed into the garden, magic swaying along with your hair. You awed, staring the butterflies that seemed to appear out of nowhere and clap their colourful wings together, getting further and further away from you.

You heard your name being called, the bright smile still playing on your lips you continued to follow the beautiful insects. Right there and then your heart was beating loudly in your small chest, numerous ideas of adventures and mysteries creeping behind each corner rushing in your mind.

“(Name)!” The boy huffed, finally catching up to you. His pale face was dyed bright red, and stopping for just a second you looked at him, giving him a cheeky grin. Spinning on your heel, you continued to run after your own creations.

Draco hated chasing after you. Not because he’d get tired, but because the only thing he saw was your back and bouncing hair. The idea of you always leaving left a strange emptiness in his chest, but by now he was used to your constant dashing to one side or the other, never settling down or staying in one place for too long.

“We were so close…what happened?” You asked, your shoulder slumped and your voice portraying hurt.

“Hogwarts!” You exclaimed, bursting through the Malfoy mansions door “I got into Hogwarts, Draco!~”

“Miss (Last Name)” you were met with one of the many maids voice. She greeted you with a smile, carrying some papers into what you guessed was Lucius office “A pleasure to see you again.”

“Thank you,” A blush spread on your cheeks as you smiled timidly, shifting from foot to foot “I apologize for the intrusion…” She hurriedly shook her head.

“No apology needed, you are always welcomed here.” Her eyes shifted to your father, who came up behind you to rub your hair “Good evening, Mister (Last Name). Mister Malfoy is waiting for you in his office.”

Your father gave you a knowing look and you nodded, asking where to find Draco. You were re-directed to his room. Wasting no time, you dashed up the stairs and down the corridor with the open letter still in your hands.

“What happened?!” Draco growled, tensing his jaw, his cold grey eyes staring at you “You betrayed me!” He accused you, making you blink owlishly, your mouth falling agape.

“Gryffindor!” The Sorting Hat announced.

It was lifted off your hair, your smile lighting up the room as you didn’t even glance at Draco, your (colour) eyes fixed at the roaring red table that greeted you with applause.

Draco’s heart fell to the pit of his stomach, he still fully unable to process what had just happened.


You were in a different house, his rival one at that.

Sitting by the Slytherin table he felt his appetite drain as he watched you eagerly chatting with Harry bloody Potter. A bitter taste filled his mouth, jealousy burning like fire. He was afraid this will happen.

That in a family full of Slytherins you’d be the odd sheep, just like you always were.

He felt betrayed.

“I-what?!” You gaped, anger flaring in you “I never betrayed you, Draco, I’d never do such a thing! What are you even…What are you even talking about?!”

He silently glared at you.

Despite you being an active Gryffindor, you were still close with Draco. But it wasn’t like it used to be. How he wished it would be.

You’d hardly talk to him in class, and outside the classroom you straight up ignored him sometimes. You were an air head, so it was natural for you to not notice or forget things, but you’d never forget to smile and wave at your Ravenclaw of Hufflepuff friends.

God, now that he looked at you, you were a true Gryffindor. Wild, (colour) hair, a bright smile and eyes that always searched for an adventure. For a moment, he wondered why he was even doing this.

The smile you always carried with you fell, your hues lowering down as you shifted uncomfortably. He gulped, feeling dread wash over him like a wave of cold water.

“Sorry, Draco” You murmured, apologetically “But Cedric already asked me to the Dance, and I can’t…” You couldn’t look him in the eyes. Slipping a half smile on your plum lips “I’ll save you a dance, I promise.”

Why did he even bother asking you to the Yule Ball?

He nodded, grimly, turning to leave.

What hurt more was that you didn’t stop him from going.

“Did you ever even love me?” Draco growled at you, catching you completely off guard.

“I-wh…” You swallowed your words, unsure of what to say. Yes, once upon a childhood you really did, but now…You weren’t that sure. The Death Eater mark on his wrist didn’t make him any more attractive, especially when you were fighting for the other side.

You cared for him, deeply, and damn did you had a shitty was of showing it. But loved…You…weren’t that sure yourself what you were feeling…-

-Looking at him, you didn’t recognize him. His normally slick hair was a mess, bags under his eyes and skin paler than you remembered. But that wasn’t all. Being apart built a big wall between the two of you, and the worst part was you weren’t sure if you wanted to knock it down or not.

He did, you could tell.

“I did…” You finally managed to squeeze out, seeing hope sparkle in his cold eyes. You didn’t have it in you to douse that spark “-and I think I still do.” You finished slowly, “You’ll…have to give me time. I don’t want to fight with you…and I don’t want to lie to you either.” You gave a sad smile to him, turning “You need to cool off… come find me when you’re ready to talk again.” Your tone was sympathetic, as you fully turned away and with a quick step rushed out the Owelry.

As always, the last thing Draco saw was your retreating back.

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Any complete obsessed Draco fics that end on a happy note?? I read sold and it kind of scarred me.. but I like kinda liked it. Thanks!!!!

Hi, try these:

Utterly Despicable by camnz - M, 24 Chapters - The death of both Voldemort and Harry Potter let the pureblood elite build the world they wanted.  One that leaves Hermione in a vulnerable state, which Draco Malfoy is prepared to take full advantage of.

Out of the Silent Planet by ianthe_waiting - NC-17, 39 chapters - Hermione Granger fulfills Severus Snape’s final wish, to journey to Japan to ‘retrieve’ something of importance.

The Slow Thaw by camnz - M, 21 Chapters - Hermione is serving at Malfoy Mansion after the war was lost. In her bleak existance, she manages to find ways to cope. Contains nonconsentual. COMPLETE.

His Beautiful, Haunting Eyes by thecellarfloor - M, 14 Chapters - Draco pushed her to the wall, kissed her roughly on the lips, then punched the glass window beside her head. It smashed into pieces and the crowd who had parted for him seconds ago gasped. Hermione couldn’t. She couldn’t even breathe. What have you done?

And its sequel:

Her Sweet, Decadent Smile by thecellarfloor - M, 14 Chapters - “Princess,” Draco’s voice sliced through the silence, dangerously close to where she was hiding, “I know you’re here somewhere.” Hermione muffled her ragged breaths. He was clearly enjoying this. “Come out, come out, wherever you are…” A sequel to HBHE

Almost Perfect, Almost Yours By: BelleOfSummer - M, 50 Chapters - A pureblood family abducted Hermione when she was born due to their desperation for a daughter. In a world of beauty & wealth, she has become Draco Malfoy’s dream girl.What will happen if he finally knows that her blood is not as pure as he thinks it is? *COMPLETE!*

One Way Or Another - NC-17, one shot - Ron would do anything to ensure that he and Hermione end up together, it’s only what everyone expects, right? But in the process of ensuring their love for one another, something goes horribly wrong.

Obsessed by slytherinprincess19 - M, 20 chapters - Draco Malfoy is the King, and he has chosen Hermione Granger as his Queen. She loves him. He craves her. He is consumed by her, she is possessed by him. They are obsessed with one another. And they have no idea how dangerous their game is to their lives.

Silver Eyes by YoungNotUseless - T, 29 chapters - “I’m so sorry.” The familiar voice spoke again. This was enough to wake Hermione’s brain from her trance. Enough to open her eyes, and see two magnificently silver eyes dissaparate in the dark. D/HG Veela. T for violence,language, & some sexual themes

- AgnMag

Blood traitor or Best Friend

Summary: Reader is sorted into Gryffindor which comes as a surprise to almost everyone. Draco, her best friend stops talking to her for five years and when he finally does talk what he says pushes her off the edge.

Warnings: ATTEMPT TO SUICIDE, loneliness, basically everyone being a dick to the reader. ANGST!!

A/N: I have no clue what possessed me to write this fiction. It was extremely difficult for me to write this, and please please please to anyone and everyone reading this do not hurt yourselves. Even when you think that no one loves you, even when you think that you can’t go on, when you think that you are not enough or feel overwhelmed. Know that you are loved, you can fight, you are more than enough and everything will be okay. :)

Parings: Draco Malfoy x Reader

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Not a single soul breathed, no one blinked. No one even dared to look you in the eye as McGonagall took the ratty sorting hat off of you. As you walked to your new house, you saw the disappointment, anger, and disgust written all over his face.

That had been five years ago. Even after five years, no one dared to come near you. No one attempted to be your friend. The fear in everyone’s eye didn’t hurt you anymore. The whispers that followed you didn’t make you cry anymore. The lonely Hogsmeade trips didn’t keep you up at night. But the look in his eyes hurt you, his silence towards you made you cry, and his dates to Hogsmeade trips kept you up at night.

Your best friend stopped talking to you five years ago. You thought he would speak to you after the initial shock of your sorting wore off. He didn’t. You thought he would speak to you during the holiday break when you two returned to his manor. He didn’t. You thought he would speak to you after your exams were over. He didn’t. You waited for five years and still he didn’t speak. You tried everything you could to get him to say something to you. Nothing worked. Although his parents were disgusted by the fact that you were sorted into Gryffindor, they still treated you with the utmost respect and tried countless times to get their son to speak to you.

It was the holidays and you were staying at the Malfoy Mansion. Fearing your father, Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy forced him into your room, as a desperate measure to get him to speak to you. “Draco,” you said, eyes stinging with tears.

He looked at you, his grey eyes piercing into your soul and said, “Blood traitor! How are you even his child? Why would I speak to you? You are filth!” leaving the room without another turn.

You stand there waiting for him to come back and console you or waiting to wake up from the nightmare, but nothing happens. His words still ringing in your ears, you struggle to breathe. All of the tears that you fought off for the past five years flood through your eyes. All of the bad thoughts that you fought to keep deep down burst through to the surface and you wail.

You never wanted any of this. You never wanted to be his heir. Never wanted to grow up around wizards who were terrified of you. You never wanted anyone to know that you were his heir, or to get sorted into Gryffindor.

All you ever wanted to be was to be you, and have people around you who loved you for you. Draco was the only person who ever made you feel like that. You had hoped and hoped that Draco would come around to make you feel like that again. You hoped that he would say those three words that he uttered to you before he went up to get sorted. That was the first time Draco Malfoy’s words knocked the wind out of you. Right before his name was called he leaned in to your ear and whispered, “I love you.” When he was on the stool, he had looked over at you, and smiled at the look on your face. But now he knocked the wind out of you by saying “You are filth.”

You couldn’t take the pain anymore, you made a quick decision and wiped your tears away. Rummaging through your trunk your fingers close in on the dagger you were looking for. It was an impressive present from your father, a family heirloom that was passed down from generation to generation. You never paid much attention to it, as it was just another reminder of who you were supposed to be. Taking the dagger out of its sheath, you close your eyes and slit your wrist open. Sharp white pain shot through your body but it was nothing compared to what Draco’s words made you feel.

You don’t really remember what happened but you were brought back into consciousness after hearing the shrilling scream of your father.

“WHO DID THIS TO MY DAUGHTER!!!” he demanded.

“I’m sorry my Lord. We don’t know how this could have happened. The last person to go into her room was…” you heard the hesitant voice of Lucius Malfoy come to a halt.

“Who Lucius?” your father calmly stated. Everyone that was in the room understood that the person to enter last into your room would be dead in a matter of minutes.

“It was me,” Draco stood up. “I’m the one who did this to her. All she wanted was for me to talk to her and I pushed her into killing herself. I’m sorry.” You could hear the guilt and the self- loathing in his words, as he drops to his knees and cries. You somehow find the strength to get up as you father raises his wand on him.

“NO!” you exclaim with all of your might.

“My love, you need rest. Lie down, he will never hurt you again, nor will his family,” Voldemort says as he tries to push you back to your laying position. When he raises his wand again, you run and shield Draco.

“I said no, father. Stop this!” you say while pushing his wand to the ground.

“Explain yourself” he demanded.

“This family has been there for me through everything. You left father, for all we knew you were dead. They didn’t have to care for me but they did. Even after I got sorted into Gryffindor they still let me into their house and treated me with respect. Draco may hate me father but please don’t kill him. There is no me without him,” you beg your father. Though you knew it was next to impossible you saw a brief flash of affection on his face. He was your father but you knew that he only kept you around so that you would be his heir, and carry out his legacy.

“Very well” he replied and swiftly apparated out of the mansion.

Mr. Malfoy was the first to speak, “Dear, we are going to leave you be, you need to rest. But thank you for saying that to your father.” And with that he left followed by his wife. You suddenly realized that you were still holding on to Draco. You let go and quickly stand you only to be hit with a wave of dizziness. Thankfully Draco was there to catch you before you fell to the ground. Without saying anything he picked you up bridle- style and laid you back on you bed.

“I’m sorry” he muttered as tears fall down his pale cheeks.

“For what Draco?” you ask venom dripping in your words. Sure you just defended him but he didn’t talk to you, didn’t acknowledge your existence for five long years. You weren’t going to let him get away easy. “For not acknowledging my existence or for not speaking to me for five years and then finally managing to say that I am filth?”

You closed your eyes and continued because the look Draco was giving you made you want to forget everything and hold him. “Are you sorry that you didn’t stand up for me during school? Are you sorry that you pretended not to see me crying as I walked out of the Great hall every single morning for two years? Are you sorry that you let that toad Pansy push me down? Or are you sorry that you kissed her right after she did that? Maybe you’re sorry that you joined in when literally everyone accused me of putting Potter’s name into the goblet. Or maybe you’re sorry about that interview you gave to Rita Skeeter on how much of a messed up child I am? Please explain to me what you are sorry about?!?!?!”

You struggle to breathe as all of the disappointing, depressing memories come crashing back. “Are you sorry that you loved me?” You whisper- out partly hoping that he wouldn’t hear, being afraid of the response you would get.

“NO!” he screamed, you jump at the sound of his voice. He has never taken that tone with you. When your fearful eyes meet his, he turns away and heads for the door. Typical, you think to yourself. He was going to walk out on you and never talk to you again. To your surprise he goes to the door only to lock it and comes back. “I’m sorry. I am so very sorry. For not standing up for you, for not consoling you when you cried, for letting Pansy push you, for kissing her after she did that, for joining in while the school accused you, for the interview. I am so sorry. I was a bumbling idiot. When you were sorted into Gryffindor, it was a shock. I didn’t know how to talk to you, it was like there was possibly a whole side of you that I didn’t know about. But after a while of thinking it made sense to me on why the sorting hat chose to place you into Gryffindor. You never were the type of person that sought out power. You didn’t want to be known for who your father was, you wanted to be accepted for who you were. And not to mention you are one of the bravest people alive, you always stood for what you believed in and were eager to help others even when you were a child. It only made sense that you were placed into Gryffindor. The shock wore off and I was going to start speaking to you but then I became a stupid child, I became afraid, I didn’t know how to speak to you. By that time, I was already getting the reputation of being the Slytherin prince. I wanted to be powerful and that consumed my mind so much. I wanted to hurt everyone and anyone that hurt you but I didn’t because that would have broken my reputation. I wanted more than anything to help you, to console you, to hold you. I didn’t try hard enough, I never tried hard enough to reach you. I should have tried to reach you, and now I pushed you to the point of suicide. I don’t deserve you, I don’t deserve your love, your kindness, your time. But I want you to know that I never have nor will I ever be sorry for being in love with you. I love you, and nothing will ever change that. I am so sorry for everything that I did. I hope someday you will forgive me and I will do whatever it takes to gain your forgiveness,” He finishes in one breath and finally looks at your tear stained face. Without saying another word, he gets up and makes sure you are lying in a comfortable position and turns to leave. You grab hold of his hand and look at him, understanding what you need he laid down with you, engulfing you in an embrace. You whispered an ‘I love you’ to him thinking that he was asleep only to have him squeeze you closer to his chest, and you go to sleep smiling into his chest.

Maybe you weren’t ready to forgive him, but you never stopped loving him.

Draco Malfoy x Muggle Girl
  • Draco x Muggle Girl
  • Draco Malfoy walked the streets of London. He was far away from the Malfoy Mansion and his family.
  • The boy had a lot on his mind, he was torn between what is right and wrong. Draco was sure he is a bad person, doing terrible things and that he is just like his father. He didn't realize he couldn't be someone else even if he wanted to. Lucius and Narcissa tried their best to raise him in a proud pureblood wizard, worth of his family name.
  • But Draco Malfoy wasn't a bad guy. No one who doubts in his actions and questions if he did a right thing or not could ever be a terrible person.
  • The truth was, Draco wasn't the saint, not even close, tho he tried his best to be better in the past few weeks.
  • Why? Maybe because he felt this guilt inside him.
  • One can only imagine what Draco went through his years. He couldn't betray his family name, his father and aunt Bellatrix were both Death Eaters and Draco knew long ago, he will be asked to join them once. Not like he had a choice, if he turned them down, he'd not only risk his own life, but his parents too.
  • And now Draco was wondering, he knew the day of him becoming a Death Eater was coming close.
  • He made a few steps down an empty street. The houses were nothing like those of the wizards, muggle's have quite of a strange taste, he thought.
  • It was a beautiful and peaceful day in July, the weather was perfect and it seemed like everything in the world is going just fine. But it didn't.
  • Draco took a deep breath as he sat on the bench in the park. He was looking at his feet, while his hands rested on his knees.
  • Silence was broken by a laughter which made Draco look up from the ground.
  • His eyes searched across the trees until they landed on a girl, not far away from him. The girl was smiling, her eyes were full of happiness, something what Draco's missed for a long time.
  • Everything on the muggle girl spoke she wasn't a witch. She wore short jeans and white Chuck Taylor's and Draco couldn't help but admit the red shirt she was wearing really complimented her long (y/h/c) hair.
  • The girl laughed again, as a dog brought her a tennis ball. She picked it up and threw it in Draco's direction.
  • And then it hit Draco's head. It didn't hurt pretty much, but still Draco rubbed the side of his head while he stood up.
  • The girl's eyes widened.
  • "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" She shouted as she rushed to Draco.
  • "Are you okay? I really didn't mean to throw it at you." She spoke softly.
  • As she was closer, Draco noticed her beautiful (y/e/c) eyes and a few freckles spread across her nose and cheeks.
  • She was pretty, he thought.
  • "Um, it's okay." Draco blurred out. He picked up a green ball, turning it around and watching it closely.
  • He saw that for the first time in life, until then he only knew for the Quidditch balls.
  • He went to pass her the ball, but before he could do that the dog jumped on him.
  • "Marley! Stop it, leave him alone." The girl shouted as Marley winged his tail, looking at Draco.
  • Draco smiled and patted his soft fur.
  • "I'm (y/n)." The girl spoke suddenly and Draco looked up from Marley.
  • "..I'm Draco." He smiled.
  • "That's your name?" She questioned and then Draco reminded his name wasn't used in the muggle world.
  • "Yeah, um it's kind of a nickname.."
  • "" The girl said and smiled again.
  • From her eyes to her mouth there was this positivity she had, the kind Draco has never seen before. Like she was smiling all the time and couldn't stop.
  • "Is this your dog?" Draco asked.
  • "Yes, I found him two years ago on Christmas. Someone must have had abandoned him and then I took him home. We're inseparable ever since." (y/n) said.
  • Draco smiled. "Do you live near here?"
  • (Y/n) nodded. "Just around the corner. But I never seen you around here."
  • "Yeah, well I'm from Wiltshire." Draco replied.
  • You nodded. You looked up at him, in his eyes. He was different from you and all others you have met. He smelt of peppermint and warm ocean breeze. Draco, even his name was strange, beautiful, but strange just as him.
  • "Are you visiting someone here, or..."
  • "No, no I just wanted to get away from.."
  • Silence. Draco was out of words, should he tell a total stranger about his family? What he feels? Would she judge him? Think he's a coward and arrogant?
  • As his gaze fell, your lips curled in a slight smile. He wasn't shy, you thought, he was more of a thinker and a loner. The one who keeps their mind for themself and reveals nothing to the world. You suddenly realized he was hurt. In his eyes you could see the sadness and despair.
  • "I understand," you spoke, "I to get away from time to time too."
  • Draco looked up at you and smiled.
  • "Care to join me and Marley on a walk?"
  • Draco nodded "I'd be glad to." He replied and you two continued on walking.
  • Draco told you about his strict parents, about his doubts and fears. You realized all people he told you about had strange names and it felt like Draco lived in another world. Yet, you understood him. You could feel what he felt. Fear or letting other people down, fear of disapproval and not becoming what you want to be. The person who you really are.
  • "Sometimes," Draco said "the greatest fear of mine, is being myself."
  • His eyes were staring up in the sky, like they were looking for something.
  • He then sighed and gave you a broken smile.
  • "You shouldn't be afraid of who you are and what you fear, Draco. Even if you did bad things, that doesn't make you a bad person."
  • The two of you continued on walking, talking about your families, friends and the world around you. Draco was very sweet and nice person and even if he told you he wasn't you truly believed he was.
  • It was getting darker, you and Draco forgot about the time and stars already appeared in the sky.
  • "I'm really glad I met you." Draco said.
  • Marley sat at his legs, looking up and begging for his attention. "Both of you." Draco added and patted your dog.
  • "The pleasure is ours Mr. Malfoy." You said and he chuckled.
  • "I hope I see you around (y/n)."
  • You nodded slightly. You too, hoped on seeing him again. But there was this feeling that you won't.
  • Again Draco's gaze fell, but this time he wasn't silent.
  • "You are the only one that thinks there is something good in me. I appreciate that, (y/n), really. You are the kindest person I have ever met."
  • That gave you chills. It wasn't the typical compliment one gives you when you first meet him. You smiled at him before you spoke "I'm sure I'm not the only one, Draco. And you really are a good person. I feel...I feel like I've known you for years. And I believe there is more good than evil in you."
  • The street lights went on and there was only you, Draco and Marley. It was like a dream, standing there, looking up at Draco who looked like he was made in heaven.
  • You couldn't believe how someone like him felt so bad about himself. Why couldn't he see what you saw.
  • "There should be more people like you. At least there where I come from. But today, here with you, I felt so much better. Like I'm in another world." Draco spoke.
  • His eyes were telling he was being completely honest to you and you were honored.
  • You took his cold hands in your warm ones and your heart was no longer the center of your body, but in that moment every conscious part of you was in the hand that Draco held.
  • "We cast a shadow on something wherever we stand, and it is no good moving from place to place to save things; because the shadow always follows. Choose a place where you won't do harm - yes, choose a place where you won't do very much harm, and stand in it for all you are worth, facing the sunshine." You said, before you let go of his hands, knowing well you will never see him again, even tho every single inch of you hoped that you will.
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“Draco Malfoy grew up as an only child at Malfoy Manor, the magnificent mansion in Wiltshire which had been in his family’s possession for many centuries. From the time when he could talk, it was made clear to him that he was triply special: firstly as a wizard, secondly as a pure-blood, and thirdly as a member of the Malfoy family.”