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When Scorpius felt like it was time for him to propose to Rose, he couldn’t decide how to. He was thinking of planning something big for her; maybe while she was at work or in front of her entire family. He wanted people to know how much he loved her and that’s why he decided to propose to her in private. He knew she wouldn’t like being the center of attention and this would show how much he really loved her, by thinking about what she would want. He decided to ask her in the comfort of theirnown apartment. He made her a delicious breakfast complimented with her favourite drink, hot chocolate. He charmed her spoon to say, in bright shiny letters, “Will you marry me?”. When she noticed what the spoon said, she was shocked and Scorpius took that time to say his speech.
He told her how beautiful she was and how she completes him and every other cliche thing he writes poems about. Of course Rose said yes but before she was able to kiss him, Scorpous said one more thing “Really? I know the Malfoy name is tainted and I understand if you would like to keep your surname,
 hell, I’ll even take yours and whenever we have children, they too can be Weasleys. But I -”. He was interrupted by Rose kissing him, “Scorpius I would be honoured to become Mrs. Rose Malfoy. You - and your father - have helped restore and bring honour back to the Malfoy name. We - and whenever we have children, them as well - will carry the name proudly and build a new persona with it.”

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