"ground rules"
  • Draco: Nothing's going to change, okay Potter?
  • Harry: *kisses his head* Mhm
  • Draco: we're still going to pretend we absolutely hate each other
  • Harry: *nips his ear* yep
  • Draco: just because we're exclusive to each other doesn't mean i'm giving you preferential treatment
  • Harry: *nuzzles his neck* of course
  • Draco: You need to keep at least a three foot radius away from me
  • Harry: *steps back* Like this?
  • Draco: What? No. What are you doing? Get back here and keep kissing me.
On days Harry drinks a bit too much
  • Harry: *drunk* M-MaLFOY!
  • Draco: *pauses in the doorway, startled* Harry? Yeah?
  • Harry: *glares* y-you...YOU, WHAT are yOU DOING in mY HOUSE
  • Draco: *stares* Harry, you should go to bed
  • Harry: Malfoyy how th E HELL did you LSYTHERIN get into my HOUSE
  • Draco: Harry, love, we've been married for the past seven years.
  • Harry: *gasps in shock*
Because the Malfoys love the Potters
  • Scorpius: Takes a deep breath.
  • Scorpius: Takes a step forwards.
  • Scorpius: Clears his throat.
  • Scorpius: "Dad... I'm gay..."
  • Draco: "I know"
  • Scorpius: blinks "For Potter"
  • Draco: "I know"
  • Scorpius: "But... how did you know?"
  • Draco: Smirks. "Because I loved my Potter before you loved your Potter"
Draco probably all the time
  • Draco: How is Harry, do you think? Is he in class right now? Is he in his room? The library? With friends? Is he happy and occupied? Is he bored? Is he hungry, maybe thirsty? Is he mentally at peace? Is he having a conversation? Pondering with himself? Is he okay?
  • Harry: *walks past him, breathing*
  • Draco: literally shut the fuck up, potter
1. “Joanne K Rowling is dead”

One day, when we are all old and moving on with our lives, the news is going to come and throw us twenty years into the past. Our past. Things we have forgotten will suddenly become vivid memories- The password to that Tumblr account, the skype friends, the head canons, the fanfiction..

When the news comes, you’ll be with your kids, and you’ll cry harder than you have in your entire life. Because while you are mourning the author, you are also mourning a part of your soul, the part that misses the world you created for yourself around these books, like the writing and the friendships and how raw every single emotion felt because these books taught you how to feel like a part something, because we were a family. And we still are.

When the news comes, you’ll leave the room, your confused children following you to make sure you’re okay. You’ll go into your attic, where there’s a box with everything Potter related that got sealed away for convenience. It’ll now have a permanent spot in your home. 

You pick your house scarf out of the box and wrap it round your neck and you smile through the tears. You hand your kids jumpers with the crest on them and tell them to put them on, before taking the books that made you who you are today and telling your kids that “it’s time for a story” and as you retell the story for the thousandth time, you fall in love with the characters all over again and pass on this feeling to your children. You pass on the legacy.

That night, you let out one more tear and a smile and say your final goodbyes to Joanne Rowling, the woman who wrote. You sleep comforted with the thought that she’s with Lupin and Tonks, Lily and James, Sirius and Fred. And that night? You are not alone, because thousands of adults cry together,  holding the same nine words close to their hearts.

“Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home”