Trump's allies building case to oust consumer protection head

Allies of President Donald Trump are building a legal case for ousting Richard Cordray, the director of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau who one court called “the single most powerful official” in government after the president.

Cordray has long been in the cross hairs of free-market conservatives and lawyers, and now some are informally compiling a dossier that would give Trump cover to fire him, should he choose to do so, for “inefficiency, neglect of duty, or malfeasance.” Those are the only conditions under which the director can be removed.

Cordray’s supporters are itching for that fight. Firing him would ignite a political fuse that could cause more damage than it’s worth to his foes. Even some Trump advisers are ambivalent about the idea, saying it might be easier to live with Cordray until his term expires in July 2018.

“There has been talk of getting rid of Cordray, but I think they’re trying to figure out what they can do and what [Trump] will actually go along with,” said a person close to the administration.

Lawyers who say they’re providing guidance to the White House declined to comment for the record or be identified, citing confidences with people connected to the administration. They say they’re responding to questions from those people but won’t say who they are.

Ejecting Cordray could be especially risky for a president who campaigned against Wall Street and vowed to protect the economic interests of working Americans, rhetoric that aligns closely with the CFPB’s mission. The bureau — the brainchild of Elizabeth Warren that was created by the landmark Dodd-Frank Act — is popular with Trump voters, and its enforcement of consumer-protection laws has returned $11.7 billion to people harmed by banks, credit card companies and mortgage companies.

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Serial killer Carroll Edward Cole was born on May 9, 1938, and was the first person executed by lethal injection in Nevada, on December 6, 1985. Cole was convicted of 13 lust homicides, but by his own admission, the full number was more like 34 or 35. The Carroll Cole case is very significant as a demonstration of the failure of the criminal justice system. While there were numerous instances of malfeasance in the case, the true culprit was a system that lacked contemporary technology. Cole committed dozens, if not hundreds, of crimes, in addition to the murders, throughout the United States. He was convicted in numerous local, state and federal jurisdictions, but was commonly a first offender because of the lack of a central depository of criminal behaviour.

Carroll Edward Cole was the third child of Laverne and Vesta Cole. The Great Depression forced Laverne Cole to move his family west in search for work. While the West Coast was the goal, Laverne found work in Richmond at the Kaiser Shipyard. Laverne joined the armed forces with the United State’s entry into World War II. Vesta enjoyed the ‘company’ of other men during her husbands absence, and would require Carroll to visit their home while she participated in extramarital affairs. Carroll was sown to secrecy under the threat of severe beatings. Best was physically and emotionally abusive of Carroll. She would dress him up in one of his sister’s frilly dresses, refer to him as her little girl, tease him about his feminine name, and make him serve refreshments to guests she invited to the family home. Vesta, in violation of California law, also refused to send Carroll to school. At an early age, a young female acquaintance aggressively knocked Carroll to the ground and sat on his face. When Besta observed the activity she pulled the girl off of Carroll and then proceeded to strike him in the face as if he was the aggressor rather than the victim. In a rage, Carroll crawled beneath the porch where he found and strangles a puppy.

WOY Villain Leaderboard 2/8/17

As of the time of this post there were 52 contenders on this rankings round of the Leaderboard. Remember that this is generated using totally real and legit science, and we’re all here for the fun, and to #SaveWOY.

  1. Sir Bradly Starlight
  2. Rongruffle
  3. Countess Slugula
  4. A Potted Plant
  5. Dr. Screwball Jones
  6. Greg
  7. Kragthar of Kraaaaagtttthh
  8. Miss Incendiary
  9. Hexsiral Dreemuer
  10. The Knight Mare
  11. Eliza Stipe
  12. Captain Novo
  13. Bunny T Marchenhaft
  14. Sketch
  15. King Vortex
  16. Mandrake the Malfeasant
  17. The Schmartians
  18. Ted From Accounting
  19. The Twins
  20. Not Pirate Nel
  21. Emperor Calamity
  22. Jamie
  23. Mistress Myrna
  24. Azolla the Plant Villain
  25. Empress Plum
  26. SuperNova
  27. The Night Mayor
  28. Styx Asterope
  29. Ryba Alameda
  30. Mono
  31. Lord Hater
  32. The Scuzzbuckets
  33. Mr. Slick
  34. Emperor Awesome
  35. Jeffrey the Terrible Liar
  36. General McGuffin
  37. Swifty and Delilah Hare
  38. Jinx the Star Nomad
  39. Little Bits
  40. Those Two Guys From That Time
  41. Linda Whiskers
  42. Sourdough the Evil Sandwich
  43. Princess Cellophania
  44. Kairos Khan
  45. Killbot 86
  46. Mempha
  47. Clockwork
  48. Gentleman Tooth
  49. Obsidian
  50. Conqueror
  51. O'Yojimbo
  52. Iggy Starbeam and the Maltars of Flarn

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Sir Bradly Starlight

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Busy busy working away on the Tangled TV Series but it’s fun to take a quick break and look back at some art from Wander Over Yonder Season 2!  Here’s some Character Development and model Sheets for Mandrake the Malfeasant, Stella Starbella, and Mittons from the episode, “The Loose Screw”.  Craig @crackmccraigen had the genius idea to bend Mandrake’s back in that funky 90 degree angle and Super director Eddie Trigueros @atalkingmagpie really honed in on what Starbella’s final design would look like in his board.  


This scene was brilliantly played, so much better than Redemptions “do it!” It’s calm and emotionless on the surface level but Data is extremely concerned for Geordi and it seeps through. It wasn’t enough that the E-band emission patterns were made for his VISOR, he had to go back and gather more evidence, and when the evidence pointed to Romulan malfeasance Data understood how they had coopted his friend….

Johnny Depp Claims Ex-Business Managers Are Taking a ‘Blame the Victim’ Strategy Over His Financial Woes

Johnny Depp is firing back at his former management team over their claims his financial woes are all his fault, according to a statement by Depp’s attorney, Adam Waldman.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star claims his former business team, The Management Group (TMG), “have chosen to employ a reprehensible ‘blame the victim’ strategy in a transparent attempt to save their own skin and deflect away from their malfeasance, which is chronicled in Mr. Depp’s 48 page complaint.”

“Mr. Depp did not sue his former business managers for his own personal investment decisions or the ‘financial distress’ they wildly allege — Mr. Depp sued them for fraud and multiple breaches of their fiduciary duty, among other claims,” Waldman continues. “Gaslighting the public with global press releases will not save the defendants in court from their gross misconduct set forth in the complaint.”

anonymous asked:

Hi: Are you familiar with the concept of spiritual abuse? How would you know if something is spiritually abusive? Is it spiritually abusive to twist scripture to attempt to silence people who disagree with you politically or silence people who are saying we need equal rights? Specifically using 1 Peter 3:10 to try and condemn those standing and saying things in the political culture are wrong?

Hi! I get the feeling someone pulled out 1 Peter 3:10 out on you in a political argument?

Spiritual abuse is a thing, but it’s not any form of misquoting scripture. Spiritual abuse is specifically using spiritual authority one has over someone to convince them about things that God says or does in order to increase the power said authority has. Spiritual abuse is the pastor ordering the abuse victim to forgive, the bishop paying off victims of sexual molestation, etc. It’s a matter of authority and using that spiritual authority for malfeasance. And that frequently involves the misuse of scripture.

But we shouldn’t term arguments in which people pull out Scripture to condemn as necessarily spiritually abusive. Shitty and a bad argument? Yeah, but I’d hesitate to say it’s abusive.

Donald Trump’s changes to Russia technology sanctions aren’t as shady as they sound
The Treasury Department today announced vague changes to sanctions issued against the Russian government for alleged election-related hacks. The move raised fears that Donald Trump — who likely benefited from the election malfeasance — was moving away from the United States’ stance toward Russia. At a glance, the document released is strange: it’s titled “Authorizing Certain Transactions with the Federal Security Service,” mentions “information technology products,” and is heavy on policy jargon. Read more

With a few notable exceptions, the men who drafted the American Constitution were much more concerned about the excesses of power than getting things done. They threaded it with checks and balances that made it easy for a determined opposition to stop any agenda. They considered parties to be an inherent evil.

Once they stepped down from the picture frame and walked into the hurly-burly of actual political life, though, the founding fathers spent much of their time hiring professional slanderers to accuse one another of treason, malfeasance and perversion.

Nor did they stop at libel. When their dominance was threatened, John Adams and his Federalists passed the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, which tried to limit immigration and made malicious criticism of the president a felony. Thomas Jefferson’s Democratic-Republicans responded with the doctrine of “nullification,” claiming the right of the states to simply ignore any national laws they thought infringed on their sovereignty.

The political was always personal and often dangerous. Election Days regularly turned to violence and shivaree; one such extravaganza in Baltimore may have cost Edgar Allan Poe his life. (One theory holds that he was kidnapped and plied with liquor by a political faction that wanted him to vote again and again as a “repeater.”) Debate was vigorous, but unilluminating. The Federalist congressman Roger Griswold of Connecticut once attacked his Republican colleague, Matthew Lyon of Vermont, with a wooden cane, beating him about the head on the floor of the House. Lyon, later jailed under the Sedition Act, defended himself by grabbing a pair of iron tongs out of the fireplace.

Politicians of the highest rank — DeWitt Clinton, Sam Houston, Andrew Jackson — routinely fought duels, and sometimes murdered one another. In the most infamous incident, as any fan of the Broadway show “Hamilton” can tell you, Aaron Burr, then the sitting vice president (spoiler alert) shot and killed Alexander Hamilton, one of the architects of our liberty.

Things tended to get done only when one party, like the Federalists or the Whigs, was driven almost entirely out of government — and then what was done created new resentments and stalemates. Hamilton and the Federalists established a central bank in 1791, only to see James Madison and the Republicans let its charter expire in 1811, throwing the country into financial turmoil. Madison re-established a central bank five years later, only to see Jackson and his Democrats let its charter expire again, 20 years later, setting off a horrific depression.

Political leaders added huge sections of land to the Union, by purchase or conquest, only to see slave owners and yeoman farmers bitterly contest control over them. The Constitution had been written to accommodate slavery, but slavery further bolstered the gridlock already written into the system.

Young America was a nation possessed of immense energies but no compass, always threatening to sail off into chaos.
Feds Look to Seize 'Wolf of Wall Street' Rights as Part of Malaysian Corruption Action
A complaint filed by the government discusses money to Martin Scorsese's company and who Leonardo DiCaprio thanked during the Golden Globes.

so it turns out the money used to make wolf of wall street (and daddy’s home, and dumb and dumber to) was stolen from a malaysian sovereign wealth fund (an instrument set up by governments to prevent an influx of money from oil extraction from overinflating the economy and make sure it’s invested reasonably and slowly) by the prime minister’s stepson, who used his $238 million to become a hollywood movie producer. ofc that’s exactly how a film about financial malfeasance would be made in this day and age: through financial malfeasance. and even better, they’re using as proof the fact that dicaprio thanked the prime minister’s stepson by name at an awards ceremony.


When you observe a friend, loved one, or acquaintance contemplate an act against The State take a baton and smack their most available hand.  They will know that you are aware of their potential transgression and do not approve.  Most likely a CCTV will have recorded the act if your personal systems are down, and you will not be implicated when your fellow is inevitably arrested and interrogated.

It is acceptable to turn the other cheek in the presence of corporate malfeasance as most individuals lack the resources to scold corporate entities without financial retribution. The most you can do is wear clothing with the corporate logo covered in a red X indicating your displeasure with the company.

Should a machine make you cross it is perfectly acceptable to rip any approximate of an appendage from its “body.”  It may file a grievance with the local hive mind authority, but in most cases The State will nullify any judgments against humans and transhumans.