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Witch Bottle

History of the Witch Bottle:

In the early times, Witch Bottles were designed to protect homes against malicious witchcraft. They were commonly made around Samhain to protect the home from evil spirits. The witch bottle was commonly made up of glass, pottery, pins and nails. Sometimes, the maker would include his own urine to link the magick to the home and the family with in it. They were used as far back as the 1600’s! Witch Bottles are said to be of English origin.

Purpose of the Witch Bottle:

The Witch Bottle provides the home with protection from negative entities, the evil eye, or any malevolent spells by sending the negativity back to it’s caster.

How to make one:

Step 1: Find a Glass Bottle or Jar.

Step 2: Decorate the bottle with ribbons, feathers, charms, and crystals that are associated with protection.

Colors that symbolize protection: Black, White, Blue, Red

Charms that symbolize protection: Horseshoes, arrowheads, eye of horus, four leaf clover, snakes, scarab beetle, scorpion, unicorn, pentagram, raven, seal of solomon, Thor’s hammer, celtic knots/crosses, bells, etc.

Crystals for protection: Amber, Agate, Cat’s eye, Carnelian, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Onyx, Pearls, Quartz, Topaz, Turquoise

Feathers for protection: Black feathers, Blue feathers, White Feathers.

Step 3: Fill it with sharp, rusty, and pointy object. (Handle these objects with gloves and proper care!)

Feel free to add protective herbs as well.

Objects you can put in your witch bottle: Barb wire, mirrors, glass shards, bent and rusty nails, thorns, pins, fish hooks, a tangle of string, salt, needles, razor blades.

Step 4: Add an item that was once a part of yourself and can be used to symbolize yourself.

Such as: Blood or urine which is pretty gross and I definitely would not recommend. Instead add hair, nail clippings, menstrual blood, etc.    

Step 5: Seal the top with black candle wax. You may also say a chant while doing this.

Step 6: Bury it somewhere inside your property or hide it somewhere in your home.  

Your Witch bottle is complete!

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Academy==

Cage of Fire Spell

Many witches hold that your actions return to you threefold. I myself have never believed this, having never witnessed anything of the sort born out in reality. Nevertheless, the idea of reaping what one sows is powerful, and most people have some concept of it in their minds. This makes it an excellent concept to utilize in defensive magick.

With this spell, you can create magically-induced consequences for a person’s malevolent actions. The spell will only take effect if the person continues their abhorrent behavior. If they do, it provides immediate repercussions that are difficult to ignore. Ultimately, the person will hopefully make the connection between the misfortune they’re experiences and their own behavior, and change their ways.

  • Large Pepper.
  • Tobacco (or another baneful herb that you’re comfortable using)
  • Sharp nails or other pointy objects
  • Something to represent the target
  • A small pouch or bottle.
  • Gloves
  • Plastic wrap or a container

Don gloves to keep the pepper and tobacco at bay!

Begin by cutting the top off the pepper in such a way that it can be replaced like a lid. Then, hollow out the pepper as best you can, taking care to leave it as intact as possible. Then, very carefully, begin to line the edges of the pepper with the tobacco, packing it into the crevices as best you can to create a small layer of the herb just along the inside of the pepper. Be sure to leave the center of the pepper relatively clear.

Now, put the taglock inside the pouch or bottle.

Gently place the bottle containing the taglock into the center of the pepper. Add more baneful herbs to cover and surround it, stuffing the pepper until it is mostly full. Then, close it up by putting the top back on the pepper.

Next, take the nails and, with slow deliberation, stick them into the flesh of the pepper one by one, but be sure not to press too hard and damage the pepper. Once you have four or five nails stuck into it, you can begin empowering the spell.

Hold the pepper carefully and visualize the spell’s target as existing within a cage made of flames. They are quite safe within the cage, but if they move from it or attempt to strike at you again, they’ll surely be devoured. Once you have this image fixed in your mind, imagine the essence of it flowing out of your hands and into the pepper. Your spell is cast.

Disposing of the pepper and everything in it can be tricky. When I performed this spell as a teenager,  I saved the pepper for a few weeks in a safe place,  then buried it pepper in the forest near my college. This allowed the natural effects of decomposition to take effect, thus putting a realistic time limit on the spell and not turning it into some kind of life sentence within a fiery prison. There are ecological issues to consider, as well, though, and if you are not comfortable burying it, you might simply throw it away after the spell has produced the necessary effects.

Vanquishing Spell

This spell is used to banish or vanquish harmful spirits, demons, or other malevolent forces.

This spell should be performed under sunlight or under moonlight. Whichever your prefer will work fine. 

Materials needed: 

  • Pen and paper
  • A candle 
  • A cauldron 
  • Bowl of water

1. Cast a circle for safety reasons. (For a how-to guide, click here)

2. Write down the name or draw a picture of your intended target. If you don’t know the name, you can write down a generic title (i.e. “Harmful Spirit)

3. Say this incantation: 

“By the power of the sun, and the forces of the moon, become one in our quest to open the doors to the Shadowlands. Let our light illuminate the eternal night, and leave no corner untouched so that we may vanquish our enemies from the darkness that hides them. 

4. Set the paper on fire, and toss it in the cauldron to let it burn. Have the water nearby to put out the fire if necessary. 

5. When the fire is out, the spell is cast. You may now close the circle. 

I like to think about Shadow politics and culture and the like. I’ve realized that I’ve been making a list of things to do (or not do) when negotiating with a Shadow dragon. (ie. the entire Lumerae Royal family and a good 1/5 of its upper nobility)

  • Look them in the eye. The purple eyes are a strong reminder of the deceptive nature of the Shadow flight. While well-known dragons can’t get away with the very popular illusions that alter eye color, they can weave spells that divert attentions away from these reminders of what you’re dealing with.
    • If you have difficulty looking them in the eye or remembering exactly what color they were, they’re shady. Be on guard.
    • On the other hand, a Shadow dragon that doesn’t enchant their eyes at all is either very confident, friendly, or both.
      • On the other other hand, it could be a ploy to get your guard down. Stay wary.
  • Keep an eye on the hands, and try to see all sides of them. Forearms too, preferably, but this is much more difficult to do without being blatantly rude. The hands and forearms can conceal weapons and spells.
    • However, most nobility and royalty do arm and ward themselves very well. It is not immediately offensive if there are malevolent runes and spell circles inscribed upon the their skin. Just try to guess the range and trajectory of those spells, and stay out of the way.
  • Inspect jewelry as close as possible, and keep an eye on the number of jewels. Cliché it may be, but some poisons polish to a pretty sheen and also dissolve nicely into most drinks.
  • Watch where the other steps. A Shadow dragon that stays in the open and positions themselves away from as many objects as possible is hiding something, especially if negotiations are expected to take a long time. A Shadow illusionist only uses their solid illusions when contact is inevitable, as these illusions consume much more energy. Solid objects can break or phase through flimsy illusions.
  • Listen very carefully to the wording of any agreements. Know your synonyms and homophones, especially if you’re speaking. Exploitation of loopholes is a Shadow specialty.
  • Watch your mannerisms and be careful to be polite. Shadow dragons are quick to take offense and viciously petty.
    • The clever ones would also use any slight to push the negotiations in their favor.
  • Stay aware of your pockets. Don’t leave important things lying around. If you absolutely must put something out, make sure you keep track of it.
    • That includes living things by the way. Hostage situations are very messy, and the gorgeous entourage might just be taking the focus away from the footpads and soldiers.
  • Try to hold meetings someplace dim. It’s only polite.
  • Never assume you know what a Shadow dragon is talking about when their speech is anything but literal.
  • Actually, never assume anything.

So last night, I played a show with Malevolent Spells, Struve (strike to survive), Alaska, State Faults, and Ceremony, all in my living room. It was probably one of the craziest and best shows I’ve ever been to / put on. Thanks to all of the bands that played, and people that came. I’m so happy that this happened on Jimmie and my anniversary, too. Best year and five months ever.

Curses of the Bomoh

Djengges: where a half circle of food offerings, including opium and incense and weapons in the form of nails, glass and needles. The dukun then chants a spell and actually asks spirits to embed the items in the victim’s stomach.

Gendam : A dukun will incant the target’s name so that a spell is thrown, where the target cannot rest until they are cured by another dukun. This ritual involves the dukun chanting the name of the person he wants to summon.

Naruga: The dukun implants an emotional suggestion in the victim. It may be benevolent such as a love spell, or malevolent- causing the target to murder someone else.

Santet: The dukun causes the target to have chronic diarrhea.

Sirep: The dukun causes people to fall under a deep, unshakable slumber.

Tenung: This ritual involves creating a half circle of food offerings, including opium and incense, while chanting for the destruction of the victim. The target suffers headaches, vomiting and illness until remedied by another dukun.

Susuk: The dukun implants a metal needle in the patient body (mostly woman). This needle must be chanted first. The dukun will use a spirit to implants the needle without wound. This needle will make the patient to be more sexually attractive in the eyes of men.