malevolent admiral

Olivia Coalwalker

Olivia Coalwalker was quite the character. The first time Zivandrya met the woman, she admired her malevolence. Someone was actually almost as devious as she was. The first intriguing comment was when Olivia warned Zivandrya that she could indeed, boil the eyes out of anyone she pleased. This sparked interest, and Zivandrya knew that Olivia was someone that she wanted in The Dreadwing Vultures. And, it happened. Zivandrya hasn’t regretted it since.

Olivia has been nothing but helpful and beneficial to the group. She’d offer to help Ziv more than most of the others would, which Zivandrya appreciated. She realized that aside from Olivia’s devious nature, she could be trusted. And, she was a bad ass, which just added to Zivandrya’s liking. I mean, boiling someone’s eyes out? Every time Olivia did this, a devious grin just danced across Zivandrya’s lips. 

Nonetheless, Zivandrya trusted the fire mage. She was not only amusing to her, but she was worth keeping around. Useful, beneficial, and quite entertaining, to say the least. Right down Zivandrya’s alley.