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DMV artist @brandonallenmusic recently released his lastet project If Anyone Was Listening.
An indie rap project that touches on love, race relations, the American scheme, and faith. This is track number two. UNISPIRED //LAST FIVE DAYS
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Anti: All male koreans think CL is ugly. She is the ugliest girl in the kpop industry. Her face is so plain without makeup.

Me: Ten bucks says you won’t last a second after saying that to an underground Korean male rapper. 

(But seriously though; have you guys noticed that most male idols that are CL fanboys used to be underground rappers? 

Ex; Ravi said CL was his ideal type, Zico’s feels were everywhere during CL’s performance and he said he wanted to collab with her, Baro said in an interview that he is a CL fan and at Inkigayo he wouldn’t get off that stage, and BYG was mentally labeled CL’s number one fanboy by a bunch of people after those fancams came out. Then there’s non-idol underground rappers like Dok2, Jay Park (he said that he has a thing for CL lately), The Quiett, and a bunch of others. Plus, there’s also Chanyeol who was never an underground rapper, but is still a rapper, and he said that CL was his role model. And E.Den, lc9’s rapper, said that he has a crush on CL after watching her SBS performance.

I’m not complaining though. I love when rappers fanboy over CL; it’s one of the cutest things in the world and makes me happy.)

^Not saying they’re all in love with her or anything, just that they’re CL fanboys.