House Of Montage - Interview with Martin Ahn for Spring/Summer collection 2012

House Of Montague is founded by Martin Ahn in Europe. With a great start House Of Montague strives to become an international known sneaker brand with emphasis on good design and quality. The debut collection consist of the first four styles Cecilie, Frederikke, Malene, and Rozanna, all named and inspired by the designer’s ex-girlfriends. We just love Martin’s creative design, quite unique in the market. Let’s have a look now!


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C: The button on the shoe lace of “Rozanna” we usually see them on fisherman pea coat, what inspire you to combine it on shoes?

M: I really like working with how we lace our shoes, the wooden buckles on Rozanna was inspired by the closing system on a backpack I have. Others as your self have pointed out that its like the pea coats buttons but originally that wasn’t the intention.

The use of that particular button came about when I was at the factory making the samples and the use of these buttons was the best suited solution for the design. The lacing system together with rubber sole gives one of the most classic shoe silhouettes for men a new and fresh look. What’s even better is that the customers are able to take them off when they wish to give the shoe a more formel look if needed.

Another detail that I love on this shoe is the padded heel protector giving the shoe are much more sneaker feel and look to it when they are worn.


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C: What inspire your design of “Frederikke” om this collection? The shoe lace looks outstanding on the shoes!

M: My initial starting point with this design came from a desert boot silhouette. I reworked it giving it a more fashion and avant garde look with the higher shaft and keeping the original two hole lacing from original desert boot. I am a big fan of tassels and thought of taking such an iconic detail from boatshoes and loafers, placing them on a completely different silhouette would be perfect. I think they complement the wrap around lacing and completing the look of the shoe.


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C: What is the idea of “Cecilie”? 

M: Cecilie is my take on the iconic tennis shoe silhouette, a very sleek low top with minimum panels. I love this silhouette and how it can be worn in a more formel setting but how the small details still signals that it’s a sneaker. Especially the padding around the quarter and toungue, this is more visible in the tone-in-tone version of the shoe. I incorporated the metal hinge to diversify the lacing system, again taking a iconic detail seen on hiking boots and incorporating it in a completely different type shoe and making it work.


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C: Could you introduce yourself to us? How long have you been designing shoes?

M: I am the founder and designer of House Of Montague, I started House Of Montague in April this year so we are currently waiting on releasing our debut collection this January. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, last year, where I studied Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries. I have been designing shoe for years as an interest but pursued it full time when a started the company.

C: Is the online store available soon? Any plans for your next project?

M: Online shop is open from the first week in January with our debut collection and we are shipping to most of the world. If people have any questions they are more than welcome to email us through our website. We are awaiting samples for AW 12 soon our follow up collection, we won’t be changing the styles but we are working with a lot of great leathers and color-schemes to give it an entire new look.

For more detail, visit their website and Facebook!

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