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You summed up my feelings completely, honestly. I played MaleMC to pair up with Lucina, and it was great because FemRobinxLucina is my jam... until the reminder that it's still him and I'm just pretending. But on another note; yes, the incest supports (and other inappropriate implications) are optional and can be ignored, but it doesn't make it ANY less problematic, and people telling everyone to just shrug it off or sweep it under the rug is a whole different issue...

hi anon, i’m also female robin/lucina trash to the point of being the writer of like 50% of its AO3 content. i was also one of the many(?) poor souls who made a male robin just to marry lucina while pining for female robin/lucina

while FE14′s hedging of same-gender marriage isn’t surprising, i’m not pleased with the fandom’s reaction being “oh, so good of them! they’re doing so good!”. it’s not even like we’re dealing with all “established” characters here because, hey, okay, i get that not every game is going to be dragon age 2 with everyone being bisexual! and not every game should necessarily be like that, since maybe with the size of fire emblem’s cast, having to write in believable supports for every possible pairing could make the writing suffer since it’d double the workload. who knows! i’m not a game developer!

but kamui is literally called the avatar. like robin, kamui is meant to be the player’s own special character. you project your choices onto kamui to the point of the game’s main gimmick/whatever you want to call it being “pick which family you side with”. why can’t i choose to have my kamui be gay? if the S-supports exist for the opposite gender kamui already, why can’t the same-gender kamui just be able to access the same supports?

it’s really sour to watch everyone celebrating nintendo’s “inclusiveness” when it honestly, one option locked behind a specific version feels worse than not having any options at all. it’s honestly kind of a bummer that everyone else gets to marry their favorite character when they initially thought they wouldn’t due to “oh, they’re family”. my dashboard has been lit up with various fans of the sibling characters being so glad they can marry them after all. whereas i… can’t marry my favorite character how i want. i have to pick as androgynous-looking of a voice/character build as i can and fake it out.