maleficent x ursula

  • Harry: From now on, we'll be using codenames. You can address me as Eagle One.
  • Harry: Mal, codename Been There, Done That.
  • Harry: Uma is Currently Doing That.
  • Harry: Gil is It Happened Once in a Dream.
  • Harry: Ben, codename If I Had to Pick an Auradon Kid.
  • Harry: Jay is……………Eagle Two.
  • Jay: Oh, thank God.
The Real Villain Of Descendants 2

If you really think about it, who is the real villain here??? First, the king disturbed Ursula from her peace and brought her back to life then basically punished her daughter for being born and keeping her on the isle (and the rest of the villain kids who went through the same thing) Secondly Mal who was best friends with Uma decided to prank her and humiliated Uma in front of everyone, turning them against each other, Third of all Mal who is really mean to Uma gets a chance to go to Aurodon while leaving the other villain kids nothing, while Mal enjoys her life as a princess. So the real Villains of descendants are the people of Aurodon including Mal and her Vks

The signs as 'Descendants' characters
  • Aries: Carlos
  • Taurus: Jay
  • Gemini: Lonnie
  • Cancer: Jane
  • Leo: Audrey
  • Virgo: Mal
  • Libra: Audrey
  • Scorpio: Ben
  • Sagittarius: Uma
  • Capricorn: Evie
  • Aquarius: Harry
  • Pisces: Gil