Binaural Microphone – Dummy head por Maledictis

Maledictis DIY – Binaural head rocks.

Well, so this is the latest creation, and one of the most exciting DIY projects I´ve done… Because I allways wanted a dummy head like Neuman´s, since I saw it and heard it… but allways thought it was a project which it will be never achieved unless I had the few grands you need to get of the already made ones…

Is not a 100% head, but 2 anatomic human ears built in ear canal (silicon), adapted in a chasis… as I dont want to be carrying with a head around :).

I also added a tripod mount screw on top, so I can adapt my camera and record video at the same time..

I feel it like a big achievement because it was a hard task at times. I faced many problemswith  the case and ear canals… also modifying the mic capsules (5mm diameter) as suggested in  and once it was plugged, and I realised how good it sounded… the smile in my face was like…

So I recently came across the need of bulding a normal omnidirectional mic for sound treatment, and found online very usefull information. Most of the projects needed a modification in the capsules in order to work at reasonable SPL levels without distorting, the mod can be found here in Siegfried Linkwitz.

I used some tools to help me hold the capsule and cut it… then solder two leads to it… some stressfull momments here…

One of the side projects I found was this, binaural recordingusing exactly the same capsules… so here we go!!

The capsules ar tiny, they have 2 of the is conected to the shield. So we have to cut the trace that is joining the pad to the chasis of the mic capsule and then solder the other pad to the shield.

So basically it is a stereo microphone set, with its own phantom supply voltage, so it can be pluged anywhere… Minidiscs, handy recorders, mixers, everything… It uses a 9 volt battery that should last a few years…

The whole science behind this is pretty amazing, it hapens the same than 3D image… Once your brain gets that information, it decodes it as if it was reallity, giving you deph impresion or in this case, 3D sound sensation…

By using 2 anatomically correct silicon human ear models, bulding an ear canals of 3cm (like real one) and adapting on them an omnidireccional microphone…  we will get a very close 3D sensation… it is definitely much much much better than a normal stereo setup as the sound is complitely surround.

Check the video for a sound test…

If you are interested in purchasing one or you need any more information do not hestitate in contacting me trough the contact section.

Hope you enjoy it!


I never get tired of this Masterpiece!

Si naciera de nuevo como hombre, sería un bajo..!



Amadeus: Mozart and Salieri write ‘Confutatis Maledictis’