Summer Holidays 2017 ☀️🌴🌊

Javi Martinez & Aline Brum: Athen, Ibiza

Thiago Alcantara & Julia Vigas: Barcelona, Sardinia

Jerome Boateng & Sherin Senler: Dubai

Mats & Cathy Hummels: Los Angeles, Las Vegas & Strasbourg (Mats)

Franck & Wahiba Ribery: Italy (Wahiba), Miam, New York

Arjen & Bernadien Robben: Miami

Thomas & Lisa Müller: Seychellen

Niklas Süle & Melissa: New York (Niklas was there probably Melissa too)

Sebastian & Elena Rudy: Dubai 

Arturo Vidal & Maria Teresa Matus: Munich, Crete

Robert & Anna Lewandowscy: Italy, Poland

Douglas Costa & Louise Ramos: Rio de Janeiro, Paris, New York

Kingsley Coman & Sephora Goignan: Paris

Manuel & Nina Neuer: Berlin, Greece & Maledives 

Joshua Kimmich & Lina Meyer: Africa 

#DMHelsinki (9.04.2017)

- Bill had black fingernails
- for his wedding Bill wants to wear a custom made creme coloured suit from Dior or Ralph Lauren
- Bill wants to get married on the Maledives but in the end his suit will depend on where he gets married
- all the boys think that Georg should get married soon
- Gustav said that he has 2nd family on tour with him and the rest of his family is fine, it’s working well even tho he’s on tour
- Bill says he’s happy to be on tour but happiness is something you always have to be working towards
- Pumba thinks he can swim but in reality Bill is always there to support him underneath his belly
- there will be a US tour at the end of the year
- in ten years they still want to make music, Bill wants to be alive and married
- the confetti machine didn’t work tonight and Georg joked that he sent the guy home who was responsible for that
- Bill liked Gustav’s wedding because he could wear nice clothes there
- Someone asked about US tour and Georg replied “soon.” Then the twins clarified it would be in the fall/winter.
- Someone asked who came up with the idea for the stage and they gave her a long reply. About how they had an early idea and how their first sketches were nothing like the end result. They present their idea to their team And then their lighting people tell them what they think and present their own ideas and then they work out the final result