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Top Shot: Morning Breaths

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A male deer in Richmond Park, London sends out a morning call. These calls demarcate territory and attract females. Photograph by Felix Morlan Gonzalez

Magickal Uses for Saffron

Planetary Association: Sun
Elemental Association: Fire
Gender: Male
Deities: Eos, Ashtoreth

Magickal Uses: Clairvoyance, divination Other magickal uses: cleansing, commanding, consecration, exorcism, healing, magic, psychic development, purification, spell-breaking, weather (raises wind)

Saffron is added to potions and sachets designed for inciting love or lust. It may also be added to healing spells and an infusion made from it for ritually washing the hands before healing ceremonies. The infusion may be drunk in moderate doses to increase psychic ability and to reduce mild depression.

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