Small CC Dump

First up are the shirts that I made for my transgender sim, Orson. A few people wanted them, so I added a few extra swatches today so I could release them. All of the designs were found on, exept for two or three, but I can’t remember where I found them right now. There’s 7 designs on a white and a black tee-shirt, making 14 total swatches with custom catalogue icons.

Second, we have t-shirts that I made with these beautiful pride dragon designs that the absolutely lovely, @kaenith, gave me permission to use. The sexualities and genders included are listed on the photo above. I’m very sorry if yours is missing, but these are the only designs they offered, as the series is complete. They do have an Umbrella pride design to represent the community as a whole, however. These have custom catalogue icons, as well.

I added these as a completely last minute thing, but Kaenith offers their designs for sale on Redbubble and Teepublic. I saw that they had some really cool posters, so I added those as well, but because they were last minute, I never got the chance to tell them. I hope this was okay. In the build catalogue the posters are called, “Kaenith Pride Dragon Posters”, so search up their name and you’ll find them. Their tumblr is also in the description of the item and these have custom thumbnails, too.

Thank you so much to kaenith for allowing me to use their beautiful designs and you can find their tumblr right here!

Not that I ever use it anyway, but no or any of those other sites. I’m not making any money off this. It’s just a direct download to Simfileshare like usual.