So am I the only who is gonna acknowledge Kristin Chenoweth’s musical number in descendants.

Sneak Peak #1 for 2x04 is only a 90 second clip, and I have ALL THE FEELS ABOUT IT!!! 

  • Alec and Magnus openly together in the middle of the ops center
  • Alec telling Magnus that his presence was important in keeping him alive
  • Alec looking Magnus in the eye and saying thank you
  • Magnus asking about Jace, even though he’s uncomfortable about it
  • Alec’s pure soul is so sure that truth and justice will always prevail
  • Alec getting all twitchy and stuttering while trying to talk about dating
  • Magnus totally loving watching him flounder for words, but cutting in before it went from adorable to painful
  • Alec’s grin when Magnus talks about a first date
  • Magnus wanting to impress Alec by portalling to Marrakesh for dinner
  • That was totally Magnus giggling, and I will not be dissuaded from this opinion
  • Magnus being a dick to Raj
  • Alec grinning at Magnus being a dick to Raj
  • Alec making sure that Magnus is okay with postponing their date, like he actually would have left with Magnus during an emergency at the Institute if Magnus had asked him to
  • Magnus and Alec parting ways to be their own people, because these characters are more than just there for Malec

If I can have so many feelings about a minute and a half, this next episode is going to slay me.

(below: a gif of Malec in this sneak peak)

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drakthug  asked:

How do you feel about the malecifent dragon? cause damn if that didn't start my dragon obsession when i was little

Maleficent is sexy already great in her regular form, so it is truly one of the greatest gifts of animation history is that her fursona is a dragon of no bullshit. I love the neon vomit mouth and black teeth. I like how they gave her little wings and stocky body with pipecleaner neck, traits that any serious dwaggin wouldnt be caught dead with in 2016. 

Maleficent is an excellent dragon. I hated princess movies as a kid, but sat my ass through Sleeping Beauty cause I REALLY wanted to see that awesome dragon on the cover. Realizing Maleficent-dragon was only in 2 minutes of the film was one of the biggest disappointments to me as a kid.

(I do like Sleeping Beauty as a whole a lot more now, its probably my favorite “Disney Princess” movie)