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Flufftober Day 19: Past

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Magnus comes home to the odd sight of Alec, Cat and Raphael seated together in the living room.

It’s a strange picture; Alec is on the floor sitting against the armchair while both Cat and Raphael are sitting on the couch.

All three of them seem to freeze in place when they see Magnus looking at them from the doorway.

“Hey,” Cat says with a brilliant smile. One that Magnus knows means she’s been caught doing something she wasn’t meant to.

Hi,” Magnus replies, looking at each of them slowly.

Raphael looks terribly amused though he’s hiding it well, Alec looks like he’s trying not to laugh, and Cat is smiling innocently back at him.

“What are you guys doing?” He asks and Alec actually laughs, apparently unable to stop himself any longer..”

He quickly quiets himself and bites his lip, still smiling.

“Cat and Raphael were telling me about how you got banned from Peru,” he says, looking at Cat as he says it.

Magnus feels his eyes widen and he turns on Cat and Raphael.

“You what?

Raphael just shrugs, seemingly unfazed by Magnus outburst. Cat laughs and raises her eyebrows.

“What? He was curious. Who were we to deprive him of such a great story.”

Magnus glares at his so called friends and turns back to Alec, who is now leaning on his hands and watching the three of them with poorly concealed amusement.

“Whatever they told you, it’s all lies,” he says, throwing another glare over his shoulder at his friends.

Alec laughs and nods, “of course.”

He’s doing that face. All raised eyebrows and wide eyes. Magnus knows he’s lying.

“Liar,” he mutters and moves to sit on the ground next to Alec.

“Traitors, all of you,” he says, and groans when all they do is laugh.

Two can play this game though. Magnus feels his lips quirk up into an evil grin as he turns to Alec delightedly.

“If you liked the Peru story, you’d love to hear about that time in 1877 when Cat-“

He’s cut off when Cat jumps on him and slaps a hand quickly over his mouth.

Raphael rolls his eyes and Alec starts laughing so hard he can’t stop, as Magnus wrestles Cat off of him and mouths a ‘later’ in Alec’s direction.

He loves his friends. Even if they do like to tell embarrassing stories about him.

Imagine Your OTP
  • Person A: What's your biggest fear?
  • Person B: You.
  • Person A: Me?!
  • Person B: I'm scared that one day you'll look in the mirror and see yourself as I see you. You will realize just how amazing you are and that you deserve better than me...
  • Person B: I'm terrified that you'll leave.

Keep It Simple - A Series Of Malec One-Shots - AO3

When You Say It Like That (Got Me Falling Right Back) [1/1 | 1,362 | English]

Basically a short extension of the scene where Alec is on Magnus’ fire escape because it’s the only place he wants to be when he’s hurting.

I’m Not On Drugs, I’m Just In Love (You’re High Enough For Me) [1/1 | 1,633 | English]

Basically set after Jocelyn’s funeral when Alec is hurting and all he wants is to be with Magnus.

Maybe There’s Hunger In My Blood (Screaming Out Loud For What I Want) [1/1 |  1,786 | English]

Basically an extension of the scene where Alec kisses Magnus after their date, that doesn’t result in Jace walking in on them and ‘killing the mood’.

All I See Is You And I (But We Ain’t Gonna Live Forever) [1/1 | 2,522 | English]

Basically an extension of the scene where Alec wants to have sex with Magnus and they disappear around the corner and no one got to see what happened next.

You Were The Only One Who Was On My Side (The Only One Who Kept Me Alive) [1/1 | 1,619 | English]

Basically an alternate version of the scene where Alec is about to jump off the building but instead of Clary being there, it’s just Magnus, and it’s Magnus that continues to save him.

And I Love You (Despite All) [1/1 | 1,504 | English]

Basically an extended version of the scene where Magnus and Alec are kissing on Magnus’ balcony in 2x07.

These are my works, but I do not own the gifs so all credit goes to the original creators.

morning after their ‘i love you’s

They had held each other the entire night. Neither of them had let the other out of their sight… or arms. The warmth and safety that Alec and Magnus had most definitely missed after their most recent dispute, after the attack on the Institute, was now more intense than ever.

Neither had slept a tonne that night. They couldn’t bare the thought of losing each other again. Instead, the night was spent squeezing each other tight, an abundance of kisses, and whisperings of ‘I love you’.

Alec had thrown all caution to the wind when he had confessed his feelings to Magnus, completely unaware whether Magnus felt the same but he couldn’t keep it bottled up. Alec had never known love that intensely before, not even when he believed he was in love with Jace. And Magnus, he couldn’t risk losing such a connection that he had spent over a century avoiding.

Alec stroked Magnus’ face, his thumb grazing over every feature as softly as possible. Magnus traced every rune on Alec’s body, reminding himself that the boy laying just inches from him was here to stay. Alec was about to say something when his phone began to ring. He reached for it past Magnus but stopped when it stopped ringing. Magnus rolled over to look at the screen. “It’s Izzy,” he whispered, reading the message. “She says they need you at the Institute.”

Alec groaned in protest but began to get up. He really should’ve made sure to get some rest. Alec propped himself onto his elbows so he could look at Magnus. They both just smiled at each other, content with where they were. Magnus reached a hand over and curled his fingers around Alec’s naked bicep. “Don’t go…” Magnus whispered against Alec’s arm, leaving a trail of kisses that made Alec weak. Magnus looked up at him and pouted.

Alec brought his hand over to Magnus’ cheek, stroking him and bringing him up to kiss him softly. “I don’t want to either,” he murmured, their lips still brushing against each other. Magnus smiled into the kiss and pulled on Alec’s arm, bringing him closer and onto him. They pulled apart but Alec remained hovering over Magnus. “Can I see them again?” he asked staring straight into Magnus’ eyes.

Magnus felt his stomach churn. Never had someone asked to see his cat eyes willingly before. He blinked once in order to reveal them and stared at Alec’s face with them. He searched the boy’s face for a reaction, any reaction. But all he received was a slight parting of Alec’s lips. Magnus always felt uncomfortable when someone looked straight at them. But Alec made him feel safe, like there was nothing to hide. Still, Magnus hastily blinked away and brought up his glamour once again. “I really wish I could see them more,” Alec said with a small smile. Magnus’ heart ached for him. Alec curled an arm under Magnus’ back and lay back down to rest his head on Magnus’ chest. Their toes played together under the covers. “I love you so much.”

Magnus’ heart, the same that had not felt anything for God knows how long, stammered loudly. Magnus could feel Alec smile against him. “I love you with every fibre of my being, Alexander.”

what i wish they showed us after the party

magnus waking lazy alec

magnus and alec prepare breakfast for the gang

magnus makes alec dance with him

Have you ever read a fanfiction that’s got really elaborate metaphors and stuff and you’re just sat there like dude I’m here for gayness not Shakespeare

It was still dark.

Alec sighed and pressed his face against Magnus’ back, pressing a kiss between his shoulder blades. The warlock didn’t respond. Alec wasn’t surprised. Magnus was practically drained after the last twenty four hours, and Alec wasn’t much better off himself.

Even after the fight against Valentine and finding each other after hours of not knowing if the other was alright, Magnus and Alec still had work to do. As a downworld leader, Magnus had to help with the identification of the dead, then he opened a portal so that the bodies could be delivered to their packs and clans, rather than leave them for the shadowhunters to dispose of. Then he had met with Luke and Raphiel, about what Alec still hadn’t asked. Magnus would tell him if he wanted to.

Alec had been busy himself. As the head of the institute he’d had to inform the families of the lost shadowhunters and help transport them to the large open space where their funerals would be held. Reports had to be written, damage control completed. Izzy was the infirmary, Jace was brooding, and the Soul Sword was missing. He didn’t know what he needed to deal with first.

Finally, when all that they could do was done, Magnus and Alec had walked to the warlock’s loft, hand in hand, not speaking. Once there, they had removed their shoes at the door and found themselves in Magnus’s huge bathroom.

Alec had undressed his boyfriend with shaking hands. He checked every inch of uncovered skin for injuries, his fists clenching in anger when he found light bruises where the vampires had gripped Magnus outside the institute. Magnus only murmured soothingly to him that he was fine, his nimble fingers going about removing Alec’s gear. If he found a cut or scrape anywhere, he made it disappear with a warm flash of blue from his fingertips before they stepped into the shower together.

Their touches under the hot water hadn’t been sexual, though. They had simply stood together, watching blood and dirt and sweat wash away. Alec had grabbed the shampoo and went for Magnus’ hair, washing out gel and spray until it was left limp and soft between fingers. Magnus had followed his lead, though his menstruations were to sooth Alec.

Alec had looked up into Magnus’s eyes, still ringed in thick black makeup. Makeup that wouldn’t wash away until Magnus wanted it gone. Alec had asked him, in way that he hoped made it clear it was up to Magnus, to take it off. And he had.

Because tonight they didn’t need to be the head of the New York institute or the High Warlock of Brooklyn. They just needed to be Magnus and Alec.

They had gotten out of the shower and dried themselves off before crawling into bed, Alec in shorts and a T-shirt and Magnus in a pair of Alec’s sweatpants. They laid facing each other on Magnus’s bed, their legs tangled and foreheads touching. They spent the short time before they fell asleep whispering ‘I love you’s and kissing.

Alec didn’t remember falling asleep, but now it was well after one in the morning. He wasn’t really concerned, he had made a habit of waking up in the middle of the night around the same time Jace and Izzy had started sneaking out of the institute years ago. He kissed the back of Magnus’s neck and rolled away from him, wanting a little space under the warm sheets.

Alec nuzzled his face into the cool pillow, then slowly opened his eyes to look at the clock. Instead his hazel eyes locked with a pair of dark brown ones. Alec immediately jolted awake, hands searching for a weapon out of reflex before his brain kicked in. He recognized who those eyes belonged to.

“Madzie?” He asked in a hushed voice as a million questions ran through his mind.

What was she doing here? How did she get here? Did Caterina even know she was gone? Why hadn’t she set off Magnus’s wards? Why was she staring at Alec like that?

“I had a bad dream,” The little girl said, as is Alec should have known. As if she had always came to his bedside when she had nightmares.

“Uh…” Madzie looked at the floor.

“Nana let’s me sleep with her when I have bad dreams.”

Finally, Alec’s sleep addled brain kicked in. Madzie had had a nightmare. She was scared. She was scared and her nana was gone. So she found the next person who she trusted. She found Alec.

Suddenly it didn’t matter that there was no way Madzie should have been able to portal herself here when she had never been to Magnus’s apartment. It didn’t matter that she had made it through powerful wards without disturbing Magnus at all. It didn’t matter that this was completely crazy. All that mattered was that Madzie was scared and she had came to Alec for comfort.

“Do you want to sleep with us?” Alec asked her. Madzie nodded, gnawing on her thumb nervously. Alec easily scooped her up and put her on the bed, between himself and Magnus.

Madzie curled into the pillows and pressed herself against Alec’s side, knotting her fingers in his shirt. Alec wrapped his arms around her and hummed softly in her ear.

He knew that Caterina was going to call in a panic in the morning. He knew Magnus was probably going get overexcited in one way or another. He knew the Clave was going to be furious. But he couldn’t find it in himself to care. Right now, all that mattered was the girl drifting to sleep in his arms.

Everything else could wait until morning.

Have you ever been reading a fanfic and it’s really good but then there’s that one really blunt, cringy line and you just go

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Person A: *internally* You are the best human ever, I like you way more than I like myself, and I really really like you bordering on love and wow do I want to kiss you please, please, please like me back-

Person A: *out loud* I think you’re mildly decent