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Imagine doing an interview with Chris. The two of you have been together for years, but no one knows much about you. Chris is the movie star - you’re a more private person, preferring to stay out of the spotlight. Chris says that’s why he loves you so much; you keep him grounded. He sees you as the golden standard by which he measures his life and his choices, always trying to be a better man for you.

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Imagine you and Chris spending the day with your best friends.

A/N: Part 3A and man, I cried a lot. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, ‘Miss Graduate’, ‘Something Blue’, ‘Something New’ - Masterlist; ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2)

Every single meeting you attended was a huge success, with each meeting came a better offer. But of course, you ended up with Sony Pictures because you were loyal and grateful to those who showed interest before you had a proper agent. Chris was offered the job to direct, and while it would’ve been a dream come true for the both of you to work together- he declined. It wasn’t a straight ‘no’, the two of you spent a few days discussing it first. The discussion started amongst yourselves, then moved on to Ava and Sebastian, then your parents and siblings. With you working and the baby on his way, it was going to be difficult if the both of you were needed on the set. At least now, if you had to be at work then Chris could stay home. He didn’t choose to go on a career hiatus to be with his arriving newborn only to dive right back in with the first offer he was given, even if it was an amazing one. So he declined with great faith that you’d work together on another project when Jack was much older, one that would hopefully win the both of you an Oscar.

Today you were spending the day with Sebastian while Chris spent the day with Ava. They’d flown in from New York to come do some wedding stuff as you couldn’t fly over. You felt terrible for inconveniencing the bride and groom, but they assured you they already had plans to come over. Sebastian had a shoot, and Ava had gotten a few things from Los Angeles for the wedding as well as her baby. There was a stroller that they wanted and the only one left was in a shop in Los Angeles which you and Sebastian were going to pick up while Chris took Ava to the bridal shop ‘All Things White’ to pick up the heels she ordered forgetting to change the pick up location from Los Angeles to New York. You’d only swapped partners for the day as you wanted to go to the baby store for what felt like the first time since you found out you were pregnant, and Chris had an errand to run in Beverly Hills. You all figured it was easier that way and you could meet up later for dinner at the steakhouse you all loved going to when you were all in Los Angeles at the same time.

Sebastian went to speak to the retailer as soon as the two of you arrived at the store, and you wandered over to the boys clothing section. You ran your hand along the rack, fingers feeling the soft cotton material of all the onesies you’d passed. Everything was so cute, yet you couldn’t bring a smile to your face. All you could think about was how busy you’d been and how busy you were going to be. You found yourself wondering if you were going to have time for any baby related things, like baby class and first outings. Were you going to be there to see Jack’s first smile, or hear his first laugh? Would you be able to rock him to sleep, or would you arrive home too tired to even bother? Would he realize you were his mom if all he saw were Chris and Dodger? You’d been tormented with all these thoughts since you started focusing on being a screen writer and your best friend’s maid of honor. It didn’t help that you hadn’t been sleeping or eating properly the last few days. You tried for the baby’s sake, but you couldn’t; your back ached and your stomach just wouldn’t hold food down.

“That is adorable,” Sebastian’s voice pulled you away from your angst. “Can you imagine, Y/N?” He reached over your shoulder for the Winnie the Pooh, and Tigger onesies sitting side by side on the rack. “Our boys wearing these, that would make for such a cute photo.” You nodded with a forced smile; you’d much rather have Chris around while you were on the verge of breaking down, but you were glad you had Sebastian. “Hey,” Sebastian’s eyes narrowed slightly when you turned around and he saw how pale your face was. “Are you okay?” He wrapped his hand around your elbow, preparing to catch you if you fainted.

“I’m fine,” you swallowed then took deep breathes. “I’m um-” You felt your eyes water and you forced a chuckle from your throat to prevent yourself from crying. “Did you get the stroller in red?” You asked him, trying to pull your arm from his grip. “Ava said it had to be in red so…” You trailed off, feeling breathless.

“Okay,” he started to lead you over to a chair, “you need to sit down.”

“No, I don’t need to sit down,” you yanked your arm from his grip and he turned around. “I need to go to the hospital.” You placed a hand on your belly, starting to cry. “I need to go to the hospital now, Seb.” You told him and he frowned in confusion. “Something’s wrong, something’s wrong with Jack. I can feel it, he’s hurt. Jack’s hurt,” you started to sob, attracting attention from other patrons. Sebastian quickly hugged you, shielding you from those who recognized the two of you and had started taking photos. “I hurt him.”

“Let’s go to the hospital, okay?” He obliged even though he knew nothing was wrong and that you were just stressed, he also made note to tell Ava to pass on some of your wedding responsibilities to her other bridesmaids so you wouldn’t be so overwhelmed. “Keep your head down, Y/N.” He told you and frowned at those with camera phones, questioning how people could be so heartless. There were a few, pregnant moms too, that looked genuinely concerned which was kind of nice. “Let’s go to the hospital.” He wrapped an arm around you, taking you to the car.

• • • • • • • •

When Chris got the call from Sebastian and heard you were at the hospital, he was on his way back to ‘All Things White’ to pick Ava up. But upon picking up the call where Sebastian said, “she asked me to take her here. She was fine and then she started freaking out saying she hurt the baby, that she thinks the baby’s hurt and- I don’t know, man. She’s with Dr. McCullough at the moment, you need to come to the hospital right now.” He called Ava telling her he needed to go to the hospital and Sebastian was coming to pick her up instead. She freaked, of course, urging him to go and to call when he knew what had happened to you.

You sat in the examination room with your gynecologist, Dr. Amanda McCullough, tracing your baby’s shape on the sonogram with your finger. You had calmed down slightly after she told you the baby was fine, but that didn’t stop the horrible feeling sitting in your stomach and at the back of your throat. Dr. McCullough could tell you were still uneasy, and it was understandable because you were only twenty-two. She’d been with the two of you since the start of your pregnancy, so she knew what you were like. She also knew you hadn’t had a lot of time to prepare yourself for the pregnancy or the idea of becoming a mom, unlike Chris who’d had decades; he’d been wanting this for as long as he could remember, whereas you’d just come to terms with the idea of having children. If you didn’t end up with Chris, you probably wouldn’t have.

“Sweetheart, the baby’s fine,” Dr. McCullough assured you with a kind smile. “You are perfectly healthy, as is your baby.” She took your hand in hers and gave it a light squeeze. “You are very young and very fit, the chances of anything going wrong in your pregnancy are zero to none. Trust me, everything is going to be okay.”

“But I’m not sleeping or eating properly,” you argued.

“It’s fairly normal at this stage for you to have trouble sleeping because of your back pains,” she informed you. “As for the nausea, you’re not the first pregnant lady to come in here at twenty-six weeks complaining about throwing up after eating. Your baby is taking up a fair amount of space in your stomach which is why you’re not holding down foods as well as you used to. You just need to eat small amounts throughout the day, rather than a big meal.”

“Dr. McCullough, sorry to disturb.” One of the nurses poked her head in the door and you both turned to her. “Her husband is here.” She told Dr. McCullough and you let out a sigh of relief. “I’ll let him in?” Dr. McCullough nodded and the nurse opened the door, gesturing Chris inside. “Just in here, Mr. Evans.”

“Baby, hey.” He rushed towards you and hugged you tightly, pressing your head against his chest. Dr. McCullough patted your knee and made her way outside to give the two of you some alone time. “It’s okay, I’ve got you.” That sentence made you break down again; your body trembled in his arms as you sobbed, hands grabbing fistfuls of his shirt. “Sweetheart, hey. Oh God, you’re shaking.” He tightened his arms around you. “It’s okay, you’re fine and the baby’s fine. You’re both fine, right?” He asked, pulling away to take your face in his hands; you nodded, sniffling. “What happened, Y/N? What’s got you so worried? Why did you think you hurt the baby?”

“I’ve b-been so p-pre-o-occupied with work, C-Chris,” you choked out and he sighed, transferring his touch from your face to your hands as he sat down on Dr. McCullough’s chair. “I’m n-not sleeping properly, I’m not e-eating prop-properly.” You tried to stop your voice from shaking, but you couldn’t. “W-what i-if my pursuit for s-success i-is h-hurting the b-baby? What if I-I’m not m-meant t-to be a m-mom? What i-if I-I c-can’t do this? Wh-what if I-I-I don’t know how to be a m-mom? I’ve b-barely had ti-time for J-Jack a-and he’s in-inside me.”

“Stop,” he squeezed your hands with furrowed brows. “You’re going to stop talking and you’re going to focus on getting your breathing back to normal, okay?” He instructed and you nodded, slowly trying to catch your breath to stop the shakes in your voice. “And while you do that you’re going to listen to me, okay?” You nodded again. “Because I am real sick of you thinking you’re doing wrong by Jack when you’re not.” A fresh set of tears escaped your tear ducts. “Yes, you haven’t had a lot of time but that doesn’t make you a bad mom. Things are chaotic at the moment because he was a surprise, we both know this wasn’t how we were meant to experience our first child. You were meant to accomplish what you wanted to before we settled and now it’s being pushed forward so of course we’re a little lost.”

“You’re not lost at all.”

“That’s because I’m thirty eight, sweetheart,” he chuckled softly. “I’ve done majority of what I wanted to and I’ve been waiting to be a dad for years and years now. It’s new for me too, but it’s something I’ve wrapped my head around. You haven’t, but that is okay because you will. But until then, you just need to cut yourself some slack. Things will come together, I promise. Once the wedding is over and you hand off your script to the director, things will slow down and you’ll be fine.” You sniffled, pulling a hand from his to wipe your tears. “You are going to make a great mom.” He assured you and you wanted to start crying again.

“How do you know?”

“I know from the way you take care of everyone around you,” he answered. “Look at how you’re handling things for Ava and Sebastian. Look at how you take care of your family, and my family, and Dodger? I mean-” he squeezed your hand, “look at how you take care of me. I’m the biggest kid you know, right?” You managed a light laugh. “You’re going to be fine because you really are stronger than I know I’ll ever be, than you know you’ll ever be. And hey, you’ve got me to take care of you too 'cause we’re a team,” he kissed the back of your hand. “And we’re going to nail parenthood in the ass.”

“I love you,” you squeezed his hand.

“I love you too,” he got to his feet to kiss your forehead.

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