male. sparkly

Wasn’t expecting to actually finish coloring it today XD But i was so eager to get into the Voltron!SU stuff that i wanted to just get this out of the way before i forgot about it


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🕉 {тнє мαнαℓrαנα}

Me and my 3MB bros heading to the strip club tonight.
I made the mistake of sitting at the end of the booth the first time we went and I  got a lap job from a male stripper in a sparkly bra.
He was really good looking with a huge ass.
I’m bisexual so it was all good.


D –> Happy New Year's 

:33 < furm all of us! 

D –> May your 2015 be STRONG  

:33 < and furry awesome! 

D –> Now let us participate in these frivolous humanb100d activities, Nepeta 

D –> You will join me 

:33 < sure thing equius!!