Here you go, male troll skulls & proportions as they should be.

I got smart and took some screenshots from the character-creation screen and worked off those. Much more accurate than tiny googled images.

So we have a sort of squashed oblong on top and the other half is the mouth/chin. The bottom of the nose sits at half between them.  If you cut the oblong in half you get the brow, and between the brow and the bottom of the nose you get the bottom of the eye socket. Not the eye! The eye would sit between the two in the socket. 

Take that same measurement down below the bottom of the nose and that’s where the teeth come together. The lips may be higher or lower depending on the tusks, which come down from the skull.  It’s important to note that from the front the tusks are farther apart than the eyes, and on the profile they come out slightly forward the eyes, which means basically the whole barrel of the mouth is in front of the eyes.

This all totally works though and gives a good solid troll head that you can adapt as needed. I hope it’s helpful to any of you who like to draw those personable and very cool male trolls from WoW. I know it will be helpful to me!


siiiiigh i’m the worst at tracing i need a scanner

aaanyway bb comforting wildic before she does some like serious queeny business or something. i forgot his fur so he gets freckles. i love his cheeks also ok he smiles like a lot so he’s started to develop wrinkles early (here they’re like mid 20s, where as in the other one they’re late teens)

Character sheet-

Name of your character:

One picture you like best of your Character’s FC:

He doesn’t have a Face-claim as of yet, so for now I’ll refer to his ingame model as his face-claim.

Two headcanons you have for your character that you never told anyone: 

1 - Zel’ti’s younger brother was killed by the hands of a Wildhammer Dwarf during a skirmish over a local settlement. While he was engaged with a Shaman, he turned only to see his brother fall to an arrow directly through his throat. Before he could retrieve him, the nearest Dwarf was already hard at work severing his head. Regeneration wasn’t going to work that time around. Because of this it ultimately fueled his training to become a better Wilderness Stalker to eventually find the Dwarf who’s arrow took his Brother’s life. 

2 - Ze’lti uses his Wilderness Stalking skills for things other than communing with Nature and fighting his opponents better. He is often hired by the Goblin’s of Booty Bay and Ratchet to hunt down high valued targets and either neutralize them or bring them back to designated areas to be sold into slavery. 

Three things that your character likes doing in their free time:

- Wood carving. Often in his free time which is spent either in his village or at the side of someone close to him, he’ll carve small figures. Be they voodoo figurines or creatures; such as bears and birds. Though this is only done when he has gathered fresh tree limbs to do so. A sacrifice by nature to make something beautiful. 

-  Communing with nature. Being a Wilderness Stalker allows Zel’ti to speak not only with the plant-life around him, but also it’s inhabitants; those being the animals. While not all are overly happy when their territory is crossed, Zel’ti is able to communicate with them and find means of aiding them or assisting in any means possible. 

- Killing… Out of any race or tribe that inhabits the world of Azeroth, there is but one that can call forth the internal rage of this Troll, more than any other race in the world; even the Dwarves can’t muster this from him. Amani. He takes great pleasure in slaughtering them when able, finding himself sneaking into their villages and rending their flesh before they’re able to react. 

Two things your character regrets: 
Failing his brother and not being able to save him from his unexpected fate. 
- Being unable to see his Mother one last time before she was claimed by the Spirit World. 

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With a tip of the hat to John Bauer, here is today’s illustration! It depicts a troll kit with her mother, a huldre.

The title is “Kära Mor”

Trolls are curious creatures. So much of what defines them is what they covet that isn’t theirs, and yet they have an abundance of interesting customs. Troll families are much more varied than human families, since although trolls have genders they do not seem to bear any relation to their living arrangements or procreative habits. Male trolls become pregnant by female trolls all the time, and it is not uncommon for a hermaphroditic troll to find itself copulating with a moonrise or a fallen tree. However it comes about, pregnant trolls bear litters of up to ten kittens. Unlike humans, the troll folk have no concept of “maturity”. Certain kinds of troll remain totally dependent on their parents for their entire lives, relying on them for food, shelter, counsel, and eventually even selecting a suitable mate of their own. Here we see depicted a shaggy troll kit who has only developed two limbs, an arm and a tail. In time, she may have as many as seven more arms and eight legs, as well as numerous more heads and tails and even an extra trunk to boot. The mother, a hollow-backed huldre, shows the tenderness characteristic in trolls toward their offspring.

melodiousspitfire asked:


Full Name: Galeos Magelo 
Gender and Sexuality: Male, Pansexual? Trolls don’t really have sexuality and all,,,
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: Humanstuck he’s Creole/French, but he’s a regular ol Troll.
Birthplace and Birthdate: Caverns?? LOL Dec.18th
Guilty Pleasures: Watching shitty TV shows with Eynsli, singing her music,walking around in his underwear
Phobias: Going fully blind, losing his memory
What They Would Be Famous For: Literally nothing he’s not good at anything, or at least he doesn’t excel at much aside from hunting. Being Eynsli’s bodyguard/boyf I guess?
What They Would Get Arrested For: Uh I’m really not sure since highbloods can do whatever 
OC You Ship Them With: Eynsli, Corvus, Alex, Shucri… Gudask [?] …strokes chin…I think that’s all for right now
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: 8)
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Fantasy
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Detective 
Talents and/or Powers: He can make friends pretty easily, good with a whip, durable?
Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s a big sweet guy when you get down to it, protective to a fault and willing to do most anything for a quadrant. He’s usually keen on what’s happening around him and perceptive to what people need, though it might take him a while.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Spoiled, brutish, doesn’t really listen to people’s opinions at first. He’s a stubborn little shit and if he doesn’t get his way, he storms off for days and pouts. He can get really childish.
How They Change: When I first RP’d him, he hated lowbloods, was a misogynist, just really stuck in his ways. Elliot changed him a lot and so did Alex, he’s been through a lot, and now I think he’s more accepting of who people are despite being a little iffy about them.
Why You Love Them: I don’t  He’s like, a big ol’ nerd that you just wanna squeeze. A reliable goofball who drools a lot and speaks with a Cajun accent, what’s not to love tbh??? 

wolfebain asked:

Hey :D could you make a pirate themed plate mog for a male troll fury warrior, preferably with harpoons or spears as the weapons?

Hey there! Pirates are always fun to try and recreate, so I hope you like this one!

+ Helm: Dreadmaul Helm

+ Shoulders: Dreadmaul Pauldrons

+ Chest: Elder Tortoiseshell Breastplate

+ Tabard: Laughing Skull Orcs Tabard

+ Gloves: Vicious Gladiator’s Plate Gauntlets

+ Belt: Wild Combatant’s Girdle of Cruelty

+ Legs: Vicious Gladiator’s Plate Legguards

+ Boots: Rethban Sabatons

+ Polearm: Steelspark Spear

The Entirety Of The Male Troll Populus Succumbs To The Desire Of Consuming My Lactose Based Beverage And Congregate At My Hive Claiming That They Enjoy Consuming It More Than They Enjoy Consuming Lactose Based Beverages From Alternative Sources Of Course This Is All A Matter Of Pure And Yet Prevalent Opinion However If You Would Care For Me To Instruct You On My Methods Of Preparing Lactose Based Beverages I Suppose I Could Offer Lessons Though I Do Not Have A Degree In Teaching And I Would Require A Small Fee To Cover The Costs Of Materials
—  Kanaya at some point probably