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Hey could you please do a basic male troll makeup sometime please? :D

I’d thought of making like one video for all males (both trolls and humans) because the basics are pretty much the same. So you could kinda consider it a ‘basic’ video since it would include all techniques ;)


All 13 of dravatti‘s troll commissions.  All belong to players in the guild on Argent Dawn EU.

In order: Seshmak, Jahn’do, Zelu’jin, Tar’ahk, Thallow, Ulra’im, Csi’ni, Xen’ahghan, Skullata, Ran’ghi, Dah’ti, Obaztal and Makikam.

Sorry if you’ve already seen these guys float by your dash.   I wanted to wait til they were all finished in order to make a master post, and now I can do so.

Thanks again, D.  Wasn’t sure I could actually do a good job on these, but they were a lot of fun. :)

6 Common Acts Of Plagiarism That People Demand I “Ignore”

1) People who plagiarize my tweets/essays for mainstream spaces, for which they are paid, for which I am usually unofficially blacklisted from or it’s a place that never publishes Black women. They could write their own. It’s possible.

2) People who plagiarize my essays and then regurgitate that content in long Tumblr threads so that they can look “insightful” with their contribution since tens to hundreds of thousands of people end up seeing those long threads. They could say, “as read on Gradient Lair” and then add their own views. It’s possible.

3) People who plagiarize my tweets while suggesting “it’s ‘just’ Twitter” or something similar, so they have a “right” to do so, but I have no right to respond. They could write their own tweets. It’s possible.

4) People who think somehow it’s not plagiarism if they use one of my Tweet Collections or Storify posts (for their own writing, and without citation) since they’re not in essay format. It is still plagiarism, especially since those Tweet Collections and Storify posts are usually quite long and flow like essays, in terms of context, even if not in terms of format. They could write their own. It’s possible.

5) People who suggest that I “inspired” a post of theirs, but then I read it and I am not named or cited but instead simply plagiarized. They could write their own posts or cite mine properly, according to my Content Use Policy. It’s possible.

6) People who reblog my posts (especially quotes where I add text below the quote) but erase my name in the Tumblr dashboard, as if all those in-text links that go back to other Gradient Lair essays wont look obvious. 

And where does the “ignore plagiarism” demand come from? Well, of course other writers with more privilege, status and wealth; plagiarizers who think that Black women aren’t entitled to our own bodies and thoughts let alone our own writing; “allies” who are rewarded for theft; some purposely calloused White women/Black men who aren’t here for Black women as our own beings; entitled White men who love the concept of “property” (and the consistent theft and erasure that I experience is not just about “property”) as long as it is something they own or took, but deny me the same ownership; from other Black people who think that erasure is “flattery” because “at least” people found my writing “worthy” to steal yet strip me from, and these are sadly the kind of Black people who think that we should be “flattered” by cultural appropriation itself; anyone who thinks even a modicum of respect towards Black women is outrageous and feeding our “egos;” people who think erasure is “justice.” 

Oh…and of course assholes who think that unless I keep a spreadsheet of every incident of plagiarism for them, post it daily for them, forward DMCA takedown claims that I file to them, and perform elaborate massive callouts where I am abused by institutionally and/or privilege-protected writers, then the plagiarism didn’t happen. Of course them too. The “you’re a liar unless you ‘prove’ it to me” type of assholes. The same ones who “didn’t see” whenever I do confront a plagiarist. Magically that falls off of their radar. 

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Here you go, male troll skulls & proportions as they should be.

I got smart and took some screenshots from the character-creation screen and worked off those. Much more accurate than tiny googled images.

So we have a sort of squashed oblong on top and the other half is the mouth/chin. The bottom of the nose sits at half between them.  If you cut the oblong in half you get the brow, and between the brow and the bottom of the nose you get the bottom of the eye socket. Not the eye! The eye would sit between the two in the socket. 

Take that same measurement down below the bottom of the nose and that’s where the teeth come together. The lips may be higher or lower depending on the tusks, which come down from the skull.  It’s important to note that from the front the tusks are farther apart than the eyes, and on the profile they come out slightly forward the eyes, which means basically the whole barrel of the mouth is in front of the eyes.

This all totally works though and gives a good solid troll head that you can adapt as needed. I hope it’s helpful to any of you who like to draw those personable and very cool male trolls from WoW. I know it will be helpful to me!


siiiiigh i’m the worst at tracing i need a scanner

aaanyway bb comforting wildic before she does some like serious queeny business or something. i forgot his fur so he gets freckles. i love his cheeks also ok he smiles like a lot so he’s started to develop wrinkles early (here they’re like mid 20s, where as in the other one they’re late teens)

hmm continuing that thought in the mask au though; maybe its not so much a random ‘any young man’ thing. they would take the first chance they had to get karkat out of their society tbh. hes a risk, a hazard, even if hes trying his damndest just to keep his head down and be someone other than the signless’ (maskless’) ancestor. 

the real question is.. why dave? maybe because bro was killed for what he was killed for? (ie; trolls and humans live together, but to inter-court was considered wrong and for humans, hetero was still the way to go. so bro getting caught maskless out of wedlock with a male troll? bye bitch.) which i think ive already discussed, that that was why dave was angry enough to crack his mask over it? after the hell bro put him through, that was what he was punished for. after all the wrong and pain, that was his hill to die on. 

so maybe thats something they have in common. theyre stuck in their forebears’ shadows and society chews them up and spits them out and says they are the ones that will make the journey to see the gods. they would return as heroes! the people said. they would be beloved! go down in history! etc. its bullshit, they both know no one has ever come back after being sent out to bring sacrifices to the gods of the far lands. 

but what choice do they have?

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for this six characters thing: all the male beta trolls

Push off a cliff: Equius (but not like in a bad way, ya know? Like, he can handle it)
Kiss: Eridan
Marry: Karkat (this was the last option, and I sorta agree and sorta don’t agree with my decision)
Set on Fire: Gamzee
Wrap a Blanket around: Tavros
Be Roommates with: Sollux