Here you go, male troll skulls & proportions as they should be.

I got smart and took some screenshots from the character-creation screen and worked off those. Much more accurate than tiny googled images.

So we have a sort of squashed oblong on top and the other half is the mouth/chin. The bottom of the nose sits at half between them.  If you cut the oblong in half you get the brow, and between the brow and the bottom of the nose you get the bottom of the eye socket. Not the eye! The eye would sit between the two in the socket. 

Take that same measurement down below the bottom of the nose and that’s where the teeth come together. The lips may be higher or lower depending on the tusks, which come down from the skull.  It’s important to note that from the front the tusks are farther apart than the eyes, and on the profile they come out slightly forward the eyes, which means basically the whole barrel of the mouth is in front of the eyes.

This all totally works though and gives a good solid troll head that you can adapt as needed. I hope it’s helpful to any of you who like to draw those personable and very cool male trolls from WoW. I know it will be helpful to me!


siiiiigh i’m the worst at tracing i need a scanner

aaanyway bb comforting wildic before she does some like serious queeny business or something. i forgot his fur so he gets freckles. i love his cheeks also ok he smiles like a lot so he’s started to develop wrinkles early (here they’re like mid 20s, where as in the other one they’re late teens)

The Male Privilege Tag

So as you can see I’ve been trolling the male privilege tag on Tumblr. Because, mostly, I’m bored as this hotel only has ETv and Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a really boring show.


Made these two to experiment with Demo.  Yes, I only need one but I wasn’t sure what race I wanted to make em.

However, given that I have like 3 orc ladies already and one male troll I haven’t done anything with since Wrath… Brujo is prolly gonna be my test Demo. Plus he’s blue and white which is my favorite color combo.  I love how done with everything they look.

Trolls and Draenei are the only male models I really like and it’d feel weird to make a second Goblin warlock…. I mean, there’s Rou’s IC mentor but he was all about Affliction…..

Maybe I’ll make him too to test Affliction… how long is Beta again?  lol

anonymous asked:

Cro, what's the difference between male and female trolls. If you say boobs, i'll laugh since you're Mr. Fish tiddies

then i guess im not saying boobs then, because i aint an idiot. 

if i said the difference betvween them i could go on forevwer, but i dont vwant to.