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Do you have any tips on how to get the facial structure started for male trolls and their big lovely noses?

I can give you an idea on how I draw trolls! I reference a lot of other artists and it also kind of helps to take a look at Junkrat’s facial structure from Overwatch since he’s basically almost got the proportions of a troll, jaw structure too!

As for the noses I like to think of them as beaks, I just draw curvy triangles for those!

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If men and women have different brains then it's impossible to be trans, also there was a study saying the brain is gender less... so.... checkmate

are you a troll? because males and females having different brains is what makes people transgender in the first place.

please link the study, while i’ll link plenty of proof on my end. But, you probably wont read them

someone asked me about troll headcanons

so here are some low-mid blood trolls in god tier

i will attempt to draw the mid-high blood trolls but i. strongly like the lower bloods a lot (aradia is my favourite)

some brief headcanon notes

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i have a lot of feelings about Troll Pop Media and the extensive use of censorship and subtext to get things across, okay. 

since i’m into karkat and eridan and erikar it’s a thing that comes up a lot. eridan likes history and karkat likes Troll Romantic Dramas of the historical variety and specifically of the “originally written by troll jane austen” sort

so they’re watching the Troll Pride and Prejudice miniseries

(and for the record - the reason so many things are prefaced with ‘troll’ in my headcanon is that different versions of things are shot and dubbed for different Subject Races, the empire, in its INFINITE GRACE, allows them to have even more censored and pared down versions of its mass media)

and karkat is totally immersed in the romantic drama of lizzie bennet believing she’s in blackrom with fitzil darrcy when they’re really in redrom and pointing out all the Intricate Romantic Dynamics and internally squealing at the Significant Period Hand Touch and getting all excited about the Tense Drama of lydiia attempting to run off and LIVE with her KISMESIS how does she realise that’s not a FANTASTICALLY BAD IDEA (even though he’s seen this at least 50 times before)

and meanwhile eridan’s getting increasingly pissy at how they took out like 75% of the social satire and all the historical inaccuracies and the costuming dear lorb what even is the costuming. that hat is at least twenty years too late for the period and in that time period only male trolls wore corsets wtf. 

and he’s trying to keep his mouth shut for karkat’s sake because karkat is aDORABLE when he’s watching sappy romantic stuff. but it’s just bad. iss really bad. especially if you’re allowed a significantly less censored version of history than karkat ever has been. so he’s just like “>:I”  

eridan may throw the troll equivalent of popcorn at the screen at some point. karkat eventually starts making out with him just to get him to calm down. 

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Those huge troll fangs always make me so anxious Like, how do you kiss with those?? How do you sleep on your belly?? What if you need to get your face really close to the wall?? What if smth gets stuck on them?? Cleaning them with a toothbrush must take an eternity?! WHAT IF THEY GET CARIES

don’t worry!! trolls know how to care for their tusks… everything will be alright…

but can you imagine like… a male troll just carrying things with his tusks like

“Caged Hearts” ch.5

Hey people, guess what? I am not dead! Sorry for the LONG wait, school intership and tests killed me without any mercy… but ehy, I’m back now and stronger than before (I guess?). In the next days I will post the third chapter of “The Forbidden Fruit”, don’t worry about it. Enjoy this chapter!

This AU belong to @king-branch, credits to them.

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Everything about this is hilarious.

Daesung acting like he’s married with a (trolling?) male fan. ft. Member’s dying in the background.

Context: A fan rang up and they all pretented to be in a couple. The other members had female fans. Daesung did not. Also the bit where the translator stops, Daesung is saying to put some wood on the burner.

I’ve read way too many thinkpieces about lonely white male alt-right trolls who have turned to the far right for a sense of community because they grew up as social outcasts.

Boo fucking hoo.

So did I. I struggle with friend-making to this day. I have never once considered going around and deliberately bullying and demeaning other people to make myself feel special or powerful. I’ve never mocked people for caring about others. I’ve never deliberately abused my privileges to silence others. When people have told me I’ve been insensitive and fucked up, I’ve listened.

Maybe you were social outcasts because you’re thoroughly unpleasant, weak-willed twerps, dudes. Maybe not! Maybe it was totally unfair - at first. But you have clearly since proved you deserved it. And that ‘community’ doesn’t give a shit about you, guaranteed, because they’re all as narcissistic as you.


yo yo yo, wuddup. you guys like homestuck? you guys like cosplay?? you guys like makeup tutorials??? well shucks, i sure do got a thing for you wow.

this is just a basic male troll makeup tutorial that you can change up and use for whatever troll you’re cosplaying. for this I’m using karkat as my base….because he’s fun….but take out the angry brows and “haven’t’ slept in a sweep” shading under the eyes and you’ve got your basic male troll.

now let’s rock n roll

STEP 1: take a “before” selfie because that’s what all the cool kids do.


STEP 2: got eyebrows? glue that shit down. don’t got eyebrows? shit, son, you’re already way ahead of me, skip this step.

i use this, it’s nice. it’s disappearing purple. it comes out purple and then it disappears. wow. cool. now you don’t necessarily have to do this step but i would recommend it because it’ll help you get a more even coat of paint over that area and if you have obnoxious curly old man brows like me it’ll keep them out of the way.

STEP 3: prime your eyelids (optional, cover your lips and brows)

priming your eyelids is very important, it’ll help prevent those little creases on your eyelids! covering your lips is great if you tend to use your mouth a lot, over time the makeup may crack and wear off, this’ll help keep the makeup on longer. covering your brows will help give you a more even space to work with (helps hide your brows)

if you look anything like this, a+, you are damn sexy, unf.

STEP 4: dig out your weapon of choice i mean grey makeup, and paint yourself up for battle i mean cosplay

this step is pretty self explanatory. take that shit, rub it on your face. i like to use snazaroo a lot but use whatever you feel most comfortable with.

(optional step: run around scaring small children and unsuspecting civilians)

STEP 5: SEAL IT. for the love of gosh-diddly-darnnit seal your grey. i don’t have any pictures for this step because….i just don’t, what do you want from me. but yeah, some translucent powder, some ben bye final seal, you’re good.

this is usually were people are like “WELL I’M GREY TIME TO PARTY” which is a-okay, you do what you want, bro, have fun and enjoy your cosplay~


STEP 6: contour! grab your choice of medium grey eyeshadow (matte, no sparkle or glitter) and contour your face to give it more definition.

since karkat is always angry let’s take the contouring up on the inner corners of the eyebrows. also add a little more shading under the eyes because kid never sleeps or something idk just do it….or not, idc

STEP 7: smudge some black lipstick on.

“BUT HE’S A BOY, HE DOESN’T WEAR LIPSTICK.” sit the fudge down. we don’t want to add too much because, yeah, it’ll look like you’re wearing lipstick, but just smudge on a little near the inside of your lip and bring it out to the edges. it’s more aesthetically pleasing and you don’t look so dead.

i also added a little more of a darker grey under the eyes here.

STEP 8: add some eyebrows.

since this is a cosplay i like to go all out and exaggerate the brows because, really, why the fudge not. go big or go home. bump up that eyebrow game. do it. or don’t, it’s up to you man.

STEP 9: now that you’ve got your disney villain eyebrows seal it again. THAT’S RIGHT, we just sealed this shit twice. don’t question it, just do it.

STEP 10: slap a wig on and call it done. (or, you know, put on the whole cosplay, whatever)

that’s it. that’s the tutorial.


have fun cleaning that off.