You see this cute bish in the red???!!! Gentlemen she is single and looking for a man to appreciate the beautiful being that is her. She is a queen standing at 5'4". You have to be taller than 5'8" preferably in shape. If you’re into sports, she likes that. If you’re into video games, thats cool, too. No scrubs or male thots. She has had her share. Quality niggas only. Conscious men only. Know yourself before you try and get to know her. And she’s used to being spoiled soooo if you not down to give her A1 attention you need not apply. prettybrowneyedcutie GO BEST FRIEND THATS MY BEST FRIEND THATS MY BEST FRIEND!!!!! prettybrowneyedcutie

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attacked?? why?? i thought your aesthetic been ugly male thot

im too ugly to be a thot. i can’t get hoes :/

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If really hasn't head sex since before bb. It really makes him seem more like closet case IMO. Like go slang the d. Go get you male thot on Like we all know you need that practice gurl😂😂😂

Hahhaha! No wonder he seems so horny all the time lol. He needs it bad.