Crossdressing feels so good, and seeing others who crossdress is so exciting. Its always nice being around others who crossdress whether in person or online. Its nice having friends who can relate to dressing. Reblog this if your looking to meet other crossdressers.

Men and Lingerie - HOLY WOW

Holy crap are Versace reading my blog? (I do not really think Versace are reading my blog)

(A while ago I posted about men and lingerie and it seems like my wishes are coming true! This new line is effeminate without being feminine IMO, that is it doesn’t look like clothes designed for women but just slapped on a man. Not that I have a problem with dudes that want to wear feminine clothing - I just wanted more variety in what a guy could put on in the bedroom!)

Also that article about it is totally effemiphobic. Complete bull, the guys look amazing and I would love to see this on more men.