no but imagine a young avengers netflix series

  • a mentally ill jewish gay teenager who is in a relationship with another guy and has magic, reality warping powers and is a huge nerd who makes pop culture references constantly
  • a hyperactive speedster who is hilarious, but such a really deep character
  • a gay hybrid alien space prince who is in a relationship with another guy, can shapeshift and is absolutely awesome but also another deep character
  • a latina lesbian who can literally kick through dimensions, is sassy and doesn’t take anyone’s shit
  • a female archer who is constantly trying to be equal to her male counterpart
  • a male black genius who is also bisexual and has said the word in the comics
  • another black character who (depending on which YA team you’re looking at *side eyes vol 2*) suffered with addiction, but came out a great leader on the other side a supersoldier
  • another strong female character who is adorable, so smol (or tol if she wants to be)
  • kid!!! loki!!!
  • mlm relationships, other lgbt rep, strong female dynamics, genuine family moments, great poc rep, depictions of mental illness and addiction, as well as grief
  • it’d just be great ok?
  • hurry up marvel
  • anyway i love my children and you should read the comics guys!

can I just say that marvel comics is doing such a disservice to both James Rhodes and Riri Williams by killing rhodey off before they could meet. like, can you imagine how fucking incredible of an addition he would have been to her stories. having a black male genius mentor a black female genius who lost her fathers would be so so so good for both the readers and the writers. how incredible would it be to see Riri and her mom get adopted into the Rhodes family. to have Riri get a father figure who… wait for it… might actually be able to relate to her on a non superficial level. Just because her character mimicks Tony’s doesn’t mean that she needs HIM to be her mentor. Marvel has literally already shown that they are too similar and it makes them butheads a lot. She needs someone not only to challenge her, and to make her better, which is what Tony does, but also someone who gets her enough to relate to her, but differs enough from her to offer her a new perspective and bitch that’s literally Rhodey.

I’m actually a touch sad that Bull hasn’t taken off more on tumblr. It’s actually very good. They could maybe do with a bit more diversity in the cast. That being said, they focus a lot on the ensemble, including the women a lot. And they have a black woman (Jamie Lee Kirchner playing Danny), a black man (Chris Jackson playing Chunk) and a latino man (Freddy Rodriguez playing Benny). Also, there’s a young white woman who is a hacker (Annabelle Attanasio playing Cable) and a white woman who is clearly Bull’s second in command (Geneva Carr playing Marissa).

And when I say the focus on the ensemble, I really mean it. I wouldn’t say Michael Weatherly isn’t the lead, but it always feels like the cast make significant additions. Chunk has gotten some really good scenes and Benny has had two episodes focused on him and his returning to law after having been fired from the DA’s office for throwing a case where he knew the accused was innocent. Cable has also gotten a lot of good screen time, and I believe that Danny and Marissa will become more filled out as the series goes because they are spending time filling out the other characters slowly.

And I want to add that Chunk is a gay former football player who decided to work in fashion instead, who left Vogue to work with Bull and help their clients learn to dress for the jury. His scenes have shown him to be infinitely kind. One of my favorites is when he’s helping a woman who’s been raped and accused of murder. He talks to her about how she presents herself, and is gentle about it. He’s actually pretty gentle with everyone so far. He makes friend with a baliff in a small southern town who used to play football as well. He ends up pushing the guy to get his shirt tailored because it would look better on him. I love that he’s able to embrace every part of who he is and was. Also, Chunk is the newest person on the team and therefore plays the “everyman” roll, where they can ask questions that the audience is asking, and react to things the way the audience is supposed to. And he looks consistently awesome is fashionable tailored suits.

The premise of the show itself is really fun to watch. It leans on the whole courtroom procedural and is a case-of-the-week show. But what works the best is that in a tv world where so many people are just cruel, all of the characters on the show are so kind. In the same episode about the woman who had been raped, Cable spends time getting close to the woman because they have the same interests in bands. Marissa constantly pokes Bull with a stick to try and help him take his walls down. She’s not a bitch, or a nagging mom. She’s a professional, Bull’s equal, and caring about her friend. So far the show has taken time to give more and more characters time to take care of the people around them and to be friendly. They’re good at their jobs. Each character has their own personality and they aren’t mean or truly underhanded.

And here’s what really gets me. Bull is another tortured white male genius. And he is so kind. He is so gentle. He’s careful and carring toward women. Again with the woman who had been raped and was on trial, Bull supports her at every turn and does his best to help get through the case, her panic attacks, and to get her life back after a vicious smear campaign. There’s an episode earlier with a female pilot who’s plane crashed and everyone but the pilot died and she has no memory. Bull believes in her even when she doesn’t believe in herself. The episode itself is about gender bias and how incidious it is.

In addition, Bull is a man who has been deeply hurt, and became a psychiatrist because he wanted to know how people worked so he could help himself. He’s withdrawn in some ways. He’s closed off because of his pain and because his skills make it so easy for him to read people that he can easily manipulate them. And what does he do? He’s kind to people around him. Sure he can be snarky as fuck, but he’s so kind and gentle with his clients and team. He wants to help people.

Think about House, Sherlock and so many other shows where the tortured genius is just a huge asshole whose cruelty is simply played off as okay because the man is a tortured genius. To have a show which is ensemble heavy, with an equal ratio of men to women, has some good diversity (especially for a show on cbs) where the main character so perfectly fits a standard and popular trope… and then to have them turn that on its ear?

This is a good show. It’s really good. I want more people to take a look at it because it’s good.

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@the gone girl anon: there's something about seeing a woman be a ruthless, calculating villain. there are rarely women villains who don't have some tragic backstory (usually an assault that has led them to do xyz) and there's always that moral conscience behind their actions and amy doesn't have that which is honestly refreshing. and even though she's a villain I think she's still appealing bc the reason she's framing nick (cool girl speech) resonates with a lot of women. Honestly Queen love her

yeah! to me, gone girl is all about flipping the script when it comes to crime drama. narrative-wise it fakes you into automatically thinking that amy was the victim here before revealing amy was behind it all. amy gets these stereotypical male genius killer traits. amy specifically targets men, as opposed to the convention of using female sexual violence. it’s all these things that make it a really fascinating & cathartic movie to watch, and makes amy a fantastic character

We all knew they wouldn’t make Lena Luthor a lesbian, since they think they’ve filled their ‘gay quota’. Of course, there are plenty reasons to be mad about this for feminist reasons, as well. (Why does Lena even need a love interest? Her character was brought on to focus on female friendship and becoming a better person despite how you were raised. A romantic storyline feels like a downgrade in comparison.)

But to the fans concerned about their queer reading of Lena, who hoped they’d keep her single so they can say “well they never said she isn’t a lesbian”, her having a past male love, or even a current male love interest, doesn’t mean she isn’t a lesbian.

(I mean, she could always be bi, and I’m sure new headcanons and stories will emerge that fit this, but this is for people who have a particular attachment to Lena as a lesbian.)

Ya’ll remember the last time a woman on Supergirl had a Thing™ with a male “charismatic tech genius"?

It didn’t really stick.

So pretty much no matter how close Lena and this guy get, it’s canon in the Supergirl universe that sometimes girls think they like guys but they actually don’t.

Not to mention, it’s highly likely (and fits in my pre-existing headcanon) that Lillian “intolerant” Luthor would pressure Lena into liking and seeking out men. (To me, this also explains why Lena was so so close to Lex and torn up by his betrayal, because he was gay too, and she confided in him. It was meant to be them against the world, but he ended up rejecting that part of himself and attacking the person he fell for.)

tl;dr: It sucks that they’re giving her a relationship when she really doesn’t need one, but don’t let canon stop you from having whatever damn headcanon you want.

Little Genius

Pairing: Male Reader! X Peter Parker, Reader is Tony’s adopted son

Summary/Request: Can you do a Peter Parker x male!reader where reader is Tony’s (adopted?) son and has been dating Peter in secret for a while, but the reader is still in the closet (maybe Peter is out? Idk?) and then the avengers find out somehow? @graysonmalfoy

Word Count: 4820

Warnings: Adopted, slight angst (slight slight, it’s the first paragraph, you can skip that one), spans TWS through AoU. Clintasha, awkward/clumsy Peter, almost fatherly Tony

If you want a fairy tale that isn’t this story. He had never had it easy. His earliest memory was of burning his hand on the stove trying to make his own dinner. The next one of screaming and blood, but the heavy footsteps walked away as soon as his dirty rotten, no good parents were dead. The next of a man in a suit and wearing sleek shades taking him in. He thought it would get better, and it started to for the next eight years. That would be when (Y/N) lost the only good parent figure he ever had. When Loki killed Phil Coulson.

Coulson had had a contingency in place, and that passed him over to the care of Agents Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff. That was cool but could also be painful when the spies were sent on missions together. He’d particularly been a miniature agent when Coulson was his guardian, and living with the spies only further sharpened his skills. They liked to sneak up on him, and he needed to be trained to take them down before they got to him.

He was also passed around a lot, sometimes the spies would be gone on long missions and (Y/N) would go to another agent. He knew of Tony Stark but had had minimal contact with the genius. That is until two years later. Natasha had disappeared with a fugitive Steve Rogers, Clint was going on a long mission. Thor couldn’t be contacted, nor could Bruce. Clint didn’t want to leave a then fifteen-year-old (Y/N) alone for however long his mission would take, or until the whole SHIELD, Steve conflict blew over that left Tony Stark.

“Don’t get in my way, don’t blow anything up. You can have parties but I need to be invited. Ask JARVIS for things you need.” Those were the instructions when (Y/N) was dumped at Tony’s Tower. It was another week before he saw the genius again.

“You look like shit. When’s the last time you slept, or showered? Should I just ask JARVIS?” He snarked, from his seat at the table in the only kitchen in the tower that had food. (Y/N) had been working on his homework, the perks of Coulson was that he was heavily schooled and had graduated high school at age 13. He had been encouraged to apply to any college he wanted, but when (Y/N) had lost Coulson, he had picked one of the online schools. He was now in his second and would be final year working towards his bachelor’s degree. Which he was starting to think would be the first of many.

“Mister Stark has not slept for forty-two hours, and the last shower was fifty hours ago.” The British AI’s voice rang through the kitchen giving (Y/N) his answer. He shook his head before placing a bookmark in his textbook. “Put down the coffee, go take a shower and then sleep for at least eight hours or I’ll have JARVIS shut down so that you can’t access the lab for a week.” He knew the only way to get the genius to do anything was under threats, a tip he had heard when he was younger and Natasha was busy playing Natalie during the day.

“Whoa there tough guy, think you could actually take out JARVIS?” That was the cocky confidence that he had heard being complained about for a solid month. (Y/N) nodded his head. “All I would have to do is corrupt a couple sections of code, and then you’d have to proofread it for a month to make him operational again.” He had accidentally stumbled into the access window for the AI’s code and had been learning it for the past couple of days.

The sideways grin quickly melted off the billionaire’s face, and (Y/N) fought to keep the smirk off of his own face. He had always been underestimated, and he kind of loved to see people eat their words. It happened a lot when he had had to go to the base with Clint and Natasha, and the agents had seen him practicing on a punching bag. He had taken down his fair share of agents and had gotten some big grins from Clint.

“Don’t worry about it, lots of people underestimate me.” He said with a shrug. Tony gave him an odd side eye but swept from the room to get some rest. It seemed that that encounter changed the way Tony acted around (Y/N). He was making an effort to get to know the young boy he was currently in charge of taking care of.

Tony was not great at small talk, and he would mostly babble on about the projects he was working on down in his lab. (Y/N) was finding it easy to sit and listen, and put forward some alternative viewpoints. Tony had a tendency to only see the mechanical view, and (Y/N) could separate himself and see other angles for the genius to evaluate. He could see when he hit at a particular angle that the genius hadn’t seen and that Tony would kick himself in the ass for. Sometimes it was a simple solution, other times it was just a matter of another point of view. (Y/N) was starting to believe that Tony trusted him, and his input.

It was about two months into his stay with Tony when Steve showed up to the Tower. He’d explained after Tony insisted that if Steve wanted any kind of Stark help that (Y/N) could be trusted to be fully briefed on the situation. Steve had explained that SHIELD had fallen because SHIELD had been HYDRA all along. Steve had grand ideas to continue on the SHIELD mission with Stark’s help since it had been a Stark that had founded SHIELD, to begin with.

That had started the beginning of the Avenger’s Tower. (Y/N) was in the logistics part of the SHIELD that Tony funded but Steve was running. Tony had set him up with his own lab and had him running some research on potentially enabled candidates for recruitment purposes. It was how a one Mister Peter Parker, or as the teenager called himself Spiderman, came to be on the radar.

“Tony, did you see the file I sent you?” He asked at the weekly Wednesday night dinner. Tony always spent Wednesday night with (Y/N), and Friday nights were movie night with all the Avengers. The genius nodded.

“Mmhmm.” He started to talk with his mouth full and had received a sharp eyebrow raise from (Y/N). “Yeah, he shows some promise. I want you to conduct some field research, maybe evaluate the kid’s fighting style. You know, like that file you put together on Kamala Khan.” He said, and (Y/N) nodded.

This dictated his schedule for the next few weeks. The Spiderkid hung out at libraries and pizza shops, and (Y/N) needed to get to know the alter ego along with the hero side. It seemed that Parker was either really dedicated to being as invisible as possible, or he was just super clumsy. In the first three hours that he had been watching this tiny brunet boy, he had spilled three glasses of soda, dropped five textbooks and had tripped over his own feet a whopping total of fourteen times.

It was the fifteenth time that the kid tripped over his own feet that changed things. The boy had been on his way back to his table from the bathroom and was on a one-way trip to a concussion when (Y/N) stepped in. The spiderboy was going to collide into his table, so really it was more shifting his body weight. The boy weighed absolutely nothing, and catching him before he caught himself, by the head on (Y/N)’s table was easy.

“I’m so sorry, my brain works too fast for the feet to listen.” The poor child’s face, and yes he was only a year younger than (Y/N) but that made him a child, was beet red. He let out a nervous laugh. “It looks like I’ve fallen for you.” He ended his statement with another nervous laugh. (Y/N) smiled at him before realizing the boy back onto his own feet.

“It’s not hard to do, especially when one’s as clumsy as you are.” He said, and Peter gave him a small look of confusion. “What can I say, I’ve had my eye on you.” The thing about growing up with spies, and then living with a notorious playboy meant that he oozed charm. “I’m (Y/N),” he paused, trying to decide what last name to give. “(Y/N) Stark.” He might as well just jump off the deep end here.

The boy cocked his head to the side, obviously confused about (Y/N)’s surname. “Is that supposed to impress me?” He deadpanned, and (Y/N) had to give him some props for the nonchalant response.

“I’ve gotta couple of other names, you could pick your favorite. Barton, Coulson, and Romanoff are all my possible surnames.” He couldn’t remember his biological last name or that one would have been in the mix too. There was a brief moment where (Y/N) could watch the wheels turning in Peter’s head before the realization flashed in the boy’s brown eyes. Coulson’s name wouldn’t probably mean much but the other two would, and especially now that everything was public record.

“Peter, I mean my name is Peter Parker.” The attempt to not make the conversation an awkward fanboying session was admirable. (Y/N) gestured to his table, which had a slice of pizza and his engineering notes on it.

“Care to join me?” He asked a part of it was for the sake of the file. But there was a softer, quieter part of him that couldn’t help but notice the soft gleam in the Spiderlings eyes, and a word, cute, floated through his mind.

For the second time in the past five minutes, Peter’s face turned a tomato red. “I don’t wanna bother you. And I’m doing a science project, wouldn’t be good company anyway?” He phrased it like a question like he was trying to use his school work as an excuse. (Y/N) shook his head and walked over to Parker’s table and gathered the boy’s books.

“I insist, and you might find that I could surprise you. In regard to my intelligence that is.” He said, spreading the boy’s school stuff across half of the table.

As it turned out the project was not for school. It was for better tech for Spiderman. (Y/N) played along with the school project front, and suggested some ideas that would make the web slingers work better. Sure (Y/N) didn’t get a lot of his own work done, but he had made some progress on the file and also in maybe making a friend his own age.

That day he had Peter had exchanged phone numbers. It was the first secret he was going to keep from his family, or should he say try to keep. Since he knew Clint and Natasha were sneaky, but he didn’t think they, any of them, word approve of him being friendly with a target and possible agent recruit.

It had been another week before there was a text exchange, that Peter had initiated. It was another lie, of course, but the actual excitement about the success of the project and the “grade” it had gotten was somewhat real. The actuality meant that the web shooter was working and the novice crimefighter was stepping up in that world.

(Y/N) had noticed a small flutter in his stomach when he read the name on the screen. The conversation quickly turned into other areas, mostly that awkward small talk getting to know you stuff. Which had veered into talking about this obscure little coffee shop that Peter had just discovered and was obsessed with. He had slyly and in the most endearing way, had asked to see (Y/N) again. He had wanted to text back right away but didn’t want to be too eager. And there was the other side, the non-spy side, that wasn’t so sure meeting was the right decision. He’d argued with himself for a good thirty minutes before deciding that Coulson would have wanted him to make friends and to push his comfort zones. That Coulson had wanted him to have a normal life, and he agreed to see Peter again.

(Y/N) was dying. He didn’t know what to wear, his stomach felt like it was literally turning inside out. He had lived at SHIELD for years of his life, his father had been Phillip Coulson. His next set of guardians the deadly twin assassins, Barton and Romanoff. Why was he this nervous over something that wasn’t even a date? If any of his guardians saw him in this very moment, they would laugh at him and then make bets about the chances of (Y/N) puking or making a god awful fool of himself.

He was finally able to find some clothes that would make him look good, but without seeming like he was trying too hard. But then actually getting out of the Tower was the hard part. Today of all days, everyone was on base. Which meant everyone wanted to talk, and making a quick escape was just not going to happen. Here he had put all this effort into this not a date thing and he wouldn’t even be able to get to the coffee shop on time.

“I’m just saying that that mission could have gone a lot smoother had we had a hacker on deck over the comms.” Nat and Clint had just gotten back from a mission to gather data, and it had not ended well. They both had some bumps and bruises.

“Listen, guys. I’m glad you’re both back. I’ll look into running some coding trainings and the next mission will be better. But right now I gotta study for my last final, so I’ll talk to you later.” He said, grabbing his backpack and heading out.

“Tony, what did you do?” Natasha asked once the elevator doors had closed. “You’ve corrupted our son, lying to his guardians like that.” She hissed, crossing her arms over her chest. Clint gave her shoulder a rub, and Tony just shrugged.

As it turned out, even being ten minutes late, he still made it to the coffee shop before Peter did. Which was fine, he could grab a table and start his studying. Since Coulson had taught him the best way to lie was to base the lie in truth, he did have a final he needed to review his notes for.

The time got away from (Y/N), and when he finally resurfaced from his notes it was two hours later. Peter must have gotten caught up with his other personality. A check to his phone revealed nothing, and so he logged into the Stark interface to check out new reports. When he didn’t find anything, he decided it was time to go back to the Tower.

(Y/N) had gone to the library the next day. He needed to take his online exam in a public place, where he couldn’t be accused of cheating. It was his last final and then he’d go into working full time at the Stark version of SHIELD. He had been halfway finished his exam when he became aware of a lurking presence. He pushed that to the back of his head to finish the multiple choice exam. After another ten minutes, he had finished the exam and received his grade. He had answered one wrong and was kicking himself for it. It was when he was leaving that the presence made itself known.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Peter called too loudly and was immediately assaulted with a chorus of shushing. The boy had his arms full of his books and notebooks like he had hastily gathered his things. (Y/N) waited for the boy to catch up with him before the pair exited the library.

“Did you wanna put your stuff away?” he asked, he knew what had happened yesterday and knew the boy was going to try and offer an excuse. But (Y/N) wasn’t so sure he wanted to hear it. Coulson had made sure to instill some values, and the situation from yesterday could have been considered a sign that whatever inkling of a nothing that had started wasn’t a good thing.

“I do but I owe you an apology, and I don’t want you to leave,” Peter said, shifting his body weight and books around. (Y/N) took his school bag and put it down on the bench the pair were standing in front of. Peter took that as his green light and dumped his stuff on the bench quickly organizing it and shoving it inside his own backpack.

“Listen, about yesterday. I got hung up on some stuff. And while I should have sent you a text or a carrier pigeon or something. I didn’t, and well the text couldn’t happen because my phone is trashed and I don’t know any pigeons. What was I saying?” Peter asked, to which he got nothing in response. “Oh right, I’m a jerk. Is there any way I could make it up to you? Like coffee, my treat?” He asked, pulling a smashed pile of phone from his pocket. Like he knew he needed to prove that the phone was ruined for his words to mean anything.

(Y/N) pulled the phone from Peter’s hand, the engineering part of him was looking to see if it was fixable. “This is really dead. Like I have a bachelor’s degree and even I can’t fix this.” He said it made him appreciate the indestructible Stark phone that had been tossed his way after he had threatened JARVIS’S code. The casual mention of his schooling had caused Peter’s eyes to grow to a comically large size. “I’m fifteen, and I just earned my Bachelor’s degree. If you wanted to know I graduated high school at thirteen. So I guess a congratulatory coffee would be good.” He explained, there really hadn’t been much for him to do at SHIELD but his schoolwork. Besides the fact that Coulson was a very strict parent.

Peter nodded. “Cool, cool. Wait a second. Did you just agree to go out with me?” He asked before his mind could catch up with his mouth and he tried to shove his entire fist there to stop it. (Y/N) nodded, grabbing his bag off the bench.

“Come on, you owe me like three coffees, you dork.” He said it lightly, he was teasing. Especially since the dorkiness was so incredibly endearing.

The coffee date went surprisingly well. (Y/N) felt like Peter had started to tell him about his alter ego at least five times before the boy backed out. Lying wasn’t for everyone, and genuine hero types would have a hard time with the secret and their other personality. At the end of the night, (Y/N) had offered to see if he could get a Stark phone for the spiderling. And while the boy protested, (Y/N) knew that he secretly wanted one. He had also made a joke about sending him a carrier pigeon, and Peter had responded with an invitation for dinner.

“Like a date, Parker?” he asked, just because he wanted to give the boy shit. Peter’s face had flushed a deep red color, and he had started to stutter. “Relax, I’ll meet you outside the library at 7, the day after tomorrow. Dress somewhat nice.” He told him with a smile before he left the boy, awestruck behind him.

“Hey, Tony?” (Y/N) called as he walked into the lab. He had learned the hard way to announce himself when he went down to the labs, otherwise, Dum-E would try to attack and there was a fire extinguisher involved, it was not pretty. A grunt from a far corner of the room told him the genius was pretty busy.

“I’ll make it quick.” He promised, and the genius poked his head out. “This phone is demolished, but I was wondering if we could try and salvage some of its data to incorporate into a Stark phone. It’s for a really clumsy friend.” He had stolen Peter’s phone, it wasn’t hard when it wasn’t functional. The hard part would be either rebuilding this phone or getting the lower tech to corporate with the Stark tech.

“When did you make friends?” Tony asked it wasn’t as rude as it seemed. (Y/N) had rarely left the tower and had only ever socialized within SHIELD and the Avengers. “But yeah, it shouldn’t take longer than ten minutes. The biggest issue is gonna be the reading the data. Just leave it on the counter there, I’ll have JARVIS remind me to do it. And I’ll let you know when it’s done.” he explained, going back to his work in the corner.

JARVIS had informed (Y/N) that reading the data and making the phone a Stark phone had taken four minutes and thirty-three seconds. He had taken the phone and made sure there were contacts and stuff before he headed out to the library for his actual date with Peter.

(Y/N) had gotten to the library at 6:30, as it had been an empty tower and he needed to get out without questions when he could. When he had arrived, from a different direction and hidden from view, he had noticed that Peter was already there and was pacing nervously, while muttering to himself.

He made a big show of walking up to him, and Peter had smiled warmly at him. “So, I kinda stole your wrecked phone. But for a good reason.” He said, handing over the new Stark phone to Peter. His eyes lit up, like a child seeing a tree full of presents on Christmas. He gingerly took the phone and looked it over. “It’s practically indestructible, and most of your data from the old one was salvageable. So you’ve still got pictures and contacts and stuff.” (Y/N) finished explaining, and Peter flipped the phone over in his hands a couple of times before putting it in his pocket.

Peter lunged forward, grabbing (Y/N) by the collar of his jacket, and smashed their lips together. It was a small kiss before the spiderkid realized what he had done and quickly stepped away. “I’m so sorry. Please don’t hate me. I forget sometimes that just because I’m gay doesn’t mean everyone else is. I didn’t mean anything.” He was rambling like something bad had happened in a starter relationship. (Y/N) waved a hand in front of him.

“Stop, Peter. You’re breaking my heart here. You gotta stop and talk. But also listen. Did you ask me if I wanted this to mean something?” he asked, and the boy shook his head. “And wasn’t I the one asking if this was a date?” he waited for Peter to realize and nod. “We may not all be gay. But I certainly am, even if I’m not necessarily out about it.” he finished, it had been something that he had known since he was seven. And since Coulson had been so great, he hadn’t had to fight with himself to feel comfortable. When he had lost Coulson he just hadn’t told anyone else, but he wasn’t trying to hide it either.

“So do you wanna hold my hand and go to dinner, or do you not want this to be something?” he asked, and Peter turned a soft shade of pink but he wove his fingers together with (Y/N)’s.

As first dates go, the one with Peter went pretty well. Peter only spilled one glass of water and it was on the table and not on the floor. The conversation was easy, and (Y/N) even walked Peter home at the end of the night. Where the pair shared their second kiss.

From that point on, the two were constantly texting. (Y/N) had met Aunt May, and she was great. Peter had been to the Tower, but only when the Tower was empty. At this point, (Y/N) just wasn’t sure how to approach the subject. Especially with the Avengers of all people. Steve was nice and all but he was from a whole other world, in regards to culture, and (Y/N) couldn’t possibly imagine what he would think of gay people. Tony, he was sure would be cool with it, along with Bruce and probably Thor. But he wasn’t sure how Nat and Clint would react.

(Y/N) had been battling with this for a year, and Peter was just the sweetest about it. He didn’t try to pressure him, and he was understanding and didn’t think that (Y/N) was ashamed of him or trying to hide him. He’d offered on several occasions to be there for the coming out of the closet party, just for support.

But it wasn’t until Bruce and Tony had made the mistake of creating a sadistic AI that made its own body, did (Y/N) seriously start to consider it. It was partially due to Wanda, who had started to say something about what (Y/N) had been thinking which would have outed him. It had been a spur of the moment decision to text Peter to ask him over, and he’d asked FRIDAY to give him clearance when he got there.

It was a Friday night, so everyone was gathered for movie night. Tonight’s pick had gone to Clint and Natasha and they had chosen some horror films and some spy films. It seemed like the perfect kind of environment to invite someone to. It was also a low-pressure meeting of the family since they couldn’t talk through movies they wouldn’t be able to drill Peter with questions.

Unfortunately, (Y/N) was in the kitchen getting popcorn and other junk food when Peter arrived at the common floor. “Hey, Spiderkid, right? What are you doing in my tower?” He heard Tony ask, and knew that Peter was trying to come up with some excuse or explanation.

“Stark, not just your Tower remember? Pepper’s got at least 12 percent, and I think I deserve at least 3 percent. So with that in mind, I think I have the right to invite my boyfriend over for movie night. Especially since the brand new Avenger is here, one that previously tried to kill all of you. No offense, Wanda.” he had wound up rambling and had needed to shut himself up. His stomach was doing that thing where it had moved and was trying to turn itself inside out. While he watched Natasha’s blank face and Clint’s that had slowly slipped into a frown.

“Seriously, kid. You picked now to do this? I just lost a hundred bucks. You couldn’t have waited six more months.” Clint shifted and pulled out his wallet, handing over some bills to Natasha. She gave him a knowing smirk before walking over to (Y/N).

“Honey, we’re spies. You don’t think we couldn’t tell. This is who you are and we love you.” she said, giving him a quick hug before moving over to where Peter had frozen just outside the elevator. “Now, you. We don’t know you, we know of you and there’s a file on you. So don’t think you can get away with anything. And if you so much as split a hair on Coulson’s kids head. I can kill you 6 different ways that would make it look like an accident.” She hissed, going full momma bear mode on Peter. She turned quickly on her heel and settled into the overly large recliner with Clint.

“Are you gonna watch the movie with us or what?” This came from Tony, who raised his eyebrows in a knowing way. He moved to one end of the couch, patting the spots open next to him. (Y/N) put down all the junk he was still holding and took the spot next to Tony, and Peter took the one next to him.

Movie night went as well as expected. Peter was able to get into the swing of the snarky comments that the team would make throughout the movie and contributed a couple good one liners. It went so well that it made (Y/N) question why he had ever been afraid to come out to the Avengers in the first place. They were his family and they loved and accepted him just the way he was.

wideblueskies  asked:

I frequently think back on the amazing outfit that Anthea brought George when she was in hospital. The bra without underwire but with elastic lace, and the coat with the beautiful blue lining. I love that Anthea anyway, and her relationship with Mycroft is really wonderful, but that scene in particular has stuck with me since I first read it years and years ago.

Anthea was BLISS to write in Least of All Possible Mistakes. She was so inscrutable and weird, and I imagined her as someone like the Holmes boys, exceptional and as a result exceptionally lonely. It’s hard to be a sharp tongued genius male, but much worse for women as in all things, and I think for Anthea, in George she made a friend who not only doesn’t mind her strange personality, but never makes a show of not minding her strange personality. George doesn’t like it or dislike it, she just takes Anthea as she is, in all of her voluminous Anthea-ness, and for someone like Anthea, I think it must feel like the dizzy exhalation after so long holding your breath.

Full offense, I'm so over Hollywood's love affair with arrogant white male geniuses.

Arrogant White Male Genius Learns To Empathize With Plebians After Experiencing Personal Loss

Arrogant White Male Genius Disrespects All Women Save For One Exceptional Woman He Also Happens To Find Attractive

Arrogant White Male Genius Reaches Maximum Efficiency Thanks to Unpaid Emotional Labor of One Long-Suffering Woman

I’m so much more interested in heroes who are kind at their core; who didn’t have the world laid at their feet and who didn’t have to lose everything to understand the intrinsic value of life.

Abolish this notion that kindness is boring. That kindness can only play second fiddle to angst, or that assholes are the only ones smart or driven enough to save the world.

Male genius and women: a conversation
  • Aristotle: These are the facts people. The female is as it were a deformed male. The female is a female by virtue of a certain lack of qualities; we should regard the female nature as afflicted with a natural defectiveness. A proper wife should be as obedient as a slave. The male is by nature superior, and the female inferior; and the one rules, and the other is ruled.
  • Plato: Well... the man who acquits himself well in war should be given…more liberal opportunities to sleep with a wife!
  • Nietzche: Good one Plato. When a woman turns to scholarship there is usually something wrong with her sexual apparatus.
  • Confucius: One hundred women are not worth a single testicle.
  • Spinoza: Women are apt to seduce men into making irrational political decisions. Never forget that.
  • Hegel: I want to be included here. Women regulate their actions not by the demands of universality, but by arbitrary inclinations and opinions.
  • Charles Darwin: The chief distinction in the intellectual powers of the two sexes is shown by man attaining to a higher eminence, in whatever he takes up, than women can attain - whether requiring deep thought, reason or imagination, or ... the use of the sense and the hands. That's the scientific view.
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau: The search for abstract and speculative truths for principles and axioms in science, for all that tends to wide generalizations, is beyond a woman's grasp.
  • Thomas Edison: Direct thought is not an attribute of femininity. In this, woman is now centuries ... behind men.
  • T.S. Eliot: There are only a half dozen men of letters (and no women) worth printing. It only goes to show.
  • Kurt Vonnegut: Educating a beautiful woman is like pouring honey into a fine Swiss watch: everything stops.
  • Ernest Hemingway: If you leave a woman, though, you probably ought to shoot her. It would save enough trouble in the end even if they hanged you. Take it from me.
  • Charles Bukowski: Hemingway, you are so right as usual. The male, for all his bravado and exploration, is the loyal one, the one who generally feels love. The female is skilled at betrayal. and torture and damnation. Never envy a man his lady. Behind it all lays a living hell.
  • St. Augustine: Women should not be enlightened or educated in any way. They should, in fact, be segregated as they are the cause of hideous and involuntary erections in holy men. And. Any woman who does not give birth to as many children as she is capable is guilty of murder.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte: Nature intended women to be our slaves. They are our property.
  • John Wayne: Dude. They have the right to work wherever they want to -- as long as they have dinner ready when you get home.

I know it’s just a Disney Channel show and I need to chill out, but….

I AM SO OFFENDED just by the idea that Rilaya and Smarkle might not (and probably won’t) be the endgames. Like, I just want to watch a show where two female best friends slowly realize that neither of them belong with the Hunky Guy because plot twist: they are in love with each other, their genius male bff who thought he was in love with both of them realizes he’s actually in love with his fabulous former arch nemesis, and the Hunky Guy who everyone assumed would get with one of the girls ends up alone because he was too indecisive. Is that too much to ask?

#264 Because of music festivals.

Let’s take a look at some British music festivals:


Bestival 2013 poster with all the all-male acts deleted by The Guardian’s Anya Pearson. Only 21% of Bestival acts featured women.

Reading & Leeds Festival 2013 poster with only the female acts. 17%

Glastonbury 2013. 34% of its poster advertised acts containing any female artists (not including backing singers or session musicians.)

So, what does this mean? Are women just bad musicians?

No, but as a society we are less encouraging of girls who aspire to be musicians and we are quick to label a male musician a “genius”, while female musicians are just… female musicians. As if their gender is the only distinctive quality of their music. 

And sometimes female musicians are just not given credit for their work, so let’s listen to some Sister Rosetta Tharpe, who greatly influenced Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis


Many people will say that gender role preferences are social constructs and are not inborn. This is something that is seen a lot in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields. The so called STEM fields.

But is there a reason other than claiming gender are forced into one role or another? Biologically there are a number of cases where this idea has been tested. 

Neurological studies show small but significant differences between the brains of males and females. With male brain showing stronger connections between the back of the brain and the front and fewer across the hemispheres. This creates a stronger connection between the visual/spatial areas of the brain and higher reasoning. Which would suggest that males are more likely to go into fields or be more interested in things that require logic,maths, and spatial manipulation. Things that dominate the STEM fields.

Female brains on the other hand show stronger connections between the hemispheres linking language and emotion. Which could be the reason behind the stereotypes of females being better at abstract,emotional, creative and multitasking abilities. Areas that are less in demand in a STEM field.

But are there any other evidences to back this up?

Primate researchers have done tests with stereotypical human girls and boys toys, dolls and trucks respectively and left them out where primates live. The surprising thing is that the preference for one type of toy over another followed the same patterns seen in human children. 

The female primates spent more time with the anthropomorphic dolls, inspecting, sniffing and licking. Whereas the male chimps time was more divided in favor of the trucks. 

The hypothesis is that the neural connections that underlay the differences may pre-dispose one gender to one type of toy or another. In this case the trucks with wheels are object that could be spatially manipulated and taken apart to see how they work. Whereas the dolls even thought they could under go the same treatment have enough living creature traits that aspects such as emotional interest may be the attracting factor among the females.

This is a good study because it removes the idea of a human created social gender role and tests whether or not nature has created gender differences.

Also a very famous case of Doctor Money and They boy that was raised as a girl helps add even more support. The case was about a boy who lost his penis during a circumcision that went wrong. At the time it was thought that gender was seemly based on environment so the boy was raised as a female. Yet no amount of training and keeping him away from the stereotypical boys things made him any more a girl. He still would play with and act like a boy when he was no longer being watched.

This case puts gender very firmly on a biological footing. For it takes the hypothesis that gender is socially constructed and tests it directly. Not only gender but sexual orientation can be derived from this case as well as many more where someone of a gender or sexual orientation has been forced to live as something they are not.

The final thing that adds support is the hypothesis that autism may be and extreme form of masculinization of the brain. There is a correlated between testosterone levels of the developing fetus and the development of autism later in life. If this is indeed the case then the autistic brain should exhibit features and behaviors that are stereotypically male.

And this does seem to be the case as autistic individuals have trouble with language, reading emotion, social cues and other traits considered to be things that females are good at. They also show extreme forms of male thinking such as genius level ability with logic, maths, science and engineering.

Even though none of this can be definitive, taken together it shows a very strong case that gender does not arise from a social construct but that nature has created it for it’s own reason. 

All of these can easily be found with a simple google except the primate studies. For that see BBC Horizon episode entitled: Is Your Brain Male or Female?

Girl Meets Popular Farkle [Riarkle Fanfic] Chapter 5

Fast forward to GMW’s junior year. Farkle is officially THE popular guy at Abigail Adams, it was bound to happen with his brains, looks and charm, but Riley’s having a difficult time sharing her best friend with the Farkle fanatics. Multi-fic story (one chapter left) exploring what it’s like for Riley to be on the other side of this predicament. Did she miss her chance?


Chapter 1: THE Farkle and the best friend [x]

Chapter 2: #1 Homecoming Draft Pick [x]

Chapter 3: The Purple Astronaut and Pluto [x]

Chapter 4: Maya, Smackle Time [x]


Chapter 6 | Final: Princess Anne & Joe [x]

Chapter 5: Mr. Matthews’ Daughter

The rest of the week leading up to homecoming was rather uneventful. Everyone in the group was busy: Farkle and Smackle were recruiting and training for academic decathlon, Zay and Lucas were completely invested in their baseball practices for the big game, Maya was still tirelessly working on her latest art piece she continually deemed ‘almost done,’ and Riley had cheerleading practice everyday before the game.

If it wasn’t for Riley and Maya the cafe group would be completely MIA during homework sessions. The girls represented as the sole attendees that week. Riley still desired to do extraordinary this school year and Maya was determined to successfully complete Operation Pluto.

Riley sat in her seat sipping her smoothie and reading her Spanish book when Maya’s voice broke through her concentration, “Soooo any progress with a certain genius?”

She closed her book, “What progress?”

Her friend shook her head, “Come on Riley, have you talked to Farkle about your non-platonic feelings for him?”

It wasn’t like Riley was eager to tell Farkle about her recent self discovery, but she did want to be truthful with him. She was grappling with her honesty, but at what cost was it worth it?

“I don’t know Maya. There are two possible results if I tell him. On one hand he feels the complete opposite and I am totally embarrassed and it becomes so awkward that we stop talking to each other OR he happens to take pity on me and we end up dating for a little bit until he loses interest.”  

Maya internally smacked herself in the forehead, had her best friend really become this insecure? This was RILEY MATTHEWS, the girl embodied charm that guys always loved. She was the sweet, beautiful girl next door that most guys were intimidated by ever approaching on a romantic level because they didn’t think they were good enough. Heck, that’s probably how Farkle felt to this day.

Maya quickly tried to tactfully handle the situation, “Riles. Seriously I really despise you sometimes.” Maya narrowed her eyes at her best friend.


Tact flew out the window, “Riley all the guys we’ve EVER met have had a crush on you. You have this adorkable complex that is undeniably infectious, matched with this beauty inside and out, you’re smart on an impressive level as well as a girl into sports – WHO IS THAT? HOW ARE YOU CORY MATTHEWS’ KID?”

Riley grinned widely, “Really?”

Maya groaned and called over Corn Chip Dave who was hanging out with a group of friends by the counter.

“Hey Dave, is it true you had a crush on Riley?”

He blushed furiously and nodded his head, “Middle school. Why do you think I picked Rileytown over Mayaville that one time in detention?”

“Daveeee!” Riley cooed with a blush deepening on her cheeks.

Riley shook her head, “Maya those were all middle school days! It’s not like it’s right now when it matters.”

Maya rolled her eyes, what would she have to do to break Riley out of her slump? She noticed a group of ninth graders in the corner, and ordered them over.

The four boys shyly sat down in the group’s usual area.

She pointed to one of them, “You, do you know who this is?”

He chuckled, “Riley Matthews, Mr. Matthew’s beautiful daughter no one is allowed to look at.”

Riley narrowed her eyes menacingly, “What’d you say?” She asked in disbelief.

Another boy laughed, “Mr. Matthews has a family photo with you on his desk, Ian over here asked Mr. Matthews if he could ask his daughter out sometime, he got kicked out of class for the day and told us none of us could until we graduated high school and are in University.”

The niner Ian winked, “So I’ll be asking you out in four years.”

Maya pointed away, “Get out!”

They got up laughing hysterically and waved bye to the girls. Riley politely waved goodbye and Maya noted, “See! You are very well known at school. You’re Mr. Matthews’ stunning, unattainable daughter. Congratulations, you’re popular.”

Riley smirked with a chuckle, “Seriously? That’s so weird.”

Maya shrugged her shoulders, “I’m telling you, you’re very deserving of Farkle Minkus’ affections. Tell him! He led the Riley Matthews crush train before anyone else.” She wrapped her arm around her supportively.

The last few minutes swirled throughout Riley’s head, she couldn’t believe her reputation. She wasn’t completely convinced, maybe it was just purely shocking news to her, but it did give her a slight boost of confidence.

“I’ll try.” She muttered quietly and Maya grinned proudly.

“That’s my girl.”


It was the night of the big homecoming game, and then tomorrow night they would attend their homecoming dance.

Riley stood in formation along with the other cheerleaders. She chanted one of the cheers as they looked onto the bleachers filled with people.

As she cheered she finally caught the eye of her best friend who sat eating popcorn beside Smackle and Thomas.

She noticed Farkle wasn’t there yet but continued on.

Smackle furiously messaged someone via phone and Maya eyed her suspiciously, “What’s the matter there Smackle?”

Smackle rolled her eyes, “I’m telling the supposed male genius of our unit that he needs to get over here with more urgency. He’s missed the first round already!”

Thomas placed a calm hand on her shoulder, “My beloved, there’s about seven innings or as you endearingly call rounds in a high school baseball game.”

She turned to her boyfriend and growled, “Are you defending his lack of punctuality? The success of Operation Pluto lies on his presence to fall for said beauty of a cheerleader down there! So I will continue to bombard his phone with messages til he arrives, BELOVED!”

He slowly turned his attention from his angry partner as Maya grinned happily snacking on popcorn.

“I really like your girlfriend,” Maya giggled.

The third inning began and as Smackle left a fourth message for Farkle he casually walked toward their group and nonchalantly sat beside his friends.

“Hey!” He nodded toward them and Smackle sitting between Thomas and Maya lunged over Maya to try to grab at him but Thomas held her back.

“SMACKLE! Don’t drop my popcorn!” Maya protectively shielded her snack.

Thomas pulled Smackle back toward her seat and she glared at him, “Farkle Minkus, where have you been?” She asked as calmly as possibly despite the anger in her eyes.

Maya’s eyes shifted to the bouquet of flowers sitting beside him.

“What’re those?” If he had brought those for anyone else but her best friend she was going to lunge at him next.

He glanced at the flowers, “Oh Riley. I wanted to surprise her, you know first cheerleading event of the year, wanted to be supportive.”

Maya looked toward her Operation Pluto counterpart and mouthed, “Did you?”

Smackle shook her head, “Interesting arrangement,” Smackle strategically commented, fishing for more information.

Farkle chuckled, “Yeah I must have traveled all across New York after last period, and made a stop in New Jersey to make it. All of Audrey Hepburn’s favorite flowers – roses, tulips, jonquils, and don’t even get me started on hunting down the specific ones named after her. That’s why I was late, sorry.”

His eyes focused on the field and then met Riley’s who was finishing up a cheer. She held her pom poms and waved up at Farkle when she spotted him.

He excitedly waved back, “Woo yeah Riley!” He cheered proudly.

Smackle, Maya and Thomas all peered at each other in a confused but excited manner. Did someone spill the beans about their plan? Or was this just typical Farkle?

Riley turned back to the field to watch two of her other friends as they played an amazing game.

Zay struck out a third player and everyone was cheering excitedly. 

Alyssa, the cheerleader in Farkle and Riley’s AP Lit class stood beside her.

“Wow girl, you and Farkle are the cutest.”

Riley eyed her with confusion, “What do you mean?”

Alyssa glanced at the stands and looked at Farkle who was obviously staring at Riley.

“You seriously don’t know do you?” Alyssa and Riley cheered as Lucas stepped up to the plate.

“Riley, Farkle has a huge crush on you.”

Riley practically cackled in reply, “Sure…”

Alyssa shook her head, “It’s probably not my place but, almost every girl on the squad asked him to Saturday’s dance but he told them he had been hoping to ask a certain someone.”

Riley smiled, “Well I asked Farkle…so…”

“As someone who observes the two of you in class, and has done so since freshman year…you guys are literally a Disney show, the two best friends us spectators are just waiting to discover their feelings for each other and act upon it. So go for it Matthews! Give the rest of us some hope for real love.”

Lucas and Zay both made it to home base and widened the score. There was a scheduled homecoming halftime in between the game. Student council was going to announce class homecoming princes, princesses, and queen and king.

Freshman and Sophomore year princes and princesses were crowned and then it was the Junior’s turn.

Riley had a big inkling her best friend, turned crush was going to be crowned. Student council president made a drumroll, “And your Junior year homecoming prince is…Farkle Minkus.”

Everyone went wild. The cheerleaders jumped excitedly, Lucas and Zay led the hollers from the field and Maya, Smackle and Thomas congratulated and cheered for their friend to go down there. He stood up from his seat and made his way with the bouquet by his side. Riley finally took notice of it as he got to the portable stage.

His usual handsome, confident demeanor was replaced with a humble, sweet response. Riley couldn’t help but swoon even more, he was just so adorable, but who in the world were those flowers for?

She had been contemplating about possible bouquet recipients when the next announcement was made, “Princess is…Riley Matthews!”

“RILEY!” Alyssa’s squeal broke through her thoughts.

“What?” Riley turned to her and the cheerleaders all yelped and screamed for her.

Maya jumped on top of her seat and yelled, “THAT’S MY BEST FRIEND! RILEY!!!” The cheerleaders helped Riley toward the stage. Zay pretended to cry standing there proudly beside Lucas who yelled for his two best friends.

Smackle clapped and hugged Maya who finally got down from her seat. Thomas took photos of their friends on stage.

“How did you do it Smackle? It was such a nice touch for both of them to win! I’m surprised I didn’t think of it.”

Smackle continued to clap but slowly turned toward her, “Are you kidding me? This had your name written all over it. So wait if you didn’t, who did this?” The two girls stood there wondering the same thoughts.

Riley got on the stage and Mr. Matthews appeared by her side to crown his daughter, “My little girl, homecoming princess, congratulations Riley.” She happily hugged her father who embraced her proudly. She looked toward the crowd where Topanga took photos and Auggie and Ava cheered on beside her.

Mr. Matthews walked off the stage and Riley spun around and found an amused Farkle smiling at her. Everyone turned their focus to the announcement for homecoming king and queen.

But Farkle and Riley were in their own moment.

He stepped forward, “My princess.”


She curtsied with a playful laugh and he wrapped his arms around her. “Who knew Riley Matthews and Farkle Minkus would end up becoming homecoming prince and princess?”

Riley chuckled, “Not me.”

They let go of each other and Farkle offered her the bouquet, “For you my princess.”

The smile that grew on Riley’s face was even brighter than the one she had when they announced her name.

“You’re always such a gentleman.” He explained how they were Audrey Hepburn’s favorite flowers, some were named after her and then couldn’t help but share more tidbits and facts.

Riley pressed her nose against the bouquet, everyone in the crowd cheered again when a Senior year king and queen were crowned.

But Riley stood off with Farkle, admiring the gesture and more importantly her best friend in front of her.

He was going on and on about jonquil species, a nervous habit he always had—when nerves overtook him he would sprout off facts to diffuse the situation.

She couldn’t help but stare into his eyes as he stared down, his eyes moved from her and settled comfortably on the yellow flower.

It was cute and kinda annoying all at the same time, she just wanted to stare into his eyes.

“Your eyes are my absolute favorite to look at.”

He stopped, “What?”

She giggled as they maneuvered down the stage, “Hey Farkle?”

He looked down at her, his cheeks were slightly tinted with an auburn blush.

“Yeah Riley?”

She grabbed his arm and pulled him away toward the parking lot. Smackle, Thomas and Maya noticed their detour and decided to covertly follow them.  

Riley and Farkle crossed the lot until they reached the front of their school. “Riley…”

She took a deep breath, for some reason everyone she had talked to about Farkle had been filling her head.

She wanted to cry, she wanted to run, instead she just spoke, “Farkle, you have grown into the most attractive man I’ve ever seen. It’s unfair!”

He stifled a chuckle as she wailed her arms, “Did you know every cheerleader has a crush on you? And despite being a cheerleader I never wanted to be one of those girls who falls for the most popular, handsome guy in school but here I am, just like the rest of them. What I’m trying to say is that…”

“I like you a lot Riley.” She stopped talking, their eyes completely concentrated on each other.

Her eyes welled up, she pressed her lips together uncertain of what to say next.

He sighed, a hand to his hair. “Don’t do that.” She whispered.

He narrowed his eyes at her, “What?”

She pointed to his hand in his hair, “You’re a total heartthrob when you run your hand through your hair.”

He laughed, “I was going to say.” He walked closer to her until he was holding her free hand, “I have liked you since the first grade, that part you knew. It carried on throughout middle school. But then the story gets a little grainy.”

He nodded his head, pushing himself to continue, “I met a really awesome girl who encouraged me to raise my level. Not just in school but in life. She made me realize there has only been one girl for me.”

Riley felt the breath in her throat hitch.

“We broke up because she deserved nothing but the best and I was in love with my best friend. Through the Charlie Gardner dilemma, the Lucas, Maya, Riley chronicles - every time you pulled me out of the room, every time I’d see you in class, the moments where it was just the two of us, they’re my most cherished moments. I have continuously leveled up to reach you.”

She didn’t know she had been crying, he used the hand that wasn’t holding hers and reached out to wipe her tears.

“I hope those are happy tears, because I’m kind of a nervous wreck on the inside.” She threw her head back laughing and threw her arms around him for a hug. He pulled her up and rested his head into hers.

“I love you,” his voice filled her ears. Her heart filled her stomach, she pressed her hand to his shoulder and the two shared their first kiss.

He proudly held her in his arms, and as they pulled apart they heard cheers and applause.

Riley’s eyes widened in embarrassment and pressed her face into his chest. “Is my father behind us?”

Farkle continued to hold her closely and shook his head, “Nah, just Operation Pluto…”

“WHAT!?” Maya and Smackle squealed and turned to Thomas lunging at him. “SOS! SOS!” He yelled as they playfully attacked him.

Farkle chuckled resting his chin on Riley’s head and she turned around to watch the scene.

Riley looked up, a sweet smirk on her face, “What’s Operation Pluto?”

“This.” She smiled and closed her eyes contently as he kissed her forehead.

“My beloved….Maya….please you two it worked that’s all that matters! Besides he had been planning to tell her for weeks, I was just trying to help.” He held his arms in the air surrendering.

Maya and Smackle turned to Farkle, “WHAT!?”

Their friend adorably placed Riley in front of him and hid behind her, “I had been planning to ask Riley to the dance, chickened out but then she asked me and I figured homecoming would be my perfect moment to tell her how I really felt.”

Riley awed and he held her tightly.

“Ugh, they’re too cute to be mad. Momma wasted all that time though trying to get them together when Farkle was already going to do it. Come on Smackle, let’s get victory smoothies. Thomas you’re driving.”

“But I don’t want a smoothie!” Smackle exclaimed but Maya whispered they were to pour on Thomas’ head.

They laughed maniacally as they left the lot.

Farkle stood there with Riley, she faced him and grinned, “So…”

“So…” He copied.

“It’s only fair that I tell you that I’ve been in love with you too. It just took sometime to realize it. But if it helps I’ve been a complete mess since I figured it out.” He grabbed her hand and the two walked to the front steps of the school.

He sat down and she sat beside him, snuggling into his side he wrapped his arm around her, “Riley, did you really think I wouldn’t share the same romantic sentiment for you?”

She shook her head, “You’ve become THE popular guy in school and every girl’s dream guy and I’m just…”

“Perfect.” He concluded and she laughed.

“Farkle I was saying…” He placed a hand over her mouth.

“Shh…I’m sorry but you are THE dream girl and I will not have you say anything bad about my girlfriend.”

She eyed him peculiarly, “Girlfriend?”

He let out a sigh, “Sorry with all the excitement I didn’t officially ask like a real gentleman, Riley Matthews…”

“Yes!” She squealed.

“Would you…”

“Absolutely!” She firmly replied.

“Do me the honor…”

“Anytime at all!” She insisted.

“Of becoming…”

“WHATEVER YOU WANT!” She practically screamed.


“Do you not understand yes?”

“Girlfriend?” He finally concluded and Riley excitedly hugged him that they fell over.

“MINKUS!” Farkle looked at their current predicament, he had fallen over and Riley was on his arm. He jumped up, “Sir…I ugh asked Riley to be my girlfriend. I hope that’s okay sir?”

Topanga stood forward with Ava and Auggie beside her, “That’s great Farkle, no need to ask us, just treat her well okay?”

He nodded, “Yes Mrs. Matthews.”

“Sir?” He offered his hand and Cory reluctantly took his hand.

“Daddy!” Riley bellowed.

Cory shook his hand and looked toward his daughter, “I’m sorry Riley, it’s initiation I have to…”

Farkle shouted, “I’ll meet you at the café after the game Riley.” He took off running as Cory determinedly ran after him. Auggie looked toward his sister, “I got you Riley, dad won’t hurt your boyfriend.” Auggie ran after his dad, who was surprisingly really fast, probably with all the soccer practices lately.

Ava and Topanga sat beside Riley.

“Riley, I really really like your boyfriend.” Ava commented watching the three guys running around the lot.

Topanga placed an arm around her daughter, “I do too! Always hoped you two would end up together.”

“Really?” Riley inquired and Topanga nodded.

“There’s only one Cory and Topanga and there’s only one Riley and Farkle.”

“The age of the sword has ended.”

Speaking about The Joseon Gunman or The Joseon Shooter here is the gorgeous teaser poster which has been just released today featuring Lee Jun Ki as the titular Gunman, a former best swordsman in the country who forsakes his sword to become its best gunman in order to avenge his family (it wouldn’t be a kdrama without the male lead being a genius and the best ever at whatever he does, would it?). I’m really looking foward this show since the late period of the Joseon Dynasty (19th century) hasn’t been filmed very often, if ever, plus Lee Jun Ki in sageuk is always a treat I can’t refuse.