lillian-or-jeannie-who-am-i  asked:

do you know any fantasy and/or historical fiction books with an enby wlw in them???

I could only find a few explicit ones so I cheated a little and put in some scifi books on the list as well so hopefully you’ll find something you’ll like here! 

  • And since the list is so short I’ll also recommend one comic book series I enjoyed reading called We(l)come Back. There’s 8 issues which have been collected in 2 volumes (1, 2). While the characters are both implied to identify as female in this timeline they’re basically reincarnations who fall in love with each life but “live” as different people (and different genders, some of which are shown in the comic as well) so you can argue that they’re both genderfluid and pansexual. But hey wlw soulmates!

If someone knows any other books that are out there, please let us know!

I have been seeing the Marvels of Puberty post on my dash...

And it is a pretty amazing thing.

And I would like to tell you a story about me!

I’m a dude who started as this gawkish little boy, cute and hapless.

Puberty hit and….


…became a beautiful young woman.

But it didn’t feel like me. So…


…I went back to being a handsome dude.

So some days I look like this:

And some days, I look like this:

But most days, I look like this:

And I’m happy being my wonderfully gothic chameleon male-with-a-touch-of-drag-queen self.