anonymous asked:

why don't you ever celebrate the male comedians on the mindy project? adam pally and ike barinholtz have long histories in the comedy world. is it because you don't like guys or is it because you don't know much about men and comedy?

Considering how many times you sent this message, I’m going to assume you really wanted me to see it!

At first I ignored all of these messages, but then you just began sending more and more of them and man can I not turn down an ask like this!!!I mean, how could I, they all subtly imply that I’m an avid practitioner of misandry and that I don’t know shit about comedy!! 

1) I don’t comment on men in comedy because this is a blog that revolves around women in comedy, particularly Mindy Kaling. I celebrate and try to promote female comedians and female comedic content creators. The comedy world is an extremely sexist and unforgiving world made up of men, made by men, and perpetuated by men. This blog is a way of celebrating the under-celebrated. This blog is a way of celebrating a female who, in a male driven and really really sexist industry, succeeded in writing, producing, and acting in her own show. How awesome is that? (If you do not believe that the comedy industry is sexist please just google, just please. or read a few female comedians’ autobiographies, or read up on the history of comedy or just pay attention to the comedic content that we celebrate [this content is usually sexist])

2) Celebrating women is not misandry. If you do not understand this then you are most likely a man whose tastes and whose ego has been served and celebrated his entire life.

3) Implying I know nothing about comedy because of who I am is sexist!! (shocking, right?!) This implication reinforces why we need spaces, like this blog, to celebrate female comedic ingenuity, and female ingenuity overall. Surprisingly, I do know quite a bit about comedy!!! Crazy right?! I run a blog that focuses on a comedienne and I’m informed about comedy, who would have thought?!? I do not have to prove my knowledge to absolutely anyone. Proving my knowledge means that I actively want to measure up to your standards, but I don’t. Standards set by men who think women unworthy in any aspect at all are not worthy of my, or anyone’s, time. My intelligence does not have to be proven to you. I do not have to prove my worth.