the reason straight men will dress up in drag for lip sync battles and comedy sketches is because it’s a joke to them

the reason straight male athletes will behave homoerotically with each other is because being gay is a joke to them

the reason straight girls will call each other girlfriends and kiss each other for the amusement of men is because being gay is a joke to them

just throwing that out there

Being short can suck, especially as a guy. People are always saying tall guys are hot, that they’re somehow more desirable, and idealized male bodies are always tall. But being short is actually a huge advantage in a lot of sports – did you know that? Short guys make fantastic gymnasts, divers, wrestlers, weightlifters, long-distance runners, skiers/snowboarders, martial artists, skaters, rock climbers, soccer players, lacrosse players, cyclists, and jockeys. There are also certain sports that have positions favorable to shorter athletes, like rugby! Being short will make you a great hooker in rugby. You’d also have an advantage with bowling, skateboarding, BMX, and even dancing. All of these sports are excellent for short guys because your center of gravity is lower and you’re lighter. You’d be surprised how many sports require balance and flexibility rather than size. And in some other team sports, like basketball and football, short guys could play circles around taller guys, especially if they’re fast, making them a great addition to a team. There are world-class male athletes shorter than 5'6" out there making Olympic gold. So, sure, it sucks to be the short friend – heck, to not be able to reach some of your high kitchen shelves, but you’d make a great pole-vaulter. Short guys are badasses and I’m sick of the bullshit we get from people for not meeting idealized standards.

Masculine words ending in -a

If you have already plunged into the Spanish grammar, even a little, you may have noted that most of the words ending in -a are feminine, like la casa (the house). However, the true is that many words that end in -a are masculine. This is a small list about some of them.

1) Words with a greek origin ending in -ma:

el problema: problem

el tema: subject, issue

el idioma: langauge

el sistema: system

el enigma: puzzle, enigma

el dilema: dilemma, problem

el fantasma: ghost

el diploma: diploma

el poema: poem

el programa: program

el drama: drama

el teorema: theorem

2) Professions and jobs of men (some of them ending in -ta have also a greek origin):

el poeta: the poet

el atleta: the athlete

el florista: the florist

el guía: the guide

el centinela: the guard, sentinel

el espía: the spy

el cura: the priest

el papa: the pope

3) Names of languages

el quechua: the Quechua language

el maya: the Maya language

el celta: the Celt language

el persa: the Persian language

4) Names of the colors (not acting like adjectives)

el rosa: the pink color

el violeta: the violet color

el naranja: the orange color

el púrpura: the purple color

5) Others

el día: day

el mapa: map

el planeta: planet

It’s important noting that if you change the gender and the article of some of this words, you will end up with a complete different meaning. For instance:

la curameans the cure, the healing, but el curamenas the priest

el rosa refers to the color pink, but la rosa is the flower, the rose.

However, regarding the profession and jobs (2), many of them are used to both men and women professions. You just have to change the article:

el atleta(the male athlete), la atleta(the female athlete)