i can’t believe i’m finally ready to admit that i ship cisco/e2!harry and then they fucking throw in another harrison wells from earth-4035840395843 AND I DON’T CARE I’M TIRED!!!!

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it's fiction. that's why women can wear "impractical" outfits in videogames

oh shit ur right
so when can i have a shit ton of videogames where literally all the male characters are drop dead gorgeous eyecandy clad in such revealing clothes their ass cheeks are hanging out of their “armour”? bonus points for some high heels bc that would slay

All Pokemon giveaways for 10-25-16!

Golden Tree Giveaways is hosting an awesome giveaway where you can get a shiny Taillow (Level 13, Female) and a shiny Sigalyph (Male, level 39)

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Dark Souls part 1- Haxorus (Lv 50, Male) Honedge (Level one, male) and Arcanine (Level 100, Male) 

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(Currently) Unknown giveaway for Tyrantrum-Tantrum-Giveaways but there is one tonight!

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If anyone else knows of any other giveaways feel free to let me know!


So my fourth (fifth?) time watching Byzantium, I noticed even more subversion of vampire tropes

Besides the whole “Clair de Lune” fuck-you to Twilight, there’s also

A motif with mirrors, glass, and reflections, which runs counter to the thing where vampires don’t have reflections

The male-dominated vampire nobility actually behaving in violent, barbaric ways while unironically calling the only two female vampires disgusting

A sub-trope of vampires as nobility: they gave all the male vampires in this movie TERRIBLE hair which is perfect

And vampires being warm blooded to others but feeling cold themselves!!! Which is neat

Also the director loves to frame Eleanor in boxes and even a literal cage at the climax of the movie as a metaphor for her emotional state

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Russel was laying down on a branch, listening to some music while he was bobbing his head to the beat. He was just so glad nothing bad had happened to him for once. No annoying Cardin, no one throwing milkshakes at him for ‘Being a racist cis white male.’ It was all good. And he hoped to keep it that way.

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Hey, how many gallons do u think i need per guppy? (Also in hebrew we call them "goopies" i think you'll find that funny)

Hahaha I do that’s great! That’s forever how I’ll think of them in my head.

You want at least a ten gallon tank for guppies, with 4-6 guppies fitting healthily in that tank. Here’s the tricky thing. The natural ratio of guppies is 3 female: 1 male. But that means lots of babies that will quickly overcrowd the tank. (Trust me, you won’t be able to find homes for them. At best you MIGHT be able to give them to a local fish store as feeders) You don’t want all females because some could be pregnant when you buy them.

So all males then, right? Maybe. If you have all males they could be quite aggressive to one another. You would need lots of hiding places (silk or live plants is really helpful here). Still better than an overcrowded tank, but something to keep in mind!

Make sure to cycle the filter of any tank before putting fish in. If you buy male guppies, rearrange tank decor before adding any new fish (assuming you buy 2-3 at one time, 2-3 later) so that new territories can be established.

Best of luck! There are tons of gorgeous guppies out there!

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So, I heard, you might be a little gay for Hawke? :)

[ @hawkethehemo, @hidinginhumor, @lysanderhawke, @teaganhawkeward I hope, I got all the male Hawkes I played with so far… >A< but lol anon! XD]

That-… To be frankly honest with ye, Serah, I think, th’ only men in Kirkwall, who’re not at least a little gay fur Hawke, are th’ thugs, he tends to beat up. An’ even they seem to be enjoyin’ eet a wee bit too much.

i’m here for all the trans boys that are gay, that like boys and everyone thinks they’re just straight girls

i’m here for all the trans boys that can’t bind, or don’t want to

i’m here for all the trans boys that have larger than c cups

i’m here for all the trans boys that are poc and not thin and white

i’m here for all the trans boys that like girls but girls “can’t like them back b/c they’re straight”

i’m here for all the trans boys that are chubby 

i’m here for all the trans boys too scared to come out

i’m here for all the trans boys that are feminine and like makeup and dresses

i’m here for all the trans boys that have mental illness so they aren’t sure if they’re actually trans or if it’s just the illness

u all are valid ok, what you look like or sound like or think like doesn’t have anything to do with ur gender, what you have to say about it is what matters

I want someone to explain to me this…

How are there more than just two genders?
How is it that gender is different from sex?
Why would you consider gender to be a social construct?
How is gender a spectrum?
Why do you feel the need to disassociate gender and sex when biologist have already proved that gender and sex are the same thing?

Personally speaking, I don’t understand why anyone would want to try and push gender identity shit down other people’s throats in the most radical way possible, but it’s fucking annoying as hell. To think that you know better than what biologist have studied for years makes me question your intelligence.

Here’s some food for thought people:

XX chromosomes = Female
XY chromosomes = Male

Penis = Male
Vagina = Female

Testosterone = Male
Estrogen + Progesterone = Female

Gender = Sex

Until you can come up with a reason as to why gender isn’t biological and why I’m a piece of shit for not believing your bullshit, then please stop trying to change around shit just because you hate to hear the opposing voice and accept the facts as they are.

This is an open response to those who believe in the multiple genders/gender spectrum bullshit.
No women on panel considering gender pay gap
Wright is speaking as part of the federal government’s pre-budget consultations ahead of the 2017 budget.

The Federal Standing Committee on Finance will hear from a variety of speakers about economic disparities, including gender inequality, today in Charlottetown.

The only problem? The committee doesn’t have any female members present.

Jenny Wright, executive director of the St. John’s Status of Women Council, posted a tweet Tuesday highlighting the irony of the fact that she was about to speak in front of an all-male government panel about income inequality for women.

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  • Dad:*looking at my phone* Who's that?
  • Me:Michael
  • Dad:Why is he your lockscreen?
  • Dad:He has an eyebrow piercing and red hair?
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:Yeh
  • Dad:*studies picture more closely* Okay, he does look kinda cuddly
  • Me:And?
  • Dad:*sighs* Fine, he's pretty
  • Me:*weeps* I know