A mural with a message

A group of 12 young black and Latino men designed and painted a mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that affirms their value as youth of color. 

This is the third mural by Groundswell’s all-male Making History mural team that explores the relationship between the criminal justice system and young men of color.

People of color were oppressed by white people throughout history, and it’s a shame that we still live in a world that still has that oppression and we are slowly coming out of it.

By being proud to be colored, they are defying the white man’s rule of not being allowed to be proud at all, not proud to be colored, not proud to be human. 

Change is slow, but these people do want it.
Today they are being proud to be different but equal to the white man, tomorrow they will be proud to be one and the same as the white man.

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I'm looking at using magic to help weight loss. Do you have any spells that use cheap and common materials? Also, male glamour spells? All the ones I've seen use makeup or something.

I don’t think it needs to be said to be careful with weight loss spells at this point, but… Be very clear in your intentions, and how you intend to lose weight (seriously); specifying a desired goal is also a great idea to make sure you don’t lose too much. Be careful, please; obviously I can’t tell you what not to do with your own body, but things can get dangerous with weight loss spells. So, again, just make sure you’re clear in your intentions, even to the point of specifying how you want to lose weight (you could end up, like, missing an arm, and technically you’ve lost that weight right? Magic is weird). 

As for glamours that don’t use make-up, I can probably find a few, or write one if I need to. Did you want / need it for anything specific (confidence, invisibility, etc.), or did you just want a general template to be modified for any purpose that may need be?

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Is there a destroyer class that isn't exclusively male? Our is there only bard and prince?

Okay let’s look…






to gender roles

for this

or other 


Now, come and tell Oscar Francois de Jarjayes that she cannot be anything she wants. And if she can be, so can you and don’t let the idea of gendered classpect stop you!

“Nerds are just as upset about Metroid Prime having an all male cast, they just dislike changes not women!”

There is one (1) thread about it on KiA, all about how disliking it means they’re not sexist, which actually primarily talks about how Link shouldn’t be a woman.

There are hundreds about Ghostbusters.

the best thing happened

a user on discord wanted to know how i identify gender-wise but didn’t know how to ask, and didn’t want to offend

so i got PM’d apologetically asking if i was like chicken nugget

this nb butterfly is helping give people words to ask the real questions

tbh ive been thinking about who blizzard will reveal as gay

one of thems most likely zarya

and blizzard pays attention so maybe our fav gays get to be gay canonly

like mccree

i would love for mccree to be canonly gay

that rootin tootin, spoon rattlin, boy kissin, dirty cowboy


sharpieitblack replied to your post “So one of my followers sent me anon hate while logged in last night….”

I don’t see many people who ship her with women. Either way, you don’t deserve the hate you get :(

Thanks, love. Believe it or not, there are a reasonable amount of femShepley shippers, probably more than people realise. But I guess because people are so used to me writing Shega, Shenga and Shenko, they forget that I’m one of them, and that the earliest Shepards I created was Celeste Shepard so I could write femShepley fic.

I really love Ashley’s character, in fact I think she’s one of the sexiest women in the game - and far too good for the male characters in the game. Like, I don’t ship her with any human male characters at all. (With the exception of male Shepard, and since I don’t write about him, he doesn’t count.) The only male character I ship her with is Garrus, and I’m not entirely sure how that came about, but I see there relationship as being one born from battle and respect, and not from sex.

But … shipping her with women is a different story. I ship Ash with almost exclusively female characters. FemShep first and foremost, and then Liara, Tali, Samantha, Jack, and Miranda. I have no idea why I don’t ship Ash with male characters, but I just don’t, and it doesn’t matter whether I like the characters or not - I just don’t dig the idea of Ash with guys. I like the idea of her being all warrior woman and sexy with female characters.

I get really sick of having to justify not shipping Ash with Vega or Kaidan because other people get angry about it after they ask me about my notps. The reason those couples are such notps for me is because I see them the most often and I feel over-saturated. It’s not because I have a special hatred for Ash with these men in particular, but because I see them as side ships all the time and because James and Ash can hook up in game .  

I know Ash isn’t cannon bi or gay, but that’s how I prefer to read her, and my notps are based on that. I just prefer Ash in relationship with women. Whether it’s my femShep Celeste, or one of the other ladies on the crew. *shrugs* If that upsets people, then it can’t be helped, but if people knew about me and my ships, they’d know that i actually love Ash; I just don’t love her with men.

(Sorry for the rant but I’m sick of getting anon hate about this!!!)

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Julia, pls give your take on the lovey dovey tweets today :). Also, curious as to why this weekend's panel is all male? I mean Cait is also the lead in the show. Not that she needs to go to these events where some overzealous and no-boundary fans might just get batshit crazy.

I think @rainmanjdog said it perfectly: it may have been for PR but it was them. Some of their best banter has been when they’re publicizing something (i.e. the kissy selfie). They effortlessly bring their normal, every day sense of humor and flirtiness no matter what. I love, love LOVED it. It was the best way to wake up. Plus, if it had ALL been for PR, Sam didn’t have to add the kiss face ;)

Isn’t the name of this con Highlanders? Claire technically isn’t a Highlander, I guess? idk Caitriona doesn’t really go to Cons. I know she was invited to Ring Con back in March but for whatever reason didn’t go. I don’t blame her. Like you said, some of the fans at these events can be absolutely batshit. I wouldn’t wanna go either. The only one she goes to is Comic Con and I kinda wish Sam would follow her lead. He can do so much better than these events. 

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idk i think annabeth and thalia would be pretty close seeing they went to the same school together as well as being together at camp. do you have any issue with how the hunters of artemis are with males? because i kinda get pissed that they dismiss all males, wouldn't they just hate the stupid misogynistic ones?

I disagree with Annabeth and Thalia but that’s cool.

And no it doesn’t bother me at all. I get it and I support it.

The signs in a kdrama+ their male lead
  • Aries:Boys Over Flowers ; Taeil
  • Taurus:Cheese in the Trap ; Kun
  • Gemini:Who Are You (School 2015) ; Ten
  • Cancer:Playful Kiss ; Hansol
  • Leo:Cheer Up ; Jaehyun
  • Virgo:Heirs ; Johnny
  • Libra:Pinocchio ; Ten
  • Scorpio:Doctors ; Doyoung
  • Sagittarius:Reply 1997 ; Winwin
  • Capricorn:Oh my Venus ; Yuta
  • Aquarius:W ; Taeyong
  • Pisces:Oh My Ghostess ; Doyoung