The Tragedy of the Moriori

The Moriori were a small, isolated population of Polynesians settlers, living on the Chatham Islands. Sometime shortly after New Zealand was settled in 1000 CE, a group of them set out an settled the Chatham Islands, far to their south east. And then the Chathams were forgotten. Remote and subarctic, the Chathams did not support any of the domesticated crops the Polynesian settlers brought with them – taro, yams, sweet potatoes, breadfruit, bananas, and coconuts. Those crops had been domesticated in a tropical climate and quickly died on the Chathams. Without agriculture, and without nearby islands to colonize and perhaps get more food from, the Chathams were capable of supporting only about 2,000 hunter-gatherers.

So the Moriori learned to get along with each other. They renounced war. Chiefs remained, technically, but they caught their own food and lived in huts which were identical to everyone else. To prevent overpopulation, some male infants were castrated. All of these measures worked quite well, and the Moriori had a sustainable population from about 1300 CE, when it was settled, until November 19th, 1835.

Earlier in 1835, an Australian seal-hunting ship visited the Chatham Islands en route to New Zealand, and brought news to New Zealand of islands where “there is an abundance of sea and shellfish; the lakes swarm with eels; and it is a land of the karaka berry…the inhabitants are very numerous, but they do not understand how to fight, and have no weapons.” That was enough to induce 900 Maori to sail to the Chathams. They arrived on November 19th, 1835. Another 400 arrived on December 5th. Armed with clubs, axes, and guns the warrior Maori walked through Moriori settlements, announcing that the Moriori were now their slaves, and killing anyone who openly disagreed.

The Moriori had a tradition of resolving disputes peacefully. They decided in a council to not fight back, but to offer the Maori peace, friendship, and a division of resources. The offer was never made. The Maori attacked first. Over the course of the next few days the Maori systematically killed hundreds of Moriori, cooked and ate many of them, and enslaved the rest. A Maori conqueror explained: “We took possession…in accordance with our customs and we caught all the people. No one escaped.” And so the Moriori ended.

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What do you fell about how women are sexalize in the animation community? With almost everyone drawing females as with large thighs and legs/butts/titties n stuff? Dose that make you unconformable or anything like that? Sorry if I'm bothering ya

I don’t have a problem with characters being sexy if it actually suits their personality or the tone/themes of the show, but when a show/movie gives all its male characters really unique and diverse designs but all the females have to stay conventionally attractive, that’s when I have a problem.

i followed 1 (one) trans dude advice blog n now all my blog recs are “uwu male positivity!! all boys are valid baby ~*softbois*~” blogs and im actively pissing and shitting my pants in response

Immagini nella testa, un ragazzo, un ragazzo sta morendo, gli stanno facendo male, tanto male. Chi glielo sta facendo? Tu, stupida ragazza, errore del mondo, tu gli stai facendo male e sai già come finirà, finirà con lui morto dissanguato. E inizi a sentire quelle voci, ti dicono di fargli ancora più male, di spezzargli le ossa, strozzarlo, fargli male fino ad ucciderlo e tu stai impazzendo, non capisci nulla. E hai paura, tanta paura di perdere il controllo, di far male alle persone che hai intorno, anche se sconosciute. E allora inizi a urlare, a tirarti pugni, schiaffi, cercando di ritornare alla normalità, cercando di reprimere quelle immagini troppo forti e crude per una semplice bambina. E così le lacrime scendono sul tuo viso e ti chiudi a riccio per non fare male a nessuno, per non fare male alle persone a cui tieni. E così muori ogni volta un po’ di più.


Jimin is friends with Shinee’s Taemin, Exo’s Kai and Chanyeol, Wanna One Sungwoon. Jungkook is friend with Got7’s Bambam and Yugyeom, NCT’s Jaehyun, Seventeen Mingyu. Taehyung is friends with Shinee’s Minho, ZE: A Park Hyun Shik, BTOB’s Sungjae, EXO’s Suho and Baekhyun, GOT7’s Mark, VIXX’s Hongbin. Jin is friends with B1A4’s Sandeul and VIXX’s Ken. Namjoon is very close to Got7’s Jackson too. Jhope is friends with BAP’s Zelo, Bigstar’s Sunghak, and Ha Sungwoon from Hotshot and also Got7’s JB. Suga is friends with Super Junior’s Heechul. And there are MORE I didn’t mention.

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BTS are literally close with all the big male groups rn. They all love and support each other. Most groups meet up during music shows and award shows and get close. V said “When Suho was hosting a music show, we’d say hello a lot, and our promotions often overlapped. If you meet someone a lot for a show, it seems like you just get close somehow. You smile and support each other.” Most of them keep in touch despite their busy schedules and meet up as soon as they can. Jimin, Kai and Taemin even designed their squad logo and Jackets.

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So I don’t get it when fans attack BTS! My ask is full now of ARMYs being sad because of fanwars, and this happens more EVERY YEAR around this time *cough* award shows *cough*. How would you feel if the people who like you are also the ones hating on your dear friends? Seriously, Kpop is music too. It’s meant to bring people together not start WWIII. 

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Yes, there is competition to win awards and so on but competition is in school, work, and sports … Does it mean you will curse at your classmates if they got better grades? 

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Why not instead turn it into a motivation to do better next time while being good sports and congratulate the winner.I mean we should all be like this.

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I know how people online hide behind anonymity and can become bravely rude. I know how anger makes us say things we should have never said. but all fandoms please take note including ARMY: Even if your words get forgotten with time that stain on the fandom’s name and image just gets more apparent and ugly. At the end of the day, are you helping your group or ruining them? 

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Imagine all the great stages and collaborations we could have gotten and the opportunities we could have opened to our boys if we stood together. 

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I always heard "It’s impossible for fandoms to get along”. Did anyone even try? I will not ask for everyone to magically act kinder and support each other just like our idols do. Nor become all friends. Just ONE thing: Let’s ALL be respectful. If you feel stressed go listen to your group’s music not start arguments. I am sure it can be soothing. If after all this you still want to carry the hate I will not fight you. There is “Nothing more left to say, don’t even apologize. No need to see each other ever again, this is my last goodbye”

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Have a great week everyone ^^ 

By @mimibtsghost

Mi porto addosso cicatrici e tagli e la mia vita è una fiction, una serie di sbagli.
You Can’t Keep a Secret If It Never Was a Secret to Start: Thoughts on the Epidemic of Sexual Abuse in Mainstream Emo

As My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way once said at a show in 2005, “Ladies, there ain’t nothing to do backstage but smoke cigarettes, hang out with assholes, and talk about Star Wars.”

While the sentiment is largely true, there was in fact more going on backstage than we imagined as pre-teens in the early 2000s. These bands, namely Brand New, touted themselves as tormented, broken-hearted love bugs. The kind of boys who “aren’t like the other boys.” The anti-jocks. The faceless barrage of sweeping haircuts and skinny jeans that marched along the fence lines of Warped Tour and Bamboozle.

Jesse Lacey, pretty boy and worshipped “emo king” has been accused of sexual misconduct with not one, but two minors. The curtain behind the stage of mainstream emo is beginning to be pulled back. It’s only a matter of time before your favorite band is pulled from their pedestal and revoked of their music-playing privileges. Thank the gods. Let them hang. Good fucking riddance. 

In the time it took for Jesse Lacey to shamelessly masturbate on webcam in front of underage girls, he was writing lyrics hoping that his ex-girlfriend would die in a plane crash, because how dare she study abroad in England (see “Jude Law and a Semester Abroad”). In the time it took for him to ask for nudes from another underage fan, he was penning songs about encouraging a girl to drink more booze and then having sex with her in a parking lot (see “Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis”).

Older male rock critics can take a seat for this conversation, because it does not involve their opinion. We don’t need it right now. We’ve had enough. The fact is simple: it is young impressionable women who made up the fanbases of these monstrous emo bands we once worhshipped.

We contributed the most money and the most fanship than any other demographic in the scene. We were at the shows. We were buying the constant flow of merch and CDs. We were at the meet-and-greets, hoping and praying to get a photo with our favorite member of the band. Not because we thought they were “cute.” It was because we thought we found a place we could call home.

Many of us found solace in the lyrics that put mental illness in the spotlight, and we were able to identify with the despair that so many of these bands wrote about. We sat on the edge of our seats each time a new album came out, and we could be found sitting in our bedrooms, CD booklet in hand, pouring over lyrics and swooning over precious melodies, most of the time alone.

Jesse Lacey of Brand New, just one example of the cesspool of garbage people that ruled the scene, was the broken messiah of an entire online community of confused and overwhelmed young women.

In the current state of the world, where women are now finding the courage and the guts to finally speak out about the atrocities that men like Jesse Lacey have inflicted upon them, it’s safe to say that the honeymoon phase of mainstream emo is officially over. Let it die. Quick and sudden.

It’s time for us, as a collective, to start analyzing these lyrics and to stop making excuses for the already-powerful proletariat force that is mainstream male-centric emo. We need to stop idolizing the men who write lyrics romanticizing the abuse and violence against women. The same women who pay for their records. The same women who attend all the shows and know all the words to their shitty, watered down, and fucking desparable songs.

The next time you see a young girl wearing a Used t-shirt sitting outside a venue at 4AM, because she wants to be front row to see her favorite band perform, do not shame her. Do not make her feel lesser than you. Do not think for one second that you are any better than anyone at a show, regardless of their gender.

At the end of the day, we’re all trying to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. In the lyrics we sing, in the beats we dance to, and in the communities we find that embrace us for who we are and what we love. If there’s anything we can take away from the resurrection and crucifixtion of Jesse Lacey, it’s this: Women are here, and we refuse to take your shit. We are heaven-sent. Don’t. You. Dare. Forget.

Write that in your fucking diary, Jesse.

Catherine Dempsey is starting a campaign to replace all male-centric emo bands with teenage girls. You can follow her on Twitter.

Clothes( Sope threesome)

So it was brought to my attention that I have no Yoongi and Jhope story. I DON’T KNOW WHY I never did it, maybe because one is a bias and the other is my bias wrecker?? I’ve tried to suppress it. But I think I came up with a good enough idea for you guys. I hope you all enjoy it. And yes everyone is touching everyone. 

“Are you ready?” Hoseok asked once the car was parked. His thumb ghosting across the knuckles of your hand that was currently laced with his. Smiling softly, you looked up and around the outside of the store before you looked back at him nodding your head and biting on your bottom lip.

“Let’s go in baby.” You were nervous, but then again that was the reason you both did this. You moved to get out of the car, pulling down the short dress strapless dress over your thighs making sure that your flesh wasn’t too exposed. Hoseok moved around the car after shutting it off only to grab your hand again walking with you towards the store. It was more like he was subtle tugging you towards the store a bit too eagerly. You pressed your body against his, and the male was all but bursting through the seams with excitement. His eager eyes staring down at your body with a bit of mischief in them.

As soon as the doors opened automatically for the both of you, Hoseok moved towards the men’s section and you let his hand go putting on your best smile for the workers. You found yourself walking towards the shirts first. Your hands roamed over the different types of fabrics that each shirt held, the different designs and stitch patterns all became pleasing to your fingertips. Shuddering lightly, you quickly started to grab at things you thought would look pleasing against your skin. Once you had a hand full of as much as you could fit in one hand you moved around towards the pants and started up once again, grabbing at different items, even if they appeared to be a size too small you still grabbed at them to try them on. Looking around for Hoseok, you saw his eyes meet yours, the way that he checked you out from head to toe made a needy whine slip past your lips. You needed to hurry up; almost stumbling over your own feet with how fast you moved, you walked towards a changing room, smiling at one of the female workers as she gave you the okay to go back into a changing room.

The name of the game was to be sneaky, but to be smart about it and not get caught. Walking into one of the middle changing rooms, you started to slowly hang up your clothes on the rails used for the hangers. You were eager, slowly stripping out of your dress with nothing underneath it but your lace panties. Changing into tight form fitting jeans, you put on a mesh see through top smirking as you played with your locks of hair. Moving to sit down on the bench. One hand reached up to fondle your breast through the top as the other hand unsnapped the buttons on the pants slowly, dipping your hand inside you started to press your middle finger against your clit. Hissing at the pleasure that seemed to creep up your back, you let your hand work on your neither regions. Your head rolled back as your pussy got wetter. All it took was a thought of your lover, how he was touch and kiss on you. His large hands roaming up your sides and occasionally gripping at your hips. How he would press his dick into you and slowly fuck you despite your growing need to have him. Your mouth fell open as you slid your finger down your slit, dipping it into your entrance to feel the wetness seeping out.

The door opened and your eyes popped open wide. You could feel your heart hammering in your chest but you kept moving your fingers slowly putting on a show for whoever entered. Thankfully it was none other than your boyfriend, his dark eyes fixed on the position that you were in. A smirk danced across his lips as he pushed the stall door shut walking to stand in front of you. A pile of clothes in his hand he watched you touch yourself before he held up two fingers. You knew that code by now. Sliding two fingers inside of your pussy, you thrust them in and out slowly. Your mouth falling open to release silent cries and small whimpers because you couldn’t do it too loud. Your hips bucked up against your fingers as Hoseok lined up the clothes he had chosen, slowly stripping for you he changed into tight leather jeans and a button-down shirt leaving it open half way to reveal his tanned skin and built abs.

Hoseok moved towards you, fingers stopping in your core, your hand moved slow as you scooped inside of your pussy making sure to collect juices. Hoseok gripped at your wrist bringing your hand from your pants to suck on your fingers. He let his dark brown eyes bare into yours as his tongue danced across the pads of your fingers. Sighing in content you watched him before he was lifting you up in the air wrapping your legs around his waist. He was pushing you against the wall, slowly grinding his hips against yours, both eyes locked as his lips pressed against yours. You moved to grip at his hair, tugging on the locks as you let your hips roll back slightly against his. You could feel the friction of the jeans mixing together right against your core. The roughness of it, the heat that was slowly pooling in your stomach. Hoseok started to rut his hips against yours, his tongue forcing its way inside of your mouth, a sloppy kiss between the both of you were shared. His tongue trying to shove down your throat, his large hands winding around your shoulders to slip into the tight pants and knead at your ass cheeks as he broke the kiss pressing his forehead against yours. Hoseok started to dry hump your pussy faster in the clothes, watching how your breast bounced under the shirt, he built you up on purpose. His own manhood was staining against the leather fabric, pressing right against your soaked-out cunt. You could feel the dampness in your panties and you knew that it was going to leave a stain. Hoseok sucked on your bottom lip as he let your breath mix together. You were getting close; the friction was pressing right against your clit and you knew it wouldn’t be long before you were soiling your panties. You could hear other voices fill into the surroundings areas.

“Imagine if they mistakenly opened this door and saw you. My dirty little slut getting off by just some mere friction. How shocked they would look. How their eyes would roam over your body hungrily. Seeing these perfect breast bounce for me. I know some of them would wish it was them instead of you, or maybe even me.” Hoseok breathed against your skin pressing warm kisses that aroused you against your skin. Whining softly, you gripped onto his shirt, his hips stopped as he stood tall. You moved your legs to get comfortable and locked them using your hips to bounce yourself up and down creating your own friction as he watched you, his hands spread your ass cheeks wide, the plump flesh fitting the panties snuggly between them. Hoseok looked between the both of you watching your hips move. You were relentless with your own pace, your stomach coiling as your hands moved to wrap around his neck and you ground harder against him, biting down on his neck you stifled a cry of his name as your hips jerked and pressed roughly against him, your orgasm making your limbs feel almost slack. Hoseok pressed you against the wall letting you calm down before he sat you on your feet. Switching out of those pants and into a skirt instead, Hoseok did a wardrobe change before it once again started up.

A couple of hours had passed, and you were browsing the bra and panty section. You had lost count of how many things the both of you had did in almost every changing room. Looking at the panties you started picking lace form fitting panties. Any type of thongs you could find, your hands just eagerly picking at the items. Your eyes skimmed the bra section, going for the pushup bras you knew you didn’t really need them but it was nice to have them every now and then. A little extra cushion especially with how Hoseok would mark your chest.

It was his turn to wait for you in the dresser room. He shuddered lightly a sadistic smirk panting his lips. Thankfully he hadn’t fucked you in the clothes yet but if he wanted to, he could considering you both ended up buying all the clothes you fucked around in. His hand gripped at his shaft, stroking his girth he moaned out in pleasure, thinking about you. Your perfect lips wrapping around his cock sucking him off with your pretty lips. How you loved to sit in his lap and go for a ride. Bouncing your ass cheeks so hard against his hips, the sound of skin smacking against each other made his ears and imprinting in his mind. Hoseok let his hand stroke his thick girth a bit faster, leaning over to spit on it and get it wet, he shut his eyes as your footsteps got closer, imagining that you were some stranger catching him touching himself.

You opened the door seeing him there, His heavy cock in his hand as his head was thrown back. His mouth hanging open as his chest heaved slightly. He was so beautiful in your eyes and knowing he loved it you kept the door open for a bit. Your nerves becoming on edge as you moved out of the way. Hoseok opened his eyes looking at the empty space of no one walking by to another dressing room. After a couple of minutes, he nodded to you and you shut the door smiling down at him. Holding up the panties, it was amazing how you had become so good at sneaking panties past the people who worked that section but part of it was the simple fact that they were so bored with their lives or talking to someone that they didn’t notice what you were holding up if you walked as if you didn’t have a secret or two.

Stripping off your dress, you looked at Hoseok as you took off your panties next, standing in front of him bare and in heels. Smirking slightly, you started to slide a pair of pink lace panties on your legs and up your thighs. Letting the fabric rest snug against your pussy and your clit piercing. You felt a tingle run down your spin. Your hands throwing the other panties at him, he caught them with a smirk seeing only three bras in your hand. You started to press a matching pink lace bra to your chest, snapping it behind your back you smiled at him biting on your lips. He sucked in air, his eyes roaming your flawless skin. Walking towards him as if you were on a cat walk you straddled one of his thighs. Hoseok slouched slightly on the bench, one hand gripping at your ass cheeks. Slowly you started to grind against him, within minutes your lips were connected as you kissed. Hoseok sliding his hand up to cup at your breast squeezing them through the bra as his free hand moved to grip at your thigh. He flexed his own thigh muscles giving you something a bit thicker to ride. One of your hands moved to grip on his dick, stroking it slowly you teased the tip until beads of precum was bubbling up at the tip and running onto your hand. You two were so caught up in the kissing and heat of the moment that you failed to hear the footsteps that were quickly ascending upon your room.

Not locking the door wasn’t that smart but usually no person bothered you, so when the door was opened you both froze. Standing at the threshold were two buff looking security guards. Your cheeks flushed pink, your hand trying to cover your lovers shaft.

“You’ve both been asked to follow us. Do not try to run or it will only make your punishment more secure. The police have been called.” One male said, he had dark hair and almost black like eyes. He looked like he worked out twice a day. Nodding your head, you released your lover and went to grab your dress, sliding it on as Hoseok fixed his weeping member in his pants. He gripped your hand tightly pulling you protectively against him.

The walk towards the back of the store had your nerves jumping. You were scared beyond belief. What was going to happen to Hoseok? To you? This was going to go on your record if you couldn’t get out of it. And honestly no matter how you looked at it, the situation didn’t look good. You were covered in hickeys and to make matters worse your lover was hard as a rock, people were looking at the both of you but the security guards tried to ease the tension as much as they cold. Walking towards a big silver door, one of the men pushed it open revealing an office. You saw one single male sitting behind a brown desk, his dark eyes meeting yours as soon as the door was opened. His face wasn’t friendly, his eyes were cold but for some reason you couldn’t stop the shudder that ran down your spine. He had blue hair that was fading into silver. Hoseok gripped tighter at your hand as he watched the male inspect you both. Slowly the male leaned back, his tie loosened around his neck, his shirt unbuttoned at the top. The security guard moved back so that you could both enter and Hoseok went first tugging you behind him. You were so scared, you pressed your body against his arm feeling as if your heart was beating into his biceps.

“Take a seat.” The male said, his deep voice cutting the awkward air between all of you. Hoseok debated on a moment but the male’s next words showed him there was no room for negotiation. “Sit your asses down or the police can escort you out of here now.” Hoseok was never one to be scared but he let your hand go scrambling towards a seat and you followed his lead. The male behind the desk looked at the both of you, almost as if he hated you before he looked at his security guards. “Well?” He asked them ignoring the two of you.

“Sir when we caught them, they were uh- in a compromising position.” One male stated. The redness of your embarrassed state started at your neck and worked its way up towards your ears.

“What do you mean?” The male asked, clearly his agitation with the situation was growing.


“Tell me or you can kiss your jobs goodbye as well. This is what you trained for, to be able to brief me about any and everything that goes on in this store. Let’s keep in mind I know both of your families personally and I don’t think they would like the fact that their sons are slacking off. Now tell me what were they doing?” He asked again as he leaned forward on his desk. His elbows pressed down against the sleek surface as his face rested on the palms of his hands.

“Mr. Min. The female was on top of the male, he was well, touching her and she was.. Touching him as well sir, she was also grinding against his thighs.” One of the men trailed off and if you weren’t in trouble you would have found this hysterical. They seemed so shy to tell the male what was going on as if they were the ones that were fucking around. But one look at the male behind the desk and you could tell this was anything but funny. Maybe it was because he was so attractive but you couldn’t keep your eyes off him. You tried too though for the sake of your boyfriend who was slouched into the chair looking at the male ahead as if he had lost his mind. The male behind the desk stare back at him before he drifted his eyes over to you sighing in frustration.

“What gives you both the right to waltz in my store and just. Play around in clothes? Clothes that are meant to be tried on and brought before you decided to be fucking disgusting inside of them.” He growled.

“Don’t talk to us like we are children.” Hoseok snapped rather quickly and your eyes opened wide. He was never one to speak back so abruptly but this must have greatly affected him. “We were going to buy the clothes-“

“When? When were you going to buy these clothes? After your dirty slut of a girlfriend got off in every single pair? Or what about you? You wanted to cum all my merchandise before you brought it. Is that so?” The male asked and you could feel your own anger rising, it wasn’t like that at all. Yes, you fucked around in the clothes but you were going to do the right thing and buy them, even if you just washed them and gave them away later at least you were making sure they were still clean. Sighing, you shook your head watching the two of them go back and forth with each other. You sat back against the chair just watching the two of them, hearing their voices rise in volume.

“Well fine then, let’s see if you like it when I touch what’s yours. And maybe I will purchase her later.” The male stood up and walked over towards you looking down at you he let one finger reach out towards your body running down from your jaw to between your plump mounds.

“Stop touching her! She isn’t property!” Hoseok growled about to attack the male from his seat but the security guards went and held him down. He was yelling out for you, your eyes looking over at him before backing up at the male who watched you with curiosity, and lust.

“Will we go to jail if I don’t do this?” You asked softly biting on your bottom lip. He was attractive hell yes, everything about this situation was a kink of yours fucking yes. But above all, you couldn’t have Hoseok getting in trouble behind this. His family already thought you were bad for him and this would just push the ice berg to a breaking point. Anything for Hoseok, especially if another hot male is involved.

“Yes, and as much evidence as I have against you both it will go to trial. You could face jail time sweet cheeks and I know you don’t want to be separated from your darling love, do you? Who knows what they may.. Do to you or him behind bars.” As he spoke his fingers drifted down towards your nipples that were becoming puckered, his eyes slowly watching your whole body. Though he was horny he wouldn’t make you do anything you didn’t want to do. Maybe part of the reason Yoongi decided to even negotiate such things was the way you simply looked at him. But of course, looks could be deceiving. He moved to pull his hand back from your body, his eyes casting down on your sweet face that held a vixen behind it. He had to admit seeing the show you had both put on for him was entertaining, it was the last time he watched you both as well. But this was his store, and if word got out that things like this was happening, his father would strip him of a title he worked so hard for.

“What’s your answer doll face?” He asked softly, loosening his tie all the way letting his tie hang on both sides as he watched you.

“I want to do it.” You spoke quickly, not leaving any room for yourself to second guess it.

“Y/N..” Hoseok urged looking at you with worried eyes, he wasn’t one for sharing and that you knew, he looked pained. You gave him a soft smile before shaking your head.

“We aren’t going to jail baby, it’s just sex. Besides you like watching me, don’t you? Just watch me.” You spoke to him softly as the male gripped at your hips picking you up and placing you on the desk.

“Yeah, watch me devour her.” The male said with a smug grin before he turned towards you about to lean in and kiss you when you stopped him, his eyebrows furrowed and the moment he was going to speak you cut him off.

“What’s your name?” You asked softly gripping at his shirt slowly starting to undo the rest of his buttons, showing off a toned stomach with a hint of abs. His pink buds becoming hard from the air pressing against them. You waited for his answer, your fingertips eagerly exploring his chest, drifting lower as you bit on your bottom lip focusing on him.

“Why?” He grunted softly, his own eyes following the movement of your fingertips as the ghosted back up to press against his pert nipples pinching and pulling on them.

“Because I want to know what I’m going to be moaning out.” You stated leaning close to flick your tongue across his bottom lip.

“Y-Yoongi.” He almost whispered as he let you play with him, you were working him up a teasing little minx indeed. Your hands undid the last button before you pushed at his shirt some leaving it on his body just exposing him. Taking his tie, you pressed it down onto the desk beside you, your arms wrapping around his neck as you inched closer. The buildup was too much for everyone in the room. Your lips were mere centimeters away from the male’s own pink tiers but you still sat there a twitching smirk on your lips before you pressed them against his in a soft kiss. Yoongi seemed to snap after that, wrapping your legs around his waist, he moved back from the desk a bit to tower over you, his lips pressing searing kisses against yours repeatedly. Your hands moved up to grip at his hair at the nape of his neck, your wetness starting to slowly press against your panties creating another wet stop. Yoongi devoured your mouth nipping and sucking on your lips earning soft mewls of pleasure from you as you let him take over. His eager hands moving to grope at your breast through the bra, his fingers pulling and tugging different parts of the dress. Your hips started to press against his, swirling them in a circle you both started to grind against one another.

Yoongi was already hard, you could feel the poking of his manhood against your clothed pussy, causing you to moan out in pleasure. Yoongi slipped his tongue past your lips as he dry humped you into the desk. The sounds of his breathing and yours mixed in with your moans was all that could be heard in the room. He sucked on your tongue eagerly, pulling it in his mouth as if he was trying to take your tongue captive. He shoved his down your throat as far as it could go before he pulled back to press sloppy kisses along your jaw nipping and biting on the flesh he marked you as his lips moved down to your neck. Your head rolled to the side, watching Hoseok as Yoongi continued to press the outline of his hardened dick against your pussy. Yoongi was growing addicted already, you smelt like honey mixed with light musk and he could feel the heat radiating off your body just for him. His hands gripping at the top of your dress yanking it down under your breast, a groan left your lips as he took your mounds out of your bra pinching and pulling on your nipples. You let your head roll back as you shouted out for him, his lips soon finding each pert nipple sucking on the supple flesh until the hardened flesh was just that, painfully hard and seeking attention.

His hands slapped at your breast and groped them, squeezing them together as he buried his face between them licking every ounce of skin that he could. You bit on your bottom lip, your hand pressing against the desk watching him as he pushed the dress up over your ass towards the middle of your stomach, gripping the flimsy dress with one hand at the middle of your stomach he kissed lower until he was getting on his knees spreading your legs wide. You couldn’t help but feel exposed, all eyes were on you, but something about it only caused you to become needier for attention and release.

“Look at how wet you are. Just fucking soiling my clothes. You need to be taught a lesson girl, I need to clean that pussy up.” Yoongi teased as he slipped your panties to the side. You tried to close your legs but one slap and stern look had you opening them slowly. Yoongi used his free hand to spread your pussy wide, looking at the pink insides before lifting an eyebrow and dropping his mouth open into what appeared to be the first smile of the day. He let his finger press against the object of his interest causing your lips to quiver as your eyes rolled back. Your head pressed back against the desk gripping onto the edges.

“No- please Yoongi.” You shook your head as he played with your clit piercing. His fingers tugging on it lightly, moving it side to side and up and down. He was enjoying himself, watching the wetness seem to well up at your entrance and slowly trickle down to the edge of his desk.

“You really are a dirty slut, aren’t you? That innocent smile, hides too much. You like this a lot huh? I bet you just love running your lips all over her pretty little cunt, don’t you? How long does it take for you to eat her before she’s crying out your name?” Yoongi had turned his attention to your lover now, his thumb and first finger gripping onto your slit moving his hand up and down you let out a yell of pleasure arching your back. Hoseok’s eyes narrowed not answering the question, the shit eating grin on the male’s face as he touched you really pissed Hoseok off. But even he had to admit that seeing another man turn you into a pathetic mess was too much for him. “Won’t tell me? Well, I’ll find out anyway.” Yoongi shrugged winking at the male before turning his face back forward to let the heat fan across his features. He leaned close sniffing at your pussy causing you to feel completely exposed if you didn’t already. Yoongi shuddered and let his tongue dart out to lick up and down your pussy slowly. Flicking against the slit he couldn’t help but let his mouth close around your clit piercing playing with it. His tongue lapping at it eagerly as he made slurping noises against your core. You were a complete mess, your hands tangled into his hair pushing him closer to your cunt as you begged for more. He ate it all up as well.

Your eyes moved to Hoseok as you face fucked Yoongi, your hips rutting against that sinful mouth and plump lips that made sure you were feeling everything he did to you. Your hands combed through his hair slowly, but Yoongi wasn’t satisfied. He wanted you completely losing your mind. He pressed a slender long middle finger inside of your dripping pussy, your juices allowing his digit to slide right in without any difficulty. He moaned against your pussy starting to kiss all over it, allowing his tongue to go crazy touching and tasting all, he could. His finger started to thrust in and out of your pussy, the slick lewd sounds of you being fingered being heard throughout the walls. He added a second finger curving them once as he nibbled a spot right next to your clit causing you to cum without warning. Your body was writhing against the desk under him, your hips bucking up against his fingers and he continued to ride out your high building you up again. He made love to your pussy with his tongue, slowly he dropped it lower and brought it back up. Repeating this for each inch until he was pressing his fat tongue inside of your pussy. The long muscle feeling your up as his fingers made come hither motions before he pulled them out and lifted them up towards you. Getting the hint, you grabbed at his wrist sucking of his fingers as he thrust his tongue in and out of your pussy. Yoongi locked eyes with you as your hips slightly rocked against his face. He let his tongue roll and flick against every spot against you he could reach. Curving his tongue and starting to angle it at different spots his hands gripped your hips down as he buried himself more into you. His head shaking from side to side as his chin started to drip from your juices. Your cries were music to his ears, and though you came again and tried to push his head away he made it known that he wasn’t done yet.

Your pussy felt overstimulated but in a good way. You had been worked up all day, and you were so shocked that you could even still cum. Yoongi moved his arm to rest against your hips as his fingers started to pinch and pull against your piercing. Slapping at it from time to time your hips were spasming out until you were meeting another orgasm spilling out your juices on his tongue. Yoongi moaned drinking from you as if he was a starved man.

He pulled back from you slowly as your hips twitched and your locked-up body slowly started to relax. Yoongi looked at you, his face wet from your juices, his chin and cheeks covered with a thin film of your juices and you whined softly. He looked feral like this and it was so hot to you. Turning his attention towards Hoseok he stalked towards him, tilting his head.

“Taste your girl. Unless you’re too scared.” Yoongi taunted as he leaned his face inches from Hoseok’s own reddened face. Hoseok narrowed his eyes before looking at how your body was still shaking against the desk. Without a second thought he moved forward as soon as the guard’s released him to let his and Yoongi’s lips meet in a rough sloppy kiss. Yoongi kept the male in his seat, as they shared a heated kiss, and before you knew it Yoongi’s tongue was entering Hoseok’s mouth who couldn’t help but admit a groan as the male palmed him through his tight pants. Hoseok’s hips slowly worked up against the hand but even from his movements you could tell that it felt foreign and he wasn’t used to it. You and Hoseok never talked about past relationships too much but you knew he found some guys attractive he just never acted on it.

Yoongi broke the kiss, gripping at Hoseok’s jaw he used his free hand to slowly unzip his pants, his fingers working on the button to free the male’s thick stiff dick from his pants. Yoongi let his hand dip inside of his boxers, pulling him out as their eyes stayed locked on each other. Yoongi moved his head towards his guards as he leaned his head down to swipe his tongue across the tip of the reddened shaft. Hoseok’s eyes drift closed for a second before he opened them again to look at you.

“Nope eyes on me. It’s my turn to taste you. Wouldn’t be fair if I did one and not the other, right?” Yoongi asked as he moved to get on his knees. His guards shuffled against the door from side and your guess from seeing the tint in their pants is that they were horny but maybe not into most of the things Yoongi was doing.

“Go outside and tell the police it’s handled. Patrol the areas and make sure nothing else goes wrong, or I really will have your asses.” Yoongi snapped at the pair of men. Both bowed their head before opening and shutting the door. Hoseok seemed to relax a bit, his eyes dropping down to see the male on his knees in front of him. Yoongi moved to grip at his pants removing them from his body as well as the boxers Hoseok was wearing. Seeing the cock standing tall and in attention you wanted no more than to give it, run your tongue up and down all his most sensitive spots. Your mouth watered as you watched the sight unfold in front of you. Yoongi gripped Hoseok’s shaft at the base, the air between them being one of tension and it was hot as fuck. Yoongi wasted no time sucking on the tip of Hoseok’s shaft causing his breath to hitch as he watched the male play with his tip. Yoongi was skilled with his mouth, letting his tongue press against the slits of the top, his tongue dropping down to flick against the underside of his cock. Soon Yoongi was letting his lips wrap around the thick girth lowering his mouth on the male’s member bobbing his head up and down as he started to suck on his cock. Hoseok rolled his head back moaning in pleasure as his hands gripped the sides of the chair, he was trying to not become too aroused of the handsome male on his knees blowing him.

Yoongi wanted his praise however, staring to vibrate his tongue and roll it against every vein he could find he had Hoseok gripping his hair in no time forcing him down farther onto his cock. Yoongi moaned having no gag reflex he could deepthroat the male without becoming hurt as he was face fucked. Hoseok got more comfortable grunting out the male’s name slightly as his eyes moved back to rest on your figure. Your fingers back teasing your clit and piercing as you watched both men, you were already close to another orgasm but you moved your soaked hand away licking at your fingers as you winked at Hoseok. After a few more bobs, Hoseok was holding Yoongi’s head down as he came down his throat. Surprised at how the male swallowed around his shaft so well. Yoongi pulled back once he was done, licking over his lips he stood up and walked towards you crashing your lips together letting you taste him. You mewled softly, the idea of both you and your lovers cum on this man’s tongue had your body trembling.

Hoseok watched the two of you make out as Yoongi’s fingers entered you again, he stripped off his shirt and made his way towards the both of you pushing Yoongi lightly against the desk causing you both to question him. Hoseok smirked getting on his knees, undoing the pants quickly letting them drop to his ankles. He saw the male’s hardened cock hanging proudly as he watched him, the tip was angry and swelled. Hoseok moved his hands to start playing with his balls as his lips wrapped around his head and he started to bob his mouth up and down. Yoongi let his fingers stay buried inside of you as his hips fucked Hoseok’s face. You were whimpering against his lips, taking up to four fingers as he stretched you out more. A bright idea popped in your head and you moved away from Yoongi taking his fingers from your cunt you sucked his digits clean before you got on your knees beside your lover. Hoseok looked over at you with lust filled curious eyes. Winking at him you slapped his hand away from Yoongi’s balls moving to press your lips against his sack instead. Yoongi growled out throwing his head back. Both of you working on his shaft and balls together had his legs shaking as he gripped at both of your hair. You occasionally moved your mouth up to flick against the base of his cock, even at one-point trading places with Hoseok to bob your head up and down against his shaft as Hoseok played with his balls. Yoongi nutted inside of your mouth holding your head down to the base and you sucked on it eagerly until you were cleaning all of him off.

You pulled back and Yoongi looked at the both of you two chest heaving. “Fuck her.” He instructed Hoseok to do who had no problem doing it. You gripped at his hands looking up at him.

“Let me ride you, sir.” You spoke softly using your nickname for him when it was just the two of you. Hoseok could feel his cock becoming painfully erect hearing you say such words but he agreed. Moving to sit down in a chair he gripped at your hips as you moved to straddle his waist. Gripping at the base of his cock you ground it against your sleek slit before you pressed it against your entrance and lowered yourself onto him. Both of you moaning in pleasure, your hands moved to grip at his shoulders as you steadied yourself. It didn’t take you long to adjust considering all the foreplay you were given. You started to rock your hips against Hoseok’s bouncing up and down on his member while he watched you. His hands moved to spread your ass cheeks apart, slapping against them and pressing his middle finger against your asshole. It clenched as well as your pussy, you looked down at him as he slid his finger inside of you slowly opening both of your holes up slowly. Your hips planted down onto the floor as you fucked yourself hard on his cock listening to the sounds of your hips meeting one another. Hoseok gripped at your hair pulling your lips close to his neck since he loved it when you bit and marked him, but this also served for another purpose. Hoseok let his eyes meet Yoongi’s who was sitting there stroking his shaft in time with your thrusts. Hoseok let go of your hair to signal Yoongi to move closer.

Yoongi took the hint without a second thought, and Hoseok added another finger, curling them slightly he continued to scissor you open until he felt you were ready to take Yoongi as well. Removing his fingers slowly he gripped at your hips keeping them still. Your heart started to pound in your chest as you felt Yoongi’s cock pressing against your tight asshole. It had been a while since you were double penetrated and the last time was with a toy not the real thing.

Yoongi slowly pushed himself inside of you moaning at the tight hot heat that wrapped around his shaft. You hissed slightly in the throbbing that was starting to pick up but it wasn’t anything that you couldn’t handle. Yoongi snapped his hips until he was filling you up, all three of you waiting a moment. “Let her fuck us.” Hoseok said to Yoongi as he kissed up your chest. You nodded your head staring to pick yourself up and slam back down on both cock’s that were buried deep inside of your holes. Hoseok lifted his fingers to slip in your mouth as you rode both men at the same time. It was hard for Yoongi to keep his hips still slightly rutting against you every time your hips met. Hoseok let his free hand move to wrap around Yoongi grabbing at his ass groping and spanking the flesh once, a crooked smirk on his lips as Yoongi narrowed his eyes.

“If you fucked her harder I wouldn’t have to do that.” Hoseok stated.

“Harder you say? Fuck this asshole harder?” He said as he started to snap his hips against yours in a brutal pace. “What about you? Not fucking that pretty little pussy how you should. Fuck her harder.” Yoongi countered causing Hoseok’s hips to snap up against you. Both men smirking as you crumpled against Hoseok’s body reduced to a moaning incoherent mess. Your hands were gripping onto Hoseok’s shoulders and slipping slightly. A layer of thin sweat covered all your bodies and your hair stuck towards your forehead. Yoongi lifted one hand up to yank your head back by your hair pressing his lips against yours into a heated kiss. Hoseok started to play with your clit again, causing your pussy to tighten up around them both painfully tight as your stomach clenched and flipped. You were close, moaning against Yoongi’s mouth you let them both pound at your walls until you were cumming on Hoseok’s shaft tightly wrapped around him. Hoseok came next, spilling his white seed into your womb with an erratic pace. Yoongi lasted for a little while longer, but feeling the squeezing of your tightness around his shaft was too much and he was soon cumming inside of you. He held onto your hips as some of his white semen started to seep from your asshole, sliding down the back of your legs.

After calming down, Yoongi pulled away first and then both you and Hoseok untangled from each other. You got dressed slowly the room becoming quiet as everyone tried to think about what just happened. Once you were all set, Hoseok gave Yoongi money to pay for the clothes and Yoongi gave it back to him. The three of you talked a bit before exchanging numbers with the male before you left the store. The clothes in your bags as Hoseok led you towards the front seat and inside driving you home.


“Hey.. Are you ready to come over?” You asked Yoongi softly playing with your hair as you nibbled on your bottom lip.

“Yeah give me a second.. I just got off but you better be ready for me, both of you.” Yoongi stated and hung up the call once you agreed.

“He’s on his way love.” You stated to Hoseok as he went down on you kissing on your pussy.

“Good that means I can’t get us both warmed up with a pre-game.” Hoseok stated as he kissed around your pussy, the both of you fucking around waiting for your favorite fuck buddy and new friend to return.

if all-male drum corps are a thing, why are there no all-female drum corps???

and before anyone gross gets a hold of this post i’d like to say that if i hypothetically ever started an all-female drum corps, trans girls would be 110% welcome 

anonymous asked:

Wait are drive through strippers an actual thing

okay, so i asked my twitter feed if bikini barista stands were something exclusive to the Pacific Northwest, and the answer was overwhelmingly “what the fuck are you talking about??” so, to answer your question in short: absolutely. 

long answer: they are real and in the places i have lived in washington and oregon, they are everywhere. they are usually a drive-thru kiosk with a window on each side and all-female baristas who wear only bikinis.  they are known for making admittedly the worst coffee ever for the highest prices, and the girls who work there make a ton of money.  i had a few friends in college who were able to pay for school, because they would average roughly $700 a week in tips on top of tacoma’s-then $9/hr.  one girl i knew who worked at one full-time made $10k a month after taxes. she also had a walk-in closet entirely devoted to bikinis and costumes from Hustler Hollywood, and if you ever want to hear the story about the one time i decided to let an amateur wax my privates on her couch in late 2011, this girl was definitely a key player in that story.  

anyways, i have never seen an all-male version of the bikini barista stand (all which have names like HOT CHICK-A-LATTE, BIKINI BOTTOMS ESPRESSO, etc), which is a crying shame because i will chug nasty black sludge that’s been sitting on the counter over night for some grossly objectified dudes shamelessly wearing a playboy bunny outfit and sucking whipped cream off of each other’s chest, u feel me??? and so would victor nikiforov. 

Teen Style Layered T-Shirt

Hi, I have new download for you! They are 26 recolors of @mysteriousdane’s Joshua Shirt for males. All the color options are available to see in the gif above and under read more tag. My game needed more teen style stuff - skater, emo and punk are still a thing, right? If not, may our sims bring those things back!

Download Mesh by Mysterious Dane (required)

Download Layered T-Shirt (Google Drive, no ads)

Credit: Mysterious Dane to the awesome CC and recolor policy.

Under read more tag: Individual pictures of swatches

Please let me know if there is any problem, I hope you like!

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Will you ever post more relive the magic ? It's fine if no, but the last time you mentioned it was almost a year ago and I'm curious ^^' hope you're doing okay !!

Soooo I know this is probably gonna cost me some followers, but I’ve been holding off on answering this and variations of this question for a while because I wasn’t sure of the answer.

I am now. It’s a definitive no. And here’s why:

Recently Action Labs released its latest Miraculous comic set in New York. There’s a lot - and I mean a lot - wrong with it. Honestly, I would have just been grossed out by the fact that for some reason, the very underage main character reverts to her civilian mode… completely nude. In an alleyway. In a city. The writers either had to break canon, or invent a reason for their underage female protag to be buck naked for a large chunk of the issue. That’s not a good conflict, that’s just fucking creepy, full stop.

And if that wasn’t bad enough? She covers herself in a cardboard box, then runs into a group of racist caricatures of Black people, immediately assumes they’re looting a store, and then begs them not to kill her. 

So far I’ve seen criticism of this deflected as “oh but the Black people are actually collecting goods to donate and she learns an important lesson!” Sorry, that’s really not how that works. The writers chose for the underage female hero to be naked. They chose for the female hero to look at Black people and see criminals. There’s no fig leaf that covers how heinously inappropriate both of those choices are. 

I wish I could say that well, maybe the showrunners will take these issues to heart and take steps to fix them. I can’t.

Consider this me “going all SJW.” (Side note: the Venn Diagram of “Assholes” and “People Who Use ‘SJW’ as a Pejorative” is a goddamn circle.) What other valuable lessons are going to come out of our heroes’ vile racist beliefs? What lessons are your nonwhite viewers supposed to learn, that even superheroes can’t get over their own racism for ten goddamn seconds? And for fuck’s sake, what lesson are your female readers supposed to take away from this? That not even grand cosmic superpowers can save a female hero from being stripped naked and dumped on the streets because that’s what the all-male writers team wanted?

Sorry, but fuck that. If I wanted racism or sexism from someone who’s supposed to be a role model, I’d follow President Trump on Twitter. I really do hope that ZAG and Astruc figure their shit out, but in the meantime, I’m not holding my breath.

P.S. “Ghetto Blaster” ???!!!