• Wolverine: Listen up faces. In order to save us all time, I will call all the males "Bobby" and all the females "Bonnie" from now on.
  • Iceman: Bobby is actually my name.
  • Wolverine: Then, out of fairness to the others, you will be called "Slagathor".
  • Iceman:
  • Wolverine: Bobbys, Bonnies, Slagathor, I will be in my room. If you need anything, feel free to ask the Professor.

okay, i said i was gonna do this eventually but right now i cannot wait. here is a list of black males that y’all in this community need to make some damn resources for instead of the same ass pasty white boys or gif packs of reece king every time he updates his damn snapchat.

  • trevante rhodes — he is god. thats all
  • ashton sanders — my smol son, despite his looks, is 21 years old. he is my lil king. also, see above.
  • jharrel jerome — he is my second smol son. he is 19 years old. i love him. get on it.
  • tory lanez — hes small but he has more than enough for yall to make some damn icons or gif icons from. so far, only one person has contributed to the cause and thats @sculglitch. ilu boo
  • partynextdoor — i’m aware that this man moves in silence but he got four music videos under his belt, instagram videos, and a couple interviews. show my husband some love.
  • mike colter — UM??????? SELF EXPLANATORY.
  • bryson tiller — he literally has but one source for gif icons like what the actual fuck is wrong with y’all.
  • quavo*  — all of the migos, actually.
  • tyler the creator — he a lil weird but he a ball of sunshine.
  • asap rocky — listen, i’m aware he has two gif resources but no offense, they are outdated. yall can thank me for the static icons but more, pls.
  • frank ocean — if he has more resources, i sure ain’t aware of em.
  • isaiah rashad — i need more gifs of my king.
  • kendrick lamar — BOY. FREEDOM, CUT ME THE FUCK LOOSE.
  • j. cole — most of his resources are old and outdated. lets get on it, folks.
  • roy woods — a wonderful man.
  • chance the rapper — believe it or not, my king has very little resources and i wanna fight all y’all tonight.
  • dom kennedy — google him if u don’t know it.
  • kid cudi — all of his are outdated. c’mon, folks. i’ve seen all of two cudi muses.
  • miguel — he may not be black but he sure needs some resources.
  • andre 3000 — lmao why not???
  • sampha — LMAO WHY NOT?????
  • v**tor p**e jr — i’d be careful with this but i love my honey bear.
  • d*metr*us h*rm*n — same. just remove the asteriks and figure it out. hes eighteen also, btw.
  • algee smith — FAVOR PEACE AND BLESSINGS.
  • woody mcclain — he been poppin on social media before new edition, folks.
  • luke james — A MAN, A LEGEND.
  • elijah kelly — yall dont remember hairspray???
  • bryshere grey — he more than just hakeem, now.
  • trai bryers — HE MORE THAN JSUT ANDRE.
  • jussie smollett — HE MORE THAN JUST JAMAL LYON.

if anyone can think of anymore lovely mens who deserve to be on this list, please do let me know and add this shit on. but i’m bout tired of seeing the same diet poc characters on y’alls blogs. y’all need some melanin, y’all need some Men. stop playing games with me with that “theres just not enough!” when urban rph blogs can make entire gif hunts just off of snapchat videos of social media stars and thats the tea on that.

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jungkook said that he has a chat group on his phone with all male idols born in 1997. he said yugyeom, bambam and some seventeen members are part of it. he couldn't say the name of the chat group maybe because it's something dirty or a bad word (these boys lmao) but he also said that they're always talking there all of them. can they get any more adorable? 97 line is killing me. :))

I saw it on Twitter, he was so cute! I think he first named Yugyeom out of everyone. Their friendship is so precious. :3

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Oggi avevo una partita di calcetto contro delle ragazze che mi insultano da mesi. Allora oggi le abbiamo battute 14 a 0. Abbiamo cominciato a menarci e litigare. La cosa è che mi hanno insultata tantissimo e io non ce l'ho fatta proprio, davanti a loro ho risposto a tono e tutto, ma da sola, ripensando a ciò che mi hanno detto ho pianto come una fontana. Perché le persone sono così cattive? Io non reggo queste cose, sono troppo fragile per questo mondo così cattivo.

Oh tesoro come ti capisco! Ho passato anni in un inferno simile… e sono stati davvero dolorosi!
Purtroppo, nella nostra vita incontreremo molte persone cattive, che ci prenderanno in giro, ci parleranno male alle spalle e ci faranno versare lacrime.
Queste persone non le ho mai capite; probabilmente per noia, o perché non sanno come divertirsi, devono umiliare altre persone, per sentirsi più forti, più potenti.
Perché è facile prendersela coi più deboli, con quelli che non vogliono fare casini e allora stanno zitti e lasciano che quel dolore dentro le distrugga.
Talvolta ci feriscono per invidia o più spesso se la prendono con persone TOTALMENTE a caso.

Ti spiego; capita che quando si da amore alle persone, loro te ne danno indietro il doppio.
Ma stessa cosa vale per l'odio, o per il dolore.
Una persona che viene ferita, non sempre tratterà gli altri come vuole essere trattata lei, ma come gli altri trattatano lei.
E ferirà il doppio.

Questa teoria è stata dimostrata da un assassino che, una volta messo in galera, disse delle sue vittime ;
“Per anni sono stato oggetto di scherno, ingiurie e insulti.
Le persone che ho assassinato non mi avevano fatto assolutamente nulla di male, alcune erano brave persone e altre persino non le conoscevo; loro hanno pagato per tutti. ”

Detto questo, nel mondo ci sono anche persone adorabili, che ti infondono forza e coraggio… e che crederanno sempre in te e nelle tue abilità.
Non perderti d'animo.

scrivetemi che ore sono e a che cosa state pensando

open to all males!

“I see that you’re interested in him, but let me stop you there.”Ashten mentioned. “He’s a real jackass and has a small dick… and he’s just a waste of your time really.” Ash was trying to get the other to focus on him, since he had a crush on the other male for quite sometime. “I on the other hand dont have a problem with my size, and could take you out sometime…Maybe?

Signs / Stars
  • Popstar: Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Pisces
  • Rockstar: Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Superstar: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn
The thing to remember about Rocknaldo

It wasn’t just about “white males coming in and ruining things”. It was about the fandom as a whole. People who start drama, people who want to make it about themselves and expect the crewniverse to make it about them too, people who harass the crewniverse because they’re unhappy with something, people who harass rebecca because the show isn’t what they want it to be, and even people who complain about certain writing decisions because they don’t think it’s realistic when it’s literally based off of the crewniverse’s (specifically Rebecca’s) personal experiences or there was research put in to make it realistic. Yes Renaldo is a perfect example of the those “cis-white males” but he was also an example of how toxic the fandom can turn. If you love something and truly care about it you’ll give it the respect it deserves as Steven taught us here today.