male positivity

My boyfriend and I were downtown and he saw fresh sunflowers, which is his best friend’s favorite flower, and he not only bought one for him but had me drive him to his best friends house so he could surprise him with it and I just think this is the type of male friendship that should be normalized

your relationship doesn’t have to be toxic to be a bad one. it can be unfulfilling, exhausting, loveless. and someone doesn’t have to be terrible to you for you to leave them. if you aren’t primarily happy in your relationship, you have a valid reason to not be in it. don’t beat yourself up because your situation “could be worse.” if it isn’t what you want, you don’t have to stay in it.

can we get rid of the concept that boys don’t like mushy romantic lovey-dovey shit? boys can like dates. boys can like flowers. boys can like gentle kisses. boys can like rom-coms. boys can be overwhelmed with adoration and appreciation. they need to be taken care of emotionally just as much as anyone else does. spoil them, treat them like kings. let them cry without having to worry about judgement. play with their hair. be the big spoon sometimes. give them spontaneous gifts. let them rant and whine. comfort them. guys have emotional needs. they need to be taken care of, too. love your boy the way you want your boy to love you y'all