male' city

Modern City Witches

- We usually get our magic supplies and occult books in amazon or ebay.

- Our book of shadows are actually our tumblr/pinterest accounts.

- We collect herbs from parks, while taking our dog for a walk.

- We live in small flats, instead of haunted mansions or old cottages.

- We use weather apps, moon phase apps and witchy calendar apps instead of regular almanacs.


Urban Witchcraft: Scrying

Crystalomancy, also known as Scrying, is the practice of looking into a reflective surface in the hope of detecting significant messages or visions. 

The city is full of surfaces to scry, especially on rainy days: gaze into your own reflection in the train or bus windows, or look through your dorm window before going to sleep. If you improve your ability to focus every reflective surface is valid, even puddles on the ground.


EXO - Dear Happiness pt. 3

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City Living Blazer-Shirt-Sweater Top Mesh by Julie J (UPDATED)

I seperated this from the Maxis original to make a top seperate mesh

You need City Living for this to show in your game

Updated with one more recolour and females now tested

Please read TOU

Modelled with boots by Karzalee (Studio K Creations)
Poses by IMHO

Works with Sliders - More textures to come soon,

Teen through to Elder - Females can wear it too

DOWNLOAD - Updated with added recolour