A small piece of warmth. 

A small experimental illustration yet again. 

I felt like capturing Hallalin’s feelings in this piece, just to give it a little more emotion. 

The Uchiha’s Wife

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: SasuSaku
Rated: M
Summary: She was an otherworldly being of healing. An absolute nymph of spring. He was an otherworldly being of destruction. An absolute god of war. In a world where war makes him death, and chaos she will be the life, and love his people will talk of for years to come. AU x Warring States Period.

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Chapter 8
The Home

The distance he has created is there. He does not know how to rebuild that in which he destroyed in his frustration fueled and buzzed state. He concludes this is for the best. It was good for him, and good for her. She would no longer perhaps create the closeness she had before, and likewise she would no longer paint her face in a mask of false happiness. He would no longer find himself trapped in the world she provided unknowingly giving way to the possibility of impossibilities. He would no longer feel clouded by her mere presence.

That release of hot lividity had finally erupted and burned all it touched—yet there is no satisfaction in such a thing.

Shubun no Hi has long since ended, and with it brought travel. The plan they set to commence had begun, and he traveled with the few he had selected. Constant bickering came with these companions. Juugo was the one who would remain with him in silence at the petty fights that overcame Karin, and Suigetsu.

The phases of the moon continued to transcend over head with each passing night as they strike down camps of Senju and Uzumaki alike along the way to their destination. All know of him and yet cannot stop him when he descends upon them. It’s the simplest of movements from him—his grace forever intact even with his mind muddled with inconsistencies. The blade, the speed, the fire that comes from deep within his lungs, and the lightning that coats his fingers as they pierce through their enemies within the opposing side’s camps are as unforgiving as he was to her in his lack of control. The screams that echo among the trees are ones that do not haunt him. The pleaded mercy that trembles from their lips are not heard by any but those who let their bodies fall. The tears that pour from their being as his blade leaves their esophagus coating the steel in blood are ignored. He is as merciless as they say, and he takes it with great pride that she has not changed him completely—not entirely.

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Kirishima/Reader-- Stressed Out

This is a scenario requested a while ago, and one that Admin Harumi worked on and wrote a few weeks ago. Unfortunately my depression is worse and I only just got around to reading it! I’ll try and take care of the blog more!! Let’s give a big thank you to Admin Harumi for writing and working hard! She does alot but I’ve been slacking ;w;

~Admin Sparkles

Kirishima sighed happily as he stepped out of his washroom, a sharp toothy grin played on his lips as he thought about his plans for the night. The steam from the hot shower he’d just finished caressed his well defined muscles and escaped from the room before slowly evaporating. It’d been so long since he and (y/n) had spent anytime together out of school. (Y/N) was always busy and would a give vague excuse when he’d ask them about it. Kirishima loved them and trusted them but he was crazy about his partner and really needed to release some pent of affection! He’d planned this night for weeks, and asked (y/n) to make sure not to make other plans so that he could take them on a date. Kirishima loved taking his partner to surprise date destinations, so the fact that they were going to an amusement park was still a secret. He was determined to show (y/n) a great time and help them de-stress from their usually busy life.

A light buzzing sound snapped him out of his thoughts. “That must be (y/n)!” The redhead grinned before making his way over to the phone on his bed. Kirishima hoped that (y/n) was texting him to say how excited they were to see him. He sure as hell was looking forward to it after all. Still wearing a towel around his waist and a goofy smile, he flipped his phone open and read the text.  

‘Hey, sorry but I’m going to have cancel our date, Kiri. Gunna be busy tonight, I’ll make it up to you! :(‘

Your hand twitched away from your phone after you sent that message to your wonderful boyfriend. He was so sweet and perfect. He didn’t deserve to be stood up. It was a last minute shift that your boss made you pick up. They almost made it seem like they’d fire you if you declined. Honestly, you wouldn’t put it past them either. Your family needed the money desperately right now so it’s not like the extra hours would hurt. It did however hurt you that you had to cancel on Kirishima again.Your heart filled with guilt and fist clenched at the sacrifice you were making for your family. Deep down though you knew you were doing the right thing. To be financial hero to them is the most important hero you could be right now. With that thought, you made your way over to the locker room, ready to change from one work uniform to the next.

‘Ah it’s okay. We’ll go some other night, ^^” Let me know if anything changes, or if you need me, I’ll be right there! Have a nice night, babe :)’

Kirishima sent a reply to his (y/n), he was concerned and pretty disappointed but knew that his amazing partner wouldn’t do this unless there was a good reason. The male’s red eyes fell onto the two pink tickets on his nightstand. He let out a small sigh. What now? He couldn’t help but wonder as he got dressed. Just as the shark toothed male slid on some jeans, his phone buzzed again. This time the buzzing was accompanied by the Static Shock theme song. It was the meme expert himself: Denki.

“Hey, dude, need help getting ready for your date?” Kaminari offered over the phone as soon as his friend picked up. Kirishima had been gushing about his plans all week to his close friends but was truly moved that Kaminari remembered. The redhead gulped, not knowing how to explain his now dateless situation. “About that…”

“That’ll be 7,000 Yen..”

You informed the couple in front of you in your best customer service voice. One of them handed you the cash and you made sure to smile at them as you gave them their pink tickets. The gate to the left of the ticket booth you opened, allowing the couple to enter and start their carnival date. You watched as they snuggled into each other and couldn’t help but pout. You’d give anything to be all lovey dovey with Kirishima right about now. “Don’t look so down, (y/n)!” a cheerful voice hummed beside you. You turned to give your coworker and classmate a weak smile. “I’ll try to cheer up, Uraraka. I’m honestly very glad I get to work with you today..I’m just a little distracted” You let her know softly. The cute brunet tilted her head to the side “Is it about Kirishima?” Uraraka inquired curiously before serving the next guest. You watched as the girl with the floating quirk happily exchanged the customer’s money for passes. “Am i really that easy to read?” You chuckled dryly earning another smile from Uraraka. “Do you want to talk about it? It should be slow for a little a while.” She placed a caring hand on your shoulder and you nodded, truly grateful for the great friend beside you.

“Thanks for coming with me, guys.” Kirishima grinned over to his hotheaded friend Bakugo and his electric type friend Kaminari as they made their way to the amusement park. “Yeah, whatever”  Bakugou replied with a shrug, not really having anything else to do but be dragged along. That’s what he said when his two friends asked him to come anyway. “C’mon Bakugou, we both know you love hanging out with your bros!” The yellow haired male insisted with a big cheesy smirk on his face before leaning over to whisper in Bakugou ear. “Besides, we’re supposed to distract Kirishima so he won’t miss (y/n), remember?” Kamimari muttered as they finally arrived to the entrance of the amusement park. “Tsk, If he misses (y/n) so much why doesn’t he just go see them?” Bakugou shoved his hand in his pockets and motioned his head to the ticket booth that was now in view. Kirishima’s mouth gaped at the sudden scene of his significant other behind the glass a couple of yards ahead of them. “(y-y/n)?”

“And you see, I just don’t know how to tell Kirishima that I have three jobs right now…I think he’d freak out if-” “THREE JOBS???” Kirishima interrupted pressing his hands and face on against the window separating him from you and Uraraka, creating a loud thump. “Kirishima!” You yelped and jumped back, startled at the unexpected sight of your boyfriend in front of you.“When did you start working here?? Are you okay?? Why do you need so many jobs?? Are you getting enough sleep??” He overwhelmed you with well meaning questions, pushing himself closer into the glass with each sentence. “I-I..well” You stuttered not sure how to respond to such a personal matter while on the job and with people around. It wasn’t time for your break yet, and it wouldn’t be for at least another hour. “(y/n) I’m due for a break, but you go ahead and take mine. I’ll take yours later, okay?” Uraraka’s quirk was zero gravity and you knew that, but boy did it seem like she could read minds too. What an angel.

“Uraraka…” She gave you big smile to tell you it was no big deal then gave you a little push towards the door of the ticket booth “Call me Ochako, now go, shoo, shoo” where the last words she gave you before opening the door and scooting you out. There was now only a small gate keeping your boyfriend from tackling you into a hug. Kirishima glanced over to his friends behind him, silently asking if he could catch up with them later. “We’re gunna start hitting up the roller coasters, text us if you need anything, man.” Kiminari assured him. “Yeah I’ll just kick your ass at the game booths later” Bakugou added

After leading you to a secluded area between some tents at the amusement park, Kirishima pulled you into a tender hug and kissed your forehead gently. “Hey, i’m here for you okay?” He said softly while rubbing his strong hands over your shoulders to sooth you. “I’m sorry about earlier, I was just so surprised to see you here!” He continued before giving a small laugh and scratching the back of his neck sheepishly. This boy just really cared about you.

You gulped up at the lovable hero to be and averted your eyes to his. “Kiri, I should have told you..I just didn’t want you to worry about me having so many responsibilities..” You confessed quietly. “ You have so many jobs, (y/n) and school..aren’t you stressed out..?” He affectionately placed a hand on your cheek, tilting your head to face him. His eyes were full of concern and love, you couldn’t help but start to tear up. “I-I-I’m so stressed Eijirou…! Beyond stressed…But I have to do this to support my family..” you cried out, tears now streaming down your face as your body trembled.Kirashima’s eyes widened at you words, he really let them sink in before starting to speak.

“(y/n)….” He started, placing his hands onto your shoulders.“…doing all this to support your family…” He continued, pulling you into a bear hug “IS SO MANLY!!!” Kirishima shouted, tears now streaming down his cheeks as he nuzzled into his amazing partner.“You’re so strong and I’m so proud of you!” He sniffled, pulling you as close as he could without breaking you. A smile tugged on your lips as you cuddled into Kirashima’s neck, feeling truly blessed to have someone so extraordinary to call your own. Kirishima obviously felt the same about you! “Eijirou…you always know just what to say, I love you so much” You sighed happily, placing a small kiss on his cheek and earning one of his heart fluttering smiles in return. “I love you too, (y/n)! “

(An ending note from Harumi: Just to let you know myself, and Admin Sparkles are very proud of you for working so hard! Whether you have one job, multiple jobs, are looking for a job, are attending school or are fighting to be productive every day; we truly believe you’re one to be admired! Please take care of yourselves, we love you so much <3)

Fishing Stalls

Unfortunately, this was finished three hours late past the deadline for Ghost-Mantis’s contest, so I don’t know if it will be accepted. Even if it doesn’t I’m just happy to share this all with you and to have it finally done.

Originally this was going this idea was planned as an off handily mentioned side incident for my Toa Hahli ask blog. The contest gave me an opportunity to expand the idea quite a bit.

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Big Cat House

Keeper Joy here, today I’m going to be sharing some info on my second home: the Big Cat House at Huxley Paleozoo!

Leonidas, one of the Barbary brothers


The Big Cat House is one of the oldest buildings here at Huxley, located just south of the main entrance. It houses all 3 of the extinct felines here at Huxley, this includes our small pride of Smilodon fatalis, our pair of Barbary lions and our American lion cubs.


Each enclosure includes both an outdoor and indoor section which the cats can move between freely during the day, the indoor portions are however off-view from the public. The “House” itself features a nursery (also off-view from the public), educational sections about each feline, and a rest area.


As mentioned above, the Big Cat House features 3 kinds of extinct felines. First are our pride of Smilodon fatalis which is made up of dominant male Half Tooth, adult female Lady and young female Brea. Second is Leonidas and Spartacus, our Barbary lion brothers. Lastly, and the newest members of the house, are Atrox and Sabor, our American lion cubs (who are now being weaned, by the way!) At this time, they still alternate between the nursery and their main enclosure.


May 14th 1971- Windsor, Ontario, Canada

6 year old Ljubica Topic was playing outside with her brother, Michael, around 8:30 pm when a man approached them. This man promised Ljubica $8 for her and her brother if she helped him with a job. She agreed and took his hand. The man also gave Michael 10 cents so he would ride his bike the other way, while he took his sister. Michael then went to his house and immediately informed his mother on what happened. She called the police and a search began for her. 

On May 15th, an officer found  Ljubica’s body behind a home, near a garage, on a road near where she was abducted. Her face was covered in blood. She was beaten so viciously that her right leg was broken and her teeth were busted. Police found two of them in the dirt near her body.

Police created a sketch (above) from Michael’s description however, the man was never found. 4 decades later, the police have publicly said that a male’s tooth was found in the area where Ljubica’s body was found and they believe it is linked to the suspect. They are asking anyone in the area to tell police if they remember a male losing a tooth during that time. (I would hope they would try getting DNA from it?) 

We can only hope that this case gets solved, especially after this long.

This is an illustration that I did for a little tale I wrote recently, one that I send to a contest of illustrated stories. But as the story is written in portuguese, I’ll not post it here. Maybe someday I may translate it  ;) 

And yes, there might be some similarities between Gueloq and my mermaid!Tooth, because i was deeply inspired in her desin, but a male version. And the girl kind of remembers be of Wendy, but I don’t know…

I really enjoyed painting the landscape thought. I have to draw the sea and the sky more often. 

08/03/16 - My partner’s cat Lebowski has gone missing from their home in the Sharpstown/Chinatown part of Houston. He’s a large neutered male with a chipped tooth and extra cartilage in his ear that makes it flop over. He’s a real sweetheart that loves people and they’d dearly love to get him back home. There’s a $100 reward for his return. If any of my followers are in the area and can keep an eye out, or if people would signal boost just in case, I’d really appreciate it.