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mayor-gear-solid  asked:

What do you think about the fact that a lot of men are being accused of sexual harassment of women and are admitting to their perverse behavior? Do you think this is behavior fitting of a warrior male?

Great question. Manly Men, Men who fight, are moral Men. As they train and fight they acquire the Moral Virtues, which include Humility, Integrity, Selflessness, Self Control and always showing Respect for people, places and things. A Man who sexually harasses Women shows a lack of Humility (Arrogance), blatant Selfishness, a lack of Self Control and most importantly, a brazen display of disrespect for Women. It’s a very bad thing to do on many levels. Fighters cherish the Moral Virtues and act accordingly. Sexual harassment of Women is totally unacceptable behavior for a Warrior. Thank you for asking that question. WarriorMale


AGE 24, 5′8″ 195 LBS


This is the definition of a MUSCLE BOY. What a stunning specimen of man. His body and looks are just spectacular. But that body, its an athletes body. This guy has stunning strength and athletics capability. Look at how effortlessly he does those gymnastics moves.

But its not only that, its his muscle to height ratio. at 5′8″ and he is packing 195 LBS! That is in the territory of Steel from @thundersarenawrestling

His fast movements from Gymnastics, Hockey and Football will come in handy against Big but slower opponents. And this guy has serious attitude. He would get in the wing with the toughest and biggest without fear. Don’t let him fool you with his charming, cute boy smile. This man is a muscle machine. He can hit and take hits.

Lets get this muscle boy inside the ring and mats! Lets see what he is made off!

Radical Feminism is NOT Feminism (Tumblr Feminism version since all of you are so butthurt).

I’ve been on Tumblr long enough to see heinous posts about men-haters and misandry. So let me clear this up for you hella quick.

I came from a third-world country, now having the privilege to live in a developed one for more than half my life. So let me tell you “Rad fems” a little something and I will be anything BUT nice about it.

Shaving leg hair and wearing makeup is NOT oppression. Being betrothed from the second you’re born is oppression. 

Having a guy call you “hot” or “cute” isn’t berating women. Having acid thrown on your face is. 

Having your gender mistaken because they don’t know what you identify as is not offensive. Being belittled for your gender (whether it be he OR she) is offensive.

Did you ever think that men AND women can enjoy rough sex? If it is consented, that is THEIR business and something THEY enjoy, and it’s not your place to judge how they like their sex to be. There are plenty of women who ENJOY rough sex. Shocker, I know.

Someone can be a housewife without a job, married to a MAN and still be a feminist. You are in no place to tell them otherwise.

Women can shave their legs and wear makeup and be a feminist, it’s THEIR choice. LET THEM BE. THEY LIKE SHAVING THEIR HAIR AND CAKING THEIR FACE. KEYWORD: LIKE.

Did it ever occur to you that girls ENJOY wearing makeup? I think makeup is art and my face is the canvas. I have days where I don’t want to wear makeup and days I do. 

And last but not least, man-hating. That’s misandry. In case you “feminists” forgot, feminism is EQUAL RIGHTS. Not superiority for women, inferiority for men. There are PLENTY of MEN who I know are feminists. My father, my brother, my friends. 

Did you forget about Barack Obama? Joseph Gordon Levitt? Matt McGorry? Men who ADVOCATE for women’s rights? Probably, if you’re that dumb to think all men are evil. 

Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Malala Yousafzai, Benazir Bhutto are epitomes of ideal feminists TO ME.

I am a feminist. I advocate for equal wage, education rights, I advocate for pro-choice, I advocate for LGBT communities and minority groups. I run a community that fights domestic abuse and helps women in need, whether it be from abuse, poverty, anything. And guess what? Shaving their legs or wearing makeup is the LAST thing in their minds? I am a feminist who love men, love going to Sephora and buying a bunch of makeup and wearing it, and I LOVE shaving my legs to make them smooth af. 


Before you start thinking that all those petty issues are feminism causes, think about all those girls who have much bigger issues. Get out of your close-minded heads and stop giving real feminists a bad name. 

What this generation has done to society

1. Colleges have went from being a place of learning to a daycare for adults to be cuddled and babied .

2. advocating for freedom of speech makes you a Nazi

3. Being against censorship makes you a Nazi

4. Being against antifa makes you a Nazi

5. Being white is worse than committing war crimes  

6 . Being a man is worse than committing genocide

7 . Men have been villianzed to the point where being born with a penis makes you worst than Hitler

8. Only women can experience sexism

9. Only women can be victims

10. Being a white man is worse than drowning a bag of babies

11. Being straight is worse than bombing a hospital

12. Its okay to shame men for their anatomy

13. its okay to take pictures of men in public and shame them for their anatomy

14. its okay to make laws that fine men for their anatomy

15. Stating facts can get your fired because it offended someone

16.  witching hunting and doxing is okay because that person didnt agree with your views 

17. Looking at a women is rape

18. giving a women a compliment is sexual harassment

19.Refuse fault and play the victim card

20.Slander dead people

21. Tells others to kill themselves

22.blame white people for slavery and refuse to expect other races owned slaves

23. Medical sciences is racist

24. Even born poor your still have a advantage in life if your white

25. Force white people to have guilt for things they didn’t even do

26.Men can only be the perpetrator never the victim 

27. Women rejecting  men is powerful but men rejecting women is sexist

28. Having a preferences makes your a racist

29.   Refuse to admit   that society see men as nothing more than cannon fodder  .

So I was playing with my family awhile back- my character was a male dwarf warrior, my dad had a rogue, mom had a barbarian, you get it. But the main part is that my dwarf was supposedly this macho guy who didn’t take shit from anyone.

My dad(the DM): alright so when you guys get out of the building, there are 3 men waiting for you.

Mom: do they want to fight us?
(We’re all low on health)

Dad: yes, they’re very angry

Mom: alright well can I roll to intimidate?
(She rolls a 5)

Dad: yeah that didn’t work

My Brother(who’s a cleric): well maybe if we-

Me: fuck it. I’m gonna seduce them.

Dad: alright.. well, roll for it.

(I roll a 20- everyone was watching in suspense and after the roll literally everyone is in tears from watching my dad’s surprised expression)

Dad: what do you say to them?

Me: hey… big boys..

Dad: alright, seducing then worked and one of them has now asked for your hand in marriage