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'He just did it 'cause he likes you': The ad that will shock Australia
The Coalition government has launched a confronting new ad campaign, designed to get parents, teachers and coaches to clamp down on disrespectful and aggressive behaviour by boys and young men.

The $30 million campaign, which begins on Sunday, features a one-minute TV ad in which people dismiss or encourage gender stereotypes and violence against women and girls. 

In one scenario, a young boy slams a door on a young girl, causing her to fall over. “He just did it ‘cause he likes you,” the mother explains.

In another, a dad at a picnic, yells to his son playing nearby: “Don’t throw like a girl, mate.”

The situations escalate until a woman is knocked to the ground by an irate and violent partner, under the tagline: “Stop it at the start.”

“People know that violence against women is wrong. What they may not know is that … all of us can unknowingly excuse and therefore perpetuate the behaviour that can lead to violence.”
Fight Homophobia–Help a Lesbian

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Mollie Olgin Is Dead, but Mary Kristene Chapa Is Still Alive.

We know that most lesbians don’t have money. [Read Here: The Silent Majority: Lesbians & Poverty] But how many lesbians would it take to raise $40,000 to help a 20-year-old lesbian whose lover was murdered and who was herself left for dead? You can do the math as easily as I can. The fact is, a year after this page was set up, Chapa should have her bioness and anything else she needs to recover as much of her life as she can. Because we all know that each of us is just one-wrong-step away from being a statistic ourselves.
Rapes and murders of lesbians are happening all over the world every week. They don’t always make the news. In fact, they rarely make the news. But in researching my book on lesbian erasure, I’ve been stunned by the sheer volume of crimes against lesbians. And equally shocked by how little media coverage these crimes have gotten. How many acts of violence against lesbians does it take to create media concern? How is it possible that Mary Kristene Chapa has not been a guest on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” or Anderson Cooper? Why hasn’t her victim status kept her in the public eye? Why has Mollie Olgin been erased from all but Chapa’s memory?
Chapa told the Dallas Times last year she has mourned losing Olgin and regrets the two of them fought the night of the attack. Olgin wanted to meet Chapa’s parents, but Chapa hadn’t told them she was a lesbian, fearing they would disown her as many other Latina lesbians she knew had been disowned by their families. The police told Chapa’s parents that she and Olgin were a couple, outing her while she was still unconscious and recovering from brain surgery. Chapa has said her family has been supportive, only regretting they never got to meet Olgin.
Chapa says of her dead lover, “Every day I think about her. I pray for her, just for her to watch over me.”

The more the feminist movement mobilized around various manifestations of sexist violence, the more it dawned on women that some of the basic human rights, proclaimed and upheld by all democratic constitutions, particularly the right to the inviolability and integrity of one’s body, were not guaranteed for women. The stark fact that all women are potential victims of such male violence, and that modern democratic states with all their might and sophistication are not capable of implementing these basic rights for women raised serious doubts in the minds of many feminists about the state as an ally in their struggle for women’s liberation. All the claims that direct violence had disappeared from modern democratic ‘civilized’ societies could not be accepted by women who had experienced violence in many different forms. More and more women began to understand that the often praised ‘peace’ in these societies was based on the everyday direct and indirect aggression against women. In the German peace movement the feminists coined the slogan: ‘peace in patriarchy is war against women’.
—  Maria Mies, Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Scale: Women in the International Division of Labour (1986) p.26. [PDF]
Not Sorry Feminism: "You're Defending Her Just Because She's a Woman"

Yes. This is correct.

I defend women. I support women. That is what I do. Our culture doesn’t defend women, so I do.

Yes, I automatically assume it’s true when women say they are being harassed or abuse, until proven otherwise. Because it’s almost always true. Because it happens to countless women every day. Because it’s normalized in our society and many others.

I am not a court of law. I do not have to consider anyone innocent until proven guilty.

I defend women. I support women. I always will. And I don’t care if you don’t like it.

Not sorry.

What advice would you give young writers, activists, and revolutionaries to confront the oppression in themselves?

As feminists – particularly as new radical feminists – we must constantly check ourselves for internalized misogyny. This gross thing has been happening, where mainstream “feminists” promote “causes” like porn, BDSM culture, glorifying sex work, reclaiming slurs like slut and bitch, etc.… and men are going, “Sign me the fuck up!” because it gives them permission to continue doing the oppressive shit they’ve always been doing – and claim to be
revolutionary while doing it! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to deal with dudebros who
defend their porn habit with the “stop sex shaming” argument, or with the “my feminist friend said it was okay” argument. It’s really no different from when a white person uses the n-word because their token black friend gave them permission to do so.
Men who hate women LOVE watching porn, they LOVE having an excuse to hit women during sex, they LOVE using misogynistic slurs, and most of all, they LOVE when women also love these things. Basically, men who hate women LOVE mainstream feminism – because it’s not feminism.
So if you’re trying to figure out whether your “causes” are informed by feminism or by internalized misogyny, ask yourself: “Would a man who hates women be on board with this cause?” If the answer is yes, it’s probably harmful to women and girls, and you should probably stop promoting it.


Alicen Grey, 

interview here

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I can't even with these fucking men. They take a horrible tragedy and say that if prostitution was legal it wouldn't happen. Because men can't control their urges?! THAT IS THE SAME LOGIC USED IN RAPE APOLOGISM. MEN CAN CONTROL THEIR FUCKING URGES, AND IF THEY CANNOT, THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING, EVER. HONESTLY. Men do NOT need to abuse, rape, degrade, assault, and KILL. They are NOT entitled to anything.

It’s really quite calculated on the part of apologists of male violence to never focus on males as the problem. Talking about misogyny and toxic masculinity as harmful issues that need to be eradicated is an affront to the males whose power depends on their continued existence.

Lundy Bancroft on Domestic Violence in Popular Culture, Part 2.

Lundy has twenty years of experience specializing in interventions for abusive men and their families. He has also authored many other book chapters and scholarly articles. Lundy is a former Co-Director of Emerge, the nation’s first counseling program for men who batter. He has worked with over a thousand abusers directly as an intervention counselor, and has served as clinical supervisor on another thousand cases. He has also served extensively as a custody evaluator, child abuse investigator, and expert witness in domestic violence and child abuse cases. Lundy appears across the United States as a presenter for judges and other court personnel, child protective workers, therapists, law enforcement officials, and other audiences.

Lundy Bancroft is an author, workshop leader, and consultant on domestic abuse and child maltreatment. His work focuses on three areas: 1) Training professionals on best practices for intervening with male perpetrators of violence against women, toward the goal of promoting accountability and requiring change, 2) Training professionals on the dynamics of emotional injury and recovery in children who are exposed to a man who abuses their mother, to prepare participants to offer the most effective and safe assistance possible to children and their mothers, and 3) Supporting healing and empowerment for abused women, with an emphasis on advocating for the human rights of mothers and their children.

Lundy is the author of four books in the field, including

Lundy is available as a public speaker and trainer for professionals, and offers weekend retreats for women who have experienced abuse. - (x)

The culture of johns’ forums is very masculinist and is unmitigated by any fear of reprisal or judgement. If these men hold virulent sexist or misogynistic attitudes that they cannot express to their wives or co-workers, and if they have sociopathic attitudes towards women (and prostitutes in particular), these forums provide a space where johns have free reign to express these thoughts and feelings.
—  Story, R 2016, ‘Rae Story on neoliberalism, ‘sex work,’ and the ‘middle-classing’ of prostitution’, Feminist Current, 20 June, viewed 5 July 2016 <>

Domestic violence offenders: characteristics and offending related needs, Elizabeth Gilchrist, Rebecca Johnson, Rachel Takriti, Samantha Weston, Anthony Beech and Mark Kebbell (Findings are produced by the Research, Development and Statistics Directorate).

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I don't know how to word this without it sounding like the classic argument, "but some women rape too!" but do you think of "cis" females (for a lack of a better term) that rape/murder as "acting like men" in the same way as you do with trans women?

Hi anon, this argument is especially popular with teenagers and mra’s, but also sometimes with trans women. The common denominator is that they’re ignoring the stats, which are clear and unequivocal that if you look at domestic violence that actually causes bodily harm, men are the perps and women are the victims. If you look at rape, men are the rapists, and women are raped. (Except in all-male prisons, where men are both the rapists and the raped.)

The incidence of females “forcibly penetrating” someone are vanishingly small. It sucks when it happens, and it’s not ok, but why would anyone worry about something bad that almost never happens when instead they could focus on men raping women, which happens every minute of every day?

Anyway, to specifically address your point: when men rape and murder women, they’re actually conforming to gender, because those are the kinds of things that “real men” do. (Think: soldiers, gangsters, heroes of action movies, everyday average guys.)

When women murder, they do it by different means (often poison), and they are certainly not conforming to a gendered expectation. Women most frequently kill in self-defense, within long-running abusive relationships.

When a trans woman, for example Kosilek, kills a woman while living as a man, he is engaging in male violence against women. No alternate interpretation possible! When trans apologists of Kosilek say “women murder too”, they are deliberately ignoring the reality of male violence against females. And instead of feeling smug in their social justice, they should feel ashamed of themselves.

This red herring will probably never go away, but for all these reasons it’s meaningless.


What started as a small movement in one of the poorest districts of Uttar Pradesh has now spread across whole of North India and has even gained recognition the world over. The group of women is known as the Gulabi Gang. Tired of a corrupt, patriarchal judicial system which refused to take up cases of abused women, they took matters in their own hands and, clad in pink saris, started a rebellion.