male viking

Ride Me | Ivar Cowboy AU

Words: 3000+

Pairing: Ivar/Reader

Rating: Explicit (18+)

Warnings: Dirty talk, oral (male recieving), choking, dom/sub dynamics, vaginal sex

Author’s Note: Whew, you ready for this? Thank the Gods for Google Docs! There is some lingo in this, so if you have no idea what is going on, feel free to message me! Slightly based on real events from when I was an 18 year old rodeo bunny.  Enjoy!

Friday nights were always the same in Custer; stale whisky and too many of the same faces at Maggie’s Place. Of course, Maggie’s was the only bar in town so you kept coming back, but some change would be nice. You folded your arms across the wooden counter, munching on a few peanuts while you watched your old high-school friend, Jimmy, mix an experimental drink. He slid the concoction across to you, a grin on his boyish face.

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How vikings are in bed;

Request by an anon with the question who would be the best in bed. Nobody can give a straight answer to that because we all love it different so here a little headcanon about it. It’s not much but something. (Not all male vikings are here, did only do the once I have inspiration for)

Ubbe Ragnarsson

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

  • Love and care
  • He would know your body more then you do yourself
  • He would always ask before taking it a level up
  • Takes care of you afterwards
  • Loves to see your face while you moan his name

Hvitserk Ragnarsson

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

  • Like to search for new games/moves/positions
  • Would touch your body, stroke it, squeeze it while undressing you
  • Would take his time, wanting to enjoy it
  • Wouldn’t have enough with one orgasme
  • Sex and food, why not?

Sigurd Snake in the Eye

Originally posted by bonniebirdsgifcentre

  • Will probably go totally on your pase
  • Will ask you often if you are good with it
  • Would brag about it afterwards
  • Secretly loves it when you get dominant
  • Would hold you tight afterwards

Ivar the Boneless

Originally posted by inthenameofodin

  • Loves to take the lead, be the dominant
  • Likes to taunt you
  • Would stretch out your orgasme
  • Loves to here you beg/whisper/call out to him for more
  • Would claim you, don’t dare to undermine that, he likes to punish to

Halfdan the Black

Originally posted by jorindelle

  • Straight to the point
  • His way only unless you can convince him otherwise
  • Getting you in all possible ways
  • Would love it to get you on top, so he get to see your face
  • Rough and praising you afterwards

Harald Finehair

Originally posted by that-was-not-supposed-to-happen

  • All about the foreplay
  • Grunts/moans your name all of the time
  • Likes to drag it out, be all slow before getting all hardcore with you
  • The obessed one
  • Would want to have you everywhere at any time